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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I LOVE _____

Valentine's Day is just two weeks away, so let's talk about love. What are you loving these days? A person, a moment, a food...One of my lifelong loves is French bread (here's me proving it, as a two-year-old), especially with stinky cheese or warm Nutella. Also, did you know you’re always supposed to tear French bread, since it's actually considered odd to slice it?
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Coach has launched a new fragrance called Coach Love, which is a sensual woody floral. I really like feminine fragrances that aren't overwhelming, but instead are warm, sexy and understated. (Plus, the bottle would look beautiful on a bathroom shelf.)

Now think about what you love: Coach Love has created a fun Facebook app, where you reveal the funny little things you love, along with a photo. (I shared my French bread photo.) Post yours on Facebook, if you'd like...

(This post is sponsored by Coach Love, a truly beautiful fragrance. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Cup of Jo possible)


wonderchris said...

I love that picture of you! :)

- e - j - said...

I love Sunday morning bike rides with my husband and son. :)
(Happy birthday Joanna! XO)

Dea said...

I thought that was Toby in the photo!

valerie said...

I share the same love for French bread! Especially when it's right out of the oven. I usually dip mine in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. said...

I love a good book and a long train journey (to somewhere new and exciting!) to read it on.

SSF said...

This may come in as #1 on the weird things to love comments, but I absolutely love the way my daughter's toes smell! They smell just like play dough. Well, maybe they don't as much as they used to when she was a younger, but she is 7 after all. I've always called her 'play dough toes' as a silly nickname. How odd is that? One of the best things about being a mom is completely understanding the expression, "only a mother could love... (fill in the blank)."

SSF said...

This may come in as #1 on the weird things to love comments, but I absolutely love the way my daughter's toes smell! They smell just like play dough. Well, maybe they don't as much as they used to when she was a younger, but she is 7 after all. I've always called her 'play dough toes' as a silly nickname. How odd is that? One of the best things about being a mom is completely understanding the expression, "only a mother could love... (fill in the blank)."

Jenny at LGN said...

Joanna - I'm so with you about warm, woodsy fragrances for women! Also about the french bread. Nothing better! I've been gluten-free for a couple weeks now, and sometimes I just sit and stare, and think about a good crusty bread. :)


AVY said...

I'm in love with all the beauty that exists, in spite of everything evil in this world.


suman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Doodles said...

I love to draw with fresh new crayons :>

suman said...

I love Mom. See below.

Lucy said...

i didn't know coach made fragrances! your description makes it sound so delicious. i'll have to check it out! i love my friends and love being outside. going to yosemite in a week with 2 of my closet friends--LOVE LOVE LOVE!

sadieanddasie said...

I love sour patch kids, specifically eating an entire bag until my tongue is raw-it's always worth it :)

Sharon Beesley said...

1. I thought that was toby eating the bread. ha 2. I bought a loaf of french bread yesterday and tore it out of shear laziness. Little did I know I was being chic! 3. that perfume sounds amazing. i'll tell rob. he always has a cologne--it's about time i get one too!

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

That is too cute :)

Smith And Ratliff said...

I love woodsy cologne/perfume as well! Always the perfect scent for winter!

Adélie Po. said...

Little fun fact : the reason why French people tear bread instead of cutting it is very symbolic, it has to do with with the Last Supper. The bread is broken, not cut ! Obviously nowadays, it has become part of tradition, but that's where it comes from. ;)

Joanna - very hapy birthday to you and your sister. I love your blog.

Ps : yes, I'm French.

Jessica Quadra Andrews said...

i love the warm weather we're having this week in barcelona since it's been Freezing inside my apartment for way too long. :) happy birthday, joanna! xo

samantha hahn said...

I love the smell of an ocean breeze through an open window at night, freshly cut grass, the beginning of any season in New York City, long walks in unfamiliar neighborhoods, a movie that takes you out of your mind for the time being, a deeply engaging project, my son's laughter, my husband's vast arcane knowledge, spending time in a group of women, the feeling of applying watercolor paint to cheap drawing paper and sharing a cheese plate with friends.

Reina said...

OMGGGGG this is such a fun post to which I think you will get many fun replies. Here is my on the spot long list of random things that bring much joy into my life.

city rooftops
fairy lights
tuxedo kittens/cats
the moments before I fall asleep
new music
making my stained glass lampshade in my art metals&glass class
desert. of ANY kind.
a really really unexpectedly good movie
lush green forests
a really good episode of the Bachelor/Bachelorette (my guilty pleasure! no judging!)
Jennifer Lawrence (OBSESSED. MAJOR GIRL CRUSH. she's the COOLEST).
walking in absolute silence amongst falling snow
delicious YA novels
reading about how people met (thnx to your blog post)
new pictures of ma boyyy
nice, happy moments with people, strangers or not
Harry Potter (BEST atmospheric series immaginative and britishboardingschool)
making this list !!!!!
getting really dressed up heels/dress/makeup/hair
city lights
a sky full of stars
a beautifully phrased sentence/thought provoking idea
the Amelie soundtrack
rooftop pools
the french language (i hope to be fluent someday as well as live in France for a long while)
laughing till my stomach hurts
the people I love
my imagination.

That's really cool about a french baguette! I feel like I always kind of knew that though. Who wouldn't want to rip apart a crunchy yet soft inside piece of freshly baked bread?
Also DID YOU KNOW that the french have a word for the inside of the bread AS WELL AS a word for the crust? We just have the word crust but the french call the dough inside "la mie" pronounced like "la mee"

cool huh?

Reina said...


YAYAYA. And that is such a cool idea of giving your mother flowers on your birthday. Defiantly will have to employ that one.

Reina said...

Wow. there are so many things I love and that was really fun and I also think its a good thing for people to do once in a while to remind them of all the good things in this world ;D

Sammi said...

i love a man i can't have, haven't we all been there?
things i love that i can have include: the smell of books, cuddles with my dog, making (and doing) travel plans, caranel latte's and warm bubble baths. oh and a glass of red wine :)

Design Scouting said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Also --- I love cheese, wine and getting presents. Also, I love working up a sweat (good when you consider my cheese and wine fixation).

Also love listening to the rain from a cozy bed, reading trashy romance novels and making my son laugh.

Anna Hamill said...

I love the warm final snuggles with my husband before going to sleep.
I love when a photograph comes out just the way I wanted it to.
I love Mark Jacobs daisy perfume (on the subject!).
I love holding newborn babies.
I love baking tasty beautiful looking things, making my own jam and olive bread.
I love ludovico einaudi, especially I giorni.
But most of all, I love cheese.

ohdizzle said...

I love the smell of tomato vines. I love a perfect plain bagel with light cream cheese. YUM!

Lejla said...

I will try!

Kate said...

I always thought I was super inappropriate for ripping my French bread; I'm glad to learn that I'm actually following protocol!

Alyssa said...

I love coffee. I love pancakes. I love cherry Chapstick. I love magazines. I love all things Disney. I love sweaters. I love life :)

Rachel Newman said...

I was really hoping this would be a post about a fragrance that smells like baguette.

Pomeline said...

Ok, THANK YOU for specifying the tearing. My friends always look at me like I'm bat shit crazy for tearing the baguette. Printing this article and showing them that in fact, THEY are the weird ones.

Kendriana said...

Me too, the bread has nothing to do with the fragrance.

I don't get it?

Shoko said...

this sounds like a beautiful fragrance - can't wait to check it out! thank you for sharing!

Schenck cath said...

Yes, no baguette makes it whole from the bakery, of course we tear it!! (you slice it if you have guests for dinner, but that's it!)
You probably have some French DNA that you don't know about, I mean, stinky cheese and warm Nutella? This sounds like my daughter (born and raised in the Alps, lots of stinky cheese here!!)
I don't think we get Coach on this side of the Atlantic, which is a shame because I love that bottle!
Recently, Courrèges has started producing hit perfumes from the 60s, my very first perfume was EMPREINTE, and I love that I can buy it again!

Surabhi Muncie said...

I'm loving my husband today. It's our anniversary. 2555 days of marriage and 15 years of being together.

Anna-Lena said...

Well, I have to say that the french don't tear the baguette all the time... Like, they don't just put an entire baguette on the table and then the guest can just tear their piece. Usually, they cut it in pieces and everyone takes their piece and then tear it to eat it.
If you're having a baguette on your own, you can tear it while it is still "whole".

Another fun fact; "Saucer" means to take a piece of bread and scoop up the sauce that is left on the plate. Superinappropriate right? But here in France you're allowed to do it if you use a fork! So just put a piece of bread in the plate and stick your fork in it and that way you can eat all of your yummy sauce =)
(just, don't do it in a VERY nice restaurant)

/Anna-Lena in the south of France

megan said...

I'm living in France now and it's true, that bread is so darn good and the cheese... yumm... but lately I'm loving Kusmi tea! I even wrote about it here:

Michele said...

HA, I love sliced baguette! :) Our boulanger and every single person in the boulangerie always looks at me as if I am crazy whenever I ask for this, but persevere it can be done. And perfectly sliced circles of good French bread are my favorite with cheese and tomatoes for apéritif. Just don't send your French husband for a sliced baguette. He'll never have the courage to ask.

EH said...

You look just like cute Toby in this photo.:)

danielle_b said...

I LOVE Mark Jacob's daisy perfume, too!

Mrs. Elder said...

heated seats

Aya said...

Me too! :) The likeness is uncanny!

Jane Heathcliff said...

I love the look on my 2 year old son's face when he is angry. It's just too cute! I'm also totally in love with grilled cheese sandwiches at the moment. And my husband, yep, love him too!

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