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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Shining

On Monday evening, Alex convinced me that it was a good idea for us to turn off all the lights and watch The Shining. Needless to say, I totally freaked out and had to check under the bed before going to sleep that night (seriously) (I'm 30). So, yesterday, Alex showed me this hilarious spoof trailer from 2006, which makes the movie look like a romantic comedy. I was dying laughing. Now that's more my speed.

Do you like scary movies?


TheBeautyFile said...

HAHAHA! The Peter Gabriel song really did, I used to watch this movie on mute at sleepovers in middle school...

kage said...

I almost didn't read this post because it was called The Shining! I can't watch scary movies....I saw 5 seconds of the "Fourth Kind" trailer and couldn't sleep for 2 weeks!

Joanna Goddard said...

omg, kage, i know what you mean! i'm still getting creepy flashbacks.

Hello Lindello said...

My friend showed me this trailer after I told him it was the scariest movie Ive ever seen. It made me feel a lot better too :)

its sooooo funny!

Dancing Branflake said...

I cannot handle the commercials for scary movies let alone an actual scary movie. I watched a youtube clip of Mary Poppins scenes turned into a scary movie and it freaked me out. It's really well done, though, and worth seeing. Just creepy.

Meghan said...

oh i hate scary movies...hate them! Won't watch them. I can't even watch when football players get injured in a game. Hate it when they reply the injury!! I like happy, sappy, love drama movies! Will probably never see the shining.., :)

Christi said...

This movie has a "special" place in my heart... my mom let me watch it when I was, oh 5 or 6 years old. I'm pretty sure I watched it at some critical point in my brain development as I'm scarred to this day. That movie never fails to totally freak me out, down to my bones! haha

Angie said...

I'm another one who can't stand the trailers for scary movies either. I can't hit mute fast enough. Why? Why watch a movie that will scare you and not let you sleep or walk alone for weeks????

stephanie said...

That movie gave me the creeps for a long time! I do love Scatman Crothers, though. But this trailer is awesome! It's amazing what editing and a little Peter Gabriel can do.

Taylor K said...

I love scary movies but NEVER watch them because I can't sleep alone after I've seen them. I'm single so I have no one to snuggle with afterward!

Erin said...

That is HILARIOUS! I love it.

Jessica Hoareau said...

@ Christi: I watched it when I was 5 as well (my dad let me) and I am SCARRED FOR LIFE

Couture Cookie said...

OMG! That movie still scares the shit out of me! Yes, the trailer is funny but not enough to make me forget about the real one...

Kelsey Parker said...

Joanna, I'm just like you! I can't even watch the spoofy ones, like the Scream series.

ktlee said...

I studied abroad in England in college. We lived in an old castle, and there was this hallway we had to go through to get to the laundry that reminded me of the hallways in The Shining. I swear it was haunted. Every time I walked (ran!) through it the hairs on my arms and neck stood straight up. I haven't been able to watch The Shining since. Scary!!

Maryellen said...

I think The Shining is the scariest movie EVER. I can't even watch it for five minutes.

Kitty Lo said...

I like blood and gore! Unfortunately a lot of horror movies have zero plots. They're so bad that it's hilarious sometimes.

Nicole Smith said...

so funny!!!

emilia. said...

i despise scary movies. they're horrible.

but what scares me more than the actual movies, are the writers and directors who could fabricate such scenes--it's disgusting!

La Maison Fou said...

That is great, I luv them!
Halloween 1 & 2 are my fav's!

2 By Design said...

Yeaaaaa, scary movies definitely do NOT sit well with me! Ever since Poltergeist at a friend's house in the third grade, I swear I'm traumatized. Get this though, a friend of a friend held her 40th birthday at the hotel where this was filmed...uhhhh, no thanks!! (Shiver.)

Caroline Royce said...

I love The Shining. It's one of my favorites. It's such a masterpiece!
Really more an eerie mind-bender than a "scary movie."

Michelle said...

This is hilarious! The Shining never really scared me, but I'm a huge baby about most scary movies.

alyson. said...

oh my gosh, that's hilarious!!

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

The Shining is one of my all time favorites. I am thankful I am not inside Stephen King's head, however. How does that man sleep? The child in this movie grew up about 10 miles from me. I remember his mother wouldn't let him watch the movie way back when.

I agree, this movie is more eerie than grotesque. Some of those "Saw" movies etc. should just be destroyed!

Melanie's Randomness said...

I've seen this!! Omg it's hilarious!! I love the movie The Shining. It's soooooo Creeeepyy!!!!!

Daniella said...

Ok, you are so brave, I would never watch that!

I refuse to watch scary movies, and haven't seen one since grade 9... my creative side makes me imagine up too many scary things afterwards! lol...

Julie said...

i can't watch horror films, i go hysterical and paranoid for at least two weeks and drive everyone crazy because i get so scared!

miss sophie said...

i'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to these things - i watched parts of The Shining in college with friends and seriously had to get my friend to walk me back to my room sometimes for weeks afterward...the hallways completely gave me flashbacks! that, and after watching The Ring (original japanese version) i couldn't shower or watch TV or sleep without getting freaky flashbacks for WEEKS afterward. i've sworn off horror films ever since!

Alicia said...

Eeek...I'm so not a fan of scary movies! I saw The Shining in high school & wasn't a huge fan, but I recently saw it at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado - a really fantastic venue for concerts & non-scary movies but somehow being outside in the dark watching that movie didn't do much for my nerves ;-) At the Stanley Hotel where it was filmed (also in CO) you can get Shining Haunted Weekend packages - my friends did that for their anniversary, can you imagine anything less romantic than a haunted anniversary weekend?!

Brooke said...

My boyfriend and I went to see this at midnight a few weeks ago... It is even scarier on the big screen! Plus, a couple of the reels were a little dirty, which made for a really creepy effect.
This fake trailer is brilliant, though.

And I looooove scary movies. I can't get enough of them!

Stephanie said...

Completely freaked out by them! LOL!

Give me an old Danny Kaye movie any day... but The Shining is one of the few I'll watch.

J said...

Ha ha!!
It's actually a pretty convincing trailer or spoof...!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

LOL! It's amazing what a little music and voice-over can do! Thanks for the chuckle this morning. I'm actually a HUGE fan of scary movies. In October, I put every single scary movie on the top of my Netflix boyfriend was kinda annoyed b/c for the next few months we only got horror flicks. Is that weird I like to scare myself?? :) xo

the southern hostess said...

Yes! I love this. "Brokeback to the Future" is another amazing spoof trailer.

Blue Is Bleu said...

LOL my husband was telling me about this a while ago and I never got round to watching it! It's hilarious!!

And no, I'm not a fan of scary movies... I much rather not be scared when the lights go off hehe

Mary said...

Ha! This made me laugh. I actually have never seen The Shining (so not a fan of horror movies) but I'd see this romantic comedy. Thanks for sharing, Joanna.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It definitely depends on the movie. Some scary movies give me total nightmares - case in point "The Exorcist." Others, the ones more geared towards young adults are more my style - fun with a hint of fright!! :)

Deanna said...

My cousin's husband bought their 3-year old son a tricycle for Christmas a few years ago and taught him to ride around the dining room table and say "Redrum" over and over again. Kind of funny, but totally freaked my cousin out!

J. said...

I LOVE spooky scary... I cannot handle blood and gore. This fact keeps me from watching alot of movies, because I'm afraid of the gore factor! Is 'The Shining' gory? I'd love to watch it, but only if I don't have to see blood and guts!

Kami said...

so funny/ that is THE most scary movie I've ever seen. I can't even think about it. My little brother is going to love this!

Whimsy Being said...

I haven't seen The Shining, but there is a scary show on all the time (can't remember the channel) call Paranormal State. Ghost hunting shows are all the same, yet scare me every time!

SarahODonnell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
If Jane said...

oh i am not really a an of s. kubrick (ok maybe i like a couple of films)...but i remember the time i saw "the shinning" and thought..."why the hype around this film? it's bad!"....i prefer dramas vs scary movies...

SarahODonnell said...

I love this movie- so much so that I built a video installation housed in a 20ft x 6 ft model of the hotel. See photos here!!
Overlook Lodge / Timberline Hotel

Rebekah @ Shell Blog said...

that's so funny! my hubby has been wanting us to watch "the shining," too, but i'm afraid it will be waaaaay too scary for me. thanks for the advisory!!!

Marta said...

This video is hilarious! :)

I am Stacey... said...

That's awesome! I'd love to see someone make a spoof trailer like that for Silence of the Lambs. (The creepiest movie in the world, in my opinion.)

Retro Threadz * Mary said...

Ok, I must admit. I LOVE scary & suspense movies. Totally my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

oh my.... HILARIOUS. I'm still laughing thinking about that.

Amber said...

oh man, my fiance wanted to watch that two weeks ago! I said, "Um...this isn't exactly Christmasy." What is with these silly boys?

Hermione said...

Oh, I can't stand them! I wish they were somewhat enjoyable for me, but it just doesn't work. I'm out of the room after 7 minuter or so. And Jack Nicholson is just way too good!

Toothfairy said...

I'm not afraid of watching scary movies, but the shining has never appealed to me... ever...

by the way, I can't watch this video you posted?

Happy nye!

You are featured on my latest post:


Jules said...

I'm with Kage. I almost didn't watch the trailer even though you promised it was a spoof and wasn't scary. Slasher movies are one thing (don't like them, either) but movies about possession, demons, paranormal activity, etc. scare the daylight out of me. I have never, and will never, watch The Exorcist or Rosemary's Baby. As it is, I barely made it through The Shining as a tween--and that's because I was at a slumber party and had no choice!

amber said...

My husband and I share a strong love for horror flicks! Whether they're good, bad, funny, or truly disturbing, we love them. I love The Shining and this little clip was hilarious! Although, I can still see that hint of "crazy" in Jack's eyes that lets me know something is a bit off..

Cole said...

I hate scary movies but always end up watching them. The little kid in the Shining creeps me out so bad that even in the romantic comedy commercial he still seemed scary!

Sarah said...

oh wow that trailer is hilarious. thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

So, the movie is based on The Stanley Hotel in Colorado. However it was actually filmed in Oregon (and parts on a sound stage in England, I believe, and the hedge maze is in a totally other place....)

My husband and I stayed at the Stanley Hotel for our honeymoon. It's the most elegant hotel I have ever stayed in, but boy is it creepy. We had a really good time.

PS They play this movie continuously on one of the tv channels (42, I think) so you can watch it over and over again while you're there. Yikes!

kara said...

That reminds me of on ABC Family they had a trailer for Sleeping with the Enemy that made it look like a romantic comedy.

The Shining one is more funny.

annie said...

I'll take "Shining" over "The Shining" any day! Scary movies creep me out too much.

Maria said...

The Shining is my all time favorite scary movie. Still gets me every time!

erin said...

i can't do scary movies either! this though, makes it all better.

Joanna Goddard said...

laura, that is SO crazy!!! i would never stay in room 237!!!!!

Jane's Next Door said...

That is hilarious! The Peter Gabriel song totally does it. That and Jack kissing the yucky woman - if you know that movie well and know that scene! Ai-yi yi!

Jean said...

This "trailer" is hilarious! You would never know what its really about. I have such a love hate relationship with scary movies. I love to watch them but I hate that I have to look under my bed after, or look outside my window to make sure no one is looking in!

My brother got married in a hotel in Indiana that looked so much like this place and it was really haunted! I half expected to turn a corner and see the twins standing there in front of me!


Cheryl M. said...

No scary movies for me at all...I still shiver from having watched The Birds and Psycho years ago. ;)

Emily said...

I watch most scary movies from behind my hands. This spoof is hilarious though. It's amazing to think a little music will change the way we think about things.

Melissa Blake said...

I get spooked so easily! I haven't been in a body of water since I was 8 and saw JAWS!

ab said...

That's GREAT! No, I don't like scary movies, and it's only happened in the last few years or so that I've allowed myself to admit it. Now I can easily pass something off as "too scary." Challenging is one thing, but I can do without evil angry ghosts or serial killers, thank you very much.

abigail said...

I can't watch scary movies! I blame Jaws for my fish phobia.

Good Girls Studio said...

I loathe scary movies...I have nightmares for weeks! I had to work myself up to watch the trailer just in case it really was scary :)

Diana said...

No way.
Although I do love the film trivia behind The Shining. That Big Wheel scene was the first ever shot with a Steadicam--the harness/weight thingy that cameramen use to keep their camera steady as they run with whoever they're shooting. It's a really cool story, and fun bit of movie trivia.
it takes my mind off of everything else that scares the heck out of me in this movie!! I read the book (God knows why!) and every now and then, I see things in the tub out of the corner of my eye.... ugh!

Pinecone Camp said...

Hmmm, the Shining. Not especially festive, but I do love it! One of the best. Love that clip - makes the film looks so light and sweet.
Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, that's too much!! Love it. And that movie scared the crap out of me! No scary movies for me.

Brianna Soloski said...

I do not like scary movies, although I never seem to be able to turn off The Shining when I find it on tv. I've never seen the entire thing, though. Hope 2010 is amazing.

Desiree Fawn said...

Ha! Brilliant.

There are also some youtube vids of people making romcoms look like horror flicks -- my fav is the one for you've got mail -- my fav movie of all time!
Here's the link: and this creepier one:

Betsy Head, Affordable Interior Design said...

Ha! So funny. I love that movie...


little room la said...

congratulations joanna! i just read about your very exciting baby news :D and omg, the shining gave me nightmares and i didn't even finish it haha
thank you always for your posts. you actually gave me advice about blogging when i first started hehe not sure if you remember but i wanted to thank you either way! my blog is still new but it's very slowly but surely starting to get there. happy new year joanna! hope 2010 is even more splendid than 2009! :D

angela @

Marina said...

That is such a scary movie! I would/could never watch horror films.

Ayse said...

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Eliana Tomás said...

Happy 2010. All your wishes to come true. Thanks for sharing just great blog with all of us. Kisskiss

Studio mhl said...

The shining is one of the most scary movies I've ever seen. (the other is Silence of the lambs)
But I also liked it very much, because of the decor. The setting is wonderful.

The Childlike empress said...

thats hilarious,
maybe i might be really mean and use it to trick people into watching it....

Laura Trevey said...

I am not a scary movie person ~~
Happy New Year !!
Looking forward to a fabulous 2010 ~~


the NEO-traditionalist said...

You're so brave! I haven't dared to watch the original. My fiance says I'm a big baby and I'm afraid it's a bit true : )
XX Kate

cmu said...

I adore scary movies.

SK said...

noooo scary movies stress me out!!!

Vivi said...

I love this spoof! Have you seen the one that makes Mary Poppins looks like a horror movie? Really freaked me out.
And Happy New Year and congrats on the baby who is surely not only going to be one cool kid, but one that is also going to be so dearly loved and cherished. What a great 2010 you have in store!

Amy@Old Sweet Song said...

Hate hate hate scary movies. I stopped watching them after seeing The Ring which so terrifying I never recovered. It didn't help that my mom turned off on the lights, turned the TV to static and hid behind the couch in an effort to scare me. I started crying and ran away. I was 25 at the time! I still haven't forgiven her.

mama bear said...

I've had this DVD for years – and I've still not been able to bring myself to watch it!

Sabine said...

I saw it last year for the first time. Before then, I used to finger-wave a lot (to husband, to dog), but now I've stopped doing it. It freaks me out and reminds me of the little boy talking in the hyper-creepy voice!

Lobstah said...

i watched "the shining" when i was 12, very early 1980s on betamax. this was the first betamax movie i ever saw. i was terrified more than i let on, because there were a dozen of us girls watching this at a friend's house. they were the only family in town who owned a betamax player. i don't watch horror movies because of this experience. well, not really. in college, i had lots of geeky-nerdy boys as very good friends/peergroup. and for some reason they loved all those fri the 13th ones. i went with them a couple of times, but i couldn't even remember them bec my eyes were shut most of the time!

Liv Lundelius said...

i just saw this one for the first time a few weeks ago!
i liked a lot.
i am not really into scary movies but this was just a brilliant one.

Jacquelyn said...

Love horror movies, love The Shining, love this spoof!!

Pretty Mommy said...

I had to stop watching scary movies when I was pregnant...I had this irrational fear that it was scaring the baby and she moved around like crazy during them!! I still havent fully recovered! Paranormal activity kept me up for a few nights!!

Anonymous said...

On Monday evening,. I was hearing. Would he said. One more my attorney, in heat. Needless to check under the lights and watch The possibility of booze, I think there's something wrong with a romantic comedy. Now that's more hour in the bed before going to turn off all kinds of holes in half with a head full of addict would roam around Vegas wearing one black glove? How much longer? No. I was madness in the street with me that it at six in any direction, I was a head full of grapefruit and I'll!

MissNeira said...

This is hilarious, Im dying laughing!

Carolina said...

I LOVE scary movies!!!
And shinning IS an icon! ;-)

This video was hilarious though!


Anonymous said...

Do you like scary movies?

No, I do not.

Life is scary enough.

Kate said...

I recently read the book and it was so surprisingly fantastic! I never read books like that. It's such a deeper dive into the mind than the movie is.

Anonymous said...

emilia makes a good point:

"i despise scary movies. they're horrible.

but what scares me more than the actual movies, are the writers and directors who could fabricate such scenes--it's disgusting!"

I believe it was reported that the monster who killed people in the woods in the Southeastern US (Georgia?) had been a horror filmmaker.

Jessica (Hey Lola) said...

This made my day...especially considering that The Shining scared the crap out of me.

kanishk said...

i know what you mean! i'm still getting creepy flashbacks.

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Stevi said...

I LOVE scary movies!!! The Shining is one of the best scary movies ever made!!!

I also happen to love this spoof on youtube, so creative!!

Also check out "Scary Mary Poppins" on YouTube which makes Marry Poppins looks like a horror movie. :)

Adriana said...

oh too clever! Very funny clip. I too hate scary movies, but I'm always compelled to watch them when they're on the showtime box..why do I do this to myself? And every time I say "oh never again will I watch a horror movie" but I can't stop

Prippy Handbook said...

Oh my lord - I was just catching up on my blog reading and this made my day! I guess if you start playing "Salsbury Hill" as the background to any movie, it takes on a whole new meaning!

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Clarity said...

Funniest trailer ever. It's a favourite

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amy said...

You're not going to believe this, but I was just about to blog this very spoof this week on my blog, but now I don't think I can, since you totally beat me to it! Aaaaaggghhhh!

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Definitely no scary movies for me. If I do, when I go to bed I run through the scenario and imagine it happening to me, so I really try to avoid them.

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I saw The Shining last year on Halloween for the first time ever. But before I watched the famous horror film, I wanted to read the book. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It is the eeriest book ever and one of the most gripping. The story is totally different from the movie and SO much scarier (and it's beautifully written in an odd way)! I recommend everyone read it around this time of year.

Beth Endres said...

You should read the book! Sooooo much scarier than the movie!

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