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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What's really in your bag?

Pop quiz: What's really in your bag right now? Tell us below...

Exciting news: This is part of a new series with Emily McDowell, one of my favorite illustrators; she'll be asking us one pressing question every month.

(Illustration by Emily McDowell for Cup of Jo)


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Trina said...

I love when you introduce us to illustrators and graphic designers who go on to widespread acclaim. I first found out about Lucy Knisley and Gemma Correll and Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. through you, Joanna. Good stuff and looking forward to more.

Molly said...

hmm. . .
Dallas Buyer's club DVD (that I have to return to my SAGmember cousin)
3 lip balms
3 lipsticks
Small tin of hand lotion
Small tin of solid perfume (which i don't like the smell of, but just in case of BO)
an EmergenC
(dead) Blackberry (for work only)
2 clean tissues (but you wouldn't know it based on the debris they have collected)
Business Cards
Doctor's bill (which I must call in to pay)

Nicole said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that often has real silverware in their purse. I cleaned mine out over the weekend and found two forks and a spoon!

Abby J. said...

Receipts that I promised my self I would not be shoving in my new purse.
Tiny pocket knife with scissors. Eos lip balm.
My beautiful turquoise wallet that I love.
Keys-including my pass card to get into the door at school.
And the pair of earrings that hurt my ears after an hour..
Love these illustrations! Can't wait to see more.

Catherine said...

yesterday, i found a poopy diaper in my purse and couldn't even remember how long ago i put it there.
(the poop-culprit is my 2 month old son. not me :)

RB said...

So much fun and what a great illustration! OK let's see: in addition to phone/keys/wallet/tissues, I usually keep a lipstick (Tarte Lipsurgence is a favorite) and a granola bar. But last week I found a folded up (clean) diaper in between files in my work bag and this morning I found a mini hair bow and a no-longer-sticky Elmo sticker in the cell phone pocket.

Stefdel said...

makeup bag
book "an episode in the life of a landscape painter" by Cesar Aira
About 8 receipts
metro card
contact solution
OH and my wallet :)

Joanna Goddard said...

I have a wallet, keys, a Luna bar, a tampon, one glove and 16 pens. Literally 16 pens.

pinklegwarmers said...

Right now:
2 bottles of fresh pumped milk for baby!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh, thank you, trina!!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh, thank you, trina!!

Joanna Goddard said...

(how cute, pinklegwarmers!)

Emily said...

This post was too funny! I just began to read your blog and I'm loving it! I definitely have very similar things in my purse including the receipts of no meaning and the earrings you always want to wear because they look so cute, but hurt so bad, so you stuff them in your purse after an hour and forget about them until 2 weeks later!

Vale Cervarich said...

This is really cute! Great job ladies!

Brittney Rodriguez said...

Love this, Jo! I adore Emily McDowell!

Currently in my bag:
-My internal job description (on the hunt for a new gig)
-Two empty sunglass cases (not helpful)
-A business card for a Chicago psychic
-A tortoise shell cuff bracelet
-8 packets of stolen Splenda (sorry Starbucks)
-Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette
-Empty bottle of Sweet Breath peppermint drops
-Josie Maran's Infinity Cream
-My favorite leopard Minnetonka moccasins

Lindsey McLean said...

Oh my goodness! Love this.
1 princess pull-up
Grocery receipts
Urgent care bill
Toddler's hat
Allergy eye drops
Midwife/birthing center brochures
Used tissue!
Two toddler "cookies" that taste like sawdust
Baby wipes (always!)

What a fun one, Joanna! And love te illustration. xo

Tine said...

Besides the keys, wallet, and phone. I have about 5 lipsticks/glosses, a bunch of expired coupons, business cards, and a hairbrush.

Nicole said...

Empty IKEA tupperware and lid (had grapes in it)
Empty Smartwater bottle
Cute polka dot umbrella from Madewell
Pink post-it with addresses for errands
Blue post-it with items for packing for a weekend trip
Empty Rx packet

Amy Lauree said...

Well today I'm at work sooo...
work cell and personal cell (ugh 2 phones!)
chapstick that my 2 year old basically ate, folders, notepads, pens, water bottle, expense cheque, phone charger cord, a mini bag of emergency tamps/pads, old pay stubs, and hand sanitizer.

Jackie said...

If you *really* want to know ...

-Approximately 3 half-used tubes of lip balm
-2 lip glosses
-3 lipsticks
-Hand sanitizer
-1.5 million scraps of paper, each containing very important information (ha!)
-My car keys
-One glove (in case the other ever turns up)
-A set of my husband's car keys (you never know)
-A set of keys to my friend's house from that time I watched her cat
-A notebook
-A water bottle
-An empty checkbook
-etc. etc. etc.

Love this feature!

Ann Schindler said...

Now I don't feel so bad about dropping an entire bottle of advil (jumbo size, of course) in my bag and leaving the pills there for a week :)

LALady said...

three lip products
breath spray
small container of vitamins
two labels of cheese that I wanted to remember so that I could pick them up the next time I'm at the store (gross)
a vitamin that missed the container and is now decomposing at the bottom of my bag
ear buds
a variety of receipts
business cards (mine and others)
a tape measure. Yep... after remodeling my kitchen I decided to just carry a small tape measure around with me.

Alma said...

-two pairs of ladies gloves
-one pair of toddler mittens
-one toddler glove
-one toddler sock
-one Cheerio
-a plastic spoon
-4-pack of restaurant crayons
-Ishani toy (from Disney Planes)
-tube of Aquaphor
-Clinique Almost lipstick (Black Honey)

Moonlight said...

small purse with tobacco-tips-papers and lighter
some university papers
some work documents
a pocket diary
nail file
office keys
a pen
hand cream (that i carry around for others, taking this out)
a body spray
a ring
chewing gums
a tiny hair clip
broken necklace a friend gave me to fix
(+phone and home/car keys if i were out)

Mrs Barker said...

- Ziplock bag of fun size candy bars to sneak into the movies
- Expired coupons
- Two lip glosses
- Old grocery list
- Granola bar
- Old receipts
- Gum and crumpled gum wrappers
- Two pennies and a nickle


Amy J said...

This is ridiculous.
-car keys
-a bottle of "on guard" essential oil drops
- hand lotion
-jump drive
-2 hair ties
-1 sharpie, 3 pens
-3 moleskin notebooks. (i don't know. i mean, i can't justify this.)
-3 tubes of M.A.C. lipstick, and 4 tubes of lip gloss. Suddenly I'm realizing they are all pretty much the same shade. smh.
-lip liner
-usb cable/phone charger
-luna protein bar
-hobo wallet, stuffed with receipts
-car tag renewal notice (one month late)
-1 pack of cinnamon orbitz gum, 4 pieces broke loose and are out on their own.
-41 cents, just rolling around in the very bottom

excuse me while i go purge some of this junk. and, while i renew my car tags online (thanks for the reminder).

Anna said...

3 pairs of sunglasses (I only like one of them)
3 sets of keys
two lotions
rosebud salve (always!)
a button
the top to a Moet & Chaddon bottle from my anniversary two weeks ago

Jeanne said...

- Two notepads
- Two notebooks
- CVS receipt
- Benadryl
- Three pens
- Checklist
- Phone charger
- Blistex
- Cuticle cream
- Purell
- An HVAC business card

#life said...

I have a wallet, sunglasses, Fresh Sugar lip treatment (original and berry tint), hair clips, ponytail holders, like a million Tums (I just had a baby and I had mad heart burn in my third trimester), tissues, Lansinoh, a pen, and a USB stick...

Katelyn Baker said...

Dozens of printouts
2 clementines
A water bottle
My MacBook
My phone charger
Double sided tape
A T square

I'm a graphic design grad student and it's midterm week!

Joanna Goddard said...

these answers are making me laugh out loud. love this:)

Holly said...

Work papers
Tic Tacs
Naked 2 Palette (which is NOT travel-sized)
Cough drop wrappers (I've been well for three weeks now)
Several hairbands and bobby pins
A list containing items that no longer mean anything to me (what is "channel discovery???"
Red lipstick
Lip balm
Loose change
Headphones said...

I have a wallet, sunglasses, Fresh Sugar lip treatment (original and berry tint), hair clips, ponytail holders, like a million Tums (I just had a baby and I had mad heart burn in my third trimester), tissues, Lansinoh, a pen, and a USB stick...

Katie Lantukh said...

1 iphone cable
1 notebook
2 wallets
1 kind bar
11 bobby pins
6 tubes of chapstick

(I think I have giant purse syndrome).

Love the illustrations!

Lisa said...

moleskine planner
glasses in their case
glass cleaning cloth
4 pens
1 pencil
cough drop
cough drop wrapper
usb stick
ginger candy
sticky tabs for marking book pages
a dime
9 ibuprofens (loose)
1 small bag that the ibuprofens should be in

(no wallet, phone, or keys somehow)

Jesse said...

i did one of these a couple months back in hopes it would help me ahem, clean a bit, it really hasn't:

just for fun:

Unknown said...

- Full bottle of mutli-vitamins
- Two mini-perfume samples
- Packet of bandages
- Three chapstick tubes (all original flavour)
- One blue highlighter
- One un-sent Christmas card
- One packet of chai tea (crumpled)
- One empty Ziploc bag
- A half-finished smoothie from lunch
- A grannysmith apple
- A skinny black belt
- Three pens
- A lips gloss that I was looking for all weekend and found because of this post (thank you!)
- A bottle of Sally Hansen extreme wear nail polish in 'flirt'
- Pine needle remnants

kelly zellers said...

Thank you so much for shedding light on this topic! I hate when I see this in a magazine and the person's always like, "my iPhone, keys with an Hermes tassel, a tin of Altoids, pristine lipgloss, and a beautiful leather bound notebook for jotting down ideas." The truth is ugly and usually involves a busted packet of sugar.

I am also a dirty silverware hoarder. I sound like a silver theif walking down the sidewalk.

Ellie said...

Oh gosh...time to get real.

-iPhone and backup charger
-hat and gloves
-apple past its prime
-travel tissues
-1 eos lip balm
-3 clinique chubby sticks
-Poppin notebook
-1 vaseline rosy lips
-5 papermate pens in different colors
-my favorite (scratched) sunglasses
-living proof samples I got at Sephora 3 days ago

genell said...

Tennis ball (no, I don't play)
Mechanical pencil
Planner I never use but I like the cover
Phone charger
Book (The Lost Girls)
Black sunglasses
Brown sunglasses
Tax papers (booooooo)

Cameron said...

- Vet bill that was so expensive I nearly passed out when paying
- sunglasses
- business cards
- three types of chap stick
- grocery store receipt
- loose credit cards
- loose change
- wallet
- 16 bobby pins
- 3 pens
- 2 bracelets
- store brand advil in one of those cute travel size bottles

(just cleaned this bag out so it may be time to declutter!)

Paige said...

A stuffed-to-the-max planner (that I write in with a pencil only!)
Lip balm
Lint roller
Baby wipes
Checkbook (I'm so cool!)
Business cards
Cuticle cream
A bunch of receipts

emilie nicole said...

a small stack of business cards held together by a clip. 2 badges for work. victoria secret free panty coupon for this month. 2 lip sticks. 7 tampons. 3 panty liners. a journal. a clip that i have no idea what it goes to. wallet. keys. phone. an apple. a tide to go stick. two pens. a clipper card for the occasional weekend we spend in SF.

Erica G said...

-Sugar lip balm
-blotting papers
-2 tubes of hand lotion (1 empty, 1 full)
-cell phone
-work keys, car keys
-glasses in a case
-3 old grocery lists
-packet of Kleenex
-iTunes gift card (unused)
-ticket stub to a basketball game I went to in December
-dental floss
-2 peppermints
-assorted old receipts

I'm so glad I switched to a smaller purse, I can't even remember what I used to carry around when I had a bigger bag -- no wonder my shoulder was sore all the time!

Porter said...

As a grad student, at least two books I intend to read during the day (which never get read), computer, pens in multiple colors, and dark chocolate M&Ms. There might not be real food in my bag, but you can count on it that there will be a small tupperware (or a whole bag) of these M&Ms.

Porter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jessd6 said...

Ha, I love this! Let's see:
sunglasses in soft case
key card/thumb drive for work
small notebook filled with receipts and coupons
a pen
makeup bag with pillbox, 4 lipsticks, bobby pins, and the aforementioned loose earplugs
bottle of allergy medicine i don't take
half a pack of gum
hair clip
expired granola bar
more receipts

Sarah said...

I'ts like the illustrator crawled into my enormous tote. I also carry several reusable totes (in my tote - ironic), a trigger point ball, extra pair of socks (bowling, anyone?), sunglasses, dog poop bags, and multiply the number of receipts by 1,000.

Anna Belle said...

In addition to my wallet and phone, I have a dozen receipts and grocery lists and too many "reward" coins from our supermarket.

Eliot Davenport said...

Keys, wallet, phone
Champagne cork from this past weekend
Empty Rx bottle
Baggy with 7 unidentifiable pills
Miniature engineering scale (nerd)
Metal fork in a ziplock bag…you know, for cleanliness
Hand sanitizer
1 pen
Glasses case
Pear-flavored chapstick
The credit and debit card that I thought I lost last week and ultimately canceled. Awesome.
1.5 unused bandaids
Crumpled score-keeping sheet from a vicious game of Spades

Letícia said...

I used to carry huge bags with every possible thing inside for years.
About an year ago I decided to switch to medium size bags and the situation inside them now has improved but here's what it's inside the one I'm carrying today:

- wallet
- car keys
- House keys
- desk office keys
- iphone charger
- ipod
- tube of clear mascara
- 1 red lipstick
- 1 cherry chapstick
- 1 hair tie
- 6 bobby pins
- 1 parking ticket
- 2 packed napkins (one from Mc Donald's and one from Subway)
- 2 broken credit cards (moment of anger at my finances)
- 13 receipts!!!!
- empty pack of gum
- 5 bucks in coins!

Can you imagine what i would be carrying haven't I switched to smaller bags?

M.M. said...

-earbuds (perfectly tangled into a ugly knot)
-receipt from yogurt place (Apparently I'm trying to eat my weight in yogurt, because I found another from the same place)
-seatbelt knife and window break keychain (preparedness or anxiety? doesn't matter, I'm ready!)
-swiss army knife key chain (okay, maybe it is anxiety)
-Pepper spray (okay! I have anxiety issues!)
-two of the exact same burts bees tinted chapstick -- I lost one, but alas I didn't, it was just burried under...
-tons of coins

marissa said...

My purse is a black hole...

-Approximately 10,000 receipts
-A mechanical pencil
-2 pens
-5 lipsticks, all various shade of red
-Cold medicine, for um, sinus emergencies?
-A syringe from when my cat was sick... in September
-A Nail file
-Keys to my bike lock
-Three different kinds of tea
-A rollerball of flowerbomb
-Change, everywhere
-A grocery list written on the back of a doctor's appointment reminder
-A tire pressure gage

My dignity must be in there somewhere as well. I'll keep looking.

Sewaholicm0mmie said...

When you look into my bag you'll find these...
Card holder
Organized reciepts
Nicely folded coupons
Coupon booklet
Free cinema tix
2 small B&B Works Sanitizers (pbj and citrus)
2 black pony holders
1 comb
1 silver sharpie
1 black pen
1 color whisper lipstick
1 vanilla mint lip moisturizer
1 3 fl oz of moonlight path body lotion
1 Burt's Bees lip balm

All these are stuffed in my mini size handbag lol

The Waggles said...

latest New Yorker
two pairs of gloves
freezer ice pack (not frozen)
string of fake pearls
business cards
metro cards
5 lip glosses/balms
jolly rancher
mother's milk tea bag
hand sanitizer
key to employee washroom

Samantha H. said...

Well, I got to the gym after work, no car, so I carry everything with me.

- Sneakers
- Makeup bag
- Wallet
- Tupperware I brought my lunch in
- Gym pants, shirt and bra
- Undies
- Keys
- Lock and the key (!) for the gym locker
- Socks
- A college pensum for International Relations (starting in May, yay)
Wait, gotta check my purse
- Pills for UTI (good to know)
- A receipt for some earrings I got
- About 7 business cards from taxi drivers
- A mint
- A post-it with a dumb drawing I made for my bf, but never gave him
- Lotion, face lotion and deodorant
- Red string (as in the red string Madonna wears)
- A copy of my mom's ID (wt..)

LizzyRae78 said...

about 4 granola bars, that have become bags of granola, since I put one in my bag every morning and seem to forget them....

Receipts from my cycle of buying then returning.

empty water bottles from the end of my therapist sessions...

so many chapsticks... that's where they end up... Like finding Cat toys when you move a sofa....

Buy nary a rubber band for my hair... EVER when I need one... those are all found on my laundry room shelf....

hollystephenson said...
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hollystephenson said...

Haha, I love this! My bag is a graveyard for empty chap stick tubes. I'm scared to count how many are in there.

Kaitlin M said...

Mine's a gym bag... beware :)
-Physical Therapy Receipt
-Reeses Peanut Butter Egg that I'm trying to hide from myself
-Playtex(that I'm afraid might come away from the packaging any day now...)
-Revlon colorburst (love it!)
-Used gym clothes (in separate compartment)
-Leg warmers
-2 library books (The Magicians and Last Summer of Camperdowns)
-Loose change (no quarters, those are saved for laundry)
-Water bottle
-keys, iphone, wallet, office badge (with lovely photo!)
-Letter (stamped, not addressed)
-Men's razor
-Athletic elastic
-Extra undies and hair elastics (I always forget them at the gym)
-Bag o' makeup
-Pen (with cap on! Personal Victory!)

testtara said...

My husband sent me this at work the other day:

Yep, that about it sums it up for me. I do have a big ass purse and it sounds like I'm not the only one!

tiffany said...

10 journal articles (student)
toque (canada, still cold)
2 pairs of glasses
3 condoms (recent trip to doctor, where I grabbed a handful)
5 bulldog clips (why?!)
3 pens
2 tampons
2 lip balms
tiny mirror
chewing gum
empty tupperware (lunch)
thai food order notes
boarding pass from flight in October

Scout and Rice said...

Wallet by 'hobo bags'
2 lip balms - One Burt's Bees tinted, and one Rosebud Salve
A couple of my little ponies (emergency toys for my three year old)
Crumpled up tissues
Some receipts to my local yarn store (I stocked up this morning!).

marion said...

screwdriver (no idea, but think it had a purpose so keeping it in there)
countless receipts, all useless, and held with a clip
sanitary towel, looks ancient
large notebook
council tax bill
bag for shopping

yen | oh yenner said...

This is fun but I've discovered that my purse is too practical and my fear is having dry lips.

rifle paper co. gold foil notebook
eos lip balm
blistex lip balm
vaseline lip balm
neutrogena lip balm
tube of hand cream
handful of hair elastics and bobby pins
mango gummy candies
kate spade wallet
one a day vitamins
madewell sunglasses
knit hat (for surprise snow storms, very common this winter)
pack of tissue paper
tide to go pen
wrapped plastic fork

Becky said...

Moleskine notebook
Nail clippers
Two condoms
Bobby pins
Alavert D
Work badge
Birth control pills
Occasionally a couple random receipts
Hair ties
Three lip glosses

martini said...

2 Fresh lip balms
2 tubes of sunscreen
Opinel knife
2 dirty forks (also actual stainless forks)
empty sunglasses case
1 bandana
5 hair elastics (so that's where they all went!)
5-year-old book of paper matches
metal water bottle
grocery list of indeterminate age
4 untrustworthy loose Advil

Amy Punter said...

This is brilliant!

-Tangle teezer
-antibac hand gel
-lip balm
-lip gloss
-lip crayon
-blue, black and red pens
- purse with yoga pass, 5 hair bands, 1 earring, 78p and 7 hair grips and mirror in
- deoderant

neither my keys nor my phone are in there!!

angelikilikeskiwis said...

Where do I begin?

Panadol tablets
9 lip balms (I've been looking for some of those for days!)
bottle of water
a pair of my boyfriend's socks (I don't even know why I have these)
13 receipts
1 brownie that has probably been there for 2 weeks
2 sanitary towels
and surprisingly only 8 pens!


nicolemw said...

The usual stuff (makeup, two phones, wallet, toiletries), and... two tea bags floating around, and a cookie cookbook received from my mother that hasn't made its way to a bookshelf yet!

Jaclyn Pacheco said...

This post reminds of being a little kid and rifling through my mom's purse for gum.
She and my grandmother both only chew a 1/2 stick of gum at a time. So there were always 1/2 sticks of gum in the bottom of her purse and without fail they were always covered in little bits of tobacco. For some reason, I thought it was totally OK to just flick off the pieces of tobacco and chew the gum.
That sounds way trashier than it really was. To this day, Wrigley's Spearmint gum reminds me of Virgin Slim cigarettes.

Jennifer said...

a combination of the above plus a spare diaper for the baby, Sleeping Beauty undies for my girl and wipes for lots of things. but not my sunglasses... I can't find those...

Professor Fancy Pants said...
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Daniela said...

celphone + charger
peppermint candy
a pair of pliers and screwdrivers
first aid kit
grocery shop ticket
hand sanitizer
vit D drops
hydroclorotiazide & amiloride
mirror and twezzers
dog’s clinical history file tissues
water bottle
candy wrappers
hand lotion
city street guide
more crumbs (different kind)
wallet (ID, medical care ID, organ donor ID, credit card, debit card, bookshop card, family&friends photos, change)
a pear

Lost In Laneways said...

These answers are making me feel really good! I've been switching bags a lot lately, so it's not as bad as it could be:
Gym clothes (top, bottom, bra, headband, sweater for after and socks) and sneakers
A pouch containing : tissues, lens cleaning wipe, hand wipe, eye drops, 2 AA batteries, 2 pens, one ricola, and a half open pack of Tums.
One receipt
A Clif bar
Another half-used pack of Tums.
Cuticule pen
Eye drops (doubling up on everything, clearly)
Lip balm (strangely there's only one today, I've found up to 7 in a much smaller bag)
Moleskine notebook

lucinda smith said...

rogue peanut m&m - that's been in mine mor than a couple of separate incidents. currently though:
- moleskin
- pen satchel
- hand cream
- tax documents (should probably kept somewhere more secure)
- camera
- 2 bobbie pins
- 1 sugar in the raw packet

Professor Fancy Pants said...

Ha. I love this! Here's mine:
-1 prenatal vitamin
-cough drop wrapper
-work keys/badge
-life keys
-toddler hat
-hand lotion
-lip gloss and chapstick
-receipt for a returned parking pass
-quilt pattern that I will probably execute sometime in the next decade if I'm lucky
-1 million bobby pins

Emily McDowell said...

You guys, these answers are so awesome. I am already feeling at least 80% less crazy about my purse's contents. YES!!!!! And thank you so much to all of you for the kind words -- this is going to be so much fun.

Ali said...

I have:
-moleskin planner
-nail polish remover pad
-1 pen
-a pair of loafers
-an empty tube of hand lotion
-computer charger
-a spoon
-my wallet
-a crumpled car service receipt
-water bottle
-perfume sample that I just realized has leaked all over...whoops!
-3 different red lipsticks I don't even use...
-about 20 bobby pins

tobylynne said...

Oh gosh, this is intense (for me, anyway!):
- 2 tubes of lip balm, 1 lip gloss, and 1 lipstick
- 1 dangly earring and a set of posts
- 3 bobby pins and 1 hair clip
- 2 tampons
- 3 pens, 1 pencil, and an eraser
- wallet
- 75 cents (unfortunately, not in 3 quarters) and 5 pence
- 3 bank receipts
- a cough drop
- hand lotion
- $1
- check book
- thank you card
- 2 bags of tea
- sample of hand lotion
- car keys
- 10 pieces of small trash (which are now in the bin)

Yikes, time to clean!

timogloria said...

1 pair baby mittens
3 diapers
Baby wipes
Anti fungal cream (from when my son picked up some sweet ringworm at daycare 6 months ago)
Sippy cup
Baby hat
Glasses case

Not too bad right?!

willa carey said...

- 2 (unopened) pregnancy tests
- my husband's sperm analysis report (that's been in there for weeks)
- a sheet of paper reminding me to buy maca for ovarian health
- 2 pens
- loose packets of two leaves jasmine petal tea
- deodorant
- mascara
- burt's bees rose lipbalm
- joanna vargas daily serum
- contact lens case
- eyelash curler
- keys, iphone, wallet
- headphones
- gloves
- a five dollar bill
- receipt for car service

Susannah Warner said...

Marriage Licence (I got married last month)
A box of candy conversation hearts
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Hard glasses case
Five gift cards to Macy's, three to Target, and two to a local restaurant (see: marriage license)
A Cold Steel pocket knife
Three "Cruz Crew" lapel stickers
Essie "meet me at sunset" nail polish
A Whole Foods receipt
Loose business cards (my own)
Three valet tickets
Work iphone
Personal android phone

Yolanda said...

I think I'm pretty organised...and then someone asks you a question like this, you tip your bag out & instantly realise organised I am not :)
3 tampons
1 sephora lip balm
1 Carmex lip balm (obv they do very different things to my lips)
Bike lock key
Half a packet of fishermans friends mints
My favourite muji pen
3 hair ties
12 hair grips (they get everywhere!!)
A lonely tea bag
A "life jacket" - reusable woven cup sleeve
Ceramic heart from a friend
Doggie poop bags

Jen said...

All sorts! The best item?

debesoix said...

After 3 years, my first comment here!:

Knife, Fork, & Spoon, by Charles H Baker Jr.
My travel journal (planning a 3 month trip)
empty water bottle
one band aid
two pens
small flashlight
three lipglosses
hand cream
pack of tissues
loose change

HannahT said...

- iPad
- wallet
- headphones
- latest New York Magazine
- Blublocker sunglasses
- knit beanie
- Burts Bees hand sanitizer
- Chapstick
- hand lotion
- tissues
- gum & mints
- a pen (never any paper...)
- tons o' keys
- pouch of beauty goodies (mini perfume, mini mascara, Rohto eye drops, Benefit lipgloss, Revlon pink lip crayon, hair ties, bobbypins)
- lil' hotties hand warmers
- extra socks (?)
- packet of hot choco w/ mini marshmallows
- W2s

and the most essential -- mini PSSST dry shampoo.

michelle hepler said...

This is hilarious!
I have only 1 pen :), transit card, a clip for a bag of chips (I don't know where that came from/how long it's been there) Neosporin, box of mints, headphones,wallet and of course my keys.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, this is amazing.

2 cough drops
Extra one-day contacts
Box cutter (why?)
Pocket knife (that, by the way, someone who broke into my car left behind)
Red lipstick
Red lipstain
One awesome-patterened bandaid
Nicely organized wallet
Eye drops
Open pack of lifesavers (such a grandma!)
Extra lifesaver wrapper
Dull nail file
3 questionable tissues

So fun to see everyone's answers, hehe :)

Katie said...
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Viktoria G. said...

- notepad with working notes for wedding album overdue by 3 years
- sunglasses
- DVD of the last episode of Girls
- One caramel candy
- iphone charger
- coupons, receipts, zipcar card
- free sample of parfum
- 1 chapstic
- cosmetic bag, wallet, phone
- matches (i don't smoke)
and of course - 'important' lists

Julia Rogers said...

- Key to my classroom
- Key to faculty bathroom (don't know which is which)
- hall pass (with the locker combo of one of my students on it)
- 7 customer loyalty cards (Regal crown club, JCrew factory, Berry Line, etc.)
- Hunger Games 2 ticket stub
- 2 old insurance cards
- wallet (with new insurance card)
- 3 wet naps
- 6 free bowling coupons
- 3 boxes of matches (I don't even smoke)
- 2 hair elastics
- 3 bobby pins
- black hair clip
- tide to go pen
- Chapstick
- lipstick
- 2 pens (one doesn't work)
- half eaten snack package of raisins
- flower hair barrette
- sunglasses
- 12 runaway raisins
- 67 cents

caitlin said...

A bag within my bag containing 3 4 oz. and 1 8 oz. bottles of breast milk, 1 ice pack, assorted breast pump parts. In my main bag: 1 wallet, 1/2 bag of skittles, 1 lanyard with work ID and keys, 1 set if house keys, 1 travel sized tissue packet, 1 pair of iPhone headphones, 2 pairs of gloves.

Nicole Capone said...
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Ash said...

you mean, what's NOT in my bag? I have 4 lip balms, 2 lipsticks, vitamins, tons of paper work, a dog key chain, socks, phone charger, a watch, 3 note pads, etc.

katedavis said...

about 42 receipts
more receipts
a starbucks cup sleeve
a green moleskine
the box for my arm brace
an invoice from a printer
a proof of my friend's wedding invitation(!)
my red muji planner
another bag, full of writing utensils
my fossil wristlet

Love love the illustrations!!

Ana de Almeida said...

This is great! haha
- wallet
- lip balm
- small pouch with clinique chubby stick, migraine pills, tampons, hairband, bobby pins, random medication, bandaids and perfume samples
- phone
- earphones
- phone charger
- work badge
- tissues
- pen
- pre-marriage certificate and other documents as birth certificates
- tram card
- bike keys
- house keys
- lunch bag (including dirty tupperware, fork and spoon)
- sunglasses
- reading glasses
- gloves
- hand lotion

Jess L said...

OMG. This is so spot on. I just cleaned my bag of receipts and trash so today, you'll find in my bag:

Hair clip with a few prongs snapped off (aka worthless)
mophie charger
two iphone charge cords
bluetooth headphones
gum wrapper
4 loose bobby pins
Boyfriends camera that i meant to return days ago
Ricola wrapper
Business card from someone at the party last week
eyeglass case
lip pencil
emergency sample lotion
2 lip glosses
Chinese medicine herb tea pills

It's amazing what you can learn from a person by knowing whats in their bag. HAHA! love it

Gennea said...

Since I got a new purse (!!!) for my birthday this morning it is fairly organized today. Here it goes:
-Silver leather zip pouch with 3 moisture sticks, 3 lip glosses, 2 hair ties, 3 small/3 large bobby pins, 2 random pills
-Agenda with 50 receipts and 20 random sticky notes
-Mini packet of tissues
-3 slices of apples that I didn't eat for my morning snack (birthday cupcakes won out)
-Sunglasses outside of their case
-Overflowing wallet
-Belgrave Crescent Paris Keyholder w/ keys (see blog "this is glamorous)
-Black pencil case with 7 pens 2 highlighters inside
-Green leather zip pouch with 1 lip gloss, checkbook, pen, mini hand lotion, and 2 hair ties inside
-Black leather business card holder with notebook and mini mozart pen
-pink chiffon scarf

Kerri said...

Sunglass Case
1 lactaid pill (thank god)
Notebook stuffed with random receipts, prescriptions etc.
3 chapsticks (I lose AT LEAST one a week)
lipstick that I never wear
3 cough drops
hair elastic

Liz - oneawkwardyear said...

haha I JUST blogged about this last week!

Highlights from my purse: a billion used tissues, a paring knife, ONE sock, earplugs, starbucks gift card...lots more weird stuff! Great illustrations, love this.

Liz - oneawkwardyear said...
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skipandscatter said...

@Catherine: I found a diaper in my bag too, this morning! Whohoo!!

Here's what I've got right now:

-Notebook I've been writing in since 2010
-"This is where I fell asleep" bookmark
-Spare diapers
-Extra outfit for baby
-Hand sanitizer I hardly ever use (I use the baby wipes instead)
-Measuring tape
-Old shopping list
-Ticket from waiting at the IRS office (number 702)
-Napkin (is it clean?)
-Reusable shopping bag
-Cell phone (clam shell, archaic)
-Saltine crackers from restaurant
-Bird feather (!!?!)
-Baby boy shower confetti (we have a girl...)

Alison said...


Wallet, Check book (who even uses those any more?) keys, and about half the make up i own. which is applied while driving my car. to work. headphones in a tangled mess. Garmin watch, and Gu.

Andrea Magnusson said...

This post is so funny!
My bag has....
Peppermint and lemon essential oil.
Hand sanitizer
Two packs of Kleenex
small bottle of Advil,midal etc.
1 pad
4 random hair bands
Small flash light
Epipen and inhaler
Small mirror
Chap stick
Two pens
Day planer
Pepper Spray
Blue Tooth
Phone Charger
Pocket knife
small new testament
Water bottle

Lauren E. said...

Why oh why do we keep all our receipts?! And then I'm convinced they all have some serious personal information about me on them so I shred them all upon purse cleanout. It's a sickness, really.

Raconteur Extraordinaire said...

-Wallet (filled with receipts that I hold onto for no purpose whatsoever)
-sunglasses case (with sunglasses!)
-dental floss
-2 pieces of folded up paper; one a receipt of a poster off of Society 6 so I can remember to order the mat for it; another for a MCLE class (legal education)that I will never attend
- a single mint
-a gold braided belt
- lip stain
-ikea receipt
-target receipt

I just got the purse, so it hasn't had time to accumulate the crumbs, used wrappers, old grocery lists, etc. I purposely bought a smaller than comfortable one, so as to not fill it with a hundred billion useless items.

Raconteur Extraordinaire said...
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Louisa said...

Cuticle cream of the Burt's Bees variety.
Two pencils -- I don't understand.
Travel size lotion.
Two lip glosses.
Business cards (of which I have never replenished...).
Bus pass.
An entire half-size notebook...flipped to an open page, rather than an unopened one.
Twilight of Idols. Yes, the Nietzsche one.
Some mail...a lot of mail.
Travel size hand sanitizer...because it's cute and I've never used it.
A moleskin pocketbook in the ugliest pink color.
Nail polish, lip balm, and blush.
Another pocket book.
A pair of highly dirty white gloves.
Some crumpled receipts involving fast food chicken.
A hair clip and cleaning cloth for glasses that I never wear.
One highly flattened packet of gum.
More receipts.
One real metal knife, not the dangerous kind, which I have never used (shocker).
And two unfilled member cards for frozen yogurt.
I guess my wallet, too. But I'll refrain from opening it and telling you what's in there, too.

YveeB said...

All your answers are so funny!

I have an almost finished knitted scarf for my youngest son. Bright yellow... he asked for it
A dead phone....glad I looked as I have been searching for it for a while
My passport
Two packets of tissues
Todays (unread) newspaper
A dirty bib
Sunglasses and case
A scruffy star ornament I found in a stream whilst walking the dog....kind of appealed as I felt like I was being a mummy star at the time!

Vicky said...

I'm with you on the 17 loose advil and the crumbs. :/

Super fun post!

~Jboo~ said...

I love doing these! it's fascinating what you can find out about a person from their purse! In high school my writer's craft teacher actually had us exchange bags with a partner and write a story about them based on the contents.
In my purse I have:
My orthotics (too scared to leave them with my beat up shoes at work lol)
a large blue re-usable waterbottle
a pair of clean spare socks (necessary in Canadian winter/spring when you walk to/from work)
my (empty after a workday) David's Tea tumbler
Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream (this stuff is a lifesaver)
2 random headbands that I never wear
A mini hairbrush
Sunglasses case (with semi broken prescription sunglasses inside)
small container of hand sanitizer
Day of the week pill container that I use for vitamins
wrappers that once held chocolate (the chocolate was eaten :/)
phone charger
packet of gravol tablets
letter 't' cut out of paper (i work with kids, weird things come home with me)

Emily Goebel said...

tape measure
beer coozie
Starbucks gift card
love note from my husband :)

Rudey R said...

Love it! I have such a smorgasbord of stuff: a mini-diaper bag with a couple diapers and an epipen, sea creature stickers from Whole Foods, two pair sunglasses, regular glasses, checkbook, a stone to ward off negative vibes, wallet, bag of Pirates' booty, small snob pencil, crayons calculator and two tampons, l'occitane lip gloss that reminds me of childhood. My purse screams: mom and I love it.

~Jboo~ said...

There is also an large amount of gold glitter kicking around in my purse from a glitter container that i broke when i stepped on my purse once lol. Now I leave pieces of glitter wherever I go!

Helen said...

I have all the same things as the rest of you with the addition of a proper camera. Never know when this could be useful! Like once having it when we had a car accident and I took photos so we were able to win the case against the guy who denied ever having hit our car.
Tooth brush and toothpaste ( dentist's daughter)
Vintage Swiss army penknife the one with corkscrew,scissors and tweezers
And lip balm of course!
YveeB's mum aka Helen in France

Liz M C said...

Just bought this Lucky Brand bag last weekend. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

This blue and white striped zipper pouch filled with diapers and wipes:

my wallet
makeup bag
granola bar for the kid
pepper spray

Pretty boring! But, I think that's because it's new.

Leah Concepcion said...
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Sylvia-Louise said...

coin purse
business cards
measuring tape
2 chapsticks
4 lip glosses
hair tie
hair clamp
regular glasses
ear buds
mechanical pencil
3 pens
bottle of water
hand sanitizer
multipurpose tool (pliers/screwdriver/can opener)
packet of tissues
2 books: Atlas Shrugged and Wuthering Heights
phone charger
beanie (even though I live in Ca)
emergency sewing kit incl. scissors
excedrin tension headache
umbrella (it rained 2 weeks ago)
can of Vanilla Coke

*yes my bag is HUGE and very heavy*

Leah Concepcion said...

This is so exciting! Okay, here goes:

loose coins
hair clips
Off! Lotion
Antibac hand sanitizer spray
small bottle of isopropyl alcohol
make-up pouch (I will not attempt to list what's in there)
photocopy of my birth certificate (LOL I forgot it was even in here!)
sanitary napkin (not used and in its sealed package, just to be very clear)
a notebook and a pen
extra bag straps (not for this bag, which is weird)
small packet of baby wipes
Mobile phones

Megan Dillion said...
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Meredith said...

-pouch full of receipts/coupons
-Pre-marriage Q&A form (getting married in 3 months, meeting w/Pastor tonight!)
-Check book
-2 pairs of sunglasses
-1 mint
-pack of gum
-1 pair of regular glasses
-Metro card
-4 hair ties
-10 lip glosses/lipsticks
-6 bobby pins
-4 chewable pepto bismols

Megan Dillion said...

In my new Prada purse (bought by me for my milestone 30th birthday!):

-Gold Kate Spade Wallet
-iPhone 5S
-Small Bottle of Probiotics
-MZ Wallace pouch full of my favorite Lip Balms, travel-sized Perfume, and little odds and ends (i.e. bobby pins, hair ties, and safety pins)
-A small wooden hair brush
-A travel-sized Elnett Hairspray
-Ralph Lauren Aviator Sun Glasses
-A love note from my guy


Unknown said...

I have a new purse. It is too deep and I can't find a bloody thing so it's underloaded. But right now
2 phones, one for work and one for personal use
Wadded up alterations receipt
Overloaded wallet
Beano (blush)
Cash receipt for $4.75 from the grocery store
Overloaded key ring with a little flashlight
Menu for a dinner party with 9" marked so I could buy the right size pan for dessert
lipstick that I don't like and should throw away
neon green permanent marker (hope it doesn't leak)

MelanieKPrice said...

Oh fun. This should be interesting.

Besides the typical wallet, phone and small make-up bag, I have:

-a dozen or so bobby pins
-movie ticket stubs from 02.14.14 for the movie 'Delivery Man'
-C.O Bigelow Cinnamint lip gloss
-3 old fruit snack bites
-receipt from Target for nail polish, conditioner, bananas and crayola crayons (what?)
-acutual nailpolish bottle from Maybelline in the color Mystic Green 25
-a tampon
-a granola bar
-a beer cap from a Pacifico bottle
-a single pomengranite flavored tea bag
-my green glass ring (costume jewelry)
-3 crayons in colors pink, brown and yellow
-my daughters pink hair bow

Fun read!! Cheers.

Marissa said...

Fun! Little notebook, activated charcoal pills, keys, hair claw, Amazon receipt from old package, Burt's Bees chap stick, four pens, Sugar lip balm, eye phone ear buds and very scratched sunglasses. No phone or wallet right now (the only things I really need, besides the keys).

lynn said...

My iPad
A stack of tests waiting to be marked
A spiral notebook
A loose lead pencil, yellow Sharpie, black and green fine liners, and hot pink post-its even though I also have a pencil case in my bag as well
A roll of masking tape
A calculator
Two rolled-up empty plastic bags
A tube of Fruits & Passion Coriander and Olive Hand Butter
A pack of gum
My wallet
A crumpled Valentine from a student that says U R Souper on it, and has a picture of a can of Campbell's Soup

After itemizing each object in my bag, I can conclude I am not even a little bit cool, haha.

Jessica Martinez said...

Small book of Neruda love poems
Glasses in their case
Two chapsticks, two lip glosses (one tinted)
Dirty pillbox with aspirin
Mysterious crumbs
15% off birthday reward from Anthro (my birthday is in January)
Keys (at the bottom, in the last corner I will check)
Favorite almond milk hand cream that always escapes my reach
An Altoid at the bottom, I'm sure...

Unknown said...

+ Makeup Bag
+ Essentials Bag
+ Miscellaneous Items Bag
+ Everything that's supposed to be organized into said bags but is instead loose in the bottom of my Longchamp.

Loren Blust said...

Ribbon from a cupcake box
Nike iPhone armband
Packet of tea
A big sticker promoting retired greyhound racing dogs adoption
Green plastic bracelet that says "life's better outside"
Container of cinnamon honey butter that I forgot to refrigerate
Receipts/ random trash
About $4 in change
Valentine card
Seattle magnet my mom brought me back from vacation last month

I should probably clean this out...

Kayleezy said...

kaiser receipt
reusable shopping bag
lip balm
grocery receipt
loose $5 bill (score!)
toddler bracelet
sunglasses case
one blue earring

Thomas and Anastasia said...

That illustration depicts the EXACT things that are in my bag. Hilarious!

yellow cocktail music said...

Car Keys
Power brick for charging my phone that is dead... like my phone...
iphone (dead)
sunglasses (purchased on amazon for 5 dollars)
old valet claim ticket
hair tye
allergy meds
a shitload of chapsticks and lip glosses... i should probably not count them
zara receipt from lunch time shopping... today...
business card holder, with one business card inside

Cherise L. C. said...

3 pens
umbrella (I have a big purse!)
eye drops
an ancient receipt

laurasaurus said...

23 gum wrappers (some empty, some with chewed gum in them
3 lip glosses
my checkbook ( i get made fun of a lot for this but it comes in handy more than you'd think)
Key to my sister's house
Moleskine notebook
Metal spoon
Thumb drive
5 Bobby pins
4 Hair ties (lots of hair over here)
My friend's earring that mysteriously appeared over a year ago
Post-it with my patient's daughter's name adorably written on it
1 blue pen
Receipts for chocolate and toys
Malpractice insurance letter
Piece of ribbon
CPR mask
and my favorite: a 25 year old mirror with my boyfriend's preschool picture on it

Katherine said...

wipes & diaper (honest co!)
small mirror
2 mini altoids tins (one empty, one still has plastic wrap)
KIND granola bar (dark choc & sea salt)
tissues (clean!)
ultrasound print-outs!
3 chapsticks
3 lip glosses
1 lipstick
dum dum lollipop (raspberry lemonade flavor)
magnetic keyfob for my old apt building
dentist business card
receipts from bank, dry cleaner, target, tj maxx
ticket stub from wolf of wall st.
$2.24 in loose change

Linh Vo said...

My wallet, bank statement, 3 pads, a memory card, chapstick, a tube of lipstick, A LOT of TARGET receipts (because us mamas love our retail therapy) :) and Marli's Mr. Bunny.

mba said...

Love this - so cathartic.
-phone charger for car (why is this not in the car?)
-Disney princess song player (I realized I hid it here and forgot about it- time to thrown it out the window)
-2 pairs of sunglasses, one is 'borrowed' from a friend
- 3 pencils and a pen
-Visine for tired eyes after gazing into my computer all day
-lip sauce
-co-pay receipt from the pediatrician, is that deductible?
-2 animal trading cards from the Oakland zoo
-crumpled/folded/scribbled up design plans for the book shelf I am making at my wood-shop class. Will I ever finish this?
-wallet: no money - lots of receipts
-a metal spring (what the...?)
-a Kind bar (it's been in here for months as a back up snack but I don't even like Kind bars...)
-pamphlet from the Girls Leadership Institute
-a paper crown - navy blue
-dirty socks from my gym bag
-crumbs from pretzels, sandwiches, seaweed snacks, bagels, waffles, crackers, chips...

Jennifer said...

Tums (I'm 8 months pregnant and I need to carry Tums wherever I go!)
Car keys
One of my daughter's hair bows
My wallet, which is open and things are falling out of it
A business card holder that is filled with gift cards I never get around to using
A lip gloss sample
A gum wrapper
A CTA card from when I used to live in Chicago
A Metra card b/c I live in the suburbs now
Crumbs from the dark chocolate graham crackers I snuck as a snack during my walk from the train to work (did I mention I'm pregnant!)

SpeakingFondly said...

This is awesome, Joanna! Adorable illustration :) In addition to the usual suspects:
ipad+charger/mini moleskin notebook+pen&pencil/unclaimed sunglasses from lost&found/business cards+work name tag/rings i forgot about/an inordinate number of lip balms/tissue+mints/a receipt for gas a year ago and a christmas concert program

Laura said...

Ha! Mine has:

Lip balm
Birth control pills
1 used spoon
1 empty Tupperware container that held a granola bar earlier today
A pack of gum
Grocery shopping list
Building access card
My wallet
A copy of Khaled Hosseini's "And the Mountains Echoed"
3 loose pens
Hand lotion
Pocket size Kleenex pack

Breen said...

A horrifying mix of US and UK coins which put me into a panic every time I try to count out change at the till, at least 3 tins of vaseline, mac ruby woo, house keys, bike lock keys, cardholder and phone. My bag is probably double the weight it truly needs to be, must streamline :)

Lynn said...

My friend is doing this photo series called, the things they carried. It features exactly what you're asking. He photographs the owner and then the contents of the bag.

For me, he's doing a before and after of what I thought I'd carry in Ghana and what I actually carried (here for work).

Right now my daily bag includes
google tablet
mini bag with - pocket knife, pepto, pens, hand sanitzer, malaria pills
mini bag with - iphone charger, headphones
small business card holder
camelback water bottle
cell phone of course

Lynn said...

My friend is doing this photo series called, the things they carried. It features exactly what you're asking. He photographs the owner and then the contents of the bag.

For me, he's doing a before and after of what I thought I'd carry in Ghana and what I actually carried (here for work).

Right now my daily bag includes
google tablet
mini bag with - pocket knife, pepto, pens, hand sanitzer, malaria pills
mini bag with - iphone charger, headphones
small business card holder
camelback water bottle
cell phone of course

sharareh said...

I recently started wearing a men's jacket with lots of pockets and now most of the time I don't need an extra bag anymore. To have the hands free, believe me, is literally freeing.
BTW nice illustration.

Jane Doe said...

Oh this is too these responses!

In mine:
- wallet, keys, ext
- empty Go Go Squeeze
- about 6 lip glosses and chapstick varieties
- grocery list from two weeks ago
- butterfly hair clip (yes, I still wear them)


Mariam said...

Gray Kate Spade Wallet
Apartment keys on a purple lanyard
Car keys with a key chain of the Eiffel Tower so I can pretend I'm elsewhere
Marc Jacobs Daisy roll-on perfume
Clinique Chubby stick to make me feel pretty
A purple pen and a extra fine tipped Micron pen in black
One piece of gum, still wrapped
Ray-Ban Wayfarers without a case
A bottle-green Moleskine notebook
Nexus 5 (cell phone)
Labello (the most ah-mazing colored lip balm)
Benefit They're Real Mascara
2 Kotex panty-liners
A pair of pink suede gloves (I promise they're cool)
A small tin of Nivea hand creme

PAW said...

Oh fun! I used to make these lists to pass time while sitting on the subway!
These days my purse is half diaper bag, but I think it's got some weird crap in it right now so let's see:

- A tiny menu from an espresso bar
- An empty packet of German flag bandaids (they were thrown at a parade in Germany...)
- One loose German flag bandaid
- Little cloth diaper caddy, miracle or miracles - actually stocked!
- Loose (clean) diaper
- Loose wipe... status unclear
- 3 apples... various stages of decay, one looks OK
- Spool of brown thread
- One athletic sock
- Small white stuffed animal - perhaps a dog? but we refer to it as a polar bear
- Pack of leather sewing needles
- Removable elastic stirrup from a pair of toddler rain pants
- Pretty turquoise inlayed pocket knife
- Small copper prayer/worry doll
- 4 small packs of gummy bears and a lemon taffy (from the parade again)
- Receipt for a family swimming complex
- Brochure for "integration Pilots for Bonn"
- Tags from a pair of flipflops
- 3 shells
- A whole bunch of loose cashews

Welllll... That had to be done. Thanks for making clearing out the ol' purse more fun! :)

PAW said...
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lynn said...

Definitely crumbs, 3 loose gummy bears (that is, until my four year old brushed the indeterminate crumbs off of them and ate them), one ear plug, and, until a few days ago, my dog's collar.

Kelly Rae said...

right now? Well I keep my bag pretty clean overall. Aveeno Lip balm, Lush lip scrub in Mint Julep and my wallet. exciting, right?

M Meerwali said...

Lipstick, eos balm, loose hair accessories (ties and pins) vaporizer with channel no. 1 and concealer stick
future of the mind by Michio kaku
Keys and work key card
Eye covers and passport (I travel a lot n need these to sleep)
Kleenex small pack

M Meerwali said...

Oops and my anteprima nueve wallet of course!

CD said...

'Too much' is what seems to be in all of our bags.
Mine includes:
Macbook air (despite being an air it still wrecks my shoulder)
Mac charger
Wallet (that's really too big to be called a wallet)
Keys - home
Keys - work
Oyster card
Lip balm x2
Hand sanitiser
Hand moisturiser
Umbrella *curses the unpredictable London weather*
God, that seems a lot, but it really is all necessary.

p.s. I'd love to see how I function carrying the bare minimum like my partner (keys, wallet, phone).

Art Farm said...

I love this question!
Bill from the hospital
Credit card payment
3 notebooks
2 pens
Makeup bag with Medieval lipstick from Lipstick Queen, YuBe lotion, lip balm, mirror, Band-aid blister block, 2 Band-aid blister bandages and oil absorbing sheets.
2 sanitary pads
New issue of Domino
Blogging book that I've been meaning to exchange at Barnes and Noble since January.
Plastic envelope with coupons that are mostly expired

Candy L said...

My bag doubles as a diaper bag so...
wipes, 3 diapers, desitin, small roll of plastic bags (the kind you use to pick up after your dog but I use for poopy diapers, an apple, sippy cup, preschool application, wallet, keys, iphone, honest lip balm, sunglasses, 2 hair ties, Mickey Mouse pen (from disneyland visit last week) planner, tot sweater and shirt, napkins from starbucks to blot, small lightning mcqueen pull back car, birthday invitations i need to mail.

Sarah Jensen said...

This reminds me of Nora Ephron's essay about sucking at purses. I am terrible at purses.

Chris Cook said...

No wonder I have neck pain:
1 hairdryer
1 hair straightener
1 barrel brush
1 iPod
1 container of pink hair chalk (to chalk my tips between meetings?!)
1 iPhone
1 Vaseline hand cream for cuticles
1 bottle of Chanel Perfume
1 pack of Orbit's gum
1 hand sanitizer (carrying since December 2011)
1 almost empty pack of niece's Hello Kitty tissues (carrying since December 2013)
9 lipsticks (!)
1 hard copy of Jo Nesbo's "The Reedemer"
1 passport
2 pens & 1 toxic looking black marker
1 set of keys (you can imagine how many)
1 letter from a friend in Hawaii
1 pair of sunglasses
1 sample of eye cream
A serial killers amount of post it notes with illegible writing (my own)

Lendy Salazar said...

I am a crazy bag lady because I will not succumb to a diaper bag! So I carry 3 canvas zipper pouches in my tote. First pouch: Diapers & wipes, Second pouch: Change of clothes & socks for my 13 month old, Third pouch: My stuff..wallet, small moleskin, pens (my fav is the old school one that has the 4 different colors), maybelline baby lips, Eos lip balm, revlon lipstick. I have 3 bags that are in rotation and of course this makes me a hot mess!! Haha! But I have to have a mommy tote and an on my own mommy day off purse. So both purses have the requisite receipts, pills, breath spray, 3-4 hand sanitizers, lotion.

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Wallet, phone, 3 sucker lollipops, a scarf, a sick bag, 2 watches in need of new batteries, gloves, 3 pens, lipstick, tissues, shopping list, volunteer badge for my son's school, 2 library books, 3 stickes, packet of Crayola crayons, tampons! Its a big bag!!!

Buby + Bleu said...

- 6 pens
- 1 pencil
- 1 highlighter
- 1 paint pen
- 3 packs Kleenex
- Handfuls of clean tissue
- 2 lip balms
-1 Band-Aid
- Sunglasses
- 1 Burt's Bees lip shine
- 2 tampons
- 3 barrettes (I don't wear barrettes)
- 1 car charger (for cell)
- 3 packs of Post-Its
- Mini subway maps
- Wet Ones antibacterial wipe
- Hyland's Migraine Relief
- 1 peppermint hand sanitizer
- ToastiToes foot warmer
- Altoids tin
- Bottle of water

amy said...

I love this! (because secretly I'm just nosy and want to know what everyone else has in their bags..)
in my bag, which doubles as a backpack for school:
iPhone, wallet, keys
Burt's Bees lip balm
A small lotion
Pack of gum (Eclipse)
A folder
A thermos and spoon
A Smart water
A cloth for cleaning my flute
The Brothers Karamazov
A pencil case
A USB drive

it's pretty boring but then again, I've put a lot of thought into simplifying it as much as possible so that my shoulders don't die..

Jo said...

Gah! I love this new series, so much fun :)

Mary said...

Honestly, my wallet, a pen, 2 iPhones, lip balm and my passport (Canadian)

LeeLee said...

Great new series. Everyone's comments have been interesting to read. Mine is a little boring. Just too many loose receipts, wallet, lip balms, rose water facial spray (homemade!), tissues, and almonds to snack on.

The Slick Mom said...

Sunglasses in case
nexus 7
make-up bag with lipsticks and powder
rosebud salve
1 pen
2 green tea bags
panty liners
two different sets of keys
math club payment for my 1st grader

Lizzie Polish said...

iPhone, Altoids, Bloomingdales giftcard, napkins from Starbucks, contact lens case, sooooo many receipts, 3 lip balms, 2 hair ties, glasses case, eye drops, full size hair brush, overstuffed wallet, loose change, pay stub, car keys, office keys, notebook, Xanax, safety pin, ziplock bag with qtips and eyeliner, blister pack of one dose of daytime Sudafed, mini Aleve bottle with Tylenol

No wonder my shoulder hurts. said...

-small first aid kit
-boogie wipes
-hand wipes
-2 lip glosses and 1 lip balm
-benefit powder
-smaller wallet of gift cards and business cards
-advil bottle
-a rubber dinosaur
-mini wine bottle opener
obviously way too much, this is why my bag is so heavy!

jm said...

what's really in my bag is always some lego pieces!!!


3 diapers (unused)
Baby Wipes
Honest Company healing balm (for baby and me)
Duck Toy (can't leave home with out it)
Small Pink Frog Princess wallet coin purse used to old subway tokems (also serves as a toy in a pinch)

Wendy Freaney said...

I must travel light:

Cell phone
Cough sweet wrappers
Bowling card for video games section
Empty business card holder - why do I never fill this up!!
Khols cash voucher expired a month ago
Various receipts but mostly starbucks
Car and house keys

Alex said...

Wallet, altoids, Chapstick, lip gloss, hand lotion, new phantogram cd, sunglasses case, glittery make up from the arcade fire concert, iPhone charger, tea bag, birth control, key and stamps.

Ivy Zharisse Hayagan Piedad said...

this is tooooo cute! i just saw my baby's sock in my bag *hee*

Kristine said...

-various flute music
-ipad mini
-at minimum 12 pencils or pens
-A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
-lip balm
-Ginga! beverage.

Lisa Maria said...

This is so fun!

- a gazillion receipts
- melted red lipstick (the cap came off while in my purse last night and I have yet to clean it out)
- LOTS of bobby pins
- Some loose change
- My broken 4 year old Marc Jacobs wallet that I can't seem to let go
- Blackberry (for work)
- iPhone (for personal use)
- Metro card
- Business cards
- Chapstick
- Mints
- Recorder (for work - why I don't use just the app on my iPhone, I don't know)
- 6 tampons of varying sizes
- Band aids (for shoe blisters)
- Keys

I usually also have like 16 pens. How I have none right now is a mystery.

Crystle said...


JM said...

Yesterday, I found a chocolate chip in my purse. That definitely says something about me.

Lu said...

1.ziploc bag containing three dollars...the remainder of my grocery budget.
2."the sweetness at the bottom of the pie" a flavia de luce novel by alan bradley.
3.uniball vision elite pen I stole from my husband, because it's better than all my pens. :-) list with a cartoon elephant my husband drew that says "you're hired". (
5.Yu-Be hand cream- addicted
6.under eye concealer
8.rose blush stick
9.lipstick in Red Revival- the only "colour" i wear.
10.BB cream
11."smouldering" eye pencil that just makes me look like a raccoon
12.shady lady eyeshadow in "caught in the act courtney"
13.carmex (the best that will ever be!...make that two of them, now that i'm digging)
14.wooden token to the local french bakery for a free pastry & coffee.
16.3 cough drops
17.two hair clips
18.bronchitis inhaler
19.nasal spray
20.sunscreen, SPF 50
21.ring of store point cards (CVS etc.)
22 & 23. wallet & cell phone

amber barkley said...

a wallet so full of receipts, gift cards & club cards that I can't even close it
my phone
Tic Tacs
tangled iPhone earbuds
1 penny
Disneyland ticket (from last summer)
mechanical pencil
bag of old cough drops (yuck!)
3 bobby pins
...and the silica gel pack

Giulia said...

this illustration is beautiful, i'm so excited!
i'm babysitting right now so all i have is phone, home keys, my computer and a ziploc bag full of baby carrots!

Chelsea said...

Keys, wallet, a Catholic veil for Latin mass, a bank receipt, 12 individually wrapped pieces of gum (the package came undone), keys, the tip of a straw wrapper from my morning Starbucks, two lipsticks, my Raybans (not in a case...again), a manufacturer's coupon for a razor, wallet, phone, keys, eyedrops, earphones. Whew! That was really fun :)

Sarah D said...

haha! My bag is a mess! I have two kids and I'm pregnant…. you don't want to see the inside of my bag! lol!
Without actually looking inside I would guess that it contains: my wallet (which holds more receipts than actual money), my son's epi-pens, my planner, 1 or 2 pens (unless I actually need them and then there will be 0), random crayons, lip gloss, hair clips/pony tail holders from myself and my daughter, tissue pack, crumpled possibly used tissues, zip lock of dry cereal and a few mini-raisin packs to fight off morning sickness and/or feed cranky kids, a cup and a half of crumbs and sticky raisins from previouly mentioned morning sickness snacks plus random kid snacks, wet-wipes (unless again you actually need one, in which case they are not there….) yeah, you don't want to look into my bag! lol!

blackbird said...

Burts Bee's Tinted Chapstick, a sketchpad, a ledger, a pencil case full of pencils, a mini hairbrush, one or five organic lollipops, a super nintendo wallet and a micheal kors wallet (one form high school and one from last christmas - I refuse to not use either!) pepper spray, stripey naval business card holder, and a handkerchief printed with pembroke welsh corgis. and an iPhone tossed in when not using!

blackbird said...

Oh - and an altoids tin filled with my change! I love buying anything that comes in tins because I can repurpose their use!

Georgia Christakis said...

med school OB notebook
MOCA mental status exam
einstein's gift card (2?!)
ear plug case (without ear plugs)
colposcopy brochure
random clear plastic tab??
vaseline lip gloss
random 5 bucks (score!)

this was fun!

kendra loposer said...

2 tickets to the Austin rodeo
1 fisher price toy phone
1 real iPhone with a cracked screen
3 open and empty "Baby Mum Mum" wrappers
1 bottle of baby sunscreen (because it was 80 in Texas today
5 various shades of Nars lipstick or gloss
1 loose dollar bill
1 toddler sized sun hat (see Texas weather)
1 half eaten (yes, EATEN) business card
too many paper receipts to count
pouch with debit card, keys, ID and a Nordstrom gift card with nothing on it :(

Jodie De Zuba said...

Toddlers shoes
Plastic spoon
Plastic toy soldiers
Loose coins
Receipts for supermarket
Ear plug case without the earplugs
Grocery lists
Baby hair rubber bands

Martha Miller Kasper said...

A PA Drivers Training book - my daughtgers
loose money
IPAD mini
extra reading glasses

Not too much else. I grabbed a bright spring colored bag today since it was a beautiful day and just through in the necessities.

A. Sparkle said...

Can I just say how awesomely weird it is that so many ppl have an apple or multiple is some cases in their purses and are of different stages of apple life?!? Lmao!

My purse:
*Black and a brown pair of sunglasses
*2 sets of car keys as well as house
*windows surface
*wallet with receipts that I'm convinced breed overnight
*Reading glasses
*2 sets of Vitamins
*Cold meds from last week when I actually had a cold
*antibacterial gel
*nail kit
*hand brace for those carpal tunnel moments at work
*change purse
*flyer for a store I like
*stress tea packet
*one loose receipt that managed to flee from the others
*1 lipstick, 3 lipglosses,and an Advil travel container that has generic public brand painkillers in it.

Wow.. I really need to purge! Its become the abyss in my purse

districtandmore said...

Absolutely way to many things. However, my favorite things in my bag is an unused metro ticket from my trip to Paris last year. I smile whenever I see it. It makes me feel like I could hop on a plane at anytime and be able to navigate the city in a heart beat.

rosalinda monroy said...

a bunch of school papers,honest healing balm, empty gum package, loose pens, glide floss, a tampon,a notebook, a banana peel, washi tape, a computer cord, a pear, an id, lip balm, a nail file, honest wipes, a spork, chop sticks, a tooth brush, tooth paste, bronzer, a symposium ticket, a hair tie and a sugar packet

rachelsanghee said...

I love this!!! So cute and witty :) two lip balms, an old piece of gum (which I should throw away about now...) RECEIPTS, metro card, wallet full of RECEIPTS, journal, two black pens, makeup bag, my camera, phone and hand lotion. Whew, not as bad as I thought. Thanks for introducing such talented artists :)

Joanne Angelina said...

Currently my day planner that's in a shape of a cat, my rosary that I received as a gift from a friend in Italy, my favourite Tom Ford lipstick, an EOS lip balm in Vanilla Bean, my Kate Spade wallet, a bookshop receipt, my current book that I'm reading (The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld- AMAZING read) a couple of black ink pens.

That is all!

jonya said...

This reminds me of the time my husband was looking for a pen in my purse and pulled out 6 bananas.

Katie said...

Haha, this is great!

Wallet (crammed with old receipts, and with the change purse portion open and change scattered throughout bottom of bag); phone, earbuds; sunglasses; a makeup bag full of lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, tampons, two types of lip balm (one cocoa butter, one tinted), Tide pens, tictacs, tylenol, tissue packets, band-aids, and who knows what else; several pens, of which I hate all but one; umbrella; tupperware with remains of my trail mix snack; work ID; folder and notebook for work.

Sharol Flo said...

I've been using my small bag lately so all I have in it is: Purell, A half-eaten dark chocolate bar with dried strawberry bits and sea salt, peppermints,three silica packets(??!), three bobby pins and an earring back.

Jessie said...

A "Crazy Cat Lady" car magnet that my sister jokingly tagged my car with that I noticed after one minute and shoved into my purse oh about a week ago! lol

ehs said...

Love love love that illustration. Will definitely check out more of her stuff!
I have:
Too many receipts
Work keys
My keys
Toiletry bag
Loose change
A wrapped tea bag
Lip balm
Day Planner
Water bottle

Beatrice said...

small wallet
2 mobile phones
1 small bag (full of useful things: rosary, make up, for mobile phone, girl things, etc)
small umbrella
hair tie

grace said...

a pen, aveda lip balm, gogo squeeze applesauce (for the 2 year old I nanny), my iphone - shattered front and back, an apple, a small jar of trail mix i made last week, a small blue and white striped notebook my brother bought for me in brooklyn, a letter i've been meaning to send my boyfriend in Chicago, essential lavender oil, and hopefully my wallet.

so fun!

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