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Monday, August 09, 2010

The kitten who couldn't jump

This is totally random, but I'm sleepy and punchy so I'm going to post it. So, here, ladies and gentlemen, is the kitten who couldn't jump.

P.S. I really love that she still tries! There's a life lesson in there. :)

(Via Unruly Things)


Stacey said...

Love it! Never give up! I am off to bed now too. A few minutes earlier and i would've missed this:-)

amber said...

That is so stinkin cute!!! And the dog video, oh my goodness - my hubby and I were laughing out loud! Thanks so much for sharing :)


Becca said...

Hehhehehe - awesome!

Lady Grey said...

ba ha ha ha, that is hilarious!!
Aw, I love kittens!

Dancing Branflake said...

Haha! I love this so much! What a treat to have you blog so late in the day!

Mocha Mornings said...

Hilarious. Orange kittens are my favorite - especially ones that can't jump!

Kenzie Chesnut said...

haha o my gosh i love it. it's the small things in life.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

It breaks my heart!

Jazzy Jaz said...

Hilarious kitty! I have a smile on my face while typing this. :)

Giulia said...

Oh, puddy. I'm laughing but ginger Giulia is not so sure. Uh oh.

Jeanna said...

hahahaha I'm a little sleepy & punchy here too, and I seriously cannot stop laughing. :)

ag. said...

as sad as that is, it is so sweet! i hope she makes it one day! awww poor kitty!

Jovana M. said...

Funniest and cutest kitty ever! You think for a moment she'll go flying over the railing and then just a little... poof to the floor. ihihih SO adorable!

That dog did exactly what a doggy I know did too! They're hilarious. He was groaning too so I had to wake him up from his nightmare.

Brit said...

i just sat here watching it on repeat. too cute. makes me want a kitten!

Anna said...


Blue Is Bleu said...

My old cat Sacha did exactly that when she was a kitten! She'd keep trying and falling flat on her cute little face!

Summer said...

omg that was so adorable! i love the "meooowww!!" right after she jumps. X!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

That is sooo sweet. Poor little kitty. This clip really brought a smile to me tonight.

Elizabeth said...

Ha! That was my boy Phineas when he was tiny- I almost wish he still couldn't jump, now he's into everything!

Diana Mieczan said...

hahhaha...I love things like that!!!...Kisses,Joanna and sweet dreams:)

Lindsay Jewell said...

awh... heh

Kelly Lauren said...

aaaahahahahah thank you. thank you.

PoetessWug said...

Ha! She can't jump, but she got that "Pounce" thing SPOT ON!!! :-))

bobbi said...

The cutest thing ever. I love the meow after the jump.

Polly said...

looks like she's trying to learn to fly, rather than jump. bored with jumping, she's setting herself new goals... great!

nath said...

oh bumz i can't watch this, i am on our ancient and ultra slow mac whilst our macbook is having motherboard surgery.

anyway, i just wanted to ask, very nicely and gently and not at all pushily, when is your birth story going to be up? whenwhenwhenwhenwhen?

hee hee X

Marina said...

I wonder how many times the average reader will watch that video. I stopped after two but felt like I could keep pushing the replay button indefinitely. Too, too cute.

Write to Simplicity said...

I have watched this video about 10x and laugh every time! I must be tired too. :)

Patricia said...

hahah SO cute, my fiance laughed too :)

Ancarol said...

random lol the video let me laugh ...i love the kitten Wish have part two : )

bubbs said...

Ahhh...I am a closet cat-lady and I LOVE this! haha.


Cassandra Marie said...

Omg..."punchy"! My mom taught me that word when i was's been a while since I've heard anyone (other than my family) use it. Thanks for that! :)

And I think I replayed that video about 10 times...she's so determined, then you hear that thud. I was dying :D

Joanna Goddard said...

nath, soon, i hope :) i never seem to have enough free time to get to it -- i can't WAIT, though!

stephanie said...

That just made my morning!

kaycee lee said...

oh my goodness, I love this! I have six 5 week old kittens right now and I've been a little bit kitten obsessed lately. Thanks for sharing <3

jociegal said...

Haha - so sweet! I love this video.

maggie said...

too cute, acks!

amynicole said...

so cute and funny!

dark_chocolate said...

That is too cute!

Leisha said...

Awe.. That just made me smile! Thanks!

Green Been Food said...

that is hilarious!

Jamie said...

LOL!!! i think the kitty's back legs slip tho, so he loses traction and doesn't jump like he meant to. SO cute!

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