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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cute baby things

Here are a few cute baby things I've been loving lately (the bear hat kills me):

Oeuf Hug-Me Sweater, $96; Giraffe wallpaper silhouette, $90; Gap Sweater Bear Hat, $16; Dwell elephant bookshelf, $124; Playsam Streamliner Classic Car, $40.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

That hat! Love love love. And the wallpaper giraffe is such a clever idea! He would be so cute in a nursery, don't you think? Can't wait to hear about how your nursery is turning out :)

COCAMIA said...

OMG! The bear hat is so adorable!!!

The Boob Nazi said...

The giraffe silhouette... Wow.

Carissa said...

yes, that bear hat is too cute!! I would so put my little one in that adorable cap. and it's affordable, to boot!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

gorgeous beanie, very cute

vintage simple said...

Nothing like a baby with animal-inspired ears. Seriously. They won;t let you get away with it once they're older.


Becky said...

Ohhhh that hat makes my heart hurt (in a good way!)

passport in my pocket said...

I adore the elephant bookshelf! I want one for my office.

Caiti said...

There are hundreds of bear hats on Etsy, if you'd be interested in supporting handmade rather than buying it at the Gap. Most are around the same price point as well.

A sample search:

maria kotsari said...

so cute.....

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

The bear hat TOTALLY kills me, but do bouncing spring babies need wooly bear hats? I say get it a bit larger so that your bun can wear it next winter!

Juliana said...

My son has that hat and he LOVES it...and he looks beary cute in it!

Michelle said...

I can't get enough of cute baby stuff and I'm not even having one. Keep it coming!

ColeAndJosephine said...

What's not cute baby sized? I think my grandma and my daughter have a lot of the same outfits but guess which looks cuter! Clothes for the old and young both love some elastic waistbands!

I saw that giraffe in a child's room in Domino magazine and have been aching for it ever since!

Clare said...

These are adorable, my sister is about to have a baby, and I mean literally this week... So will have to follow a few of these links!

Helena said...

I like the giraffe. If they have it in bird shapes, then I'd be keen on sticking them up in my kitchen!

Joanna Goddard said...

oooh, caiti, thank you SO much!!!

Je Ne Sais Quoi said...


You should be receiving something from us very soon....!!

Anabel Fournier said...

Lovely! I run a small poverty alleviation project in Bolivia. We hand knit using the finest baby alpaca and pima cotton. The ladies manufacturing the clothing come from a community in Cochabamba and they feed their children with the income from their knitting. It is a very rewarding project and it fills me with joy knowing it is helping people in one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Yuo can check it out at or

SmartBear said...

Be prepared to buy a ton of comes with baby boy territory!

pen.ny said...

I LOVE that bookshelf, fantastic!

Lillian Chang said...

Cute!! Love that bear hat.
I always see adorable baby things and just swoon. I think my heart will explode when I actually have to do that shopping for real :)

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Lovely! I saw that giraffe silhouette a bit ago & loved it too... it is saved in my "wish list" for when we have babies.

& yes that bear hat is A-D-O-RABLE!


Hollie said...

aww, I like the little elephant bookshelf! So cute.

stephanie renee said...

Oh i want that bear hat in my size!

MissKimmy said...

aww so precious!!! can't wait to have a little one <3

XO Kimmy

Laura Trevey said...


Nicole Marie said...

i'm obsessed with bear hats!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Perfection, of course! Your little fella is going to be the most stylish kid on the block :)

I'm so into lo-fi kids stuff lately, and this exemplifies the look to a tea!

jjparks said...

One of my best friends has a son and she got a bear hat for him - it is painfully adorable!

tinypaperheart said...

i love the elephant bookshelf and the bear hat! you must be having so much fun setting up a little home for your baby boy. :)

Melissa Blake said...

That little car is my favorite!! You have to get some of these for the baby!! :)

Brandi said...

oh my gosh that little bear hat is adorable! I have nobody to buy that for! Is it bad if I want to buy it now just to save it?

Anonymous said...

oh you must check out these repurposed cashmere bear beanie hats at
& swaddling blankets you cannot live without!!!!

honey living said...

these are adorable.

Sara Ballstaedt said...

How sweet!

Check out

I used to work at their shop in California and these outfits are to die for :)

Karena said...

Jo, all of the images are darling!!

sweet pea said...

So cute! Joanna - I thought you needed to see this blog post on nurseries! It is too cool! :) Congratulations, btw.

lauren haupt said...

That bookshelf! I think I am in love with all things Dwell.

Sarah S. Dobbs said...

awww the bear hat is the cutest wittle thing ever. Your baby is going to be so lucky! Last week I saw a similar one at H and M on 34th street it was lime green and cream stripe with a little tie for under the chin. So presh ;)

Sammi said...

Honey, I love the bear ears hat, didn't CJane's son, The Chief, have one?

Hip Hip Gin Gin said...

So cute! Especially the bookshelf, I kind of want that for my nightstand.

LaLaLa said...

I have that hat in cream... and I'm 25! That giraffe is adorable.

Kristi said...

I love that little bear hat. Too cute! Your little one is sure to be a well dressed fella!

oneshotbeyond said...

The giraffe is so cute! With all the babies arriving in my family shortly these are helpful finds! Thanks...

Blue Is Bleu said...

Ears on a baby's hat is possibly the cutest thing ever. Love the giraffe silhouette too.

Melina said...

The giraffe wallpaper is so cute! Is it made up flowers? So precious!! Is it weird that I am tempted to buy it for myself :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love baby posts!! How's your nursery coming along?

Dominique said...

Aw, am I the only one in LOVE with that little minimalistic car!? I need it for myself!

abigail said...

I knitted a whole bear suit for a good friend's baby a couple years ago and now his baby brother is wearing it!

if you want to see it, she posted the cutest photos of each boy in it 2 years apart:

Joanna Goddard said...

thank you for all these lovely links! and dominique, funnily enough, the cars are actually MEANT for adults -- they are "executive toys" for people's desks. :) i'm thinking of getting one for the baby's bookcase.

Anonymous said...

so cute! i'm also due 6/2/10 and i love all your baby posts.. please post more!

@mynicole said...

the giraffe is my FAVORITE.

mandyface said...

Good thing I don't have a baby or I would be out a few $$$! Soo cute!

Karen Dickey said...

aww! i'm pretty sure my friend designed that very hat! (she's a baby designer at the gap) so cute!

Laken said...

Absolutely precious!


That Hug-Me sweater just made me put my hand to my chest and let out a big, long "Aww!"

Super adorable is an understatement.

mama bear said...

That bear hat is so cute. Just imagine when it's filled with a little baby head? Even cuter :) xx

Victoria said...

Hello, I love your blog:) I just came across this sweet photo set from Keith Davis Young and thought you would like it.

It's so sweet!

Katie said...

I love the bear hat. My friend's baby has one and it is just too cute.

lindsey said...

So cute! Love the hat and the itty bitty ears!

Revolving Styles said...

ok..these items make me want to follow my hubby's idea and go for a second. ack. what am i saying?

Nancy said...

My new obsession is buying wonderful baby things. So wonderful to have a a baby in the family! Love the bear hat! I hope you are well.

Jen said...

I used to work at Baby Gap, and I always loved the bear hats. Too cute.

bekapirwitz said...

i absolutely adore the sweater with mitten pockets. i made a few for little christmas presents. they're just perfect!

Ellen said...

that bear hat is darling! I love it! Hope you're feeling well!

Chessa! said...

ohmy. baby fever is in full effect over here.

VaNeSsA said...

Get the hat. You won't be sorry. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has a snowsuit with bear ears and it is the cutest thing ever!

simone said...

There is nothing cuter on children than hats...flora and henri has the most beautiful knit hats.

Anonymous said...

I hope your ok... I think a lot about you; my two sisters are pregnant so Im kind of exciting about all the baby things
Do you know this website :

I would like to buy everything !!!

Je t'embrasse ! Vanessa

A.R.Karthick said...

So many adorable little things. Do love to own giraffe silhouette wallpaper & Bear Hat.

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