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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Do or don't: Thongs

So. I have a secret...
I wear thongs!

Yes, it's true. For years, I figured they would be uncomfortable, so I avoided them; I was more of a cotton briefs girl. But then I tried Cosabella thongs, and I fell in love. They're made of soft, comfy lace, and the cut is chic and sexy. But the clincher for me? You don't get panty lines when wearing jeans, so you look SO much better from, ahem, behind. Now I wear them everyday.

What kind of underwear do you wear?


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amit rasthogi said...

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redlipstickandsparkle said...

Thong all the way.

Giovana said...

I've been wearing thongs since my early twenties and I think they are much better when you're wearing tight pants. No one likes to have panty lines showing on their behind. I would like to find some really soft thongs that are comfortable to wear.

Becky B said...

I was in Target not that long ago when I overheard two 20 something girls talking in the lingerie department:

"Those thongs are so big!" (meaning the triangle, I'm guessing?)

"Yeah, like my mom would totally wear those; eww"

Me: Seriously?

Selina said...

Granny knickers all the way. Thongs transfer bacteria from back to front and are so uncomfortable

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