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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday trips

Tonight, Alex and I are flying to flying to Los Angeles (on Virgin Airlines, whoot whoot!) to visit his family. We rented two teeny houses in Santa Monica, so we can all stay together. I'm looking forward to some sunshine after all the New York snow!

While looking up vacation rentals, I also stumbled across this super rad rental studio in Venice Beach. Isn't it awesome? We're not staying there this year, but maybe someday!

What are you doing for the holidays this year? xo


Modern Traditionalist said...

I will be braving the cold and snow to drive back home to Michigan. I've yet to successfully convince my parents to move. Sigh.

Erika said...

The house looks nice, but it doesn't look very warm and cozy and Christmasy. We will be holed up in the midst of our winter storm that is to hit tomorrow night.

mariel4985 said...

The boy & I will be relaxing in Palm Springs at the Ace (we hope!). :) Photo adventure, here we come!

Joanna Goddard said...

yeah, erika, it would probably be best in the summer. and marie, have fun at the ace!!! xoxo

joanna of simple blueprint said...

what a great place! Have a wonderful time in LA. I will be relaxing and enjoying a very white xmas in stockholm with family.

P.S. Congratulations. What amazing news!

Jane said...

Ooo looks like just the perfect escape from the cold, slush puddled streets of Manhattan! I'll be driving up to the Adirondacks to visit family over the long weekend -- looking forward to reading by the wood burning stove, and maybe even some time on the ski slopes.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh I lived in Santa Monica for about 6 years. I miss it so much! I hope you get a chance to shop along Main Street...I lived right there a block from the beach. Tip: the best tamales in the world at the Santa Monica farmer's market on Sunday mornings at the corner of Main and Ocean Park. My favorite was the goat cheese and sun-dried tomato :) Happy holidays Joanna! xoxo

mart and lu said...

oh that looks so lovely...what website do you use to find vacation rentals? my fiance and i are planning our honeymoon in greece and are looking for a vacation rental there.

Shorty said...

Loved the pics of the little cottage... I can see why you would want to plan something there! Actually, I am heading from the sun in Texas to the snow in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At least I hope it's snowy there....

Penny Lane said...

oh, that place looks so sweet! I agree, not so much for Christmas, but I wouldn't mind living there every other day of the year.

Robin said...

Cool house!
I am flying to LA tonight too :)
We are staying in LA for 3 days with friends, then driving to Palm Desert for a week with my husband's family (all 17 of us)
Hope we both get lots of sun & fun!!!

Penny Lane said...

p.s. i'm totally jealous that you say "New York snow," we haven't had an inch of any kind of frost, which is sometimes unusual for Oregon. The sun is shining right now, even!

I hope you have a really amazing trip! :)

Moodboard said...

Misses Santa Monica along with Shannon. Oh, and if you have a chance, stop by Father's Office. It is worth the fight for a table for their gourmet burger & fries.

Joanna Goddard said...

lu, i usually look on homeaway; we've had great luck with that site. xoxo

Taylor K said...

I'm driving home to see my family in California. OH how I miss them. I am tired of being the only one in hot Arizona. Who knows. Maybe I'll never come back.

Hello Lindello said...

Have fun!

I thought that first picture was a little miniture house at first.

Husband and I are going to his grandparents but MN is suppose to get a huge snow storm on Christmas Day!!

Pia said...

have a safe flight! and that studio looks so adorable!

Anonymous said...

& the hubs & I are flying out on Sunday To NYC -from Los Angeles- for New Year's ;)


maggie said...

it looks like a toy house!

mart and lu said...

thank you joanna! i will take a look and thank you for stopping by...i was so happy to see your comment on my blog...yay!

alexandria leigh said...

beautiful cottages! this year is the first in a long time that we are traveling for Christmas! we are in Sanibel, Fl with my grandparents! so sad that the boyfriend couldn't join, but it is nice to get away to the warm weather!

Style Odyssey said...

That pretty white bed looks so peaceful.

My husband and I live on a small Caribbean island. We have family visiting for the holidays, so we've been sailing around our islands and playing on the beaches, which we intend to do through the holidays.

Xmas Eve and Day will involve plenty of cooking, friends stopping by, and maybe the beach or sailing again.

Happy holidays!

Dancing Branflake said...

Hubby and I are going to DC to visit his brother and SIL. I am so excited to see them again. Have fun in Santa Monica. Love that town!

Nicole Marie said...

have so much fun!!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

My fiance and I are taking off to DC for a few days---no we don't know anyone there...just thought it'd be fun to explore. We'll probably end up having Chinese food in the hotel room Christmas night, but that's all part of the adventure right? I can't wait to visit the National Portrait Gallery and Spy Museum!
XXX Kate

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Have fun in Santa Monica!! I live like 5 minutes from there :) The weather is beautiful and sunny today! Enjoy xo

jociegal said...

That is SO cute! I love it. Have a great time in So Cal!

Deepali Kalia Filling Spaces said...

The pictures are so fresh want to take me to vacation!

mommaruth said...

Staying home with my family (with no power or water due to the recent sweeping storms across the East)...opening presents with our 2yo. daughter by candle/lamp-light and thanking our lucky stars for good health, family and friends.

Have a safe & fun trip to Lala land!

Seyma said...

holy crap!!!

that place is exactly what i want for my apartment!! those furrnitures i die :(

hope you have a good holiday!!


Amanda said...

We're staying put in Portland this Christmas. I'm originally from Los Angeles and lived in Venice for three years - summers are super foggy (June gloom that extends well into July and August) and Sept-Oct, Feb-May are the best months. Have fun!

Joanna said...

Have a lovely time in Santa Monica! It's sunny and (relatively) warm here. You should check out Huckleberry on 11th and Wilshire for some yummy breakfast, then Rustic Canyon for dinner, which is just across the street. Amazing.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm traveling to both sets of grandparents houses. I wish I had Santa Monica's weather. It might get rain & snow in New York going to Conneticut. hehe.

Have a safe trip!! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love these pictures, i could totally live there.

Prippy Handbook said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous trip ahead of you ~ safe travels!

I'm thrilled to be heading to Bermuda for my Mom's wedding on New Year's Day! She is an endless source of inspiration for believing that love is out there at any age if you're willing to put yourself out there!

jesse (our labor of love) said...

the secrets out! :)
that is where whitney and i stay when we shoot in LA. and it is as awesome as the photos look....AND that is where max wanger photographed us!

Lily Lemontree said...

Lucky you to be avoiding the snow and cold, sounds like you have a fabulous trip ahead of you. Have a wonderful time!

Laura Trevey said...

Merry Christmas to you!!

SK said...

I am home in Los Angeles for the holidays! I flew Virgin America as well - loved the lighting. It's amazing how light can change so much.

Have a great time in LA!

Lilly said...

I'm a Venice local and if you're going to be in Santa Monica (so close) definitely go to Gjelinas for lunch or dinner on Abbot Kinney, it's AMAZING. and be sure to try the butterscotch pudding for dessert. yum. Merry Merry!

couldihavethat said...

That house looks amazing! My family is renting a house as well in Santa Ynez I can't wait! So many amazing properties on this site check it out!

A Taste of T said...

I'm in Houston for the holidays. Yehawwwwww!

heidi said...

we live on the sunny side of utah and are driving north to the cold. planning on spending a couple of days after christmas snowmobiling in yellowstone.
i'm glad i don't live in the snow, but i don't mind visiting it for the holdidays!

Nina said...

so adorable. and congrats on your pregnacy. i love your blog.

Meg Fee said...

amazing--have the best time. and i'm so excited for you and alex, congratulations on the growing tummy!

Life Abroad said...

Have a wonderful time! This year I'm flying down to South America (Argentina and Uruguay) to visit with my boyfriend! Yay for taking off to warmer places :)

erin said...

safe travels, friend!

eileen said...

panama! getting away from this blizzard!

sb said...

thanks for sharing the photos of the uber-cool venice beach digs.....i adore abbott kinney :)

have a spectacular time in la-la-land. i'm off to la in a few days, too! love virgin, love la and a sunny holiday with family :)

thislovelycity said...

Have a fabulous time! I live in Culver City- lots of fun bars + restaurants here if you get tired of SM + Venice. Unlikely yes, but worth a shot! Have a fab flight .. I'm still dying to fly on Virgin! xo.

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Claudia (Lisbon) said...

OMG! I can't believe I missed the baby annoucement post! I'm so happy for you, you're a very sweet couple! Wish you all the best!

Chiara.u said...

I'd like to be in California now... here's full of snow (but it's not NY, unfortunately).
Many kisses from Turin, Italy :))
have a wonderful time in LA!!

mindy said...

I'll be staying right here in sunny Florida with the fam, sipping hot chocolate and watching numerous showings of Elf.

Your trip sounds wonderful...hope you all enjoy Santa Monica!!

Iwan said...

Bon Voyage and have good vacation !

Elie's Papel said...

I love Santa Monica/Venice area... For breakfast I've advise you to go to Babaloo on Montana and get the french toast or Huckleberry on Wilshire and 13. Also, if you feel like driving to Malibu my favorite spot was always Lagoon Beach State Park just across the street from the Malibu Country Mart... Enjoy!!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

We are visiting family this year, as every year.

Katherine Lee said...

ooo rad indeed! with the crazy weather here in chicago right now, los angeles is looking mighty good right now. i hope you two have fun sharing your happy news with the fam!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

sanjeet said...

it would probably be best in the summer. and marie, have fun at the ace
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theflashdance said...

funny to see those photos... whitney and jesse stayed at that house for a week the last time they were in town. small world. have fun! -MICHAEL

s a m said...

that house is so LA! a minimalist masterpiece!

Amanda said...

I live in Santa Monica and that house is so Venice :) Hope you enjoy your Christmas in sunny Cali!!

Alison said...

Thanks for the shout out to our cottage! And I see Jesse & Whitney on here too (some of our favorite guests!!)
It's a small world! We hope to host some of you too.

Happy Holidays!!

Packaging USA said...

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Once Upon A Parent said...

That is a great looking house. I wish my house could look that clean, but with two three year olds it ain't happening. And I love the high up window in the living room. I am not a huge fan of window treatments and high windows = no treatments needed.

Adriana said...

I just returned from a two week trip to my hometown in Australia, relaxing by the beach..blissful. Hope your time in LA was wonderful

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Natasha said...

Its supposed to be a gorgeous weekend in LA! I live in west hollywood, and that spot looks perfect for a "staycation".
Ace looks Ace! Look into the Riviera Palm Springs next time too.

Grandma Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh! what a cute cottage! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

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