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Friday, November 18, 2011


German photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow strapped himself into an airplane, put on an oxygen mask and took these cloud photographs four miles above ground, with the airplane doors wide open. BOLD!

(Via Honestly...WTF)


meesch said...

Those are gorgeous... they look like something out of A Neverending Story!


Ugly Duckling said...

Wow, incredible photos! Really breathtaking!

Guess strapping yourself to an airplane pays off!


kitten roar said...

WOW just thinking about that makes my stomach queasy, what a brave dude. at least the photos made the risk well worth it!!

Becca said...

Dorky confession - any time I'm in an airplane and look outside, I always think to myself "wow, I bet a cloud would make an amazing pillow" and these pictures completely show me why!


Michelle P said...

Wow! so pretty.

Katy Catron said...

So worth it! Beautiful results.

Kersey Campbell said...

Wow. I love art where the process is just as lovely/fascinating as the piece itself.

inspirationfiles said...

Thank God there are people like him to bring us photos like that!!

Joanna Goddard said...

meesch, i haven't thought about a neverending story in AGES. that was one of my favorite movies growing up:)

Ana Magdalena said...

these photos are divine!

Julia said...

I love clouds! Just posted a picture that I took of some the other day... I especially love fall clouds because they always seem really menacing, but they rarely produce scary storms.

Rachel Johnson said...

Wild! Love it.

SARAH said...

That's insane! Reminds me of the theory of duende: nothing is truly beautiful unless it risks death...which, I have to say, this guy pretty much did!

LB said...

Absolutely brilliant. I have a bit of a cloud obsession myself but I'm not so sure I could be so brave.

Shia said...

Totally worth it...these pics are amazing!! Anytime I fly I I wish this double pane glass wasn't interfering with my photo opt.

♥ Shia

hrck the herald said...

Uh, yes. Bold. All for the sake of (some pretty stunning) art, I suppose!

Alie said...

What gorgeous photos, and what a great find! Have a beautiful weekend!

Rachel Marie said...

So inspiring to really do whatever it takes to follow your dreams. And whatever it takes to make your art happen!

Rebecca said...

These are amazing!

in dreams said...

people always make fun of me for saying i'd love to do that, so now i have someone who's a fantastic example of why it's awesome!

allie.noel said...

I'm a pilot, and no matter how many clouds I see, they are always beautiful and breathtaking in their own way. Never, ever gets old.

Anonymous said...


Fashion Flirt said...

Oh, wow. Those are amazing. Not at ALL the experience I remember when I was leaning out of a plane with the door wide open... Granted, I also wasn't 4 miles above ground, I was 15,000 feet above the ground. And felt like I was going to hurl, because I was strapped to a man who was about to throw himself out of the plane.

Ah, skydiving.

Joanne Angelina said...

That is so amazing beyond words. When I went on the Edgewalk at the CN Tower, that was as close as I ever got to be close to the sky, and these images are as if one were in the heavens..
Thanks for sharing Jo, have a wonderful weekend!


PianoGirl said...

Oh these are so gorgeous!! I love clouds! And what a brave thing for him to do.

Cassandra Marie said...


moksha said...

They almost look like the Universes own tie-dye art...super cool... wouldn't that be great wall paper for a kids play room? xo

Designs Good said...

Wow. Those are gorgeous. I guess it pays to be bold!

dreamday said...

scary but amazing! last week i was looking into the clouds from my airplane window and daydreaming. beautiful.

Ashley Vaughan said...

Winter Wonderland. Wish that I could but it all :)

Happy Wife said...

Cloud photos are some of my favorite! Those and ocean pics. I have a box full of polaroids I've taken of both and some of the best of clouds were taken from an airplane, mind you, I was sitting INside the place, and looking out the window!
Love these, thanks for sharing :)

Lena Eats Hearts said...

Wow that's really amazing, and they look so dreamy.

Christina Marie said...

These are the times that I wish I was a bird. Absolutely stunning!


Lisa Fyfe said...

wow, gorgeous!


Louise said...

Oh how beautiful. As a student of photography I loved and was moved by Alfred Stieglitz series 'Equivalent'- moving. This post reminds me of that.

Ellie said...

Joanna, have you seen this awesome sink?

Gyda, Einar og Gríslingarnir ÞRÍR. SURVIVING RESIDENCY said...


Briana said...

So not to be a copycat or anything but I've always wanted to make a coffee table book of JUST clouds. I've always LOVED taking photos of them. Now would I do it 4 miles above the ground wearing an oxygen mask? He might just be more dedicated than me. ;-)

YoUngLiNgToN said...

Pure and clear.... Even

17 Perth said...

Gorgeous. And brave. :)

hillary said...

so amazing! that;s commitment to your art, ha!

BONJOUR and HELLO said...

Oh my word! I don't know what's more amazing, how he gets those shots or the majestic pictures themselves. I want to make wall paper out of some of those shots (I'm kind of on a wallpaper kick right now). I would feel so revitalized everyday if my wall were one big cloud! Ha!

Thanks for sharing!


simone leblanc said...

Nothing short of AMAZING!

Alison said...

These are amazing, what a daring way to capture so much beauty.

Mariam said...

Beautiful! Reminds me of these...

michelle said...

I mean this sincerely, some of the most beautiful images I've seen in a long long time. Stunning.

Labella Luxe said...

The cloud photographs are beautiful. They remind me of the ocean!

Kim Grey said...

Beautiful photos! Whenever I am lucky enough to get a window seat on a plane, I always wish I could capture the beauty of the clouds in photos. I guess it takes an oxygen mask and bravery to get such shots!

etoilee8 said...

I'd do it. It sounds amazing.

Bethany said...

JO, your blog always lift my spirits and gives me a smile, but today this post really helped me. I'm with my mom while she is in the hospital. She's very sick and I was feeling pretty glum and worried. Then I looked at your blog and the photos reminded me that the world is big and good and beautiful and that I'm not alone. Thank you for always bringing pretty and positive things to us. Xo. <3

Ancarol said...

i will love Clouds like it i can felt it with me seeming : )

AnnA said...

completely amazing -

makes me think of #cloudporn on Instagram.....


Lauren Kent said...

They're gorgeous!

Holly Bossio said...

Definitely an extreme method of capturing great photography, but I certainly appreciate his work from down here on the ground!

Maria said...

I've hung out of a plane with the doors wide open and it's no easy feat. These are stunning and well worth it.

Maria xx

Kelly said...

So warm~Beautiful mother~So happiness~

Olga said...

OMG! Just amazing!!!

Njushkalo said...

Love it !

soffi said...

stunning photos!

Tubs said...

Brave brave person. Definitely worth it, though I'd rather him than me! Just put a mini collection of things shaped like clouds on my blog, like mobiles and lights. Nothing quite so dramatic as these, I must say.

wildchild said...

absolutely gorgeous!

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