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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Which iPhone apps do you like?

So, I finally joined the 21st century and got an iPhone. Until now, I had been rocking an old-school flip phone, which most people assumed was a toy for Toby. But then I lost the battery, and when I tried to replace it, Verizon told me they didn't make it anymore. I was like, OK, I get it.

Now I'm excited to have a shiny new iPhone. My only question is: What apps are awesome? I know nothing about iPhone apps--except Hipstamatic--so I'd love to hear your recommendations! Which apps do you use? I'm clueless!

P.S. Me with my old phone:


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Anonymous said...

Instagram for sure! WhatsApp is great for when you are out of the country, and iEmoji is too fun to resist

erica said...


Jenni Austria Germany said...

Hanging with Friends....i'm addicted. Like, scarily addicted.

Julie [FerociousOstrich] said...

Hahaha I feel you on the phone replacement. Before my iPhone, I was carrying around a little blue Nokia that didn't even flip open. The only reason I got rid of it was because, after running it over with my car, and then five months later dropping it down a hill, it finally gave out on me.

I don't have a ton of Apps, but my new favorite is Instagram, all the way. I hooked it up with a tumblr account, and can post pictures directly to it. It's free, and totally fun.

My other most-used app is Scramble, a boggle-like game that gets me through my morning bus rides. My high score is 170 points at the moment...I don't think I'll ever beat it.

kate said...

that photo of Zack and Jimmy Fallon!!? what is that?!

Char said...

Ahh! The Zack Morris phone! Flashback! Congrats on your new purchase!
Char xo

ponyposie said...

Kassel is pretty great. It will tell you what song is playing.

Hi Joanna.

Simone said...

I love my iPhone!!

Instagram is new for me, just got it...but I love it :)

Amanda M. said...

Bump makes it really easy to exchange files with other iPhone users - I use it most to exchange lists of contacts!

cashmeredreams said...

love it!! you can subscribe to magazines and newspapers via your newsstand which I love! spotify is an excellent app!! stylebook is a great closet organizer (you take pictures of your clothes) enjoy!

tamara said...

i must agree with those who mentioned instagram. it has all but replaced my hipstamatic. i suppose ig is like twitter but with photos.

Sara, Luke, Brooklyn, & Bentley said...

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, any news apps you may like/want, Starbucks, Fandango, Pandora, RunKeeper (if you like to run for your workouts), Urbanspoon, your bank (if they have an app), and Nook. :)

ponyposie said...

I meant to write kazaam... Stupid iPhone autocorrect.

Anonymous said...

"It Happened Here" (iHH) is a great app especially when used in NYC. It targets your location and tells you what historical events happened nearby.

Natalie said...

oooh lucky! i still don't have an iphone, but i want one just so i can get instagram!

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah!! I love my iPhone! I think the people above have it pretty right -- the ones I use most are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Netflix, Pandora, Kindle Reader, and Angry Birds. ;P

Baltina Hong said...

My recent favorite has to be Flipbook it takes your whole media/online blog/news/facebook world and turns it into a magazine like layout. Its beautiful and so fun to use. Love it, think you would too. Happy New Iphone!!

esther said...
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abigail jane schrag said...

If you are an avid Nerts card game player, get it! I play it while I am nursing (should I admit that?), and it helps with the midnight feedings and passing the time.


Hi I would recommend Cross Process. Definitely worth the dollar I guess it costs in the US... I love it anyhow! Good luck! Klara

freya said...

some of my favorites are instagram, loseit!, nike training club, nike+ GPS, pandora, shazam, words with friends, and 7 words.

welcome to the iphone age! your life will never be the same!

Ana Magdalena said...

instagram is a must :)

RZY said...

Reeder is great for all the RSS feeds that i subscribe to- i like reading blogs while i wait for the bus, subway, etc.

TED is also good if you are a fan of TED talks for inspiration, This American Life, and of course there are useful apps like iHandy Tip Calculator (for eating out) and dont forget to activate iCloud/install Find iPhone in case you (gasp) ever lose your phone.

World is My oyster said... actually has a great app, Pinterest, Pano is pretty good for panoramic pics, camera+, Post is cute, Real Simple has a cute app, iheart radio

Betsy said...

I love This American Life, Nike Training Club, my local NPR station for live streaming, and Epicurious.

HRH Susan said...

The most important app = Find My Phone!

Voice of reason over here.

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

definitely Instagram... of course. :-) so good for taking pics of my baby! i also love Good Reads, Etsy, Facebook, and my bank app.

RZY said...

ooh and i forgot, a fun app for taking panoramic shots... Photosynth!

have fun

Monica G said...

This American Life, Ted Talks, Eric Carle Games for my 19 month old daughter (I am looking for recommendations for good toddler apps) illumination (turns your phone into a flashlight).

I look forward to your blog post everyday - thank you.

Everly said...

I use Around Me and Yelp in conjunction when I'm in a new place to find a great restaurant or bookstore. Love my NPR app and Amazon.

Janelle said...

Instagram ftw! It's perfect for capturing those unexpected precious moments with my kids and other simple everyday bits of beauty and sharing them with friends. I'm @littleocean

Beth said...

I suggest keeping the following kinds of apps on your iPhone at all times:

1) Something to read. There's iBooks, Kindle and Kobo. Get some free books (and because of the little one, some kids books) to keep your brain busy when needed.

2) Something to play. App shopper is a great resource for a lot of free games. I'm a word game lover myself, so I have Whirly Word up and running quite a bit.

3) Photo app. I know everyone's all about the Instagram, but I'm not keen on sharing everything that I have. I use Disposable and Vintage Cam (both free). Disposable is made by the kids at Hipstamatic and works like an analog camera in that you can't see the pictures until the roll is finished. :)

App Shopper is pretty awesome. I pride myself on not purchasing apps unless I really feel like I 'need' it.

Isabelle said...

Cut the rope ! I am 31 and my seven year old sister got me addicted to it over christmas. Perfect for killing time on the train or the bus.

slee57 said...

looks like we're in the same boat. i just got mine last week! so far my favorites have to be flipboard for news, blogs, current events, etc. orchestra as my to-do list. and grocery iq to organize all things shopping. i didn't think i'd like the iphone (being such a techno-phobe). but its actually a lot more fun than expected, and so pretty to look at! enjoy!!

Elisha(: said...


I suggest : PiciBooth(ITS AMAZIN!!), Virtual Families(FULL VERSION!!) , Mood Finger Scan, Angry Birds, Pintrest(duhh), and Virtual Guitar!! :D

Jessica Wray said...

Those old phones! lol. I remember my dad had a car phone that was plugged into his car... very nineties. I like my fitness pal, barcode scanners and heytell (very convenient)

★ JASMINE ★ said...

haha, omg! those old phones are hilarious!


Visit sometime

dayinthelife said...

Yay for the iPhone! Siri is fun! I love Trippy, foodgawker, pinterest, USPS (because I can never find a mailbox), gmail, flashlight (so handy) and Kayak! I use Instagram, Facebook and Google the most. Can't wait to see your posts on Instagram. xo.

leigh said...

shazam - for listening and finding out what that wicked tune is that your fav café is playing.

angry birds - cause games are fun
cut the rope - same reason as above

navigon - cause i get lost easily

pinterest app - cause pinterest = awesome and portable pinterest = epic

and although you already said it - hipstomatic is my favorite by far!

Elizabeth said...

Instagram for sure. It is my most used app.


Janine said...

I don't have time to play games but I do occasionally play words with friends. I really like the todo app for organization.

Portland Sunshine said...

funny blurb on hipstamatic:

i love goPostal - this app lets you send actual postcards of your photos direct from your phone - they print and mail them for you - it has transformed my thankyou note process.

Carlen said...

Congrats on your new iPhone! Here are a few must have apps:

For social media, Flipboard is amazing. It aggregates all of your media streams (Facebook, Twitter, etc), as well as any blogs or websites you love. It's my can't live without app.

For gaming, Drop7 and Words With Friends (also, Hanging with Friends) are the most addictive, and they actually do require a bit of logic (so you don't feel like your brain is dead after you're done).

For daily deals, definitely download the Scoutmob, Living Social, and Gilt apps. They're even more user-friendly than their website counterparts.

For entertainment, I have to agree with everyone else about downloading Instagram. You'll have a blast documenting Toby with amazing filters and effects.

For staying connected, Skype and Tango are awesome video calling services that don't require Wi-Fi, like Facetime does. WhatsApp is also a great alternative to texting (and it doesn't eat into your text message limit).

Last but not least, if you have another Apple device (iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac laptop), absolutely download Find My iPhone. It uses GPS to locate your phone through another iOS device. If your phone is lost or stolen, just hop on your other Apple device and you can pull up a map of exactly where your phone is, or, if necessary, wipe the memory remotely.

Hope this helps! Enjoy getting to know your new best friend!



Caitlin said...

Reeder for rss feeds, Springpad for organization, to dos, shopping lists, and recipe storage (it's amazing), Words With Friends for entertainment, and Instagram, Hipstamatic, Photo Collage (and any number of others) for photos. There are thousands of apps but I find I prefer to use Reeder and Safari instead of content provider-specific apps (like, etc). If there's one area you should go nuts with, it's photo apps!

Lauren said...

I echo everyone saying instagram - its like twitter but with photos!

aroundme: find anything nearby you like banks, restaurants, stores, etc. Great when you're out of town.

Fandango: look up movie times in seconds.

Urbanspoon: a fun way to see what restaurants are near you

Nook or Kindle: you can link it to your account and access your purchased books on your phone. Never get stuck in a waiting room or something without a book!

DENISE. said...

So fun!

I really like Wunderlist -- I keep all of my grocery store & errands places on there. My husband has it on his phone too so we can both update the same account. And whichever one of us is out and about can get what we need. It's really helped a lot.

I like having all my banking apps there so in case I need to make a payment or check on something while I'm traveling, it's easy.

I love having the Amazon app there so when I'm out with friends and hear of a good book, I can add it to my Wish List right then and there.

And try Shake It Photo. It makes a polaroid -- with the sound & the time to develop -- of whatever photo you take. I sorta like it more than Instagram

Red Stamp is cute to send little notes to friends.

8mm is cute to take old fashioned videos.

Have fun!

linz said...

Congrats on the iPhone! It will change your life.
Check out AccuRadio, a great Internet radio app (but keep it on WiFi when listening, or it will eat up your data). Cartolina is great for sending sweet little notes. 8mm is one of my faves for taking video. TurboScan has been a huge lifesaver for me, as well as the Flashlight app. For the kiddos, Infant Arcade's Peekaboo app is great, as well as Talking Carl, Flash Cards and Crazy Piano. Enjoy :)

Jamie said...

Words with friends, hanging with friends, Pandora, Around me, flashlight, Starbucks and the Mirror App. Have fun, it's so addicting! Also, its not an app, but I love talking to people on FaceTime!

Karen said...

I love my iPhone! My top apps: facebook, pandora, hufffpost,This American life, TED, Netflix, Fandango, eBay, pinterest, Voxer (it's a walky-talky app!) & scrabble. I also use sleepmaker which gives you calming sounds to block out noise!


I love instagram and postagram (for $0.99 they print and mail a cute postcard!)

Other favorite apps include Pandora, Pinterest, Tip Calculator and iMapMyRUN

Have fun with your new iPhone!

She moves among the sparrors said...

Flip board is my favorite! It has news and all the blogs you want in 1 easy to read place. It's great for midnight nursing while try to stay awake

Molliee said...

hehe oh those saved by the bell picks are epic! I love instagram, busuu french lessons, Frisbee Forever and camera +

Vicky said...

Instagram. Let us know when you join so we can follow you!

Katie said...


Definitely get Flipboard, it is amazing for viewing you google reader, twitter, instagram etc. in one space and it's beautifully designed to boot!

If you use Mint for finances, they also have a lovely app.

Alarm clock lets you wake up to a playlist of music, AND it lets you pick how many minutes your snooze is, how quickly you want the music to gently fade in...I'm sure Toby is your alarm clock, but it's still cool :)

Speaking of music, definitely get Shazam, all those times a song is playing in a store and you want to know it? You'll know it in 30 seconds, also lets you buy it right there on itunes!

Instapaper also useful! I could go on...

mr & mrs guevara said...

"lose it!" for tracking calories and exercise
"MobileRSS" for blog reading on the go
"Pinterest" and "Facebook" for long drives and waiting rooms.
"LivingSocial" and "Groupon" for finding deals on the go
"Pic Stich" and "Instagram" for photo editing on the go.
"Pandora" for music
"iMapMyRun"...for mapping runs, walks, hikes and bike rides.
"Yelp" for reviews on the go
Hope this helps some :)

Anonymous said...

NextStop will change your life. It has countdown clocks for MTA trains and it works underground. You'll never have to wait for a train that's not coming ever again.

Also, the Shazam app that can listen to any song and tell you the artist and song title.

Kimberly N said...

starbucks card
angry birds
red stamp - my absolute favorite
open table

margaret said...

I too just got an iPhone. Although I also use iMac and iPad.... I do find it intimidating to have a device that is smarter than me! I learn something new on it everyday!
I look forward to seeing peoples suggestions for iPhone apps.

nailspotting said...

I agree with Instagram.

I also like Nike Training - great workouts and they have videos on how to do the exercises.

pwSafe for all those passwords you have to remember. This keeps them safe and at hand when needed.

Apps to make life simpler:
skype, kindle, barnes&noble, bluefire (for borrowing books from libraries since it supports adobe's epub format), snapseed/pixlromantic/camera+/diptic/Pic collage for editing pics. Just to name a few :)

Have fun!

Lux said...

I miss my flip phone! I liked pretending it was a tricorder (Star Trek!) I am now using a smartish phone, but will probably finally give in to Apple next.

brave canary said...

my most favorite app is starmap 3D. its the most amazing thing - you go outside, find a constellation you wish you knew the name of, and hold up your phone - BAM! it tells you! it works in other countries and its beautifully designed.

the other app i love is gympact, because i am awful at going to the gym. you tell gympact that if you miss a day at the gym that you give it permission to take $5 out of your checking account. if you meet your goal and go to the gym like a good adult, then all the money gympact reaps from all the slackers gets divided up among the good gym-goers. yay! money for being good!

Trina said...

I upgraded to an iPhone last November after having a slideout qwerty keyboard for years (same scenario, battery died). So far I'm trying to limit my app-spending but I do love these:

For vicarious travel and because I love things Italian:
Eat Rome
Rome for Foodies
Rome Insider's Guide

Cooking and food:
Mario Batali Cooks! (seriously an awesome app, with in-depth info, cool videos, etc.)
Nigella: Quick Collection
Bike Basket Pies (with cute illos by Minty Lewis)
Barista (just for my own coffee education)
Chefs Feed (where chefs Yelp each other)

And of course Facebook and Instagram. iBooks (for carrying around 2-3 favorite novels to read when I'm stuck somewhere). So far I've done without Twitter, though.

Thanks for posting this query, I'll be sure to read through the comments myself to see what else sounds cool!

Kasey said...

Evernote! I'm biased (I work for them) but it is seriously an amazing tool for bloggers. Check it out!

Kersey Campbell said...

My favorite app for finding great music is Shazam. Great for if you hear a song on a commercial or in a shazam it and it tells you who it is, what album etc. I love it!

I also love Instagram..but that's kind of an obvious one :)

Bridget said...

pad & quill :) check it out!!

pinklegwarmers said...

Congratulations! Best part? iPhones only become more and more fun/special each day with new discoveries!
I highly recommend Scrabble! :)

LaToya said...

I hope you enjoy the phone.

local NPR radio station app
Shake It Photo
NY Times
Red Stamp (to send quick,cute notes)
iPeriod (keeps track of my monthly visitor)
Fly Delta app
my bank app
Pandora (must have music on the go)

Lanii Be Good said...

There are great interactive books! My 6 month old daughter and I read "Moo Baa LaLaLa" and "The Going To Bed Book" every night.

Also check out for reviews and tips and heads-up on sales!

Beatrix said...

You are going to LOVE your iPhone! I resisted for so long and when I finally caved I couldn't believe I held out. Your life will get so much easier with this little device!

Instagram for sure, Yelp, Shazam, shop shop, Epicurious, This American Life (for streaming episodes anytime), Red Stamp creates easy, stylish cards you can send right from your phone with photos from your photo album on your does Sincerely Ink, 8mm allows you to capture videos on your phone that have the texture of 8mm film, if you bank with Chase their app is so easy to use and you can deposit checks right from your phone by taking picture of the check! Crazy, right?

Enjoy your new toy!

Michelle said...

I love it and I can't live without Pzizz Energizer.

Angie said...

Alright, there were too many comments for me to read through to ensure I didn't duplicate... I love my
- Pinterest
- Evernote
- Period Diary (tracks your flow and fertility patterns :P)
- What The Font (you take a pic of a font and it helps you find which font it is!)
-SnapTell (same as above, but for books)
and for fun:
- Valet Hero
- TapTapRevenge
- Chromixa
Have fun!!

Heather.Joy said...

Grocery IQ is great if you and your husband shop at different times. You can sync apps! I also love Hello Vino, Star Walk, and Shillington (design basics).

There are always fun ones like the flashlight app, Find iPhone and Gas Buddy.

Enjoy! You'll never go back.

little lady said...

Diptic, Webshot, Phonto, Gossip Junkie, Goop City, Brushes, Post, ZocDoc, iP Free. Enjoy!

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I love instagram...that's kind of a no brainer I guess. I'm also a runner so I love mapmyrun. otherwise I don't really use apps, they sort of confuse me :(

La Dernière Miette said...

Patricia Wells is just about to release an updated version of her Food Lovers Guide to Paris for the iphone. Should be out next month! said...

My365, MSNBC and Vevo! Welcome!!

Andrea said...

Yelp!! without a doubt, the most convenient app EVER when you're trying to find any restaurant, grocery store, salon, mechanic, etc etc...I don't know how I lived without it before!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I am a dinosaur so I can't help you out. We are simply not in need of the constant companion of a phone in our pockets at our house. As for making a grocery list and needing an app for it? I use a pen and pencil and spend the money I would have spent for a phone on my groceries instead. People's priorities seem a bit mixed up these days.

Amy @ Blanche and Lola said...

I know everyone else has already said this but Instagram is AMAZING! It will change your life :-)

Then twitter, facebook, blogger, ebay, pinterest etc.

The sleep cycle app is really interesting to see how much sleep you get!


Meg said...

Not gonna lie - between the post title and the first picture, I really thought you were going to say there's a Sound of Music app. That probably would have made my life.

Instagram, facebook and facebook messenger, Pinterest (I have been addicted since I downloaded it!), vtok (allows you to gchat from your phone), netflix, Kindle, picfx (so much fun!), flickr, twitter, Pandora (MUST MUST MUST!, Jetsetter and NYTimes. OH! And Tetris - it even has the old school music!


allumer * decor said...

I need an iPhone too... still on my Blackberry. My husband has one and the OldBooth app is really - really funny.

Ash said...

Hopefully I'm not repeating ones that have been mentioned.

iMapMyRIDE. Maps your bicycle ride; recording your time, elevation etc.

Relax M. Relaxing melodies to calm and sooth yourself or Toby! Great for daytime naps for a little one.

Car Loc Free - records your car or bike's location via GPS. When you get done milling around town you just open the app and select the date stamp and then where's my car. It will pull up Maps with a pin on it. :)

Affirmations! a daily affirmation app. A great way to start your day.

BofA. My banking app (or whichever bank you are a client with). A on the go girl's must have.

PS Express. Allows you to edit photos on your phone.

DoGood. "365 collective acts of kindness." Self explanatory."

LatteLove said...

My top 5 iPhone apps:
Twitter (the most obvious choice, but the upgrade of Twitter for iphone is GREAT. I love using it on the go when waiting in line/public transport, etc)
Yelp (for restaurant recs, hours, price, reservations, directions!)
Epicurious (To look up recipes when I'm grocery shopping)
Words with Friends (all-time favorite game)
Pink Pad (awesome period, fertility, women's healthy tracket)

I only got my first iphone 3 months ago, but welcome to the 21st century!

mandyface said...

These are my top 6 six fave apps (outside of the normal instagram, pinterest, ect):

Laurie said...

congrats on getting an iphone! it really is the greatest invention ever :-)

one app that i cannot live without is instagram!


Clare said...

For little ones I rate anything by duck duck moose, tickle tap or in the peekaboo barn series. Faces I make is good, and so are the ladybird peekaboo ones (UK). There are loads of other ones but the above will always buy me 20 mins when needed - lifesaver if stuck waiting for Dr or train etc!

Lindsay R said...


Kristen said...

Instagram over hipsmatic for sure! Facebook, blogger, twitter, starbucks, tmz. Those are my dailies :)

Sarah said...

Definitely Flipboard and I also like Camera +. Pano is my favourite panorama generator. Strava for bike rides. :)

Knittinchick said...

I agree with many of the biggies especially Pinterest (love that site!) but in addition, I love CBC radio app for all the talk shows (you'd get a canadian edition)-use it in wifi land, Ticket to Ride game edition and I keep the Songify app on there for the nephews to create songs of them just talking when we're waiting for events.

I also love my Weight Watchers app/eTools to track all my food, groceries and daily points but seeing as you don't have to worry about that stuff, it might be more helpful to others on the program! It's helping me maintain all that weight loss now!

anniecardi said...

Oddly perfect timing for me, actually. My droid has been acting up for a while now and I'm eligible for an upgrade. The iphone has been calling my name...

Rachael said...

I recently got an iPhone too! I love Instagram (to echo everyone above) and I also love Spotify. You pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 and you have access to unlimited can stream whole albums!

Anonymous said...

Tellmelater is a great app. You can use it to remind yourself of things you have to do but I use it to send myself happy messages or positive affirmations.

Sage Crown Parker said...

it's amazing - it shows you the stars and names the constellations for you!!

mina said...

I essentially posted this exact same post today. I should have just waited a minute and read through these comments before soliciting app recommendations! Yay for new iPhones!

Nick Goddard said...
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Nick Goddard said...
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Sara Geidlinger Photography said...

cupcakes. it's awesome. grocery list, cool. drums, and tap piano. also can't live without my shake it polaroid photo app. enjoy the iphone!

Nick Goddard said...
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Nick Goddard said...

Here's a story about where all our trinkety gadgets come from: This American Life

wingsandrust said...

I love the scrabble app, instagram, flixster, TED talks, and camera+.

House of Milk said...

Instagram!!! I would love to see your photos on Instagram! Also, Words with Friends is pretty addictive.

Sydney said...

Instagram of course and shazam!

miss allaby: the glad girl said...

So much to love on the iPhone but here are my top picks.

Photos: Instagram is the app I keep coming back to - although I like AutoStitch for panoramas and PicFrame for montages. Postcard-on-the go is fun for turning pictures from your phone into old-school mail. You upload the pic and the message, they mail a post-card version to the recipient.

Food: Epicurious is great for menu-planning and grocery list making on the go

Fun: Band of the Day is a fantastic way to discover new music and I'm movie trivia obsessed so iMDb is a must.

Enjoy your new toy!

-t said...

Like most said, Instagram is ah-mazing! I also like craftgawker, Pinterest, BlogPress, Skype, Words with Friends, Redbox, ShopSavvy (scan the barcode & the app will search for the same product & let you know where it's available & if it's cheaper somewhere else!), justWink (send cards via email!), Frametastic, Wikipedia, Translate & White pages.
Congrats on the new iPhone! You won't know how you ever managed without it ;-)

Jennifer said...

Words with Friends. Scary addicting, but awesome!!! Also, I love my fandango app and Chicago SunTimes for local news.

margaretedith said...

So, obviously Instagram!

Yelp is good for finding a place to go while you're out and about.

Diptic is good for creating little photo collages.

If you want to try a workout app, I really like the Shape LBD app.

The app. If you're not signed up for Fab, you absolutely must. MUST.

And Tiny Tower if you need a good time sucker. Highly addictive, but pointless.

Stephanie said...

i can't wait to read through all these comments!

my dad had the zac morris phone. always the first to have new technology and the last to actually figure out all that it can do.

my faves are:
instagram (pic sharing)
words with friends (like scrabble)
shazam (identifies music playing)
grocery IQ (for making shopping lists)
epicurious (recipes)

for my littles:
lunch box
cut the rope
angry birds
fruit ninja
matching zoo
more pizza
more cookies

a warning though: once you let your child play with your phone it's difficult to GET IT BACK ever. ;)

Elena said...

Joanna, please join Instagram!

Tish said...

ha! how could i forget pinterest?! another good one that combines all of your social media is:


You will love!

Stephanie said...

oh! forgot netflix. if you have a subscription already.

SKC said...

I too was stuck in a time warp with my old cell...I had an LG Shine flip phone for over 4 years. I finally upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy SII in December and I can no longer remember why I resisted. The pictures you posted made me laugh because I am sure that is what I looked like to my friends, whose incessant teasing was definitely a motivating factor in the upgrade. (FYI apps for an android are just as cool as an iPhone.)

Cassandra Marie said...

Here are some of my iPhone essentials:

Instagram - for sharing photos you've taken that have been treated with cool filters.

Words Free - scrabble game you can play with your friends.

Vlingo - a personal assistant that responds to voice commands.

AroundMe - to find places around you fast (banks, coffee shops, gas stations, etc.)

iTranslate - language translator.

Shazam - a cool app for when you hear a great song and you want to find out the name/artist.

Park Place - never lose your car again.

Pulse News - stay up to date on the latest headlines.

Key Ring - so you can keep all your rewards and discount cards in one place (merchants can scan the barcode of their rewards card on your phone!)

Happy installing! :D

Meadow said...

For games I like Angry Birds, Tap Fish 2 (nice little fish tank hehe), Collapse, Jetpack Joyride (super addictive!), Fruit Ninja, Robot Unicorn attack, and Bejeweled 2.

News apps I like are CNN, Discovery, BBC News, and Yahoo! news.

I like Mobile Monet to make art out of photos.

Other apps I find useful are Epicurious, Shazam, NHL Game Center (if you're a hockey fan), and the built-in notepad is super handy for all my lists.

Briel79 said...

Instagram is the best! I love it.
Words with Friends is fun (like scrabble)

Stephanie said...

I don't know if anyone mentioned this one yet, but get Shopkick!! You can get points (kicks) for walking into stores, scanning items, etc., and you can redeem the kicks for gift cards to various stores. Be warned, though - it's addictive! My husband is constantly making fun of me for how compulsively I check it. ;-)

Meeg Mtl said...

Just a note. You can mark your photos as private on Instragram if you are not comfortable sharing all your photos with everyone. I switched from a blackberry back in October. I was worried that I was going to miss the keyboard but I haven't looked back. It is such an amazing tool. I still have a blackberry for work though as I find the keyboard essential for tapping out quick emails for the office. Enjoy but be careful, the iPhone is addictive.

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

I absolutely love YELP - for when you are in a new town or a new part of your own town to find the closest coffee shop or sandwich shop or drugstore. It's better than googe! And also I love Pinterest and eOnline. :)

Jessica Thiessen said...

You would love Instagram! I'm sure it will be recommended to you 100's of times!

Meg said...

I love instagram! You should get that.

Casey // dreams and bones. said...

FlipBoard is excellent for keeping track of blogs, RSS feeds, news outlets, magazines and more. I'd been searching a long time for something like it.. the aesthetic is better than any of the other apps I've found, and it was voted most popular for 2011!

Julianne Thompson said...

I'm not an iPhone user, but I have an iPod Touch. My favorite app is TeuxDeux. It is a simple, yet functional to-do list app. But then, I really like making to-do lists!

Hannah Rosengren said...

I love the vintage camera app, very similar to the instagram feel. and iHandy Level. no more crooked pictures! also thank you for posting a picture of Zack Morris. I miss him.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I still have a flip phone and can finally come out of the closet knowing that someone I respect and admire has had one up until now. Lol! Enjoy your new technology!

Rebecca said...

I am a huge fan of Words with Friends, Bejeweled, Instagram and GrubHub.

Rebecca said...

Oh! And the Lose It App is awesome!

cat said...

i'll echo instagram - it's amazing and free, and it usually runs very well with minimal glitches (and their team is ON IT if someone's up with the app). i also came across stickygram on pinterest - they turn your instagrams into magnets. looks fun! other photo apps i use are picframe and tiny planets.

i also use soundhound (instead of shazam) for identifying can even hum a tune and it will try to figure out what it is!

Janet said...

Fun! My favorites are This American Life, Scrabble, Yelp and HotelTonight (where you can book awesome same-night hotel rooms!).

Kaitlin Torok said...

I'm a huge fan of Words with Friends, Instagram, pinterest, and shopkick!!

Posh Pearl said...

My personal favorite app that I cannot live without is CardStar. If I could only have one app, it would be this one!

You scan all your gift cards, membership cards to stores, etc. It clears up a lot of wallet space and lighter key set for me. I hate carrying a huge fat wallet or a huge chunk of key set full of little tiny cards especially if I'm only popping out around the corner for a croissant and coffee.

So whenever you go to a store or buy something, all you do is pull up the app, and show it at the check out, and they scan the code right off your phone! It's really fantastic!

Gabrielle said...

I have a dinosaur of a phone as well! It makes calls and texts, that's it- but I don't see the point in upgrading right before I leave for Madagascar!

Make.Good said...

I love the SUPER 8 app, it allows you to make video like a vintage film and of course the Etsy app for all things hand made!

Anonymous said...

Jamie Oliver's App has an awesome shopping list feature...Much easier than trying to shop with a pad of paper and pen while controlling my 4 year old!

Catherine said...


Instagram, Pinterest, Sunrise & Set Lite and I Heart Radio are all apps I can't live without. Minted is extremely well designed. Al Jazeera has free streaming news. Flags Fun and Word Warp are for my nerdy side and keep my brain sharp.

Have fun!

Sandra P. said...

Definitely Instagram. I'm addicted to Words With Friends and Scrabble too! I like Craftsy for Etsy stuff more than the Etsy app too.

Lauren Knight said...

Okay, I feel (slightly) better. I too am rockin the old flip phone. People look at me like I'm kidding.

kategracebauer said...

As a fellow photo-lover/taker, I just purchased this app called IncrediBooth for only $.99 - it simulates a photobooth which I LOVE! You and Alex will have a blast with it, and when Toby is old enough to make more funny faces intentionally, he'll love it too! I also can't live without:
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Netflix
- This American Life
- Starbucks (you can use it as a payment method - what?!)
- Scrabble

Welcome to iPhone land!

Myra - twigs and honey said...

hahaha~ I still have a flip phone! BUT, just ordered my new smartphone last night... literally. Phew~ I wasn't the only one! I think my phone was aging me - and now I'll look totally clueless trying to figure out the new phone.

Charmaine said...

If you're a list maker/checker offer I like Easy Note.

If you're going to a French or Spanish country & want to magically translate a sign or anything in text without actually having to type it in Word Lens is fantastic (by not free).

& just for fun: the Moron Test. Challenging & fun at the same time.

Grace Kinza said...

I would recommend Sleep Cycle (which monitors your sleep, then wakes you up when you are sleeping your lightest), Tone pad (which lets you create little songs), and for games, Angry Birds and Numba.

heather said...

I too am rocking the flip phone. I kind of like being old school, but I do wish for those cool retro photos that the iphone does so well. And then again, I didn't pierce my ears until I was 30 ( i thought it was cool to be different, but now i just think i was silly) , so i might be hanging on to the flip for a while. I just don't want to be addicted to my phone, and there's no chance with the flip!

Sarah said...


Welcome to the joyous world of Apple :)

13bees said...

ah, finally!

has anyone recommended the 8mm movie app yet? LOVE.

danielleMC said...

if you have more babies, i recommend a baby log makes keeping track of feeding and sleeping super easy. the one i have lets you email the data in a spreadsheet for printing or keeping as a memento. i also like words with friends, nytimes, fandango, shazam, sudoku, and there's an app that let's you access realtime video from NY intersections to monitor traffic (can't remember the app's name though). I also have an app that's called cruelty-free and it lets you browse products that do not test on animals...very handy to have while in the makeup aisle at target!

Libby said...

I just got an iPhone too! I don't have many faves yet, but instagram like everyone is saying is one, as is camera+. I'm already addicted to playing plants vs zombies too, hah. Hoping there is an iPhone case post soon! I need one and would love to see your choices.

Kerri said...

For when Toby gets a bit older, (e.g. on a plane trip) there are great apps for toddlers -Common Sense Media is a great resource for understanding media (tv, movies, books and now APPS!) and what is appropriate for different ages.

Here is a link for educational, sweet & fun toddler apps they recommend:

Rachael L. Anderson said...

I love Hey Tell!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I also had to switch phones because I left my charger in my locked work building one weekend and Verizon told me it was no longer being made...still didn't make the leap to iPhone, though. I do have an iPad - would recommend Angry Birds (of course), Words With Friends, Temple Run, Netflix if you have an account. Oh, and Cat Piano, if you're feeling silly. :-)

Justine said...

Highly recommended:
Pocket First Aid & CPR (American Heart Association)--Great app for video/instructions including what to do in case of an adult/child/infant emergency. Also what I love is that you can store your medical insurance/doctor/allergy information for quick access, and add emergency contact information onto your wallpaper so strangers can still contact your loved ones even if you have a passcode on your phone!

Also Skype, iTransNYC (NY Subway map/GPS equiv), Yelp, SoundHound (for when you hear a song you love but want to ID it--just hold it up to the music!), Nike Training, and Talkbox (Instead of calling your friends & leaving a voicemail, you can just Talkbox them & leave them short messages w/o calling, which they can listen whenever they have the time. Convenient (& free!) for both parties. You can also send texts/pictures too!)

Mariam said...

Pulse (can add multiple pages: news/fashion/architecture, etc...) great for browsing!

Kerry M said...

I love the Pinterest app, though it can be a bit buggy at time. Evernote is amazing, spectacular, wonderful AND useful. No, really. All those things. Also, Yelp, for finding local spots. Since you're in NYC, Hopstop is awesome. I'm also a big fan of the Southwest app, because I get Ding! fares to my phone, and Goodreads to keep track of books, reading, wishlists -- you can even scan books by barcode. Have fun!

Maya said...

you need to get Instagram! and tiny wings! so fun :)

laura said...


in addition to the growing list here...

Compass+ (haven't used it yet, but i think it will be so helpful for travel)

and yes, i do pacify my 18 month old from time to time with apps from night&day studio:
charley harper's peekaboo forest
and peekaboo barn



Anonymous said...

Photosynth has been blowing my mind - it's a simple app that let's you take panoramics by lining up the images as you take them - and you only have to push the button once! Then you can view the finished image like you would a 360-degree view. It's awesome for interiors and the tops of mountains.

Kerri said...

I think you mentioned liking Chipotle in an earlier post? They have an app where you can order from your phone and it is ready when you get there.

Jessica said...

i thought you were going to share that there's a sound of music app out there. i was SO excited for a second!

Jessica said...

Snapette is a great shopping/fashion app! Great for when you don't know where to shop in a new city

Karaugh said...

The Urban Daddy mobile app is fun for big cities. In NYC you can choose your time of day, neighborhood, what you want and who your with. By selecting from the various options, you can choose something like, "I'm in the West Village with my friends and we want drinks outdoors." Or something whackier like, "I'm in Chelsea with my date and we want somewhere to make out." haha Helps you find new places to try!

reneemudd said...

Joanna, you must download and join Instagram!

Sarah V said...

IMDB is my most favorite app. I love watching movie previews...guilty pleasure...and when ever you are trying to figure out who that person is in whatever movie you are watching, IMDB has the answer!! Happy app hunting :)

carlyflorence said...

'cut the rope' is the only game you need- i always steal my friends ipods/iphones to play it! so addictive x

Katherine Diane said...

Instagram and words with friends. Both apps are awesome!

Danni said...

Try the Blogger app to edit/publish posts and check stats on the go. You'll wonder how you managed to live without it.

Plus one Wee Bean said...

INSTAGRAM! Gotta have it!
WHATSAPP! Great for quick messaging.
DIPTIC is pretty fun for doing photo side by side collages.

Carli said...

Red Stamp is awesome for sending little cards and notes to friends

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Haha, Zach Morris. Not sure if these were mentioned, but I am obsessed with Hopstop for subway directions, Yelp for checking out recommedations before I go to a new place, and a Kindle for Iphone app because I'm too hesitant to take the leap of getting an actual Kindle!

Sherri said...

My favorites are:

Swackett (well-designed weather app!)
Angry Birds
TED (you can have all of the TED talks at your fingertips, so cool!)

iPhones are prett fun, I can't believe I held out for as long as I did. Enjoy!

fancyfunction said...

So many good ones but I'm loving Key Ring - you can scan in all of your store loyalty cards so if you forget one - the cashier can scan your phone. Brilliant!

Kimberly said...

Easy one! Instagram & I recently discovered picfx. Life is better through these lenses :)

theycallmekatie said...

Path-- awesome social media site!

Seamless-- perfect for ordering food in NYC

Scout Mob-- for deals at restaurants in NYC (and other cities!)

Shazam- when you don't know the name of the song that's playing


Amazon- one click shopping got more dangerous

Uber- car service-- when there are no taxi's to be found

Laura Bradford Kirch said...

I, too have a dinosaur of a phone and am going to get an IPhone soon. I am so excited! Good luck with learning about your new phone.

Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

Pinterest App..makes wasting time accessible all the time.

Shari Ana said...
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French Lover said...

FLIPBOARD!!!! It's amazing! And AroundMe (super useful), Shazam (absolutely magical), Pinterest, Instagram, What's App.

Hope this helps!

Shari Ana said...

funny, i just got my first iPhone also + posted about finally joining the 21st century on my blog, along with some great ideas for iPhone cases. check it out here:

as far as apps go, they are life changing! the blogger app is great, and so is instagram, fooducate + the gilt groupe app. that last one is dangerous though...enjoy!

libby said...

peakaboo barn for your son. . . this helps when I am at a restaurant

Siri said...

Cut the Rope. Toby will have fun with it, but secretly, you will play until you get every, single, star and you will obsess and lose sleep over it. No really, it's fun : )

Stephanie said...

i don't use a ton of apps, but here are my top 5:

- anything by duck duck moo (for my 18 month old)
- whatsapp (great for texting people in different countries)
- instragram/hipstamatic
- camera +
- gmaps (free, but use it all the time, gives bus estimations in London!!!)

Joëlle said...

Sleep Cycle! When I heard about it at first I didn't believe it would work but it does!

It monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up softly when you are in the lightest possible sleep state. You'll wake up totally rested! I've tried it for a week now and I'm very happy with it. It's also fun to see the statistics on how you sleep at night - or you could try it on Toby. Find out about his sleep cycle!

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

OMG. I am a total iphone freak. I love the Vintage Camera app, the Pinterest app, Facebook app, Cut the Rope (best game ever).

alexandra. said...

I too have recently joined this century with an iphone and have found "Bean Hunter" too good to resist! It allows you to locate the best coffee, as voted by review, in any suburb or close to your location at that moment!

much love,

macaca grava por cima said...

I'm a Blackberry fan. But you can get whatsapp, a messenger to talk freely to other smartphones :-) including BB

Sazah said...

Oh, Pepper Plate! I cook virtually every day with it, or shopping for my cooking with it.

Anonymous said...

I love photo apps! besides Instagram, I would recommend Cammera+ and IncrediBooth (it's like your own personal photo booth in your iphone! )

Aside from photo apps;
-Bump is awesome for sharing contacts, pictures, etc.
-Shazam (to know the name or artist of a song you like)
-TurboScan (for scanning documents in pdf!)

Jordan said...

Instagram yo! I'd love it if Zack Morris had an insta... maybe he does???!

<3 jordan

Christy said...

I think I wrote this post! I just upgraded from my old flip phone last week. This post is perfect for me right now. Glad to know I am not the only one :)
I am loving the iPhone so far! I haven't downloaded many apps yet...
Angry birds - that my 4 year old opened and played without me ever showing him!?!
And the phone locator in case it is ever lost of stolen!

abby said...

urbanspoon! its revolutionized how my husband and i eat out- we always used to waste so much time saying "i don't know, where do you feel like eating???" and stopping at bad restaurants when we were in an unfamiliar town. no more with this app!

Mrs. H said...

WhatsApp has to be number one since I can connect with all of my friends overseas and then when I'm overseas I can connect with friends and family at home. Words with Friends I'm addicted to and of course if you're forgetful like me FindiPhone, cause that way you can always track down your phone and recover it if its ever lost or stolen. Congrats on your new iPhone!

Anonymous said...

field agent app pays you to complete tasks.
livestrong (helps you quit smoking. i'm on day 71 woot woot!!)
shake it photo
family feud & friends (very fun game)
cozi (family organizer)
foursquare (just joined)
there are so many great ones!! enjoy!!

The domestic novice said...

Omg - i'm not the only one! My friends mock my flip phone. I'm in my early thirties and apparently should have a smartphone but I heart my flip too much. It looks a little like the original iPod if you screw up your eyes a bit!

allyscho said...

Agree with everyone about Instagram and also Pic Stitch is a good one for making little collages of photos. As far as games go...fruit ninja is pretty fun.

Lisa said...

Yes, you will love it, as soon as you get over that 2-4 day learning curve. (i wanted to take mine back at 1st, shh!) Now I love it!
A favorite app is "Flow" its powered by amazon, and it scans a barcode, or just an actual object, telling you the going price on Amazon. Works best with media like books, movies and music, but also works with items. Amazing!

Deborah said...

I can't believe no one's mentioned ShopStyle. It's a website too, but I prefer the app. Great for putting alerts on items when they go on sale and overall fashion inspiration.

Taylor said...

i STILL have an old school phone. dying to get a new one, dying. my dad doesn't realize that they stopped making un-smart phones. just wait til he needs an upgrade, ha!

ro-tastic said...

Instagram! Fruit Ninja, you and Toby will both love it. Incredibooth, 8mm and phoster are all pretty fun. Most of my apps are photo related but there are a ton of great things out there. Have fun!

Schmoll4 said...

kakaotalk is also great!
i use it all the time to contact my friend all over the world for free (somekind of messager with cute smiley)

The Cyclist's Wife said...

Photo Transfer app - allows you to easily transfer photos from your iPhone to your iPad & I believe your desktop without connecting anything.

BonneSwe said...

Oh, it all depends on what you do and what you want to do..

Best photo apps:
Camera+. - the way apple's own camera should have been
Snapseed - great camera app wth endless ability to use and make your own filters

Best filehandling
Dropbox - get 2GB in the cloud that you can access on your pc, mac and smartphone to share files between your gadgets or with your friends (who doesn't need an account).
Sign up for free here:
And get the app here:

Best for Toby:
Some great Swedish childrens games from TocaBoca. My youngest son loves them all!
Toca Store
Toca Store
Toca Robot
Toca Doctor

and a killer funny app for Toby is also "Talking Carl" - the hours my sons have spent on this is countless. Lots of laughter when Carl in a funny voice copies everything one says. :)

Anonymous said...

this is the most fun....


it's like scrabble kind of? if you have to ride some sort of bus or train it is awesome. or instead of doing the crossword before bed. it kind of makes you addicted to it though. it is the only game i have played since i was a little kid, when my sisters and i got an old school nintendo and played super mario brothers. i usually kind of hate computer/phone games, but this one is fun and i think it's good for your brain to be thinking about words and letters!

that find my phone one sounds awesome!

Sarah said...

Words with friends is a must, along w/ instagram and pandora ;) Being bored in long lines is a thing of the past when u have an iphone!!

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