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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

White sneakers for summer

We got back from St. Lucia last night, and it was amazing! (Looking forward to sharing photos tomorrow.) At the beach, we spotted lots of cute girls wearing white sneakers (without socks, of course). Comfy shoes are key for summer adventures, and these looked fresh and adorable.

Superga shoes were designed in Italy 100 years ago to transition from the city to the beach. You can find them here and here. What do you think? Would you wear them?


Ella said...

Yes! Would wear them and do! My favorite Saturday shoe in the spring :)


Laura said...

I love them. I just got mine today :)

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I have been wearing them for years! The best sneakers EVER!

sumslay said...

Not for me - for one thing my giant foot would look like skis, but white shoes remind me do I put this.... KSwiss.

Chloe Moon said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great time!!! =)

I would love to rock the white sneaker craze but I would be a fanatic about keeping them white!! =P

Ergo - Blog

Heather P. said...

I'm a huge fan of the white sneaker, and they will probably sneak into my vacation wardrobe this spring! Now, if I can keep myself out of mud'll be all good. I did that a lot when I was a kid...then again, these are the risks you take in buying a 5 year old tomboy white Keds!

Ai (m.a.e.) said...

I would definitely wear them! And omg Jude Law is so ridiculously gorgeous in the photo....

Karmen said...

Yes! I just spotted a pair in J Crew's newest look book, and loved how fresh and spring-y they looked :)

Shan said...

Unrelated to sneakers: The Talented Mr. Ripley is one of my favorite movies of all time!

Maggie said...

Ahh sneakers with no socks make my feet smell. Quickly becomes less and less chic :/

Unknown said...

Alternatively, if you have small feet, you can order kid's sizes from ebay, they start at only 15 pounds!

macaca grava-por-cima said...

the photography and the entire atmosphere of that movie tottaly fascinates me!!! like the atmosphere of Gwen Stephani's video from her song Cool... The south of Italy is sooooooooooooo romantic.

the sneakers are awsome too! :-)

jane said...

White Jack Purcells. Always.

Sugar Lane said...

cool! i have them in yellow!!!

samantha hahn said...

I had the light gray ones and wore them to death. They were so comfy. When they wore out I ran to get more and the shoe store didn't have them so I got Vans. I regret it. I should have just waited to order them. They're so comfy and cute. I'm sure the white would be nice too. I also love white and cream Chucks.

Jana Miller said...

I love white tennies! I always spray mine with scotchguard to help with the dirt :) Off to check them out.

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...


AVY said...

I would, but it also reminds me of Soho hipsters wearing white sneakers with black suits. Terrible.

/ Avy

Paola said...

Hi Joanna, I'm Paola from Italy.
I had a lovely pair of Superga as a kid (who doesn't here!:) and I'd really like to know how do you know they were made to transition from the city to the beach! I've always known they are originally tennis shoes and after reading your post I asked a friend who is a lover and she didn't know about that too! Please, share :)

xoxo, Ciao from Italy

fawn said...

Two words: Alexa Chung!

blackbird said...

Bought them yesterday! Grey though.

Keiko said...

Restoration Hardware Fur throws are on sale Joanna!

Cravingforbarneys said...

Love superga!

My daily outfits in

Anitra Sweet said...

I think with the right outfit they would look awesome!

Anamaria said...

I used to have them in several colours, 2 decades ago, and change to the colour of the outfit - soo good and easy!..numerous summers in Europe I would spent in them and never get tired of them either :)

studiothreetwofive said...

Wow St Lucia, bet you had a lovely time! I love superga's, especially since Alexa Chung has been in their campaigns. x

David and Shalynna said...

I love Supergas. My husband bought some last year and wore them to Italy (Venice, Rome, Positano and Amalfi!) and we thought we'd fit in with the Italians only to notice they were all wearing Converse All Stars! :)

I sent my sister the info about your project with American parents raising children in other countries. She lives in Brazil with her husband and two girls and has an amazing life out there!

SincerelySammie said...

I LOVE Supergas! Not only are they comfortable but stylish, too!

Mojo Giorno said...

yes! I would. :)

Alma said...

Actually I'm wearing white sneakers on my yesterday's post! Although mine are just a generic brand.. however the relax feeling, it's about the same! ;)


aliceinbo said...

Mrs Riplay, one of my favorites!
I have the superga sneakers, but mines are blue!

Rebecca said...

I would like to get a pair of supergas. I saw them in a really pretty mint green colour so I want to go for that. Rather have white high tops I think, but totally agree with white sneakers for summer!!

Natalie - The Senses Five said...

Love Supergas. I just returned a pair of white slip ons from Asos that didn't fit quite right, maybe I'll go with these instead.

Folle De Joie said...

I like the look, although the soles might be a little too heavy for me...I think if I were to buy white shoes, I might just go for the classic white converse! I recently wrote about sneakers on my blog, though, so funny timing! Check out the post here:


Jill GG (good life for less) said...

I am obsessed with white sneakers... I've had a pair of white Superga's forever and I just featured them on my blog today (what a coincidence!)

I want to wear them everyday! :)

Reina said...

I would defiantly wear them and that is the best photo EVER of Matt Damon, Jude Law, and Gwyneth Paltrow. LOVE it!!! I want to know when and where it was taken.

Panda Head said...

I SO DIG a white sneaker, and love Supergas (k, I LOVE Alexa Chung) but whenever I try them on I'm struck by the weight of the sole! I know it's something I'd prob get used to, quickly, but it's disorienting enough to keep me in Converse and Vans!

Lindsey said...

Love Supergas so much! The classic white ones are my favorite!!!

Lauren Knight said...

Definitely a little too preppy for my style, but I do like them on other people! There's such a clean, polished look about them. I think I would get mine dirty in the first hour of wearing, though!

Sini said...

I'm big fan of white sneakers, I can't do the spring and summer without. Here in south France I started to wear sneakers without socks since it's warm here. And white fabric baskets fits with anything!

bisbee said...

I have them in gray - love them! I also bought a pair in white, but for some reason, I bought them too big - I should just sell them and buy them in my size!

Darling Kelsey said...

Love the styling in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'! I love to wear the low profile Jack Purcell for Converse because they're the least clunky and bulky sneakers I've worn. They work great with a bathing suit, white button up and hat for brunch on the beach. ;)

kati said...

my kids get a pair of supergas every summer! love them.

Baby Mama Juice said...

I love those and would wear them daily! I may just order some right now! Thanks for the gorgeous Mr. Ripley inspiration picture!

oreliamae said...

Nothing as crisp and clean as white sneakers. And St. Lucia...I'm jealous. I went there over a decade ago and loved every minute of it. Happy Easter!

Lacey in the City said...

How fantastic is that photo you used of Gwyneth, Jude, and Matt? It makes me feel a little old though seeing how young they look!

Maddy from MPDaily said...

I am going to go a little bit against the grain here and say it....I really don't like white sneakers. They don't seem to be as versatile as other colors and I hate how dirty they get. That said, I love my Supergas. I saw Michelle Obama wearing a pair of blue kinda color washed ones and fell in love. I finally hunted them down and have been very happy with them. Are you going to get a pair?


I love sneakers, but I'd rather have something a little more unusual, like the Sanjo...portuguese sneakers ...I had my first ones when I was in high school, a tousand years ago. And they were white!

laura kinsey said...

LOVE superga sneakers! i wore navy pair into the ground and finally last summer got a grey pair. this year i want their pale pink linen-y style... but i don't know if i'd do white! i think they look great on other people but when i put them on my own feet, all I can think is... orthopedic!

jessd6 said...

argh! i just bought the cutest pair of red supergas online, and they're too big! they have to go back. next time i think i'll stick with my trusty keds.

Nina Leung said...

LOVE little white sneakers. I don't think I've owned a pair since 7th grade. Maybe it's about time I try it out again. Thanks for the idea! Love the photo from Talented Mr. Ripley. Such a stylish movie.

Giulia said...

I've been wearing these forever and until a few years ago I hated them because my mom kept getting mad at me since they got so dirty instantly. Now that I can understand my mom's good sense of style and have received part of her Italian genes I cannot wait to get my white superga for this summer:)

Celeste said...

A couple summers ago I bought myself some little white sneakers and I loved them! After a year and half or so, however, they were dirty beyond repair! I wore them on a rainy trip to New York, where they received their death sentence in the dirty streets.

This makes me want to replace them! I've never heard of Supergas, though. I've always worn Keds.

muybuen said...

I do like Superga sneakers and actually just bought red ones for my daughter not too long ago. I'm not partial to cloth white on sneakers because they will get dirty SO fast. I like white if its leather or other material...

Ekaterina Roshchina said...

These are very nice sneakers - I wish I saw them earlier, since I was shopping for the new sneakers.
I tried white color for sneakers before, and I'm now going for navy or and taupe, since white proved to be hard to match in my closet.

Leigh said...

Ha! I just purchased a pair of navy blue Superga sneakers from Piperlime. Haven't gotten them yet, but am really looking forward to having cute sneaks!

mamaboot said...

I need these! I love classic white sneakers. Gonna have to buy some.


Abbie said...

My mom used to call Keds of a similar style her "dress up sneakers." We broke them out every spring and wore them with summer dresses and shorts. I switched to white Jack Purcell's a couple years ago, but those are less feminine. Very cute.

Bea said...

Love white sneakers for summer! My best friend just got a pair of the Superga's and they look so cool (and comfy). I've got white converse chuck taylors that I love BUT it can get a little awkward when we both turn up to a barbeque in striped tops, black jeans and white Superga/Converse sneakers....great minds think alike I guess??

Ruby Sterland said...

I always loved white in Summer! I love that first picture too, very classic. x

Raphaelle Robert said...

They were the only shoes I wore from 10 to 16... I had them in marine and white every year. they are classic!!! and timeless!
I like spring court too :) and BENSIMON!
I hope you had a FABULOUS break! so short though..!!

Kait said...

Great photo from a great movie - and I love the white sneakers!

Kimberly said...

I have seen white sneakers all over the city for the past few weeks, too! I was just noticing a bunch of girls getting off the subway today with white Converse.

Jen Sc said...

Honestly, supergas are the most comfortable. I do pointe work and need shoes with decent support for walking around, but I don't want to look too dorky. I love supergas! White... grey... army green... love them all.

Kathleen Heffner said...

I would wear them, but have to wear socks with them. can't stand going sockless!

Jody Winter said...

I wear them all the time since buying them in December last year for summer here in New Zealand. Comfortable and chic and so much more grown up than Converse (I'm 41).

little t said...

I got a pair last year and LIVE in them! They're not white, but a white pair for summer would be nice. I find them much comfier than bensimons

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cienpajarosvolando said...

I have a pair of white All Star Converse and I love them. Perfect for summer outfits.

Hannah Brukharden said...

One must buy shoes !

jenniemarie said...

Ah! 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' is one of my favorite movies ever! So stylish.

Sarah Mennell said...

Yes! Except I am a devoted lover of keds and would probably go for a white pair of those

Sarah Mennell said...

Yes! Except I am a devoted lover of keds and would probably go for a white pair of those

Cassie said...

wore them all through europe and they were great!!

michelle said...

I've had a pair of Superga's for years but they give me terrible blisters. :(

michelle said...

I've had a pair of Superga's for years but they give me terrible blisters. :(

Lyann said...

I love Superga! But, they are so heavy. My daughter complains when she wears hers.

Emily Boyle said...

I love my white Superga sneakers. I was going to get Chucks when I found them and I'm glad I went with Superga - they just seem a little more pulled together somehow.


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Roxy Floraluna said...

i just ordered them in gold! very excited. i find white difficult for shoes because i'm too matchy -- i would only wear them if i were wearing white on top or bottom, and that's not always going to happen. gold, however... i will wear constantly. they are a bit sparkly but not over the top, and the classic style also mutes the effect. now if only it would get warmer so i could go without socks and actually wear them...

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