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Friday, July 26, 2013

Have a cool weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We are hitting up some playgrounds like the parents we are:) Also! Alex and I just started watching the show Extras, and Ricky Gervais is hilarious. Have you seen it? We have even had to pause the show because we're laughing so hysterically. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web...

The official Royal baby cheese!

The downside to your sleeping style.

Why Steven King spends months, even years, writing opening sentences.

This perfume sounds fantastic.

How California looks like other places.

Paris insider tips.

Subway tattoos.

Tomato sandwiches are a great part of summer.

Summer beauty.

Lauren Hutton, style icon.

Norway gets some fake sun.

Salad musings.

A guide to interacting with introverts.

Thumbs up, Volvo!

An alternative to Alfredo sauce.

(Photo of Eleonora Carisi)


My Scandinavian Home said...

Such great tips, thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.

Dani said...

Happy weekend Joanna! Thanks for the links and have a blast at the park with the little ones.

Red Penny said...

the beach fragrance is addictive... i spritz some everytime i hit up sephora... have yet to make the purchase, but i'm prioritizing now.
happy weekend from a true introvert!

Meg said...

I love The Royal Baby cheese! I baked special Royal Crown Cookies and have made a limited edition range of meg-made Cambridge Crown Headbands to celebrate the wee little Prince too! As an Aussie in London, it has been such a fun time to be here and get all swept up in the Monarchy again! Have a lovely weekend!

melle-belle said...

I bought a Volvo in November. :/

Two Cent Sparrow said...

I love the Paramount location map of California. A lifelong Californian my favorite thing about the state is how diverse it is. You can be surfing warm water in the morning and snowboarding just a few hours later. Thanks for sharing! And have a wonderful weekend!

Christina said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks now and I LOVE it. These Friday posts are so much much that one day I spent like an entire morning going through all your Friday posts. And then that night I went through some more. It was awesome. Thank you!!! Keep up the fantastic work. :)

ale norris said...

my husband + i are going to paris in september, so the insider tips blog post was very helpful!
ps. tomato sandwiches - YES.

Allison said...

my grandpa and his friend got to go to sweden years ago through volvo :) he's first generation american from swedish family, and was able to track down and visit with some of our relatives while he was there. so wonderful! have a great weekend :).

Metamorphocity said...

Clearly I need to read up on Lauren Hutton. What is with all the alligator squeezing?!

Amy Plummer said...

We watched the Extras several years ago & I remember well the need to pause for hilarious laughter. The one with Kate Winslet sent us over the edge :)

chachamisu said...

Love the colorful style in the photo. Oh, and I like Lauren Hutton style while she's wearing hat like me especially :)) but I'm not cuddling with crocodile:)

Amy Guest said...

have a nice weekend! this weekend and all next week i'm on holiday in cornwall with my dad and my siblings!

feathermar said...

One of the greatest reads you can treat yourself to is "On Writing" by Stephen King. It's part memoir, part writing-workshop book, but it is all amazing, genius and awesome. The end!

Sarah Spitz said...

Love this picture...I'm always in favour of colours!
The girl and I look surprisingly alike...weird feeling!

Love from Germany,

The Slow Pace said...

Happy weekend Jo! I'll be meeting two friends that I haven't seen in months so I' super happy!!!
I hope you are doing well with your two babies, your body adapting to this new life.. everything!

Gabriella said...

Yes, Extras is hilarious!! Especially the first season.

Marissa McCullough Peck said...

We LOVE Extras! I havent watched a movie or TV the same way since. I always notice the "supporting artists" now. :-) What are your fave. playgrounds to visit?

Michelle Panting said...

LOVE extras! Ricky Gervais cracks me up every time.

Working Girl ? said...

Hi! I too fell under the spell of BB's Beach parfum, but was sorely disappointed. The fragrance didn't last or meld well with me,I ended up smelling very chemically. I'd love a review if you take the plunge -ha :)

libelinha said...

Hi Joanna! The guide to interacting with introverts it's genius. So true. I wish everybody would read it and learn to deal with us introverts... Thanks for the great links and have a fantastic weekend.


Dressed with soul said...

Can´t give any comment to extras, because I don´t watch TV ;)

Here in Bavaria/Germany we have at the moment a wonderful summertime and I´m sure we will enjoy each second outside on our terrace and with trips through our region ...

Wish you a wonderful weekend!

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

eljohnny said...

I love the guide to interacting with an introvert! As a textbook definition of an introvert I appreciate people making an effort to explain that just because we aren't particularly outgoing it doesn't mean we hate people or being included.

I hope you have a fun weekend, which is something I feel isn't very hard for your beautiful family to have :)

Emma said...

My brother in law was in Extras! Not as an extra, but as a character named (wait for it) Count F*#kula. It's how we introduce him at family functions now.

Marcia said...

Beach perfume smells just like summer! Worth every penny. It does fade. You can use the body lotion along with it. Not cheap, but so enjoyable.

Amanda said...

I love that guide to interacting with introverts. That is so me.

jennifer schmittlin said...

Have a great weekend. P.S. I love your 'have a good weekend' posts, the links are always interesting.

Tammy said...

I'd never heard of the Volvo thing. That is awesome! Makes me want to buy one

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McKenzie Collins said...

Love the photo, great colours! Gotta love Ricky Gervais too, saw him on Graham Norton recently - he's such a laugh! I am visiting an old friend this weekend, and going out to my first 21st (of a family friends)! So I'm excited! Have a good one!

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SidwellA said...

I love Extras! I think it has to be one of my favourite TV programmes of all time! :)

Michelle Lee said...

happy weekend! :)

This is Belgium said...

super, merci!

Emma said...

My hubby introduced me to Extras - it's absolutely hilarious! Have you seen the one with Kate Winslet??

Henna | HENNA BLOSSOM BLOG said...

"hitting up some playgrounds like the parents we are" <-- love it. :) haha. We've been traveling in Europe with our toddler the past couple months (finally back home)...and it's so funny, we ended up knowing all the best playgrounds in every city we visited pretty quickly. :)

Holly Hardy said...

Absolutely loved Extras when it was on tv!!

lorenabr said...

Simply cool!

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Susanna Rustad said...
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Raphaelle Robert said...

Loved the introvert guide!! So fun!

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Joy Acoustics said...

Now that my boys are out at my parents house for summer vacation a new tv series is in order. Thanks for the Extras recommendations. Also the article on Steven King is very nice also showing that success doesn't come over night but is a result of lot of work. A lot like your blog I guess.

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Eriannejoy said...

The people I nannied for did the Volvo vacation program sans kids and it sounded like an amazing trip!

Robyn said...

Oh yeah, love Extras. Shame there are not many of them.

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*E said...

I've had my eye on those yellow and nude ones for weeks!

Rino Wijaya said...

Loved the introvert guide!! So fun!
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