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Friday, May 23, 2014

Have a wonderful long weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? I've had a cough, sore throat and foggy head all week. (This was Anton's reaction:) So it will be great to get outside and do something fun. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web...

Quiz: How many seconds of silence before a conversation gets awkward?

This hedge looks like a dragon!

A great breakfast idea.

How gorgeous is this tulip installation?

Seven secret hotels in Paris.

A sweet friend gave us one of these succulent terrariums as a gift, and it looks great in a living room (if you need a good gift idea).

Watch a mother bear rescue her cub.

Your stairs can become a slide.

Pretty new cards at Sycamore Street Press.

Made me laugh.

Photos of 100-year-olds.

Remember this stiff drink to cure a cold?

A tiny Austrian town is reinventing bus stops.

The new Roger Ebert documentary.

Which of these four homes would you like to see in Domino?

Plus, six Memorial Day sales:
* Nordstrom is having a big sale.
* Shopbop is having a big sale.
* Get 30% off with code WEEKEND at J.Crew.
* Get 20% off with code WEBEGRILLIN at ASOS.
* Get 40% off regular price styles with code EVENT at GAP.
* Get 20% off with code SUMMER20 at Serena & Lily.
(Photo by Fawn Deviney)


nikki leathe said...

Have a great weekend!!

AllColours said...

I am off to Cannes to inhale the last bit of the Film Festival Madness and to find out which film wins the Palm d'or this year.....

lucinda smith said...

i love these friday posts - always such great {linky} resources. the portraits of the 100+ year olds are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.

happy weekend and enjoy the holiday!

Gina said...

love that plait! v pretty

Briseidy said...

always looking forward to your fridays links ;) enjoy the long weekend!

Lily L-M said...

The idea of a secret hotel, In Paris no less, is so charming! -- happy weekend!

x Lily

Rachel said...

Those terrariums are so cool...that would be a great hostess or housewarming gift! said...

Hahaha Antons reaction made me LOL.


Stacie Pottinger said...

Thanks, Lucinda Smith! I'm having fun tracking down all the reblogs of the original post from Feature Shoot. (Thank JoAnna for reposting). It's been a wild two weeks for sure! Working with a literary agent now on the book. None of this was possible before Feature Shoot dug up an old blog post from 3 years ago when I was actively working on this project.

Stacie Pottinger said...

OOps, forgot I was logged in as nickname. This is Anastasia Pottinger, the photographer.

Gina said...

Oh my!! I'm completely awkward! I guessed 30 seconds on the quiz! My momma always jokes I'm asocial cause I have a few close friends (but they have been my friends since... ever?) and I have no interest in doing whatever people do at 22 (which, I guess, is partying hard, getting drunk and smoking a lot... which I did from 15 to 20 years old like every teenager in Spain, and got really bored of). But 30 seconds!! I must be asocial. (The truth is I'm very talkative... if I have something to say. If not, I've no problem with silence.) Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Tammy said...

I felt that way earlier this week. It is most likely allergies. I haven't gotten this bad in years. I can see the pollen in the looks like little cotton balls floating around. Crazy.

Feel better, Joanna! :)


Emma McIlroy said...

I've been feeling a bit under the weather too, I hope you feel better soon :)
And that slide looks like so much fun, it's awesome when fun is introduced into normal things.

jm said...

Your blog is so amazing.

shayna pitch said...

Love the braid in that picture, so beachy and pretty!

I've been following your site for years and I always love the links you give to different fun stuff- great taste as always :) xo


Carly said...

Our "secret" family chest cold cure is to take 1/2 shot of strong liquor (my brother likes crown royal, my Mom prefers cointreau, and I go with firefly vodka), drink a cup of tea (as hot as you can handle), then drink another 1/2 of a shot of strong liquor, repeat 1-2 time a day until you feel better. Works like a charm!

chrissynb said...

Loved the reccomendations on the Parisian would be my dream come true to stay in any one of them!

Chloe said...

what a great compilation of links! They were ALL fabulous, thanks for sharing :)

Meadow said...

At work now... wish it was a long weekend here in Canada!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I love the video of the mama bear and cubs! So awesome!

I made my own terrarium with a vase and small succulents I bought from IKEA. It's so cute! And it is the only green thing I have managed to keep a live fro more than few weeks :-)

Michelle Lee said...

that hair looks amazing
anyways happy week!

Debbie said...

Great!! Waiting for the next weekend for a sea escape since summer has come to Greece! xx

Lynn DontBlameTheKids said...

Memorial Day weekend was great. Grilled with my ex and his family and our kids, and didn't let certain things get under my skin. Just kept reminding myself, "not my problem anymore."

Rachel said...

You should check out RadioLab's podcast episode "quicksaaand." Really fascinating!!!

jm said...

roger ebert documentary looks amazing. And sad.

Rose said...

the Paris hotels look wonderful-love the quirky 60s one and the place near Johnny Depp- not only for Johnny sightings, though obviously those are good

Vera Morgan said...

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