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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Which foods DON’T you like?

We've talked about delicious meals, but what foods don't you like? Spill the beans...

My list:

Apparently, some people are genetically predisposed to dislike cilantro, says the New York Times. To my taste buds, cilantro taste like soap. (Julia Child couldn't stand it, either.)

P.S. My all-time favorite food, and 10 handy table manners.

(Photo by Jamie Beck for Gilt Taste. Cartoon by Peter C. Vey for the New Yorker)


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Renee Nichol said...

I'm with ya on the cilantro! It just doesn't taste like something edible :)

Abbey said...

I'm a vegetarian, and when people ask why, my simple answer is that I just don't like meat! A lot of people don't "get" it, but I usually compare it to not liking broccoli or something, and then they get it. :)

OliviaKyle said...

brussel sprouts
malt chocolate

Chloe Moon said...

You don't like bananas, raisins & cilantro! Gasp! I love those!! I'm not a fan of black licorice, tuna fish, and oysters. Oysters are too weird to eat...=P

Ergo - Blog

lisa said...

Coconut, olives , shrimp.

Camille said...

My roommate just discovered that she is allergic to bananas and I about died FOR her, since they are some of my favourites! I don't like hotdogs, beans (unless it's edamame), cheese, oh and just about lots of other "normal" stuff that baffles my brothers. I like to pretend that I just have hipster taste buds... :)

Manda said...

Ground Hamburger.
Fruit in my Salad.
Oatmeal/Raisin Cookies.

I'm not extremely picky :)

Love From,
Eat Cake

Elizabeth said...

I refuse to eat anything that contains mayonnaise. If I found out that my favorite food in the world had mayonnaise in it, I would never touch it again.

If Youve Seen My Mind...Id Love It Back said...

Bananas and raisins are my two least favorite foods. Licorice doesn't do it for me, either (especially black). Anything with "red" cinnamon flavoring (Red Hots, cinnamon bears, etc) doesn't pass these lips. I do love cilantro (I grew up in San Diego...hello, cilantro!), but pass on rosemary. It reminds me of a hospital smell. Weird explanation, I know.

If Youve Seen My Mind...Id Love It Back said...

I didn't even think of mayo...I feel the exact same way!

The Matusheks said...

raw onions
black licorice

kirsty said...

Swiss chard, black licorice, rye bread, liver, dill!

Rachel said...

raisins, onions, argula, rasberries! Also...really stinky cheeses!

lauren jean allece said...

Sometimes I wish (for the sake of my waistline) there were things I didn't like but there is really nothing I don't like! I'm sure if I'd ever tried durian fruit or something I could amend that, but as far as the usual food suspects go, I love everything!

Sarah Carlson said...

I too had cilantro! I can't stomach it...which is sad, because I think some foods look really delicious until I see the dreaded cilantro. I've always really disliked mustard. ick...

Tyckled Tales said...

As a kid, I used to hate onions and bell peppers. I said they gave me headaches. But now I love them. And then I said I hated coconuts, and now I'm all about coconut milk, sugar, etc. I guess I've got revolving tastes! But I'd have to agree with the commenter above on licorice. Grosses me out.

Michelle Foster said...

I might use that! Thanks :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm the same as Elizabeth above--I can't even THINK about mayonnaise without feeling sick! I don't like mushrooms either, but mayonnaise is for SURE at the top of my "hate" list.

Ann-Marie said...

How funny! I love a lot of the things you hate. My no-go list is pretty much vinegar and cheese (anything stronger than mozzarella) - it's the smell of foods that turns me off! Also, texture: I can't do oysters or anything else awkwardly slippery/chewy.

Tatiana said...


but I love cilantro and walnuts :)

Alyssa Gapske said...

Most of my food dislikes are texture, not taste related.
Huge chunks of square tomatoes (very specific)
Green Pepper
Cooked carrots
Any egg that isn't cooked hard
Any other under the sea things like oysters or scallops (ugh)
Savory foods with cinnamon in it
Most soups

Nina Leung said...

Olives, coconut, oatmeal (gross texture), and black licorice.

Funny to read what people don't like!

Thanks for the post!

Eliza Jane said...

I hated bananas throughout high school, although I like them now. These days I hate oregano, parsley, kiwis and oranges. I can't stand oranges; the smell makes me feel sick. Although I quite like orange juice and artificially flavoured orange things......

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Cilantro tastes like soap to you?!?! That's so fascinating. The article is interesting as well. I had never NEVER understood why people didn't like cilantro, I mean it's the BEST herb ever. But my dad is Mexican, so I guess that's why I don't taste or smell soap in cilantro at all. To me, it tastes like.. a tangy herb. I don't know how else to describe it :)

Michelle Foster said...

Glad I'm not the only one who hates black Licorice! even the smell on someone's breathe will drive me to run away.
Like the comment above, I'm not a meat lover and can't stand anything cheese whiz type. bLagh

-Michelle {LiveLoudly}
Health & Wellness

Bookgirlbklyn said...

I love calf's liver, escargot, frog's legs, oyster, cod throat and bone marrow but I cannot stand PEAS!

Shawnee said...

i have so many friends who also don't like bananas! it baffles my mind. haha, it's so funny how people can be so different with taste buds!
i don't dislike a lot of food, it's more so i don't eat certain foods because of health reasons! but i dislike mayo and shrimp.

HaleyHasAComment said...

This is a fun post! My dislikes are kind of similar to yours:
cured meats
bleu cheese

The idea of being genetically predisposed to not liking certain foods in interesting. In my life I've only met three people that didn't like cinnamon, and they were all thai!

Belle on Heels said...

Beets. I really WANT to like them, because they're often paired with goat cheese, which I adore. But I have tried them multiple times and they are just too disgusting.

Un coup d'aile said...

actually i like to eat everything... :D i am a big eater... and if i were allowed to eat the amounts i am capable of eating... i would weight a ton!! ;D

a question: how can you not LOVE bananas??

Anna said...

Cilantro, raw onions and tuna. Can't stand any of them. One time when I was living with a host family abroad, they served me tuna with raw onions. I thought it was some cruel joke and had to politely request something else to eat. I wouldn't have been able to keep it down.

Shawnee said...

oh! i also cannot stand dill pickle or salt and vinegar chips. the smell makes me sick!

Zaree Singer said...

chopped liver
gefilte fish
flavored vokda - I DIE.

Abbey Rodriguez said...


I've been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to think of what else, but apparently I like food and will eat about anything.

katie said...

Breakfast meat, but I especially hate bacon! When I studied abroad in Mexico, I had to finally tell my host mother that I was allergic to get her to understand that I just couldn't eat it.

Mary said...

Oh man I love cilantro. And everything else on your list. There isn't much I truly hate. Not a big fan of hot dogs, but if I'm at a baseball game... Don't like parsnips much, but there are some chefs that can do them right at nice restaurants. Used to hate beets - thought they tasted like dirt - but now I actually think they're pretty good! Interesting to see what gets people going, though. I can't believe someone doesn't like raspberries - my favorite fruit!

lisacng @ said...

I hate oysters too! But I love cilantro!

Erika Peterson said...

I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but I tolerate them, if needed. I also don't really like shellfish like clams or oysters. It's mostly the texture...

Carissa said...

I actually love bananas! my favorite ice cream flavor is banana. but my dad hates bananas. hates them hates them. I know other people who do too. I do like salami and walnuts, licorice I can take it or leave it :) cilantro I used to hate, even the tiniest fleck on my taco, but I think I have gotten used to its flavor so now if some happens to be on my food I can just take most of it off and go about eating. ok, so now time to spill the beans. the food I hate-- and this boggles the minds of SO many people-- is CHEESE! ha! and Joanna, I know you are always posting about your love of cheese!! what can I say, I'm weird :)

Melanie said...

My list is simple: Olives, grapes and cantelope. It is really interesting to see what people don't like. And I LOVE cilantro. It must make it difficult to like most Mexican dishes if you don't like cilantro.

mfelenyuk said...

Licorice, anything with celery salt or celery itself, peanut butter, allspice, cloves. cooked spinach, hard egg yolk - but love runny egg yolk, pumpkins, especially pumpkin flavor, sweet potatoes, mochi.

Ellu said...

I don't like lamb, liver and pâté, smoke-favored foods :)

sbt said...

Bananas (except for banana bread), black olives, black licorice - yuck!!

Mallory Recor said...

Your dislikes are some of my favorite foods! I've never liked Bell Peppers... but since I've been pregnant, I can stand them a little better.

Lindsay Meyer-Harley said...

Ha. ditto to cilantro

Ok, here's my list

Tomatos (though I like ketchup and tomato sauce, don't ask)
Cured Meats
Cooked cabbage
Refried Beans
Clam & especially clam chowder *shudder

thedalyn said...

My husband has a theory that cilantro haters (who always make the soap claim) don't like it, because Palmolive smells just like cilantro. Hence, the soap/cilantro connection.

KristiMcMurry said...

I've never heard that about cilantro! Very interesting. My mother hates it, but I love it. I'm with you on the raisins though...I think it's mostly the texture. My number one repulsive food is green peas. I don't even want them near me! I can't stand the smell or the taste.

There are a lot of things I won't eat just because I think they're scary and not real Velveeta or cheese nips, but it's not because I don't think they taste good.

Kate Harvey said...

I actually can't think of one thing I don't like! I know there are a few things...but honestly I love almost all foods. I'm with you on cheese--amazing--my mother-in-law can't stand cheese and I don't understand it!

M.M. said...

Beets! I think this has to do with the fact that when I was a child I went to daycare that served canned beets. I made a pact with myself, once I busted out of that joint I'd never eat a beet again. Every time I eat one, I just can't help but shake the feeling of eating canned beets in a church basement.

Also dislike:
black licorice (this include those black jelly beans)
liver and pate
mushrooms (that texture! ugh!)

Kristin said...

I don't like onions, and absolutely despise bell peppers, or any other type of sweet pepper (despite many attempts since they are in everything!). Other dislikes include baked beans (yuck!) and sugared beets. I guess I don't like when things that are not supposed to be sweet, are sweet. If that makes sense...

Zoë said...

No oysters?! Really?! Oh I could eat four dozen of them in one sitting, easily. Especially with fresh-shaved horseradish.

I do not like onions, raisins, goat cheese, and lamb. And also select artificial flavors: banana, orange, watermelon, and strawberry.

Malia said...

black olives
I'm sure there might be some other stuff...

Esther from A Lovely State of Mind said...

black licorice (Even though i'm loving fennel as of late)
gamey meats
carbonated beverages
steamed or boiled green beans

Leah Conroy said...

That's funny, bananas and raisins are two or my favourite foods! Although I abhor all sorts of nuts.

NICOLE said...

I'm with you on cilantro and licorice but I also dislike avocados and tomatoes. (Insert frown here)

allie.noel said...

black licorice tops my list. ick. also, arugula. i'll eat pretty much any other leafy green. and beets. beets taste like dirt :)

Celeste said...

I HATE bananas. Other than that, the list is pretty short: liver, black olives and mandarin oranges.

thalassamov said...

As a child I hated grapefruit,turns out I am allergic to it! Anything I didn't like as a child,it showed up on my food intolerance list.
Am not difficult with food,I love to try new things all the time. But will probably never get used to raisins ruining bread and cakes,and I will never try horse meat,which apparently is so popular in France and Germany...How can anyone eat... beauty? :S
Turkey,goose or duck...bliax!

Jay said...

Cilantro (tastes like soap to me too!)
Any 'slimy' seafood
candied fruit (like in Christmas cake)

Yuck, yuck, yuck

Barbara said...

My list:

brussel sprouts
and those little crystallized fruits that goes inside of christmas cakes

Salami is one of the few things with meat that I miss since I became an all-veggie woman. :)

Big hug!

ElisabethSpace said...

I can deal with most foods, just not these:
raw oysters
cooked celery
raw onions

I did, however, learn that I now enjoy lima beans, something I'd long assumed I still hated from childhood. Giant Peruvian Lima beans are like buttah, I tell ya!

CC said...

the one thing i can think of is i have a serious aversion to tomatoes that are either a) canned or b) grainy and unripe. it's all about texture, i think. a tomato has to be perfect for me to accept it!

Kristina King said...

I hate bananas but love banana flavored things. I'll even eat banana bread. Must be the texture.

Erin Williams said...

Ugh, I cannot stand:

Chocolate cake or ice cream
Bell peppers
Artificial strawberry flavor
Purple lettuce

That's about it. I have friends with whom I differ greatly on politics and religion and we get along just fine, but when I bring up my dislike of Oreos they shake their heads and wonder out loud what could have gone wrong in my life to make me this way.

Leah Conroy said...

I hate olives too! so sour!

lzab said...

I am pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like it, but, feta cheese. It's just sour or something! And I like every other cheese I've ever had.

Also, raisins, bell peppers, cinnamon in any form, tilapia, honeydew melon, coconut flavoring

Kayla said...

I'm vegan now, but even when I was eating dairy I hated cottage cheese. The texture! Gag! I didn't even like cleaning it off high chair trays when I was babysitting.

I'm also not a fan of licorice, and I've never really LOVED green peppers, but I'll eat them when they're IN things, in small amounts.

HannahD said...

zucchini! I had an unfortunate raw zucchini experience as a kid, can't stand it now. And dill, capers and barley.

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

AGH! Cilantro. I can detect even the teeeeniet sliver of a cilantro leaf in anything I eat. HATE IT! Also, raw onions, black licorice, clams and oysters.


lzab said...

I'm awful but the main thing I miss is ribs! I think that lies largely in the bbq sauce, though :)

holtkamp said...

i can't stand the smell of seafood, let alone it eat. the first time i saw someone eat an oyster i almost puked!

mollymeetschicago said...

i'm with you on Cilantro - i just call it a garnish and pick i out of most things. I have also never enjoyed eating any form of ground meat. I'll tolerate it - i once had a date cook hamburgers and i waited until halfway through to break the news - but there just some sort of textural issue with it that really bothers me. That, or i've just never had a really good one.

Jenni said...

mustard and ketchup (love me some mayo though!)
ANY seafood.
olives (but i can handle them if they're chopped small)
tootsie rolls (they shouldn't be allowed to claim that they're chocolate)

POMpon said...

raw egg
It's funny as I was reading the post I was thinking, nope I like everything but then I started reading comments and the memories came rushing back...

chunks of cooked tomato
raw squid
raisins that are not chewy
processed cheese or meat (think cheese whiz and hotdogs)
feta (too salty!)
overcooked bell peppers (I like them with some crunch)

I used to hate cilantro but after working in a Burmese restaurant I grew to love it! I also used to hate bananas, olives, onions, garlic and peppers but now I like them all (still don't eat bananas straight up though)

Laura said...

I am laughing about the lists :)
I dislike the sound of people eating bananas, & me eating them too
lima beans
black licorice
all seafood except salmon
golden raisins, & cooked raisins, but strangly like currants

katilda said...

I have the genetic/cilantro problem! Tastes like dirt. I also dislike macaroni (too squishy, makes me gag) and watermelon (like eating styrofoam) and really any kind of melon. I know, I'm un-American. But my favorite food is tacos. Street tacos. That makes up for a lot.

Nicole said...

today at the lunch table at work, a lady from Mexico was talking about how she loves cow cheeks and various intestines. I am adding those things to the list of foods I do not like!

abi's mom said...

lobster (I'm a cheap date, what can I say? It makes me gag.)
black liquorice
And I have some serious texture issues, so I really can't stand mushrooms, and I don't like raisins cooked in things, but they're ok uncooked.

Joy said...

white meat
fennel seeds
american cheese

that was fun

abi's mom said...

I am now seriously craving some oysters. ommmmmmmmm......

KateK said...

I don't like tomatoes, including tomato sauce or ketchup. I do like vegetable soup with tomatoes and bloody marys. It's weird. I hate black licorice.

POMpon said...

Oh also mealy apples and tomatoes YUCK!

VintageDanielle said...

Fresh tomatoes
Sea food except tuna
Green olives
Lima beans


Jimmy said...

I got nothing. There have been plenty of things I used to not like, but I've been proven wrong on enough of them (hello brussels sprouts!) that I've given up the idea of having a food "dislike" column altogether. I now have "foods I like" and "foods I haven't eaten the right way." This won't help people pre-disposed to not like cilantro - I can understand that - but outside of allergies or genetic issues, I have trouble accepting that people straight up don't like certain foods.

And add another in the "love" category for oysters. I could live on them.

Erin In England said...

There are very few things I won't eat! Growing up, I absolutely hated olives...but now I love them. Probably because the only exposure I had was sliced black olives on pizza. Now I could eat a whole jar of kalamata olives!

Here's my (short) list:
Beets (they taste like dirt!)
Artificial cherry flavored things
Fruit in salads...ick
Most sweet/savory combinations

Designology Interiors said...

I'm vegan, so I dislike anything but vegetables, really. Cilantro is one of my favorites! If it tastes like soap to you, you are a super taster, which means you have more developed palette. Fun, right?

Kitty Mau said...

Thought I'd be on my own with this one. But I too can't stand bacon!! I hate the taste the smell everything. The older I get the more I dislike it. I've learned to like turkey sausage a little if it's not too spicy. Also do not like ham or smoked salmon. Smoked things in general I guess.

An aside....A certain percentage of the population also finds skunk smell delicious!

Lucy said...

Skate, ew.

Rebecca said...

I have texture issues also. Mushy and/or slimy just won't work. And I also have issues with stuff that offends my imagination. For example, I avoided oysters for years - turns out that I like them.. just not snails. Intestines of any sort, I just can't do. I will eat but cannot enjoy sweet meat dishes (like Tagines, sweet and sour pork) whereas I just won't eat sweetmeats. I don't enjoy feet but tongue turns out to be ok. There must be others but that's all I've got right now.

melissa said...

Well, that doesn't NECESSARILY mean you are a super-taster - supertasters are a pretty small subset of the population and there are quite a lot more people who taste the soapy aspect of cilantro really strongly.

There are really not that many foods I dislike--the ones I do are for textural reasons, usually. I loathe undercooked egg white, soggy bread, and raw oysters. I also don't like grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast. The texture is awful and it makes me feel ill.

Also not at all a fan of corn dogs, although I like cornbread and I like hot dogs separately--the flavors combined just taste like vomit to me.

Emily said...

I try my hardest to LOVE everything, but there are a few things I can't get past my mouth:

1. Beets, oh how I want to love you
2. Cilantro (this is one I don't mind not liking) - yes, it tastes like soap!
3. Ripe bananas, I only eat bananas that have just turned from green to yellow.
4. Raisins. These are just gross.
5. Savory/Sweet combos - I'm looking at you pineapple and ham.
6. Peas - this is something I'm desperate to like, but alas, no.
7. Oatmeal. Ugh. But I love cream of wheat!
8. Cereal. Please, soggy food is GROSS.

Nikki said...

Avocado - seriously it feels like cheese but tastes like nuts, I don't understand!!

That's actually about it. I used to detest olives but I wanted to be one of those cool girls who is all mediterranean and exotic so I forced myself to eat them all the time and now I love them!

rachael said...

black licorice
charcuterie meats like prosciutto and pancetta
honeydew and canteloupe (I can eat them but don't care for them at all!)

Meredith said...

I despise:
Mashed Potatoes (texture),
Lima Beans,

trinaenriquez said...

Ohmigosh, I loooooooove cilantro. I've heard that about being genetically predisposed to it tasting like soap, though (and secretly I'm glad I don't suffer that!). Also sad to hear about your aversion to salami—does that include other cured meats?? Boohoo. :) BUT obv this is a "foods you don't like" list, so mine would be these: Italian oregano (now that tastes soapy to me); raw tomatoes (I like tomatoes in every form except raw, unless they're Sungolds or some other super-sweet cherry or grape variety of tomato); ketchup (okay, tomatoes in every form *except* ketchup, haha); and guacamole (which is especially tragic given that my dad grows avocado trees in the backyard). :)

J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

black licorice.

however, my single life goal is that when i'm 80 years old, there is NOTHING that i "don't like". my grandmother is 86 years old and she STILL doesn't like garlic... GARLIC!!

my goal is that by the end of 2013 i will enjoy at least 1 type of olive.... just not today ;)

J.P. Archie said...

Ha! Cilantro?? Love the stuff!

Walnuts and Cashews
All Melon

Diana said...

You guys are all crazy, not liking some of these delicious foods! I think I'm on the other end of the spectrum, where I love every kind of food (although I don't eat meat). In my head I picture myself being like cookie monster all the time, except instead of yelling "COOKIES!" I just yell "FOOD!"

So predictably, I am very with you on loving cheese. There is routinely a cheese "course" in our house, even if it's just me cutting off a chunk and eating by myself. (It's usually followed up by some sort of peanut butter course)

roysie said...

I don't like cilantro or scallops. I'll eat anything else!

ashleymdavis said...

You would never guess I'm southern born and bred from my no-like list:
- Sweet potatoes
- Corn
- Okra
- Pimento Cheese

Shelley said...

that describes how I feel about rosemary perfectly! Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy for not loving it and I can hardly even step inside a Macaroni Grill because they put bucketfuls of it in everything they make.

Cassie said...

I prefer certain foods over others, sure... but I don't think i specifically dislike any food that is prepared properly.

moseyblog said...

My list varies. Except I never eat meat. Right now, just a few things I hate:

Canned tomatoes
Cinnamon flavored stuff like big red gum, etc. ugh. (always and forever hate)
Dates & Prunes

33348328-2e8f-11e2-ae96-000bcdcb471e said...

Ooo this is fun! I do not like: mustard, ham, corn, peanut butter, bananas, hummus, pecan pie, quinoa, seven grain bread (or any bread with nuts and/or grainy things in it), salmon, or root beer (which tastes like toothpaste to me).

Yikes, looking at my list is making me feel a bit sick. Like someone is trying to offer me sandwich made with all these things. On seven-grain bread.

Yury From said...

I dislike smoked products: smoked meat, smoked fish, smoked bacon, smoked cheese ...

Shelley said...

As a few others have mentioned - I don't like liquid smoke flavoring or rosemary, I also can't stand pomelos - which to me seems like a drier, less flavorful grapefruit and its most made of the skin.

Also sometimes when I'm eating sea food I get a little freaked out...although I still like it. There's not too much I don't like!

hellolorimeyer said...

I do not like:
any type of seafood

Greta Lawrence said...

Bell peppers are the WORST! I hate them. I can't even pick them out of stuff because if they have touched my food I can taste them. As a vegetarian you have no idea how often the only veggie option(s) on the menu have bell peppers. In that case, I just order another cocktail instead :)

Nicole Crocker said...

this is funny. two of my FAVORITE foods are on your list! i LOVE raisins and licorice. like so much.

Anna said...

I agree this is a fun post!
The food I hate the most must be Parmesan cheese, the smell alone makes me gag. And similarly to M.M. with beets, this has to do with being forced to eat it every single day when I was in Kindergarten(I grew up in Italy). In general I don't like cheeses with a strong flavor, like blue or goat cheese, whereas I loove mozzarella, I could eat it every day! I am not a big fan of meat, I hate lamb and I find fatty meat really really gross, I can't swallow it. Other things I don't like: shellfish, cauliflower, escargots, cantaloupe.
And I love cilantro!

Sara said...

I am going to keep this information in my back pocket!

Other than my dislike of soapy cilantro and olives, my other dislikes are mostly about texture so if they are minced or with other things, I can usually eat them (although not happily):
Oysters and other shellfish
Avocado (but I like guacomole, go figure)

And I've yet to meet a turnip I've liked. But I love parsnips.

studentdesignblog said...

...and chocolate.

Mooie said...

I moght be the only one who says this but I hate pastry
1. donuts... I just think of it as fried.dough and sugar.
2. muffins. It tastes bland to me, no flavor can persuade me to eat muffibs
3. pancakes. It has no flavour to me.
4. Danish. Juat urgh, too sweet
But I have to learn to love cilantro by putting it in my tacos and pho. It's a bit first but it tastes great as toppings on my tacos.

rochelleask said...

I love cheese but I cannot for the life of me eat goat cheese.
It tastes and smells like dirty socks.
Eggs (by themselves) - turns out I'm allergic to the protein in eggs
Black licorice
Overcooked okra - too slimy
American cheese
Cooked bell peppers

lauralcharles said...

Raw nuts and seeds, anything with bones in, and I don't like most broth-based soups.

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them because most of the time I think about foods I do like...

betseykerr said...

I love most foods. I haven't eaten red meat in 15yrs, but not because I didn't like it, but mostly b/c it just doesn't do anything for me. I dislike coconut, tiramisu, creme brule, cream/cheesy soups, and bloody mary's (but I LOVE anything else with tomatoes). Cilantro and cheesecake so/so in my book, take it or leave it.

Amanda Sohn said...

water chestnuts, mushrooms, soggy bread type things (biscuits and gravy, pot pie, dumplings). gross!

arieliona said...

Pumpkin pie!! Hate!
I also dislike cilantro, glad I'm apparantly not just picky.
And I cannot stand 'slimy' seafood. I try it all the time to see if I've changed my mind, I just can't do it.

Carlyn said...

raw onions, love them cooked but i cant stand them raw!

worldofcarmela said...

Vanilla. Makes me nauseaous!
Cinnamon when used in non-pastry/dessert
Avocado when warm. Love it cold - but once ate a pizza with avocado topping that had been in the oven, and Im nauseous just thinking about it.

Carley Georged said...

Eggs. (just smelling them makes me nauseated.)
Fresh tomatoes.

kalex said...

Your list of hates features both my top hates and loves! They are (along with my ultimate hate and ultimate love)...
Aniseed!! (eww)

Robin said...

Truffle oil

Cilantro is manna from heaven.

Hilary said...

It is much easier to come up with my list of foods I don't like.. Way smaller than my 'love it' list.

- Ham (too sweet tasting for meat)
- Coconut flavored alcohol.. fake coconut makes me gag
- Sweet Potatoes/Yams.. the texture freaks me out
- Shrimp + lobster
- I also don't like licorice.. bleh.

Yup, that is my list and I am sticking to it, haha!

plauschinat said...

Finally....other people who don't like bananas. I felt like I was the only one.

the southern hostess said...

Yep, I'm jumping on the beet hate-wagon. I keep trying to like them, but they always taste like dirt to me.

Melinda said...

Foods I dislike ---

Anything from the Sea
Liver (never tried it -- never will)!
Any kind of dried or shriveled fruit
also anything that looks weird, smells funny - I won't touch it!
black licorice - is just nasty - but i dig the red! :)

oh there is so much more I dislike! so yes I am a picky eater :) although looking at me, you would never know LOL I need to do sports! no seriously i do hahaha!

Suse said...

Brussel sprouts!

stephanie said...

I hate cilantro too! The smell and taste makes me gag. I also hate olives, shrimp, bloody marys (still counts, right?), pecans, and apple pie. Weird, right?

jleestone said...

I like most foods! Except:
black licorice
cream/citrus together! (key lime pie, lemon merengue pie, etc)
root beer

I'm not picky! Most of my favorite foods are ones a lot of people don't like! (raw oysters, REAL mayonaise, tripe, anything cured!) I also adore all kinds of seafood and vegetables!

I used to be pickier, but I decided that I was going to make myself learn to like certain foods! I used to hate mushrooms and peppers, but I didn't like feeling like I couldn't eat certain foods. I just made myself at least try them every time they were offered to me, and eventually I got used to the texture and learned to like them! I just got in the mindset that if adults can learn to enjoy the taste of alcohol by trying it several times, I could do it with food (I have known VERY few people who enjoyed any kind of liquor the first time they had it).

jenniemarie said...

Peas are THE WORST.

Mayo is a pretty close second.

Tracey Cordeiro said...

Oh how I wish you could get salsa without cilantro at restaurants! It is one of the rare foods that I just cannot stand. I can taste even the tiniest amount. Glad to see I'm not alone!

Gabriella said...

Most disliked are:
Most seafood, unfortunately...
Anything carbonated!

I discovered recently that I'm a "super taster," which helps explain a lot of my weird food dislikes, like carbonation, and why certain flavors are super intense to me. It was useful to find out! Also, sounds like a semi-legitimate defense when people call you a picky eater...

Anne said...

I share your list! Right up to salami, but then... licorice? I'm from the Netherlands, it's impossible for a Dutchie to not like licorice! I have no problem with walnuts and cilantro either. Sauerkraut however... ugh!

Katie said...

I love all those things! Being from California I don't think you are allowed to not like walnuts, cilantro or raisins.
About bananas, have you ever eaten one in a country that actually produces bananas? Because since moving to Brazil, I discovered that bananas here are a completely different experience to those unripe things I used to eat in the US. Just a tip, if you are ever in Central or South America. A perfectly ripe banana in it's home country may just change your life. ;)
The only food I really fear is liver, but I'm on the hunt for a properly prepared one that will rock my world and help me understand what I've missing.

Liron said...

Cold cuts
Flavored cheesecakes (plain is the best!)
Raw onions

carolyn said...

oh raisins wholeheartedly. blech. also, scrambled eggs (in any form--omelet, quiche, yuck!) and plain pancakes (oatmeal, blue corn, chocolate chip are a-okay! how weird). something about those textures just doesn't sit right.

Miss M said...

meat and it is good that i am a vegan :-)
an although i am half indian i hate overly spicey food...

Erin said...

haha love your list except for licorice! yuck! I hate raw peppers and I've never been a fan of blueberries.

asiajane said...

That's funny-- I actually love all of those things. Well, bananas in baked goods or with peanut butter, and oysters only on the grill... but everything else!! I don't think there's any food that I come across on a regular basis that I don't like.

One thing I CAN put on my don't like list: cold tomatoes.

Katie said...

If you link to your own blog do you have to make it open in a new window? Kind of annoying.

Nicole said...

The only thing I cannot stand is Blue Cheese. It completely overpowers anything it touches, so just scraping it off is not an option!

Nicole said...

The only thing I cannot stand is Blue Cheese. It completely overpowers anything it touches, so just scraping it off is not an option!

theshellhammer said...

I actually love this -- and reading all of the comments! Makes me feel a little better about my "food hates". I use to be the pickiest person alive but since moving to New York and being thrown into a foodie society (which I whole heartedly embrace), I have narrowed my list significantly to:

Potatoes (yes, that includes fries and chips)
Ice Cream
Spaghetti (although this is growing on me)
Desserts with nuts (although I love both separately)
Sushi/Raw Fish

Bananas are on my "favorites" list...sorry!


caitlin said...

i HATE olives. gross. but i'm also a vegetarian so i guess i don't "like" meat/seafood, either :)

elisabeth.ellis said...

I feel the same way! I can't think of a thing that I truly dislike. As a kid I used to say I disliked cantaloupe, because I felt awkward about being so non-picky, but I'm sure no one believed me as I'd eat it every time it was put in front of me. Also one of my mother's favorite stories is of me in grade school begging to have Brussels sprouts for dinner at the grocery store and some incredulous woman asking her what her secret was.

Smith And Ratliff said...

Greta, my mom and I are both bell pepper haters too! My boyfriend makes fun of me, but I agree with you—their flavor permeates everything. Yuck! That's the only thing I don't like.

I used to have an egg allergy, but I can now eat them fried and poached. Scrambled still grosses me out a bit... -LR

Meadow said...

I have trouble w. most dairy products. I am lactose intolerant so maybe that's part of why I just can't stand the taste/texture of most cheeses. I also can't stand milk. I am ok with mozza on pizza or parmesan in caesar salad.. but that's about it. Any stinky or goat cheeses... hell no.

The vegetable fiddleheads SCARES me.

Other than that I can tolerate pretty much any food. I consider myself a real foodie and will try most things (except for dairy) once. There isn't much that I really hate.

Mel said... Member since 2005 :)

Katie said...

olives are nasty
i dont like bananas but i make myself eat them sometimes
raisins are only good in oatmeal cookies

i hated goat cheese until college, because i thought it tasted dirty, like a goat. now ill eat it in anything!

When I was in Rome, I ate prosciutto so often that I'm still sick of it, 5 years later.

Alex said...

I cannot eat Jell-o without gagging, and I avoid coleslaw (just don't understand it as a food). But that's pretty much it on the normal foods list (assuming we're not getting into sweetbreads etc).

mollyskj said...

I like almost everything, but I HATE egg nog. Gross. I keep giving egg nog another shot and still get the gag reflex. Also dislike beets and tequila.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

cilantro too!!!
and lamb (many reasons why - never even tried it actually)

Mia Stizzo said...

salami?! i think salami is my favorite food. my second fav might be cilantro. :) i don't like mayo, yogurt, ranch dressing or anything of the tart/sweet/white/creamy variety. i don't eat potato salad, deviled eggs or anything containing the aforementioned white stuff.

iloveyouvalentine said...

that photo looks amazing...
but i must agree that i hate cilantro! it just ruins dishes for me. i also dislike natto (fermented soy beans) and licorice!

Kim A said...

Your all-time favourite food is my all-time most hated food! I can't stand cheese (hate the texture, smell, taste, etc.). I also hate pasta, and lasagne.

Zsú said...

banana, mango, raisins, licorice, most seafood, mushrooms, pumpkin. I don't like to eat these, but I can eat them, if I have to, except for licorice, I hate it! I don't understand how can someone love that, it looks so good but tastes so bad..


msp said...

Carrots! I have hated them forever and actually find it so annoying that I don't like the taste since they are at every cocktail party ever! My best friend hates raisins and even coined the fictional group PAR. People Against Raisins. I am not a member but it sounds like a lot of you are.

Anne and Alex [A Squared] said...

I would agree on a few of those items-- and with a lot of other commenters too!

Soda (especially dark ones like Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, etc.)
Green Peppers
Button Mushrooms

Anne Marie said...

I was the pickiest eater as a child, but I am working hard to get over that as I get older. I can't be in the same room as an orange, in fact when I was a kid I would run away if someone was eating one. And I do not like most fish, but I love shellfish. In fact I tried raw oysters for the first time this summer and fell in love, to everyone's great surprise. Never say never!
Oh and I could eat cheese all day long, everyday, all the time..

Bethany said...

fruit. yep - berries, citrus, apples, stone fruit - all of it. it's all too juicy.
bleu cheeses (bleu, gorgonzola, roquefort, etc.)
chipotle peppers & adobo sauce - i know it's trendy, but i cannot stand it.
dark chocolate. too bitter.
bitter salad greens - arugula, frisee, etc.

Letícia said...

Hello Joanna,

First let me say your blog was my best discover in years!

Now the foods I dislike. In terms of food my friends say I'm weird because I'm very particular to a few things:

I love grapes but I don't like grape juice, grape jam, grape ice cream, grape anything.

I love peaches but the same rule for grapes applies for peaches.

I don't eat anything that has more than one cheese in eat. (Here in Brazil everythign is 4 + cheeses - 4 cheeses pizza, 4 cheeses sauce) and I do love cheese, one kype at a time.

I don't eat cooked carrots but I love raw carrots or carrot cake.

I'm very pick about pizza toppings as well...

I'm weird i know.

LKF said...

This post is fun to read!

I hate bell peppers with a passion - which is the worst if you're watching your weight because all the diet cookbooks add bell peppers to boost flavor - GROSS! I also dislike cucumbers, ham steak (too salty), artificial cherry flavored foods (I do like real cherries), licorice (including fennel), coconut (it's a texture and taste thing), canned vegetables (too soggy), unripe tomatoes (I'm from Maryland - I know what tomatoes should taste like), and lima beans (includes succatash).

Chimmy said...

condiments. all of them. hold the ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish, salad dressing... yuck.

for sandwich spread, i use an avocado. i like my fries sprinkled with salt & pepper or drizzled with truffle oil. or buried under a heap of melted cheese. i take my salad with a little drizzle of evoo or a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange or naked. i like my salads rich with the flavors of its ingredients, not drenched in some dressing...

sprouts are annoying to eat. they get stuck in your teeth.

all meat, poultry and seafood, don't eat the stuff. tastes awful.

this reminds me of a facebook poll a friend posted a few days ago. she asked us what we don't like that everyone else loves.

she listed traveling, tom waits and really well-organized birthday parties for adults that involve having to get a present. the only acceptable birthday party for a grown up is getting together for drinks.

omg, i LOVE to travel.

i listed sleepless in seattle, which i still have not been able to finish after three attempts of trying. it's a cure for my insomnia.

i also listed pets. go easy on me though, i'm not cruel to animals, i'm a vegetarian for pete's sake. i just don't want any pets.

Letícia said...

Oh and I forgot the thing I absolutely do not eat:
Parsley. I can1t even see a tiny tine flake of it on my plate. I can't stand the stuff. I even pretend I'm allergic to it sometimes so I can make sure parsley won't be near my food!!

juliakleiner said...

i'm traumatized by arugula! at her birthday dinners, a friend of mine would always serve arugula from her garden (which is actually very neat). however, it was never properly washed and quite, uhm, "earthy". totally ruined it for me.

Melissa said...

I HATE beans! They are so grainy and weird tasting. I also dislike bananas, pumpkin anything, and oysters. yuck!

Chimmy said...

Ditto! Just don't like it. Like at all.

Valentine said...

I don't like:

egg salad
turkey (i'm talking sandwich meat, not thanksgiving)
bleu cheese
and most gravies. ;)

I don't normally consider myself picky, but I dislike more foods than I thought!

Allison McGregor said...

I HATE BANANAS! Thank you-- I really dislike them. I also dislike dill. mushrooms. hazelnut. pumpkin. squash.

Love this post!

Lisa said...

Oh man, I love licorice! And bananas!

I haaaaaaate maple syrup. Really anything maple-flavored. Yech. I lived in Canada for 6 years and I still didn't learn to like it.

cat said...

brussel sprouts. i've tried...even with bacon. i just can't.

Kate said...

Bell Peppers
Egg Plant (though I like it smothered in parmesan and marinara!)

And that's it... I'm not picky!

posse said...

i don't like the food served at movie theaters.

malt balls (the worst)
popcorn with fake butter

Bethany said...

YES!!! Ugh :( Corndogs are the WORST!!!!!

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

I'm wondering if everyone who hates bananas hates bananas or hates artificially ripened bananas - there's a huge difference. My father hates bananas except when they are fresh ones in hawaii!

I dislike
raw mushrooms (love them cooked)
oatmeal porridge (it's the texture)

I can live with tastes that aren't great, but texture is really the deal breaker for many foods for me. Oatmeal porridge, for example, makes me gag.

Carly said...

As a kid I hated pretty much everything. It wasn't until I moved out of home that I realised I just really didn't like my mothers cooking. I'm now a huge believer that it's not certain foods that people don't like but the way they're prepared, seasonings used etc. Like a lot of people I used to despise cilantro until I had it in a Thai Green Curry (for lack of Thai Basil), I saw it's necessary place in the recipe and learned to have an appreciation for it. Since then I've grown to love it in everything. When I met my fiancé he told me he hated mushrooms but I soon discovered he'd only ever had button mushrooms, cooked to death. Making him sautéed wild mushrooms for breakfast one day quickly changed his mind about them! If I had only ever been served cooked carrots in my life then I would probably say that I hate carrots, but truth is I absolutely love carrots raw. There are some pretty horrid types of olives which if I'd only ever had those I'd hate olives. I have many other examples of things like that but this is the reason why I never say I dislike anything. You just haven't tasted these things in a way that is truly amazing and excites your taste buds! Always try new ways of things you think you don't like, it's very important for a balanced diet and let's you discover some very unexpected things :)

Arielle said...

Well I've been vegan for 8 years, so clearly I don't like any animal products. Although I know they tastes good and all, they're just not for me. Other than that, the only other foods I will not eat are cucumbers and olives. I think that they are both disgusting.

dt said...

boiled eggs
live, kidney, brains but I love bone marrow
gefilte fish
processed plasticky american cheeses, yuck!

I used to hate hate olives as a child but now I love them. I won't eat any kind of beets or beet dish EXCEPT mixed with horseradish, mom makes this eatern-european dish for easter. yumm.

Calley said...

I can't think of any food that I truly dislike. There are a few things that I thought I disliked, but it has always been the preparation or style of cooking that I don't like, not the food itself. I don't like some processed foods (kraft american cheese, for example) but that isn't "real" food anyways...

Eliot Davenport said...

Raw white onions, mayo, and prunes. Writing those down makes my stomach turn.

Ms. Bright said...

I was scrolling through this list about to add mine, but decided this is a good spot to do it. Liz! I am so glad that you, too, loathe oysters!!

Cooked Carrots
Cooked Celery

Eliot Davenport said...

Oh and buttered popcorn. Gag.

Beth Eliot said...

The top of the list? Mustard! Oh God! Disgusting. I can barely look at it. I'm also not a fan of blue cheese, olives, cilantro, shrimp, bananas, rice (blech), uncooked mushrooms and green tea. I also have a general hatred of soup. I can't stand it.

Sarah said...

I once had this job where I was an assistant to a woman, and I used to have to go get her lunch. She would order the same sandwich from Subway every day. She would want an obscene amount of mayo on the sandwich and the only way I could get enough for her was to tell the Subway guy to put it on "like you are joking." I was so disgusted that to this day I can't eat or even look at mayo without losing my appetite!

Eleanor Rae said...

I literally can't eat, or smell coriander (cilantro - I'm British!) - It tastes and smells of melting plastic to me! Anoyingly I also don't like watermelon - it looks so good but tastes icky! xx

Michal said...

Pickles. That's all.

North Country Girl

Lizzy said...

Meat is the only thing I don't eat.

I do love cilantro and walnuts are my favorite nut.

Sara said...

Asparagus makes me gag. Can't tolerate it at all. And, this is odd, I've only tried scrambled eggs. The appearance of the texture of boiled, fried, over-easy, eggs gives me the skivvies. Maybe one day I'll try!

Amanda said...

THANK YOU, JOANNA for putting bananas at the top of the list. The only good use for a banana is banana nut bread and even then, it should only be a touch of banana flavor. Blech.

Melons are also disgusting. Not a fan, not at all.

Allison said...

Ditto... mayo literally makes me gag. Sometimes I can't even watch people eat it if there is too much of it. Honestly thats about the only thing I won't eat though!

kasigrassi said...

I absolutely despise cilantro! I live in the biggest Mexican neighborhood in Chicago and I love authentic Mexican food, but whether I request no cilantro or not it seems like my food always comes COVERED in it and I have to spend forever picking it off! I wish I could muscle through it, but soap-flavored enchiladas just don't do it for me!

Also, mayonnaise. All the way.

Sara said...

Olives and mushrooms...and the comments reminded me I don't like fake cheese (American cheese, cheese-whiz, nacho cheese out of a squirt bottle, etc). I'm trying to get better about eating mushrooms and olives though.

Catherine said...

Whoa, cilantro tastes like soup?! I guess people really are predisposed to taste it differently because it's nothing like soup to me. It's tangy and fresh and almost tropical. It may be one of my favorite flavors!

I hate olives, mayonnaise, cheesecake, butter (ok as an ingredient, but I would never put it on bread or veggies or anything), and tuna (especially canned-- smells like cat food!).

H. Grace said...

Olives, bananas, licorice, herbs (like thyme or rosemary) and...milk chocolate *gross*.

madiebaby said...

First and foremost- Bell Peppers. Everyone says "oh but they're so sweet!" That flavor is not sweet to me, it's just... awful.

Also not wild about sprouts, black licorice, and eggplant- mostly because it's usually cooked to the point of slimy mush.

Biggest surprise looking through the other comments was olives. Seriously? What's not to like? Brined, cured, black, green... I love 'em all. :)

KBecker said...

Raisins, cilantro (yup, the soap thing), licorice (black), veal (too mean), and not a big lobster fan.

Olivia said...

Anything mint flavored, besides gum
Orange flavored desert
Spicy mustard
Cooked carrots
Meatloaf/meatballs (I have an acute fear of a hair being inside)
Sweet pickles

Texture of foods has never really bothered me- it's more the smell!

Olivia said...

dessert* said...

Your list is interesting...I don't like licorice but everything else. Oysters are a funny one for me. I dont like them cold but I love having them hot when my french father in law makes them with garlic butter and cheese! so good!!
One thing I reallllly can't stand is celery. I have lost count of the times I have found it lurking in a good looking coleslaw.
I have trouble eating fish too. I only like it if it is not too 'fishy' if that makes sense, so cooked salmon tastes bad to me but I like raw salmon in sushi...

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