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Friday, February 07, 2014

Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? We're going to see American Hustle tonight. Have you seen it? Also, how cool does this gallery exhibit look?! You can make reservations for groups of six. I've heard it's amazing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web...

Romantic New Yorker cover.

Don't drink orange juice!

Valentine's Day card for cheese lovers.

What a cute touch at a hotel.

Understanding your children.

How well can you score on the Great Language Game?

10 easy things that will make you happier, backed by science.

Planning to wear this shirt every day this spring.

Everyone is talking about this book. Will you read it?

Craving this to brighten up the winter!

Audition tapes of famous people. (Jimmy Fallon is hilarious! ScarJo is so young!)

And Rachel McAdams auditioning for the Notebook!

Wouldn't you love to go to this flower-arranging class?

Great idea for a photo app.

The Queen orders Kate Middleton to cover her knees.

Remember this incredible letter from a friend?


Tamaras Blend said...

I am always looking forward to your weekend posts, where do you find all these useful and interesting links?! Thumbs up! And have a lovely weekend.

Tamara's Blend

Joanna Goddard said...

i read approximately one gazillion blogs:) thanks so much, tamara!

collette said...

I'll check that book out. For more along those veins, I enjoyed this one

Liberty said...

Ooooh... If I was Kate Middleton I'd send the Queen one of these.

so you know... said...

Anton has the cutest clothes! Where do you get them?

Gabriella said...

American Hustle is awesome! So well-acted with such dimensional characters--and a great story, too. Not to mention the hairstyles, clothes, and music...Have fun!

Unknown said...

Hi Jo! I have a question about skin care. I am wondering if there is a skin care line that you swear by. For years I have used Dr. Hauschka cleansing milk and loved it! However, recently I feel like my face isn't getting as clean as I would like and I am starting to break out. Do you have recommendations for cleanser and moisturizer? I've heard good things about Weleda. I'd love to know your thoughts! Thanks.

donzwebb said...

Thanks sooo much for sharing these, Joanna! Your link round-ups are always on point. I love love love Rachel Adam's audition tape for The Notebook...she's one talented actress! Happy weekend to you and your family.
xoxo, Donna

donzwebb said...

Oops...Rachel McAdams sorry:)

Patricia O'Shaughnessy said...

Oh fine, make me cry. The interview of the middle school boy and his mom was the sweetest thing. Makes me think of my own boys (I also have two little boys) and my relationship with them. my boys are 12 and 9, and this end of little boy start of teen years are hard on a mom. Bitter-sweet. I want them to stay little like your boys but am excited for the men they are becoming. and so proud.

MelanieKPrice said...

I love that letter!! So sweet and funny. And I'm sure that once her short term memory came back, she kept that letter as a reminder of how precious her friendship is with the author of that letter. Amazing...

MelanieKPrice said...

Oh, and Anton looks EXACTLY like his daddy in this pic!! So cute!!

Claire said...

I got 250 on the language game. Is that a decent score? I got most of the questions right, I think!

Katherine Bousson said...

I want to eat Anton up!!! He's starting to really look like Alex!

Kelsey.Georgesen said...

The article about happiness is much appreciated. It is proving to be a long and dark winter.

Michelle Ash Latham said...

Great links, as always! Happy Friday :)


Laura Hankin said...

Love your Friday posts, as always.

I was just forwarded this very funny article and I'm pretty sure there's a picture of you and Toby about halfway down! Is that you guys!? Did you know about this?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Laura Hankin said...

Whoops! Here's the link:


Rebecca said...

This is one of my favorite roundups of yours as of late. Loved every bit! Happy weekend, Joanna!

fancyalterego said...

Not sure what I'll be doing this weekend, to be honest. Probably the same ol' boring stuff - grocery shopping and grading papers!

Too bad the Duchess will be covering up her knees - she has great legs! ;-)

Ana Maria said...

Your baby looks so much like your husband :)

KateK said...

Loved this week's links! My boyfriend and I saw American Hustle and it was great. Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious as usual, plus all of the hairstyles! Enjoy.

Kara S said...

I love your Friday links! The orange juice one has me thinking I need a juicer!

goatsdorun said...

I wonder if that baby pic app will work for pets...?

Suus said...

I got a 800 on the language test. I guess it must be an advantage to be European. Most of them really weren’t very hard when considering the alternatives.

cheyenne said...

love the post on 10 easy things that will make you happier! there's some good advice in there :)
xo, cheyenne

Chen Green said...

That language text is great! Got 700 on the first try but you better believe i'm going to work on that. #waystowasteyourday

Elise Dujardin said...

Love the cute touch at a hotel. And that picture of you and Anton is the cutest!

Eliza Jane said...

Great links this week (as always)! I especially love the audition videos!!

Kate from Clear the Way said...

So adorable! Happy Weekend to you too!

Paul and Cathy said...

$165 for a t shirt is a bit steep. Blogging must be very lucrative ;-). Love it tho....suppose Gap or Target has similar . Enjoy your posts always.

Chloe said...

I can't wait to read all these links -- bookmarked for this weekend! I have heard amazing things about American Hustle, but I have yet to see it! Maybe when it comes on on OnDemand ;)

have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

I echo the other commenters, this is my favorite post of the weekend! I look forward to it so much. You always have your finger on the pulse of everything. :)

rae said...

as i was reading the 10 things to make you happier i realized that just looking forward to your friday links lights up my brain! thank you! xx

Jessica Hart said...

I would love to go to a flower arranging class! Great links :)
the way to my Hart

maddie said...

This is such a highlight to my Friday afternoon! Have a fab weekend.

KaylaKrumvieda said...

Toby is on the website... "why my kid is crying"

Denise Thomas said...

I am sure you are going to love American Hustle! The acting, the costumes, the HAIR! It was fabulous. Amy Adams knocks it out of the park and Jennifer Lawrence plays crazy like no one else.

smash said...

I always love your Friday round-ups Joanna :) Have a great weekend. said...

I am always looking forward to your weekend posts, where do you find all these useful and interesting links?

Lauren Ashley said...

Ack! You're killing me with these story corps videos - they're all so touching.

Charnele Michel said...

I think Princess Kate's skirt lengths are perfectly modest! The queen needs to get with the times!


Aly said...

Anton is adorable! That face!! :)

Mai Pai said...

Wow that Wheeler exhibition looks eerily similar to the amazing James Turrell retrospective I visited at LACMA recently.

Michelle Panting said...

Just sunk way too much time into those audition tapes. So worth it though.

MACY said...

I've started American Hustle but I was not able to finish it as I got bored. I suggest Wolf of the Wall Street!

Maywyn Studio said...

Great links.
Anton is blooming into a litte adorable Toby.
The language test isn't easy. I almost made it to the end, but fell on 3 for a 450. Ya gotta love cable channels for language.

joanna goddard said...

@so you know, thank you! his clothes here are from mabo and caramel:

joanna goddard said...

@unknown, for skin care, i love weleda and also have recently started using a moisturizer from Beauty Counter, which is really really great.

Jennifer said...

Joanna, Thanks for your great blog! My favorite go to sweater this Winter is the blue Everlane sweater you posted. I ordered it in grey, also. It is so comfortable. I might have to try the striped shirt for spring.

Michelle Lee said...

great links!

lawyertobe said...

Long time reader, just came across this meme, is that Toby and you about 6 or do down??

Al F said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I'm glad I did! I absolutely love it! Thanks for the fun links! I loved the audition tapes!


Stefano Roma said...

Look like a future Boss
Nice one

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Catherine said...

I love that hat. Such a simple knit. I'm inspired, a friend is expecting their fourth boy, and I think a little ribbed man hat will be just the ticket!

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Arif Ali said...
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Jennifer Reynolds said...
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Jennifer Reynolds said...

adorable kid :) amazing picture

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famapa said...

The language test was so much fun! I scored 1100. Pat on the back ;)

Sasa Zoe said...

awww such a cute picture! So adorable<3

Jodi H said...

Look at those big beautiful eyes! What a great picture.

Enny Sastoro said...

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Rose said...

I love the weekend round up- though always seem to end up reading on Monday! Is it because I'm British I did wonder about te Duchess of Cambridge's knees sometimes? I don't mind at all, none of my business at all, but I understand Royal protocol dressing from a previous job I did and they do not like the skirts to fly up- it's not really so much knees as the skirts flying up- the Queen has little curtain weights sewn into her skirts and dresses to prevent this- so I wonder if the Duchess will have more alterations like that- I don't think a little bit of knee is such an issue now personally- though I think if I was doing a function with the Queen I would wear a below the knee skirt absolutely- but I have had it drummed into me!

Lauren Doxey said...

i got married on feb 8!! so i would say it was a very good weekend

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