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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calligraphy tattoo

Betsy Dunlap does gorgeous calligraphy for weddings and invitations. But her cutest project recently was a man's tattoo with his daughters' names. How tough and sweet at the same time.


maggie said...


stephanie said...

that tattoo is beautiful, and orla? love that name!

Amanda said...

Every now and then, I think it's time for me to tat it up. These every now and thens occur suspiciously often when I'm readying CoJ.

My biker parents would be so. proud.

olivia rae said...

my dad's always wanted a tattoo that says "moi" for mary beth, olivia, and isabel (my mom, me and me sister). i think it's such a sweet gesture, as is this one! xo

Joanna Goddard said...

oh my goodness, olivia, that is SO SWEET.

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, amanda, me too. i never thought about a tattoo until i saw the darger girls:

Nicole Marie said...

oh i love that. if i ever got one it would be like that

Anonymous said...

I think it would be so cool to know how to do caligraphy!

honey living said...

so sweet

Hollie said...

Cute! I have a caligraphy tattoo on my arm of my fav quote.

kimberly said...

i am SO in love with this tattoo- i've been thinking about it non-stop since I saw it on Betsy's blog a few weeks ago.. sigh :)

Down and Out Chic said...

it's a beautiful tattoo. b just got a half sleeve and i'm waiting for the perfect design for my next one...

Things That Can Fly said...

Betsy's work is really beautiful. If I ever get a tattoo I'd want it to be something as lovely as this.

erin said...

this is a tattoo i could stomach on myself. so, so pretty.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Aw...what an awesome tattoo! And how adorable is it that a father got it for his kids...sweet :)

pen.ny said...

Oh how tattoos tease me so much. To get another? To not? Ink me? Ink me not?
This man's tattoo is gorgeous, good calligraphy just does it for me.

Liz said...

I'm not a big tattoo person, but this one is so delicate and heartfelt since it's his daughter's names! How sweet!

Sarah G. said...

so adorable!

the southern hostess said...

So beautiful and sweet! I'm going to forward this to my brother. He's covered in tats, but there might be room for a word or two.

tanvi @ now craving said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! God that really is sweet.

Julie said...

that's so pretty!!!! If i ever get a tat, it'd be something like that!

Marcela said...

that tattoo is beautiful!!!!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love calligraphy. It was required at my school and I never regret having to sit perfecly and painstakingly perched with a fountain pen for an hour. Such a beautiful art form.

chelsea rebecca said...

oh i love that idea!

Courtney said...

This is gorgeous. It takes a lot for a tattoo to "wow" me... but this is lovely (for a man or woman).

jennie said...

I <3 that so so much! xo

Joanna Goddard said...

dancing branflake, you learned calligraphy at school? that is AWESOME!

Caroline Royce said...

"scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen. this means you really love me."
-The Smiths


Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

ahh i want a tattoo SO BAD but can't summon the bravery. this one sure is gorgeous..!

lesinfin said...


JoJo said...

beautiful tattoo, i love the calligraphy xx

{better than candy} said...

what a sweet thing for a father to do. xo.

Carissa said...

so pretty! never seen a calligraphy tat before! :) text tattoos sometimes bother me because they can look stamped on... but the placement of this and the curving lines... it just fits. looks like it is meant to be there.

Courtney said...

I've never desired a tattoo, but if it was something that beautiful I just might reconsider!

SandyLee said...

So very cute! Great idea:)

Happenstance said...

Ooh, I like this twist! Re-inventing the tattoo wheel, I love it.

Blue Is Bleu said...

I saw that a tiny while ago (I forget where) and I totally want my parents' names done in calligraphy!

Kurdistan said...

OMG cant imagine that

bussbuss said...

i'm not normally a fan of tattoos and neither is the hubs, put if someone held a gun to our heads and HE had to get one, i would want it to look like that!

Nina said...

that is beautiful. I have one tattoo. my son's name with a circle of hearts connecting it around my upper wrist. so it looks like a bracelet. I love it and get lots of compliments on it.

Michelle said...

That's so cute!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

This may just be the coolest tattoo I have ever seen. Truly beautiful.
XX Kate

Good Girls Studio said...

that is the sweetest thing I've seen in quite awhile!

Lilly said...

this post made my heart sing.

also; congrats on the new job. I've been following your blog for a while & just wanted to say I'm quite a fan.

Lilly said...

omg, Joanna, I'm such a ditz. I meant to leave that comment on coco&kelly but I must have accidentally started typing in the wrong window.

at any rate, the first part still stands! :)

couldihavethat said...

I'm not a tattoo person at all, but love this...

Michely Medeiros. said...

ahh i love it!!!

Yvonne said...

I absolutely love the idea of tattooing your child's name on your arm. I almost did it just like this a few years ago but I chickened out. I wasn't going to get it in black in but a light light grey....a bit more feminine. I love my daughter Havana Winter so much and I still might get it. This man's tattoo is awesome!!

I am Stacey... said...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to steal this idea when I have kids someday!

Sarah said...

I love Betsy's work, but this is by far my most favorite thing she has done. I love it. How can I make my husband have this idea himself? Unless... can I make him get one? No? Ok.

alyssa said...

wow this tattoo makes me think of how i want my next one! it's soooo awesome! i love it!

Christine Grace said...

so beautiful xo

alexandra said...

pretty : ) xoxo


studio.delucca said...


I am relatively conservative.

but with twists here and there.

and I do rock some forearm tattoos.

Keri said...

that is such a sweet gesture! and the calligraphy is gorgeous.

melissa davis said...

Wow, that's kind of amazing!!!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i'm not a fan of tattoos, generally, but that is MAD COOL. i think, like you mentioned, it's the combination of masculinity and feminity that makes it so interesting...


I Heart Naptime said...

I have been wanting a tatoo with my little ones' names and haven't found the right font. Love the calligraphy!

Amanda said...

So pretty! Funny, I was just talking about tattoos with my boss yesterday...

stacy di said...

what a great tattoo...wish I weren't too chicken to get a tattoo...

becca ann said...

i love this...i've been in the market for a tattoo like this!

Daisy said...

Oh lovely !

BuenoBueno said...

this is LOVELY!!!!

prashant said...

these every now and thens occur suspiciously often when I'm readying

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B Dunlap said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone! I'm so thrilled you like the tattoo!

Katherine Lee said...

that's lovely! i'm getting a tattoo soon, and i think this is a pretty good source of inspiration, thanks for that!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

kanishk said...

These every now and thens occur suspiciously often when I'm readying CoJ.

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Afrodite said...

OOh that's something I would put on the exact same place. I would also write the name of my (future) children :) I also had that in mind. I would like that place or in the back of my neck!

don't forget to visit me at


b. said...

wow, a tattoo that is actually unusual and unique!


p.s. many congratulations on your pregnancy Joanna!

Chris said...

Cool tattoo, very unique.

umama said...

Quite sexy!

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Amber said...

I absolutely love this tattoo! It is so delicate. Im def going to keep this style in mind for my next ;)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love this. What a truly cool way to honor your kids.

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Threaded Rod said...

Nice! It will surely help my website. I will read and post comments to those blog now. Thanks!

the magnolia hotel houston said...

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