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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What's really in your bag?

Pop quiz: What's really in your bag right now? Tell us below...

Exciting news: This is part of a new series with Emily McDowell, one of my favorite illustrators; she'll be asking us one pressing question every month.

(Illustration by Emily McDowell for Cup of Jo)


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ginny said...

an umbrella
my wallet
hands free
two combs
lip balm
a cologne
a perfume
a bottle of water,
a small pocket mirror,
Paracetamol n migraine medicine,
few hacks toffees, a tictac,
a hair band
well that's it :)

ginny said...
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ginny said...

an umbrella
my wallet
hands free
two combs
lip balm
a cologne
a perfume
a bottle of water,
a small pocket mirror,
Paracetamol n migraine medicine,
few hacks toffees, a tictac,
a hair band
well that's it :)

ginny said...

an umbrella
my wallet
hands free
two combs
lip balm
a cologne
a perfume
a bottle of water,
a small pocket mirror,
Paracetamol n migraine medicine,
few hacks toffees, a tictac,
a hair band
well that's it :)

BannedFromSociety said...

Right now I have an anatomy and physiology textbook, my computer, a pink ring binder with various notes in it, pens + pencils, hard drive, wallet, first aid kit, several lip balms, lip gloss, roll on perfume, water bottle and a bottle of coral pink nail polish. Few, thats a bit isn't it.

S.A.R. said...

Wipes (for my 6 month old)
2 tinted chapsticks
Bobby pins
A hair elastic
A movie ticket stub
Hand sanitizer
Backup mophie case
A few receipts
Purse holder thing that sits on top of a table
Albertson's monopoly game pieces that I need to throw away
Program from Young Women Recognition Night

Praxis Uriarte said...

Hmmm... Cath kiston pouch with 4 (?!) lipsticks, train tickets, bobby pins, receipt for my college book...
Aluminum water bottle, cell phone, keys, bathing suit for aqua aerobics, towel and sunglasses!

Michelle Lee said...

interesting post

my bag has tons of napkins from cafes, 3 lipstick palettes/mirrors, & fallen out nail stones haha

Elise Dujardin said...

Love this!

Eliza Jane said...

A whole bunch of receipts. For some reason I keep putting the receipts I'm given into my purse, and never taking them out!

aarottier said...
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aarottier said...

an entire fruit basket. seriously: grapes, orange, apple
leather gloves
old receipt
toothpaste and brush
burts bee lip balm in pomegranate
cough drops (and i don't have a cold)
cold medicine (see disclaimer above)
old badge holder

Amy said...

headphones, iphone, wallet, EOS lip balm, Revlon lip butter in a hideous red shade, a book of stamps, gas station receipts, tampons of assorted absorbencies, crayons, a toddler-sized spoon, and a plane ticket from a flight I took in October!

Julie Yandel said...

I love this post. I always read those magazine articles and ask, "Why don't I have any of those things in my purse?"
Minnie Mouse toy
empty squeeze applesauce
empty box of raisins
toddler hat
tons of scattered raisins
random papers
a used wipe (that I wiped my daughters nose with at some point)
fork and spoon

Monica Macaraeg said...

my wallet
keys on a knitted strawberry keychain
a small eco bag
a small red planner
another small notebook
a pen
an orange highlighter
the empty envelope of my phone bill
atm receipts
a pamphlet for egyptian magic cream and a phone plan
3 7-11 receipts
candy wrappers
makeup kit
a small pouch for phone chargers
a bottle of cologne
a shawl
and oh, a flashlight :)

Simone Brett said...

Mango (yes, a whole mango)
Empty mint tin
Bag of Numi honey bush tea
New lipstick
Old lipstick
Random crumbs and receipts
Copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Banana (yes, more fruit)
Nail polish, blue, to be precise
Travel toothbrush but no toothpaste
Coupon for free coffee (yeah!)
Feminine pad, of course
2 inhalers, an epi pen, and Zyrtec
And finally... A shoe. Just one.

Simone Brett said...

Mango (yes, a whole mango)
Empty mint tin
Bag of Numi honey bush tea
New lipstick
Old lipstick
Random crumbs and receipts
Copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Banana (yes, more fruit)
Nail polish, blue, to be precise
Travel toothbrush but no toothpaste
Coupon for free coffee (yeah!)
Feminine pad, of course
2 inhalers, an epi pen, and Zyrtec
And finally... A shoe. Just one.

Heather said...

wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses
4 unidentified pills
2 used tissues
nasal spray
2 chapstick
metal spoon (obviously from work because it doesnt match my one at home)
1 leaky pen

sooz said...

In my purse, which weighs a ton...

-20oz bottle of seltzer water
-small notebook
-2 sets of headphones
-4 pens
-hand cream
-old tissues
-makeup bag with 2 chapstick, tampon, mascara, travel perfume
-SmarTrip (for Metro)
-key ring with all key tags on it (cvs, gym, grocery store, dry cleaner, library card, etc.)

It's time for some spring cleaning :)

Gina said...

Tissues (clean & used...), a lip balm, a lipstick, hand cream, my daily planner, a pen, a bottle of water, metro card, toiletry bag (tampons, sanitary napkins, mirror, mini tooth brush & paste, painkillers, antihistamines, band aids and wet wipes), sunnies, eyeglasses, an umbrella, loose money, hair tie, chewing gum, bills, a sugar packet, earbuds, iPhone, keys and (in theory) my wallet.

cindyleed said...

this is a cute series! I carry a large bag and unfortunately stuff everything in it. I've got: wallet, phone, pen, compact, mini sewing kit, tampons, 3 various tubes of lip balm, hand lotion, a pair of undies (for my toddler in case of an accident), a few stray receipts that should've been tossed long ago, gum, and about 3 random business cards that I probably don't need.

kendra said...

3 tubes of baby lips (its so awesome)
starbucks napkins
phone charger
name tag from work conference
sprinkles from a box of snowcaps that spilled
ear buds
post-it notes and pens (i'm an admin assistant. they are necessary)
2 pairs of sunglasses

this was the problem with buying a bigger purse.
but my coworkers call me Mary it works

heykay said...

Inside my enormous Transport Tote:
.iPad mini
.spare car key
.work credentials
.commencement invitation
.reusable bag
.two kinds of hand sanitizer
.two kinds of lotion
.two bottles of nail polish
.a bottle of vitamin A pills
.a wine bottle stopper
.a wine bottle cork (to one day be recycled)
.a hair clip
.bobby pins
.9 hair ties
.makeup bag
.lip stain
.lip balm
.iphone case (not on my phone)
.gum wrappers
.ikea receipt
.a crumbled up receipt for Mexican food from over two months ago
.price tags ripped of new clothes
.St. Christopher figure
.wet nap
.surprisingly only one pen
.body splash
.a list of books I want from the library
.a list of dogsitting instructions


Mariah said...

Roll of Scotch Tape + Scissors (sent a package at the post office)
5 receipts
1 TO DO list
Pack of tissues
1 Roll of Dog poop bags
Pack of Trident Gum
AV cord
Candy wrapper
1 loose tissue
Blank thank you note (i never got around to filling out/sending)
2 tampons
Travel size contact solution
Empty RX prescription bottle that I never filled
Check book

Clara said...

In my bag right now:
- my house keys and my parents' house keys
- my wallet
- my phone
- my phone charger
- carmex stick and a lipstick
- a medium and a small notebook two pens
- a paper tag from shoes i bought two years ago
- sunglasses
- nurofen and girl things
- tissues

I live this new blog section!

Have a lovely day Joanna!

Di Yund said...

Angie's Sweet & Spicy Kettle Corn in a "Crime Scene" ziplock snack bag

Burt's Bees Sweet Pink Lip Gloss

Trident White

Cell Phone
Pepper Spray

Small Clinique Cosmetic Bag (for use as coin purse)

Blue Door Pub "Bluecy Challenge" Punch Card

Tide Stick
3 Bobby Pints (one white, two brown)
Two Hair Binders
Two Safety Pins

Perfume Samples from Macy's

Work Security Badge

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

To Do List Notebook

Bekka said...

I just took a peek in my bag, it's a disaster so here you go:
lots of tissues
ziploc bag with advil
2 burt's bees chapsticks
field notes notebook
memory cards
headlamp (it comes in handy!!)
6 various granola bars
cell phone
3 different sets of keys

asiajane said...

- banana
- water bottle
- black cardigan
- paperback copy of Jane Eyre
- Ray Bans in case
- bottle of Aleve
- ancient red Coach wallet
- small embroidered pouch containing tampons and lip balm (can be tricky to not pull out tampon when I'm meaning to put on lip balm)
- small spray bottle of Dr. Bronner's lavender hand sanitizer

Talia said...

This is fun!

Currently I have:
my iPhone
wallet (with absolutely NO cash)
notebook w/pen
hand cream
lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick
a comb that I thought was long lost

okorolev said...

FUNNNNN!!!!! I have my huge purple faux alligator wallet, 3 loose dollar bills, 5 pens, 3 store loyatly cards, 2 chapsticks, 1 lipstick, watch, phone, hand sanitizer, tampon, cold sore treatment (just in case), comb, coupons, 2 pair of earrings that i forgot to take back to the house, gum and trash (receipts, crumbs)

Camille said...

I was cleaning my purse recently, and found TEN TAMPONS. I think the only other things were headphones, my card holder, 7 lip products, keys, and TEN TAMPONS!!!!! hahaha I mean, really!!

AGW said...

This made me laugh so much because I just discovered I have 8 pens in my bag...I thought that was impressive but your 16 puts me to shame! Oddly enough I did a blog last week how I seriously have everything but the kitchen sink in my bag:

Erin said...

Ha- what's not in my bag?!

Check book, wallet, coupons floating around, hair brush, makeup bag filled with old makeup :/, body spray, sunglasses (two pairs), ear buds, vitamins, recipes I printed yesterday, zip lock bag (empty), pens.

mklaux said...

Let's see...
Keys (house/work/car)
4 pens and 1 pink hi-liter
Lip balm
2 lop glosses and 3 lipsticks
Coupons for car wash and shoes
Random receipts
Birth control pack
Emergency kit w/ tampons/Advil/tums
Apron (from 2nd job as a waitress)
Random $1 bill at the bottom
A kit w/ a tape measure and screwdriver that my mother thought I needed

I need a smaller bag :)

HDemaray said...

This is advertiser gold, Jerry! Gold!

Sammie Brooke said...

-9000 receipts dating from the start of the year at which point I decided to "budget"
-Face powder
-Earrings that hurt after an hour
-Binder clips (multiple)
-Planner, dating from the start of the year when I decided to "stay on top of things" ... and which I haven't touched since then.
-Pens (freebies form multiple places)
-Sweet n' Low packet (1)
-Wallet & keys

I clean this bad boy out about once a week too, haha. But I can't get rid of the receipts, not yet.

Caitlin Popowich said...

A pair of mitts
A free drink coupon for Starbucks
Two packs of gum
Sunglasses & case
Eyeglasses & case
Makeup bag with: Mac StudioFix, floss, carmex, hand sanitizer, two lipsticks, concealer, a little mirror, Mac prep & prime lip, 3 lipglosses, Lush perfume, tide to go
3 tubs of hand lotion
Car keys
House Keys
Work Keys
Hair volumizer
4 receipts
1 spoon...

At least my lips will always be moisturized?

Stephanie said...

Let's see (my bag is big!):

-small wallet (that I take when I don't want to take my whole bag)
-cosmetic bag with very little in it (b/c it is strewn all over the bag itself)
-crumple tissues
-my teacher's book for preschool sunday school
-approx. 400 receipts
-a small zipper bag with my tea enclosed
-pens from my husband's campaign b/c they are the only ones I can ever find
-door pass card for work
-empty earbud holder (kid has earbuds)
-reading glasses
-unpopped bag of popcorn
-empty Rx packaging that needs to be refilled
-a million papers that I don't want to deal with - bills, ticket stubs, checks, check stubs...

Candace said...
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Candace said...

Ha! I love it! If only I could find my bag today, it would be similar vital miscellany. :)

Marcelle said...

Grocery List
Starbucks song of the week card
2 receipts
3 lip gloss
6 chap sticks
red pen
prescription medicine
loose change
sparkly hair tie
rhinestone applique for my wedding veil
Listerine strips
fingernail clippers
auxiliary cord for car/iphone
button that fell off a skirt 3 months ago (I should probably reattach that)

sumslay said...

Hehe, I recently switched to a smaller purse recently, so this isn't as bad as it usually is (which is shameful):

- tiny Kate Spade wallet that I LURVE
- 3 lip balms that are each very different and very important
- concealer
- cheque I need to "deposit" (take a picture of)
- 9/11 memorial ticket printouts
- tampon
- iphone
next compartment
- cuticle cream
- keys
- a cigarette case that I use to hold all of my membership/rewards/gift cards, which must total about 50
- a pill case for all my meds so that I can be pleasant
- cheque book that all my friends make fun of (haters gonna hate!)

fae ehsan said...

wallet & keys
2 tinted lip balms
1 EOS lip balm
1 clinique lipstick
an empty perfume rollerball
convertible glove/mittens
2 bobby pins
1 earring
a broken watch
prescription eye drops
business card holder
a concert ticket from monday night
a packet of strange asian hot sauce
a bottle of lotion (from the ace hotel NY!)
an old band medal from jr. high
a square (for the iphone)
various trash (straw wrappers, a pen cap, a dubble bubble wrapper, a sock hanger from target)
a dime

Lindsay Johnson said...

Makeup bag full of makeup
My wallet crammed with receipts, cards etc
2 clothespins
A nuk
multiple lip balms
flower seeds
husband's check book
daily planner
teething ring
Paper soap
Plastic ziploc bag with baby wipes
coin purse
one glove


Sammi Egan said...

wallet, keys, phone, lipbalm, various painkillers (migraleve- ibuprofen), girl things, umbrella, hairbrush, notes written at work, tissues, rough guide to iceland.

Pretty Little C said...

A pair of gloves
Pen drive
3 blue pens and 2 highlighters
Strawberry lip balm
Strawberry chewing gum

…And the best part, a white coat. Kind of makes sense because I'm a med student, but I had no idea it was there. Crazy.

Making it Anywhere said...

Are you guys even ready for this??:
-Eye Drops
-hotel room key (just got back from a work trip)
-2 Solid perfumes
-Victorias Secret coupons
-Financial documents for home loan
-Business cards
-David Yurman Bracelet
- Orange sucker I got from a drag queen at a charity event
-L'Occitane lip balm
-two check books for the same account
-A set of vintage white shopping gloves
-one ear plug (not even kidding)
- Empty jar that held my lunch
- Dramamine
-Oh wait, another ear plug! (different color)
- One pen
- set of keys to my grandmothers house
-first aid kit
- Bliss body lotion
-house keys
-car key
- those Listerine sheets that dissolve on your tongue
- Pink pepper spray

dc said...

Red leather wallet with beige fern leaf
Beaded "Very Hungry Caterpillar" change purse
2 tinted lip balms and one lipstick
3 pkg of earplugs
2 hair ties
Another lip balm, you can never have too many :)
2 ticket stubs from the Banff Mountain film festival
A flyer from Donoma Farm
2 ink pens and one pencil
Kleenex (clean)
2 pkg of seeds I bought at the Coop--arugula and peas
Grocery list scribbled on an old envelope
A pair of socks because I went out the other night in flip-flops (it was 68!) and they were calling for snow later on.
A small bike light
My phone

Sue Harris said...

Wallet/keys/phone, postcard from my dentist reminding me to make an appointment, small notebook, expired coupons for Macy's, business cards, lip gloss, lip balm, 3 pens, cough drops, gym key card, flash drive, list of books I want to read sunglasses, iPod and earphones

I was recently at a wedding shower and played a game where you got points for having items in your bag or purse from a list that was read aloud, more points for things that are less likely to be in your bag. The woman beside me scored big points for the handgun she had her bag (yikes!)

Nadia Ivanova said...

- Purse
- iPhone charger
- 2 packets of Sponge Bob tissues
- A packet of cigarettes
- A packet of watermelon chewing gum
- 2 lip balms
- A permanent Sharpie
- A yellow highlighter marker
- Wet wipes
- Hot pink business cards case
- A pocket mirror
- A tape measure
- Countless hairbands (yet I never seem to have one when I need it)
- Various tablets (general painkillers and water retention pills)
- 2 pens
- USB flash drive
- ATM and card receipts
- Wet wipes

Also to get into my purse upon leaving the office:
- Keys
- Laptop
- iPhone
- Sunglasses
- Old school notebook

Oh dear. This is my 'small' everyday bag. Do I really carry all this around EVERY day???

Alison said...

The daily note from my son's pre-school, a chewy bar, an empty fruit rope wrapper, a mirror/brush compact thing, sunglasses, lip balm, ibuprofen in a Tylenol bottle, car keys, house keys, and my wallet. And crumbs. And now that I've taken all that out I'm not putting it all back in!

Stephanie said...

Vomit. While holding my nearly two year old son at school pick up on Tuesday, he threw up in my favorite purse (a very cool big budda mom bag). Still trying to get the smell out.

moop said...

ha! so true!
I have A LOT of bags and pretty much all of them contain all of these things.
We started illustrating what each Moop bag can hold on our website to help our customers get a sense of what will work for them and I debated about illustrating all of these things!!
This made me laugh out loud.

Maywyn Studio said...

I only use a handbag when a backpack isn't practical. The things left in them is tissue (clean), cough drops and maybe a pen. In the backpack grocery bag, raincoat, umbrella, aspirin, pens, bandaids,and hand sanitizer.

bodhi said...

4 lip glosses (dior lip glow, neutrogena revitalizing lip balm, Fresh Sugar Berry, Nivia A kiss of Shine)
citi bike toggle
6 receipts for nothing important
crystal statement necklace (tangled)
hand creme
old printed out concert tickets
menu from restaurant (folded)
twin pack of unopened toothbrushes that I have been carrying around for over a week
paper datebook

Annastacia said...

A pen
Green, lined Post it notes
Hand creme
A clothing tag
My daughters whistle
A brochure from a Ballet studio
Nars, Turkish delight and two other lip gloss.
11 different hair accessories
A My Little Pony toy
A Luna bar
Hand sanitizer
A few receipts
And a wrapper

ErinJMT said...

3 notebooks, a hairbrush, bottle of Advil, wallet, change purse, sunglasses, hand cream, eye drops, checkbook, 3 pens, a flash drive, an overfilled makeup bag, tampons, and flossers.

stephlc said...

Oh boy...
pouch of meds (emergen-c, advil, etc)
tons of bobby pins
mini tin of altoids
aveda stress fix scent
box of raisins
trail mix
hair brush
hotel key
work badge/ID
lollipop and tons of loose cough drops
9 lip balms/glosses (!!!)
3 nail polish colors
3 sample perfumes

Erica Nicksin said...
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Erica Nicksin said...

Pen, my favorite pen
Empty gum pack
5ish candy wrappers
5ish candies (Hi-chew)
"(Five People who are)Happy to be Here" by Garrison Keillor
Empty water bottle
PowerPoint printouts about fitting contact lenses
Ocular anatomy and physiology printouts.
Numerous cat hairs

Sarah O'Brien said...

Love this illustrator! I currently have in my bag:
A lip gloss
two pairs of reading glasses
just bought book thief dvd
wallet, phone, keys
e.b. white's the trumpet of the swan
rifle paper co journal on the go
a pen
a hair clip
green tea mints
trader joe receipts

Sarah O'Brien said...

Love the illustrator. everything that is jammed in my purse includes:
1 chapstick
2 lip-glosses
2 lipsticks
2 pair of reading glasses
My sunglasses
Matching pottery barn pillbox, business card holder and mirror.
Newly bought Book Thief Dvd
E.B. White's Trumpet of a Swan
Rifle Paper Co Journal on the Go
J.Crew Tortoise Hair Clip
Three Pens
Green Tea Mints
Trader Joe Receipts

Amy P said...

I've got two kids, so, at least one of everything. We're planning on having four kids (!) and I'm thinking they're going to each have their own little backpack so they can truck their own stuff around...but then I have to worry about it getting lost.
Plus I have tons of receipts because I take them all home and enter all my purchases into a categorized spreadsheet. I'm not even on a tight budget; I just like knowing where it all goes!

veena rangaswami said...

an assortment of pens, pencils, and sharpies
lip balm
fuel receipt from kroger
where'd you go, bernadette?

shan said...

I have:
3 koozies
business card holder with my old business cards in it (changed jobs 6 mos ago)
birthday card for my sister
invitation to a wedding welcome party
granola bar
2 pair of sunglasses
lipstick case with 3 lipsticks
grocery list
5 toothpicks (individually wrapped)
pack of cards
car keys
2 pennies
bobby pins
safety pins
half a gum wrapper
Listerine strips
2 types of gum
key-chain bottle opener
access badge for work elevator
cell phone
Make A Wish "wish coin"
prayer beads
bandaids & liquid bandage
shout wipes
emery board

Clearly I need to clean out my purse :)

Poppy K said...

Ipsy Bag that came in the mail today
Check in an envelope
Tube of Neutorgena Hand Cream
Package of Sniff tissues
Pair of gear earrings
Small popcketknife
Large wallet/checkbook cover
Bag with: perfume sample, 11 safety pins, 3tubes of lip balm, advil, mints, Germ-X wipes, tiny Glide anti-chafe & a tin of Rosebud lip balm.

madiebaby said...

Oh god I'm literally scared to inventory, so that means I probably should:
Work ID tag
7 loose Ricola lozenges
Sunglasses in case
Travel coffee mug
Wool beanie
Trusty Mason-Pearson hairbrush
Bumble and bumble dry shampoo
Black reusable shopping bag
Plastic bag with (non)Latex gloves (it's an RN thing)
Container of Tums leftover from pregnancy
2 tubes of aquaphor
L'Occitane hand cream
3 panty liners
1 glasses cleaner wipey thing
1 nail file
1 bottle of Prevacid
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 bottle of tylenol
1 Benadryl
5 Sudafed
3 band-aids (unused)
Feb 22 edition of The Economist
Notebook w/ to-do lists
Other (cuter) notebook with nothing in it so far
1 Luna bar
1 extremely large rubber band
(This is getting embarrassing...)
Earrings I just bought on Friday and forgot about
Trident gum
2 nursing pads in their little wrappers
1 pen
1 Fresh sugar lip gloss
And another nail file.
I'm a total hermit crab. And it's a very big purse.

sarahbethdunning said...

One pair of high heels,
Key entry card for work,
button that fell off of thrift store find coat,
Thumb drive,
3 Lipsticks,
Bandaids for the feet that wear high heels,
and a spare key to my car.

Kathleen Heffner said...

red wallet
blue checkbook
letter from Jenny Craig
Kleenex tissue package (I just threw away the used one)
lipstick case with 3 lipsticks, 1 lip balm, fingernail clippers, breath strips, cuticle oil
mary kay hand lotion
bottle of pain reliever
electronic fob for my car
roll of nickels (I was going to exchange it for bills at work yesterday)
3 pens
emery board
fingernail file
a bunch of business cards
and last but not least, Stimudents

Jody said...

Aside from all the receipts, crumbs, and hair bands, the strangest thing I have is a wooden egg shaker and a kazoo. Because really, you never know when you may need such things!

stacy said...

LOVED this graphic and died laughing!
1 lipbalm
3 lipsticks
two pens
loose receipts
7 hair bands
mini altoids
hand sanitizer
1 pantyliner
empty pack of gum

D. Harley said...

Dr. Pepper Chapstick
Ear Buds
USB to iphone5 cable
A pair of ouchie earrings
Some old Select Service Bus Receipts
*I have a pretty small purse!

andrea said...

-hobo wallet (which is it's own collection of nonsense...)
-water bottle
-work folder
-legal pad
-Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
-hand lotion
-pack of tissues
-neon beanie
-umbrella case (no umbrella)
-another pack of tissues
-a bandana
-a dirty chef coat
-phone charger
-a pack of hairbands
-a hair clip
-a watch
-eyeliner & mascara
-a lipstick
-2 chapsticks
-a watch
-a ticket from a monster truck rally
-a tampon
-loose change
-cell phone


Rebecca said...

Also had a real metal fork.

Taryn Louise said...

I love the illustration because I ACTUALLY have had like a single ear plug in there, and I hate those US magazine "what's in your bag" stories because they're bags are always so put together and I remember that mine is full of receipts and nickels ;)

DydeeT said...

haha funny:)

2 cellphones-work & personal
notebook & a pen
cables for my phones
phone charger
2 earphones
a tin of loccitane shea butter
a tube of loccitane hand cream
tissue packs
wet tissues
empty mason jar(i brought greek yogurt to work)
empty on the go cereal box
metal spoon
ice breakers
flat lindt choco bear
car & house keys
office keys
pack of cream crackers
surgical masks(hazy weather)
water bottle
contact lens case
nail cliper


alice said...

This is fun (: Love it!

- wallet
- a light read
- cellphone
- a lipstick
- metro card
- a pen
- keys
- lip balm
- Finally, and always, a small package of candy

Elizabeth said...

I don't know why this is so fun.

Mini pepper spray (I live in South Africa)
Burts Bees chap stick and hand salve
Random, mini lotion I took from a hotel I stayed in
My planner
My blog-ideas journal
Grocery list
Passport (randomly - I don't normally carry this around)
Small umbrella
My bible
A mint from a restaurant
Sunglasses and case
Lint roller
Make up bag
(yeah, I have a big purse...)

Chicara said...

This is my "work bag" so if it seems ridiculously over packed that is because it is
A wallet
IPhone with ear buds
L’Occitane hand cream
1 small makeup bag with a lip gloss that gets "messy" so needs its own space
1 medium makeup bag with daily essentials
1 large makeup bag that holds the other two plus band aides, a bottle of perfume, and thumb drives
2 agendas (one home one work)
8 pens
Office Keys
Home Keys
An umbrella
A case for my glasses
At least 5 different types of "feminine products"
Random post it notes
Greek yogurt
Sliced almonds in a sandwich bag
Strawberries in a sandwich bag
A metal spoon
2 bottles of water
Oh and loose change and crumbs for sure

Alexis Stern said...

-Two phone chargers (no idea why two)
-3 lip balms
-Makeup case containing mascara, small eye shadow, eye liner and miniature brush set that seemed like a good idea at the time but has never been used
-hand cream

Abernacky said...

makeup bag (5 eyeliners, blush, 2 mascaras, lipstick, powder)
ginger & peppermint pills
2 diff chapsticks
the naked bee orange blossom hand lotion
a packet of biofreeze
note from my dad for a tree nursery

goodnightstars said...

I love this!

check book
compact mirror
2 black pens
chipotle receipt
tampon, pad, panty-liner
menstrual comfort cream for cramps
tiny tube of Aquaphor
2 narcotic pain pills (in case of emergency)
ear buds
silly putty
almost empty lipgloss
eos lip balm
2 shea butter lip balms
vitamin container
gift card holder
glasses case
ticket stub from Frozen!

Rebecca G. said...

A bag of kids toys, crumbs, loose change mixed with non-stocky car stickers, a banana, hand sanitizer, lip balm, a folded drawing, a (clean) diaper, crumpled napkins, wallet, empty sunglass case (helpful).

susan pagor-walsh said...

A bra(not as exciting as it sounds slipped it off on my way home from work because it was uncomfortable and hadn't left bag since)one earring, folded toll evasion bill, ear buds by beats

jeen-marie said...

I looks like, we ladies love our lip products!
Oh my, here we go!
I have one HUGE (Mary Poppins'ish) bag that I carry:

Soft leather fold-over clutch for when I don't want to carry the huge bag o'treasures
small cosmetic bag filled with essentials: Advil and other misc. pills, extra gloss, lipstick, Burt's bees, hair ties, hair clips, band aids, pads & tampons, mints, gum, emergen-c, wet wipes, small tissue package, safety pins and bobby pins. And an extra pair of earnings and some coins.
The BIG bag has:
Wallet - filled to capacity with stuff, not $
Check book
Small coin purse
2 pairs of sunglasses in their cases
A pair of knit gloves
ANOTHER small bag full of lip products
Many, many clean napkins
Clean tissues in package and out
A couple dirty tissues (threw them away)
A thick pad of paper
Small wax bag of crayons
3 Toy Story stickers (from Dr's)
A disposable camera that needs to be developed for my 5 yo
6 pens of various colors
5 random business cards
Stack of post cards from the non-profit where I volunteer
Stack of business cards from non-profit
Stack of personal business cards
2 small bags of dog treats
Small roller ball of PastTense essential oil
3 pairs of ear buds
Ginormous key ring- (just realizing I've had the same key ring for almost 20 years!)
A very smashed package of crackers (trashed)
The accompanying crumbs
Library card floating around in the crumbs
Small ziplock of bee polen
Mojo bar
Bottle of Sweetgreen juice
Missing coffee cup lid
4 receipts
2 paper clips
A couple sticky notes w/ website addresses
Paper wrapper from lunch
Pretty ribbon from a package (last week)
AND my driving ticket!

Phew- I'm tired.

eKim said...

Here's mine:
A ton of receipts (loose)
Make up bag
Work badge
Hand sanitizer
Scented lotion

Alana Vieira said...

Oh my god... the situation is awful.
1 lipstick
1 bepantol (I use it with lipstick)
discount ticket from outback steakhouse
my glasses's box
empty contraceptive pack (actually there's one capsule in it - which scares me)
a hair clip (with hair)
eye drops

Tina said...

I'm always getting teased about my huge "bottomless" bag, and this exact topic came up with friends recently. At the time, I dumped my bag, and we went through it all. I took that opportunity to trim it down a bit, so the list is about half as big as it was two weeks ago.

- My wallet, includes checkbook, pen, DL, student Express Card, SS card, ATM card (1), Credit card (1), library cards (2), $12.87, Car Inusurance card, HS student ID (expired)
- My key chain, includes my car key, my car door opener, house key, key to my Uncle's house, key to Mom's car, door opener for Mom's car
- My smart phone (ZTE)
- My old flip phone (Motorola)
- Kindel that only reads books, in zipper case.
- Garage Door Opener
- HP35S scientific calculator, in slip-case
- Sony MP3 player with rubber sleeve and head-phones (wrapped around it)
- Thick spiral notebook
- Print-out of my class schedule
- Paper Mate pencil with big eraser
- partial pad of pink post-its (brokein into 2 smaller pads)
- Zip-lock bag containing: chapstick, Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Clear, Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Pink Frost, Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette
- Tube of Kiss-My-Face moisturizer/sunscreen
- Secret Fresh-Effects solid deodorant.
- Compact - Milani Face Powder - Golden, with powder puff
- Sunglasses in hard case
- Thumb drive
- My Diva Cup
- back-up OB tampon in zip-lock bag
- Lint brush
- zip-lock bag with 3 Clean and Clear Oil Cleaning pads (blue), 7 bobby pins, and Sally Hanson No More Mistakes Touch-up pen
- Pink Bow soft elastic hair scrunchie
- Black plain soft elatic hair scrunchie
- Travel sewing kit, includes 18 threads, scissors, threading tool, thimble, 3 safety pins, 3 needles 5 buttons.
- Hair brush (Wigo boars hair)
- pink tangle teezer detangling brush
- Barrel Hair claw
- Intelligent Nutrients travel size Detangler spray
- Blackish Keranique Anti-breakage Detangling Comb
- Travel kleenex box, about half full
- 3 zip-lock bags for stuff like used kleenexes when i can't find a trash can.
- Sharpie brand magic marker
- manicure kit, includes tweezers, scissors, nail clipper, file, and a cuticle tool
- plastic kiddie scissors
3 paper clips
- folding kife, red with plus sign on it, with knife, scissors and file
- bic cigarette lighter, I don't smoke but you never know when you need fire
- 1/2 roll of wint-o-green lifesavers
- zip-lock bag with mini-tootpaste and pink and blue kid's shamu tooth brush, 5 q-tips, 3 flossers, 1 emory board
- Shoo-Fly Hornet and Wasp Killer Spray can
- Lysol "To Go" travel size disinfectant spray
- A pair of simple 3-band short wedge walking shoes (often swapped with my heels)
- 2 cloth hankerchiefs
- Target receipt
- Ulta receipt
- Taco Bell receipt
- Mega Millions Ticket (I didn't win.)

I know with my smart-phone I could dump the mp3 player, kindle, and my old phone. But, the battery drains quicker when you use it for all that stuff, plus the screen saver drives me nuts when reading. I still have money on the old phone, so I keep it for emergencies.

I got rid of the make-up I hardly ever touch, a lot of old reciepts, two movie ticket stubs, the March 2014 Glamour magazine, god only knows how many pens, some notes from last semester, crumbs, two dead bugs, and some business cards. (I have all those numbers in my phone now.)

Ilene said...

Love "What's really in your bag?"
Is this available as a printed card or poster?

elleenvogue1 said...

Oh my,

my bag is always full of things that maybe one day I could need... haha!


Patty Doscher said...

Panera bread receipt
dirty kleenexes
Aveeno sample that I got from the makeup girl at Target
Cetaphil wipe sample from Target
old shopping lists
Anthropologie bday coupon that expires today that I won't actually use
wallet calendar
makeup bag

Daniela Holmes said...


* Kleenex - only two tissues
* Vaseline Lip Chap - the Mini bottle
* A blessed medallion that my mother asked me to carry around b/c it's supposed to "protect me" - haha
* wallet
* iPhone
* Business Cards (looking for work)
* Keys with an Italian pepper key chain
* Breathe mints - the Green flavoured kind ;)

John Dudley said...

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kirstjen said...

A moleskine journal, Nexus 7, cell phone, charger, cord, keys, pen, keys, kleenex, gum, punch card for Pastoral cheese shop, sunglasses in a case, Tocca hand lotion, cloth shopping bag, bandaids, tampon, Aleve, a check for 600 Euros (I live in Chicago) and a business card case with cards

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