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Friday, March 12, 2010

Have an adventurous weekend!

My sweet readers, what are you up to this weekend? Alex and I are actually escaping to Los Angeles and Palm Springs for a week, for a final vacation before the baby arrives. We rented this cottage in L.A., and will be staying at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I'm so excited to go swimming and just relax. Next week, I've scheduled some favorite photographs to post every day, so please continue to visit, if you'd like. Meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web...xoxo

Oh my goodness, this baby was born in a CAB!

Spring lip colors.

Yummy-looking sandwich.

Green postcards. (Just add water.)

Love this braid.

Funny cafe sign.

This post makes me so wanderlusty!

Pretty print.

This made me laugh.

"I'd Rather Be Thrifting." (I know about twenty girls who need that print.)

Cute sailing tee.

San Francisco is so gorgeous.

The Luther burger would give you a heart attack but it might be worth it.

What a playful wedding.

Bonus for all readers: Journelle, an amazing lingerie shop (and one of this month's sponsors), is offering 15% off with the code CUPOFJO.

Plus, five Cup of Jo posts you might have missed:
* Twenty-four different accents.
* Wedding makeup.
* Cacio e Pepe.
* Side knot.
* Seagull bag.

(Photo credit unknown)


wallflower said...

I'm a little jealous.

maggie said...

you're taking a "babymoon"!

Melissa Blake said...

Have fun in sunny California!! Can't wait to see the photos you've got scheduled for next week!

Katie said...

Joanna, this is hilarious! I'm planning a Venice getaway weekend for a couple of weeks from now, and was *thisclose* to booking that exact cottage yesterday. In the end we went with a different one, but it does look adorable. Have a fun vacation!

Dawn and Amanda (cousins). said...

I'm one ten page paper away from spring break. I can't wait to be done with winter semester! I'm not going home for spring break, instead I'm staying at school. I plan to relax, work on a few articles, and get my hair done! Enjoy your trip! I'm jealous.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Hope you have a great time! Enjoy your baby moon!

Various Projects said...

The cottage looks fab!

Law of Attraction said...

I was just at the Ace Palm Springs last weekend. It was great, but I would like to suggest earplugs and a mask. The windows are really bright.

Blue Is Bleu said...

Have fun!!
I put on weight just looking at the Luther burger lol

13bees said...

have a fun and romantic trip and may your baby boy stay far away from the backseat of a new york taxi!! see you when you get back! xoxo

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

What a perfect place to be this time of year - just when the desert should be starting to bloom! Enjoy!

Joanna said...

Enjoy Santa Monica! I live off of Montana and absolutely love it. Weather should be great, too.

It's All Good said...

make that 21 girls, cute print! plus what an awesome wedding idea, so much fun! Have a great vacation!

mariel4985 said...

Have fun at The Ace, Joanna! :)

There's a nice little hike really close to the hotel at Indian Canyons:

reckless daughter said...

cool! coming to my side of things! I hope the lovely weather we have right now continues for you.

have fun!!

Ms. X said...

Have a great final baby-free vacation! See you when you get back.

Karena said...

Everyone I have talked to who hasn't gotten away this winter is certainly ready! That includes Moi!

Art by Karena

dawn said...

i love your friday roundups...they totally make my fridays! {and i do think s.f. is the most beautiful city in the u.s.... i will be going there in a short week to go home and visit family + friends-so excited!}. have a fantastic time in cali too :)

Sandra @ said...

Just in time for LAFW! Are you coming for fashion events or just for fun? I love Palm Springs. We are planning a day trip for PS tomorrow. Have fun, take in the sun.

Giovanna ♥ said...

Have a great weekend!!
Ps: I'm having a giveaway on my blog, it's a $50 gift certificate to shop on :)
If you want to participate, just visit my blog for details :)

bussbuss said...

the hubs and i LOVE palm springs. we were on a roadtrip and planned on being in the area for a few days and have ended up here for a few months now!

haven't been to the ace yet, but couldn't recommend the viceroy more. have a chicken salad sandwich by the back pool -- soo lovely (when we were there, miley cyrus and her boy toy were making out in the hot tub, but otherwise it was totally lowkey and not sceney).

and definitely drive through joshua tree if you have time! the 29 palms inn (just outside of joshua tree) is quite something too.

Christina said...

Have fun!

Giselle Fryatt said...

I'm born & raised in Palm Springs! Here is what you can't miss out on: Native Foods (my absolute favorite restaurant & hey it's vegan!), Joshua Tree (now you have to go to the Nation Park, but also on your way there is a place called Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneer Town, it is a cute little bar/restaurant you'll fall in love with!), and if you guys are up for a little drive go up the tram or drive up to Vista Point they both overlook the Coachella Valley.. it beautiful at night. Also you must go hiking since this is the only time of year the weather allows it (go to indian canyon or painted canyon)

Also I lived in Santa Monica for a year, you HAVE to go to Swingers it is the best restaurant, you will just adore the decor!

& have fun soaking up the rays!

Jen said...

Aw, how nice you're taking a week away together before the baby's arrival! Enjoy... it sounds and looks lovely.

JBeaudetStudios said...

Have a great time! I just got back from L.A. a few weekes ago and even though it rained a few times the weather was so nice! And it's so beautiful there! (ok maybe I'm a bit bias cuz that's where I grew up:)) Take care! Jennifer:)

Jenny said...

What a fabulous time to visit. The weather is beautiful over here right now. Have a blast!

Rebekah said...

Have fun! :]

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Have an amazing trip!

Jane Flanagan said...

Such a lovely trip you have planned! Enjoy every second. xx

Christina said...

Thank you for the links! I look forward to these posts every Friday (:

Ticky and Mimi said...

The weather is supposed to be beautiful here in la next week. Enjoy your vacation!!

Nicole Marie said...

have so much fun!!! your belly shot is so cute!!

Paige said...

You'll be here at the perfect time, we're having wonderful weather in Southern California!

*gemmifer* said...

Bon voyage and safe travels! How amazing to think that you will soon go from being a couple to being a family.

dizzy_izzy said...

The weather has been great in LA lately! Have fun visiting your family!

Lydia said...

have so much fun in LA!!! ahhh i'm so so jealous, i miss it!!! :) looks like a fabulous trip!

sarah-mai said...

We have been to the Ace in PS several are a few pics

And we recently went to the Ace in NY...

Enjoy - they're both amazing!!!

MondayMorningMochas said...

How exciting, Jo! Some friends and I are going to Florida this coming week for spring break. Enjoy the sun, mama.

Caiti said...

The weather is going to be fantastic next week! We've had nothing but blue skies all week, and the temperatures are slowly creeping up! Have a blast & welcome to sunny southern California!

Life with Kaishon said...

hope you have the MOST amazing time.

Kelly's Adventures said...

Welcome to California, its been beautiful, a little breezy which causes us Californians to put on a sweater but you'll think that's crazy I'm sure

{gypsycab} said...

my friday blog post was about flying away, like a bird but a plane works just as well! have a wonderful weekend, well deserved:)

Lisa said...

Yay for vacations! I've been wanting to go to Palm Springs for a while, hope you have an amazing time!

Desiree Fawn said...

Have a most fantastic vacay!!

Jess said...

Have fun! I'm jealous - I wish I was going on vacation too! My husband is in Vegas right now, with some friends, and I am sitting at home while it's raining outside :(

But, have fun. And by the way, you look just beautiful with your baby bump!


Ameya said...

Enjoy your trip!!

It's funny, now that i've had my baby, stories of having babies in weird places isn't that big of a deal. My labor was under 2 hours & the midwives & nurses didn't do anything but help me not to tear, so it really wouldn't have been much different if born in a cab or bathtub or something!

Nadders23 said...

California! Have tons of fun! I love it there! I loved checking out all the links and have added way too many new blogs to my feed! Thanks for posting all those great links! You and Chelsea Fuss are my blogging idols! Love you! xoxo

Claire said...

I am SO JEALOUS!!! The weather is appalling here in NYC. Wind + Rain = Misery.

Mélanie said...

Is it a babymoon ??? I hope you really enjoy your time together before you're getting to be 3

Laura Trevey said...

I am envious! I would love to see pictures of the cottage :)


wishful nals said...

have a great trip! enjoy the sunshine :)

Don said...

Just found your blog. Great links!

Bri said...

that sounds perfect! have a happy holiday! =)

Clare said...

Oooh, I hope you have a lovely time, that cottage looks beautiful!

Good luck with the baby too :)



Rea said...

have a nice babymoon:-)

happened also in December in Hungary

(actually the driver was on the phone with the dispatcher - they record the conversations - and you can hear the actual phone conversation and the labor)

Rea said...

baby born @ 1.24

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hope you're having a magical weekend, my love!! :)

Maki said...

Aw I hope you're enjoying the last vacay with Alex before the baby's arrival - You'll remember it for the rest of your life!

BTW, I saw your baby belly photo - you're all belly! Stunning Joanna!

oh, hello friend. said...

dearest friend. hope you and alex had such a lovely time in los angeles. i love venice! i wish i could afford to live there.

next time you are in town, we should have a small blogger social with YOU as the guest of honor ;) xo. danni

Yolksy said...

Have a wonderful getaway! Venice hopefully you were able to spend some time here this weekend and Ace Hotel and Palm Springs is one of my favorite places ever! Hope you had some fun in the sun:-)

Me said...

Enjoy your romantic vacay! I laughed when I saw this, because several girlfriends of mine and I are going to be at the Ace in Palm Springs this upcoming weekend for my 30th birthday girls' weekend! We've been planning it for awhile, and we're really excited! We may see you there! :)

Phone with a Cord said...

This guy works at Conde, I heard about this via water cooler chit chat! :)

Phone with a Cord said...

ps- referring to the Dad of the cab baby :)

Carole said...

Those lipsticks are exactly what I was wanting. thank you for saving me the trouble. I have a shopping list now.

kanishk said...

this is hilarious! I'm planning a Venice getaway
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Nicole Snyder said...

Oh gosh I wish I had seen this. I just got back from Palm Springs, staying at the Ace as well! I was there March 3 through the 6th for my secret elopement in Indio.

Have a lovely time! The weather was perfect when we were there.

jones said...

have such a great getaway - that cottage looks divine.

Regan said...

My husband and I stayed at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs last year at this time during the first leg of our cross country adventure from LA back to NYC. It was so lovely and whimsical we didn't want to leave!

Make sure to sit by the outdoor fire, get a manicure by the pool and visit the photo booth in the lobby! :)

Phoebe Boots said...

The entire family went to Palm Springs last year and believe me when I say, we had an AMAZING time! Can't wait to visit again soon. Since we're talking about Palm Springs, might I recommend this directory which lists the names of establishments in Palm Springs. It's very helpful for new visitors:

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Diana said...

Last year I stumbled across the link for Eunice's wedding (Playful Wedding link in this post) and it's been in the back of my mind ever since as wedding inspiration. For the past two days I was looking through your site trying to find that exact link that I've been obsessing over ever since. I'm so happy I found it and so happy you shared it! Thanks for all of the awesome posts Joanna :) I love your blog and the inspiration it gives me to live a happy life full of love!

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