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Monday, March 08, 2010

Summer shoes

These striped espadrilles would look nice with jean shorts in the summer, don't you think?


Chaucee said...

yes, I do! love.

chelsea said...

so cute!!!!

Dionne said...

Ohmigoodness. These are darling!

@mynicole said...

Oh they would be darling with some jean shorts! Or homemade long cut-off type jean shorts. . . I'm picturing a beautiful sunny day, picnic, perhaps the ocean/lake or pond, and a light cardigan while being seated next to the one you love and adore.

maggie said...


amy said...

Wearing those would be like a little bit of Southampton right here in Texas.

Joanna Goddard said...

oh yes, nicole, that would be perfect for them :)

Various Projects said...

dying for a completely striped wardrobe for the spring!

The Lil Bee said...

I love espadrilles and am so happy that they never seem to go out of style. I have a platform pair from Banana that I got years ago and still get compliments on to this day.

Aura said...

Have you looked at Tom's? I wear mine almost every day. They had some cute striped ones last season.

Heather said...

OOH! these look wonderful!

Vanessa said...

The sun may be out now, but summer shoes seem a million days away... They certainly are nice to daydream about, though!

My Favourite Things said...

Nautical is always such a fresh choice for Summer, and blue and white with denim a classic combo!

Sarah Michelle said...

yes, very! i think they are even better for Spring though! (11 more days...)

Leah said...

Eeek! I think these are what I'm looking for. The stripes! Love.

Margaret said...

I so want those now!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I so love espadrilles for the summer, together with my havaianas they are my staple shoe all summer around

Gabby said...

Oh yes! You know what would be adorable? Matching baby shoes! :)

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

adorable. stripes are my absolute favorite.

Dancing Branflake said...

Yes! Stripes that I can finally wear. They are usually not flattering on me but I'm sure these shoes wont make my feet look ultra wide. I would wear these with pretty much everything.

C'est La Vie said...


Christina said...

Love these. Thanks for pointing them out!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, the most comfortable shoes ever!

Mme Paulita said...

beautiful but sadly a bad choice for me in Florida. I bought a couple pairs from Old Navy a few years ago. Loved them! But don't get them wet...they were never the same

charlotte said...

these are fantastic. espadrille days will be here soon!

MyLittleTiara said...

Ahhhhhh so cute. Perfect for 4th of july =)

mulberry and marie said...

Oh, I love! These make me want summer oh so badly! I have to say- I love your blog! You have so many fantastic ideas.

Rachel said...


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

SO cute! They make me want to go sail off to sea! XO

Laura Trevey said...

Yay for Summer, and I definitely need some of these cute stripes!!

Ancia said...

Yes they will!


oh, yes! especially with those darling bermuda jean shorts. too cute!

Stephanie said...

I love espadrilles - these would look great with the bag Jenny Gordy posted today!

erin said...


Emom said...

YEAH Summer!

Erin said...

This outfit would look so great on you.

Hamptontoes said...

Oh my goodness, I had a pair that looked exactly like this pair! I can't believe it...these could easily have been the pair I had! With that said, I do like them.

Dyche Designs said...

Wow I used to wear espadrilles when I was a teenager (few years ago now). They're fun.

Jocy said...


Beatriz said...

I was about to comment on how much I enjoy stripes in summer... and then I realized I'm wearing a blue and white striped scarf!! I LOVE stripes!


Elsa May said...

Love them! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Super cute!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Those are fantastic! Good eye! They look like Tom's Shoes. Maybe it would be a great Tom's Shoes project..
They make me ACHE for summer!

Stephanie said...

Lol I'm pretty new to your blog (which I love, btw!) but I've realized that not too many people have dissenting opinions to your comments. Like these espadrilles, for example. Not digging them so much. I guess it's just a matter of taste :) Just wanted to stray away from the crowd.. it's in my nature :P

Annelie said...

They're finally coming back. Saw them at Forever 21 too. Not too many sizes left though.

Anne Marie said...

i used to have a pair just like that....and they are so comfortable, and totally remind me of the time we spent sailing.....

TheBeautyFile said...

I love these...I want to scoop up some espadrilles and wear them all summer! What is your due date again?

brlracincwgrl said...

Adorable! :)

Ana Patricia said...

i love wearing espadrilles! I have them in so many different colours :P they really are the perfect summer shoe

Louli said...

So French. Oo la la. I am getting a pair. PS. You have the sweetest readers.

simplysandi said...

These are sooo cute.

blue moss said...

i think so....
forever21 has some red striped ones that i have been eyeing...
they had some fabulous blue floral ones but they disappeared....

Jen said...

Those striped espadrilles would look adorable with the jersey maxi dress I bought today!

Ellen said...

I love everything nautical, but I NEVER buy it. I just don't think it's my style, even though I really like it. If that makes sense?

Kristin said...

They just make me happy!

{lovely little things} said...

Cute shoes, perfect for boating!

Mairyliscious said...

lovely !!!!!!!!

unopened envelope said...


christina said...

I don't know. they are nice but broke after three times of wearing I guess.

aubreymoe said...

LOVE these! I cannot wait for summer shoes! AH!

cevd said...

perfect! and it is warming here already. not sure how well i am going to handle the southern summers so i must stock up on cute shoes to keep my mind off the heat.

Teresa said...

They look terribly comfortable.

Bangkok J said...

Completely agree. Love these! I remember in the 80's my mom use to have a pair of these with pretty ballet ribbons to tie around her ankles.

Alison Fay said...

Cute and cute! I love espadrilles-especially flat ones. These just scream spring:)

DH Hunter said...

OMG, so obsessed with nautical stripes. My favorite perennial look every spring. From Audrey to Jackie and so many chic women throughout the years have worn this look with their own personal style
and I love every incarnation.

honey living said...

i can just imagine how summer comfy they would feel too!

Miss Alexandra said...

i plan on buying a pair of slip on keds and going at them with a bleach pen. voila, striped shoes.

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