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Friday, April 30, 2010

Picnic club

Every summer, I daydream about having a ton of picnics, but end up having fewer than I'd like. So, wouldn't it be fun to start a Summer Picnic Club? I've been thinking of inviting friends to meet at different parks around town every other Saturday. Everyone would bring their own blanket, plus a snack to share, and Alex and I would also bring frisbees and a bubble machine (and the baby!). It would be so much fun to have a recurring outdoorsy event to look forward to.

P.S. Refinery 29 posted a picnic guide today. I think it's a sign. :)

(Photos of our wedding brunch picnic by Max Wanger)


chelsea said...

I adore picnics but am the same.. they hardly happen. I am doing this!! Thanks for the idea!!

Simply Mel said...

picnics are the quintessential element to a perfect summer day!

Hollie said...

I love having picnics!! A picnic club sounds super nerdy and like lots of fun! haha :]

pamwares said...

You are so right...we all need more picnics! I try to have several this time of year and it falls short. I need to change this! Happy Friday!

bk said...

i love this idea! i wish more of my friends lived around me so i could do this too!

Alison said...

A picnic club? With a bubble machine?
Oooh! That sounds like so much fun!

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, hollie, yes, all good things are nerdy + fun! :)

Joanna Goddard said...

YAY, chelsea, we should all do a series all over the country! :)

Deanna said...

Argh! You and Alex should move upstate or have a country home up here so you can be my in my circle of friends. I've always wanted to do this. My husband and I show movies on the side of our barn in the summer and invite the neighbors and friends to watch, so I guess it's kind of a night-time picnic.

Making it Lovely said...

What a fun idea! I was on a ragtag softball team for a little while (until I broke my finger playing)… It was really nice to have something like that to look forward to. :)

Deanna said...

Love the new blog header, BTW.

Kirby said...

I LOVE picnics! My boyfriend and I are trying to save money and it is the perfect way to have a special evening without dining out. I got a new picnic basket complete with wine glasses, an opener and silver ware and am so excited to use it!

Joanna Goddard said...

omg, you are so cute, deanna. how awesome about the barn movies, crikey!

maggie said...

i heart this idea!! picnic clubs here we come!!

Stephanie said...

This is such a good idea! I totally want to do that this summer now too!!

Meg said...

that sounds awesome! picnics are delightful.

Maria said...

Fun! I love picnics!

la famille bizarre said...

oh my goodness! a picnic club is a fabulous idea! we should all do it and start a picnic club blog where we can all post and keep up with the picnics going on all over the states! just a thought!

girl said...

Joanna, what a great idea. Also, I know this is stalkery but I just have to say it- i was walking along the west side highway on saturday (perfecto spot for a picnic!) and spotted you sitting there, glowing and gorgeous, looking out at the water. Wanted so badly to say hello but didn't want to freak you out:) However it bears being said- holy crap you are even more gorgeous in person!

Amy said...

what a great idea! last summer, with my newborn, picnics and walks in the sun were such a celebrated and sanity renewing activity. enjoy!

Gaëlle - Decoration'TillTheEnd said...

that is such a great idea!

7upkels said...

best. idea. ever. a picnic club? i was getting excited for the book club i was hoping to start this summer - but i think a summer book AND picnic club might be even better!

reneemudd said...

I'm actually moving to New York on Monday from Denver. I'm going to miss all the after-work or lazy sunday picnics I've shared with friends at Confluence or Wash Park in Denver. I couldn't be more excited for this idea Joanna!

leeleelulu said...

I'm in. I'll be making my special Danish cinnamon buns (which are actually called "cinnamon snails" in Danish, but when I say that no one wants to eat my baked goods I've noticed).

You Are My Fave said...

I had this exact same idea and was going to start it in a couple of weeks. I wish we lived closer.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ohhh this sounds like such fun. Bubble machine and baby included!!

XX katie

Joanna Goddard said...

melanie, me too!!! and aww, girl, that is so sweet of you to say! :)

Turbo said...

We will bring the croquet.

Amanda said...

I would love to play picnic club! What fun.

Mo said...

I have been craving a good old fashioned picnic for ages now. Such a great idea! And we're having a picnic brunch after our wedding too! At a state park in Napa!

Mary said...

Awesome idea. I'm off to a good start - taking the boys for a picnic tomorrow! Let's see if I can keep it going. We live in a perfect spot for picnicking too. the new header!

Kate said...

I'm having a picnic at my wedding! I love love love picnics!

Sara Szatmary said...

LOVE that idea! Maybe I'll start one out here!

Blind Mouse said...

picnics are always so underrated! Everyone should have at least 4 picnics a week during the summer! :)

Bri said...

haha this is an awesome idea! I want a picnic club!

the southern hostess said...

What a brilliant plan! Eating watermelon while lounging on a quilt is my favorite thing to during summer.

Jenny said...

I actually just decided to do this with friends yesterday! We're meeting every Thursday! :)

Keri said...

that would make so many great memories of your first summer with baby. what a good idea! i love picnics.
i am hosting a big picnic in june to raise money for my friends who are riding their bicycles across canada for the heart and stroke foundation.

stephanie renee said...

it sounds amazing, i love this idea!

Brittany said...

hello new header. i LOVE it.

Josie said...

This is a fab idea. I love picnics and would totally join your picnic club!
xxoo Josie

annie said...

What a fantastic idea! My boyfriend and I are planning a (very small) picnic this weekend. Hopefully it will be a regular spring/summer activity. vie said...

Fantastic idea! I just got a picnic basket on Wednesday for my birthday. I can't wait to start using it! Happy weekend!

Giovanna said...

i'm obsessed with picnics too! i registered for this huge picnic basket and my friends continue to make fun of me. point being, i'd totally join your picnic club.

Her name was Lola said...

I just received the R29 invite in my inbox this morning too - totally a sign! I want to join!

Happy weekend, darling mum-to-be! Enjoy this gorgeous spring weather.


Melissa Blake said...

My family did that every summer when i was growing up. My dad had Fridays off from work and every week, we'd eat lunch at a different park in the area...

blossom said...

i love the idea of a picnic club, what a great excuse to buy gorgeous plaid rugs & vintage picnic baskets....i'll keep my fingers crossed that here in the uk we have a summer worthy of lots of picnics


Kristen said...

fantastical idea!

Jill Wignall said...

That's a really good idea! Having something on a regular basis means you'll see different people each time. People would go along whenever they can make it. If you do it, tell us about it. Love the new header.

November Grey said...

Picnic club. Genius!

Kate vdZ said...

This is a great idea! It is funny that you mentioned this because I just gave a speech on the history of picnics! There was actually a picnic society in London in the 1800s- maybe for your first meeting you could have an english theme!

Flutter said...

What a great idea! It's the perfect summer/family activity. And so inspiring...makes me want to have a picnic club too :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh my goodness this sounds so perfect!

{lovely little things} said...

This is the best idea ever! I would love to start this with my friends.

caitlin said...

Please tell me this is really happening. I love picnics and try to have as many as I can when the weather is right. Plus - I would love to learn about new parks and picnic spots!!

C. said...

What a lovely idea! Do it.

hip hip gin gin said...

This is such a sweet idea!! I always say we'll have lots of picnics when the weather warms up but we tend to miss that perfect window when it is warm but before it gets unbearably hot. I even have a picnic kit with all the trimmings, we really must remedy this!!

Lenore said...

Wonderful idea! I wish I lived in New York so I could attend a picnic with a bubble machine (ooh fancy!). But it will be just as nice to start one of my own up here in Canada!

Ludmila {} said...

Joanna, this idea is just great! Hope you do it this summer! I'd also like to check the picnic guide but the link gives me a problem loading page :(...where can I find it?

amynicole said...

Sign me up! Well, if I lived closer I would totally come. Perhaps I'll start a little picnic club in Hawaii for you. I've always loved the idea of having picnics on warm summer days and spending time underneath the trees.

kristin said...

me, too! i'm looking for a vintage croquet set as part of my picnic gear :) love the new banner!

Tiffany said...

that would be such a great idea! i miis picnincs!

Laura Trevey said...

The 2nd photo.... Priceless!!!

Joanna Goddard said...

ludmila, i think the link is working (at least on my end), but here's the direct url:


Ludmila {} said...

aww, Joanna, thank you so much! It's working now! xo

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

That sounds so nice!!

Barbara said...

When our kids were little we picnicked every weekend in the park with friends. Now they are grown, we oldies still get together for Sunday sundowners - that is drinks in the park around 4PM.

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Bubble machine + Baby sounds so fun :)

LOVE picnics?

anna said...

awesome idea! i might have to copy it and start the same here in birmingham UK

have a great weekend!

Nicole* said...

i just got the coolest picnic cooler/set that you can also wear as a backpack from my mom's garage. its fantastic and we've already used it once!

june the first said...

A good picnic deserves a good basket!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I couldn't be more thrilled about this idea. It's genius. I've been playing around with a brunch club but take that idea to the park, and now its way better!

Melissa Allam said...

Sounds like an awesome idea. Great way to meet new people too.

Cassandra Marie said...

Do it! It sounds like so much fun :)

Ariel said...

there is a park where my friend and i go to eat and paint every summer. we always get lots of visits from doggies which we enjoy.

: : hallie : : said...

I am obsessed with picnics...they are a summer must. My fiance and I have already hit the local park/lake with food, wine and frisbee in tow. The perfect Sunday afternoon treat.

Aura said...

I bet if you set the routine up for yourself, you'll keep up with it! We have a series called Summer Breeze here in my hometown, where very other Sunday all Summer long, there's an outdoor concert. Every one brings the little ones, dogs, coolers, frisbees, wine, and friends. It's so much fun, and such a nice way to kick off Summertime memories with your new little one :)

kelly ann said...

what a brilliant idea, i love it! :)

solikejoie said...

OMG JOANNA, YOU READ MY MIND...maybe it's because we have the same name!! (my full name is Joanna!!) i'm moving to NYC in a little over a week and plan on having a TON of picnics in central park!! hmmmm, picnic party anyone???! : )bubble machine included?! i'm in!

Stephanie said...

My first year in college [I'm one week away from graduation], I began a picnic club. Every friday, we meet on north campus at 12:15 with picnics, blankets, and frisbees in tow. It has been such a great way to spend time together in the midst of busy schedules and begin the weekend off with a bit of relaxation. A picnic club is definitely the way to go. I fully intend on starting a new one in grad school.

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh sooo cuttee!!!! i really might start that!

Sundari said...

Go for it. Picnics are great. I planned one where only one friend turned up and it was still great!


Yes, wonderful idea! Houston has many many lovely green spaces and we also have huge big back gardens, so either would work. Dogs too, OK?

The Lil Bee said...

That's the best idea I've heard in a long time, Joanna! Diana from Please, sir posted some vintage picnic baskets the other day, to. Definitely a sign.

anu77 said...

I love that idea. I passed a super cute picnic basket in a shop last week and really thought that I have to picnic more often

Melissa Jade said...

I'm in NYC too, and we never go on the amount of picnics we want! You need to go with friends who picnic. I say: let's start that club and all meet up =D

bussbuss said...

this idea makes me smile so much! i will run the palm springs chapter. :)

such a great way to socialize with friends (and meet new ones) without it being too much work for anyone (like hosting a party) or without it being the typical dinner and drinks... and you get to be outside. brilliant - i swear, you have the most inspiring ideas!

Khatia Caroline said...

Beautiful pics :)

Ashley said...

What a terrific idea! Don't the summer days slip away too fast? Aron and I broke out a new picnic blanket yesterday--so I'm all set!

the joielala girls said...

Yes! So fun! Can we come along and photograph your stylish picnics?? ;) We'll bring the watermelon!

Viv said...

Such a great idea! NY has so many great parks- even aside from the popular ones- we need to make use of them while our weather is awesome!

LaceyRee said...

Cute idea!!! and I love the bubble machine idea as well :) have fun!

Lissa said...

Picnics are my favorite summer weekend activity. I've already arranged one in Brooklyn this spring, and have another in the works for May. Invites of the "I'm going to be at X location in X park on Sunday from 1 to 4 and I'm bringing my girlfriend, my guitar, and an apple pie; what are you bringing" work beautifully among my friends. If you can get the date and location chosen, and your own little family taken care of, the rest really will take care of itself!


Whitney said...

I think I'm going to have to copy your idea and start a picnic club in my area. I LOVE picnics.

Arielle I. said...

Aw! My boyfriend and I just had our first picnic on Saturday. I brought a big (sentimental) blanket to lay on and I made chicken, bell peppers and onions, and brought blueberries and a riesling wine for dessert. We had a good time, the weather was amazing and he even raved about our picnic to co-workers when we ran into the store he works at/I used to work at. :D

Design Darling said...

a summer picnic club would be AWESOME. i might have to borrow the idea :)

executive development training said...

I love the idea. As soon as I read your post I started making a list of friends who I just know would be into it. Can't wait for the first picnic of the year!

Sarah Jane said...

this is such a great idea:) i love it - love it!! i have been obsessed with picnics and tailgates lately. we just had one in VA this past weekend and i was thinking it needed a couple blocks of hay with pretty tapestries. believe it or not the tailgate next to us had a bubble machine! looking forward to summery days in the park soon. xoxo

.caroline armelle. said...

wow! what a great idea!

i think i may have to try it too!

amuse-toi bien said...

Great Idea!!! Especially with the beautiful weather! I think I may have to try it out as well :) Thanks for the inspiration.

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