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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What makes you happy?

My dear readers, I would love to ask you: What are three things that make you happy? These days, my list is: Hitchcock movies, salt-and-vinegar potato chips, and walking arm-and-arm with people (it's like my new thing). Tell me yours!


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Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

random sunny weather.. doesn't happen too often in the fall around here! any excuse to wear badass sunglasses is a plus.

Cassandra said...

Knitting, listening to the rain fall in the morning, stepping on crunchy leaves...

Absolutely Not Martha said...

new tv show Modern Family
having a good hair day

Odia Ancholia said...

These days:
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (both the book and the movie)
Crossing the things out of my to-do list (you cannot imagine the pleasure I get)
The smell of my hair
Sleeping whenever possible

Cindy said...

Custard and chamomile tea
Wearing scarves and mittens
Reading at night on the couch with my bf

Feather Gold said...

* kisses from my husband
* showering kisses on my furry kids
* being gentle to myself
* stolen moment throughout the day to just breathe, deep breaths, and connect to myself

ohhhmhhh said...

Hi Joanna! If you like the question "What makes you happy?" you need to have Gisele Scanlons Book "The Goddess Experience - What makes you happy?" Have you heard about it? I love it! Gisele asked 8000 people worldwide what makes them happy. I blogged about her a few weeks ago and my favourite answer Gisele received is by Vivienne Westwood. She told her: I love to read cause than I'm connected with the best brains in the world!
Hope this makes you happy too, xo Kalotta

junebug said...

Playing dominoes. Classical music. Olives stuffed with anchovies, which are so yum, yum, yummy that I dream about them at night. Hmmm. Do these things make me happy, or do they make me old?!

B a la Moda said...

Some days off

B* a la Moda

Red-Handed Jill said...

hmm, happy...

Georgette Heyer novels I can't put down til I've finished them at three in the morning. French press coffee. Sewing by hand (it makes me feel like Fanny Brawne in Bright Star).


Conversation Pieces said...

dim sum, jasmine green tea and hugs from the OH/furry headbutts from the cats! ;)

Mo said...

Baguettes with brie cheese and sliced tomatoes in a park on a blanket, bursts of sunlight through grey clouds, halibut tacos with gorgonzola, the beach, tea with a friend, dancing.

Christina said...

cleopatra, my grown puppy

Deanna said...

Joanna, it sounds like you are a "linker." My best friend and I are "chronic linkers," meaning we HAVE to walk arm-in-arm with whoever we are walking with at that moment. I had a boyfriend who hated it and always complained the sidewalk wasn't big enough. I knew that relationship wouldn't last long.

Cassandra said...

My 5 year old's drawings, sitting on the couch under one of my grandmother's afghans and hand sewing, the smell of fall...

Sarah said...

1. making soup from scratch
2. my puppy jumping in bed and snuggling under the covers at 8am
3. driving with the windows down even if i have to wear a coat and scarf

C said...

Right now, Chai tea lattes, snuggly naps when its storming outside and softly painted watercolours...

Melanie's Randomness said...

I love Alfred Hitcock movies too!!

Hmm 3 things...days off of work, rainbows, & genuine smiles. =)

Inspired Kara said...

"january wedding"- The Avett Brothers
My new grey grandma moccosains
The new boy

Merritt said...

Three things that make me happy today are: spicy hot chocolate, window shopping on, and sleepy smooches with my boyfriend before bed.

Trudi Esberger said...

Hmmmm... Drawing, drinking tea, the smell of the print studios at uni, blogging, black and white movies and family. Sorry, that was more than three :)

Rêverie said...

Would it be ridiculously cheesy if I told you that I'm happy when I'm making others happy?
Possibly... ;)
True though!
Cups of tea, playing my violin, long walks and embarrassingly laughing out loud in moments of silence all put a smile on my face.

Have a lovely day xx

Katie H said...

Snuggling with my husband
Eating chocolate in most forms ;)
Reading awesome blogs (plug for you)

Kristen said...

My puppy Bella
Fall weather

Allison said...

hmm, what makes me happy? right now I would say:
drinking hot tea, wearing a warm, fuzzy scarf and cuddling in bed with my hubby and our kitties :)

JanelleGrace said...

When it is really windy during the fall and the leaves fly around.
Cottage cheese (which I just had for the first time).
Snuggling under a blanket and having a lazy night.

Habbala said...

1. Spontaneous day trips
2. Cardigans in every color.
3. The sound of violins.

petya said...

Oooh. I LOVE this question!

On Fridays I work from home. After I am done with my work-related tasks, I meet my husband for coffee. He is a university professor, so I go meet him on campus, grab our lattes and sit outside and watch the college kids do whatever college kids do on Friday afternoons: roll around on the grass, play ultimate Frisbee, etc. After we are done with coffee, I go to the campus bookstore, get myself the latest copy of The New Yorker AND a fashion magazine and head home where I snack and read. I love my Friday ritual and look forward to it all week long.

Emma said...

green tea, public transportation and sticky notes my boyfriend leaves on my wall when he goes back to school.

life according to celia... said...

1. donuts (although, these make me feel guilty too... so maybe i should look into that.)

2. vacations.

3. my family (my husband and my cat)

Sonia said...

my boyfriend
all dogs (but especcially mine)
fashion magazines

Nadia P said...

Things that make me happy:
- soft cardigans
- a good, warm bourbon
- bacon chocolate from vosges
- a solid love story

Elizabeth said...

Three things from this week: caramel apple spice in a venti Christmas paper cup, embroidery floss, and spending time in my old Domino magazines.

Les is more said...

secret presents for friends
avocado drenched in fresh lemon
children's books
reading aloud to zander (my best bud and husband)
sketching the plants in my garden
dancing swing
discovering God's imagination through science

SAJ said...

Loving these assignment. My current three are:
1. Seeing my kids faces and those first morning smiles each day.
2. Locking eyes with my husband by accident and getting that rush of "first crush" butterflies.
3. Laughing so hard that tears stream down my cheeks and my belly starts to hurt.

vanessa.e. said...

Visiting my family (they live across the country!) paying all my bills on time, indulging in that afternoon cup of coffee, tv shows on DVD, and hearing about pets that get adopted!

me melodia said...

this photo.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

My blog is about everything that makes me happy! I get happy just creating posts :)

Lately, it's been little birds and owls, my man's thick curly hair, and scarves that double as a hood.


Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

my children smiling and laughing!

asillymuse said...

alfred hitchcock definitely makes me happy! he's my favorite director! i just watched north by northwest on blu-ray, and it was so amazing. cary grant in HD made me a very happy person!

rubber ducks also make me happy and making things for people.

(i also think walking arm and arm with someone is so fun!)

Without ME said...

*Going new places
*Reading and napping when it's rainy out.

Anonymous said...

I love salt and vinegar potato chips, but I am addicted to popcorn with parmesan cheese, too! I love watching TV series like Entourage or Project Runway with a girl friend!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

even these lists make me happy, but here are my current 3:

-finding whole sand dollars
-going out for ice cream in the rain
-drinking champagne at brunch

Allie said...

Finally being able to say, "I love you" to my boy, organization, and London Fogs.

JO said...

Great idea, Joanna! My three right now:
1. A great book
2. Picking a different scarf to wear each day now that it's chilly
3. Finding a bottle of wine I'd stashed away and forgotten

Lindsey said...

-seasonal warm beverages with cinnamon sticks
-embellished cardigans; actually cardigans of all shapes, styles, and designs
-greetings cards (sending and receiving)

Annabelle said...

Perfect post and question Jo, you know what's making me happy right now - my Mr! It'd been nearly 4 months since I'd seen him and he arrived into France from Australia today. It was an amazing feeling to smooch on the train platform... but we both promised, we're never being apart for so long again! So yes, he's what makes me happy :-)

Michely Medeiros. said...

ohh man i love salt and vinegar chips my fam thinks im weird tho :(

.sunny days in winter
.time with the fam
.time for myself

Jess said...

My millions of Moleskine sketchbooks floating around, conversations with strangers in coffee shops, laughing so hard I cry with my girlfriends.

For me, few things make me happier than those.

Caroline said...

* playing cribbage with friends (you'd think we were in our 70s).
* designing my home office space
* pumpkin bread, making it and eating it

Blue12rain said...

-A really great cup of coffee
-A long train ride that ends in a fantastic destination
-Lazy, rainy days spent reading good books

Great questions!

Cassandra Marie said...

Mine are:

-movie marathons
-sunday brunch
-couch cuddling


Anne Zimmerman said...

Discovering again and again that I have the most wonderful friends in the world! Today that one thing is better than three little ones. :)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

1. Bubble baths
2. Mail
3. Serving people. It always cheers me.

reckless daughter said...
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Sloan said...

1. A nice squishy down comforter in a chilly room on a day I don't have to get out of bed.
2. Fried eggs over toast with sea salt, tomato and basil.
3. Thoughtful letters in the mail.

Erin said...

So sweet!
1. Sweet kisses and snuggling with the windows open, listening to the rain fall
2. Painting Christmas presents for my lovely brother and sister.
3. Coconut macaroon coffee

reckless daughter said...

only three :)

1. my pups
2. laurel canyon (where I live)
3. blogs like this one, of course!

Couture Bowl said...

1. my little beagle pup
2. my deliciously warm bed on a cold Boston morning
3. spaghetti with meatballs

Rachael said...

How serendipitous...I just posted 10 things that make me happy on my blog a few days ago! Here are three more: Bette Davis movies, Mexican wedding cookies, and exploring new (nearby) cities.

Lola Is Beauty said...

1* cats

2* kindness

3* beauty (in all forms)

Jo said...

*Finishing a really marvelous novel
*Sipping a chai latte while my boyfriend rubs my feet
*Hot baths when I come home feeling chilly
*Listening to NPR/BBC podcasts while making chocolate chip cookies

Jamie Jenson said...

Cuddling in bed on Saturday mornings. Drinking a good cup of coffee while solving a crossword puzzle. Visiting new places and being completely anonymous.

Lane said...

1. Babies- my dear daughter Milli
2. New SOCKS!
3. Late nights

A Taste of T said...

Really great live music, candles in a fireplace while drinking wine on the couch with my hubby and anything that makes me laugh

Kerri Lynne said...

warm dishes fresh from the dishwasher, our new puppy and falling asleep in alex's arms each and every night! xoxox

Olivia said...

*Ice cream
*Natural sunlight

Allison said...

a good box of milk duds, fresh highlights, and a fun day with my hubby and little ella.

Helena said...

1. toaster waffles
2. peachy nail polish
3. guests from overseas

un bel oiseau said...

Joanna! I love that you have this photo! I have a print of it in my bedroom and another tacked up at my desk at work!

Three things that make me happy:

1. birds (I have three of my own and they are fluffy, incredibly smart, and colorful bundles of joy).

2. baking (I'm recently obessed with cupcakes and baking them for everyone, regardless if its a birthday or not).

3. the smell of skin (particularly the guy i love--he has a special natural smell that makes me smile. also, my mom has a distinct smell, and i used to love stealing her pillow when i was little to i could take it to bed and smell her right next to me).

so there you have it! gee, now i feel good :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Christmas anything, my husband, and my new Clinique Bonus Time gift with purchase.

Cathi said...

Watching old movies (lately The Thin Man movies), hanging out with friends and family, smiles

The Cherry Blog said...

lovely post. esp as im having a bad week. 3 things:

* My new baby Niece (5 days old!)
* Gold lockets
* Lemon drizzle cake in a warm cafe

Taylor said...

1~"FIVE" ice cream by Haagen Daas..Mint flavored, yumm

2~ warm Passion tea from SBux

3~ anything Will Ferrell has starred in, i need a good laugh these days.

4~super bright nail polish of any sort. takin it back to middle school I suppose:)

Zia Meadows said...

today my son(aged 3) told me he love me, spontaneously without promting = perfect bliss!
But there was also fresh baked seedy roles and roast parsnip soup, and my heating just got fixed so number 3 is a big hot bath thats gonna last at least an hour!

Joanna Goddard said...

nicki jane, i hope you're feeling better!!! and un bel oiseau, so funny about the pic :)

Joanna Goddard said...

i really, really love all these comments.

j.cro said...

1. Spending as much time as possible with the Love of My Life. 2. Surfing. 3. Gluten-free, vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes

Tove said...

my first cup of coffee in the morning

taking a long walk in the autumn sun

planning a trip for christmas or a dinnerparty with friends, well - all types of planning

woody allen movies from the seventies

Shorty said...

Weekends with my family, sewing, and holiday planning!

Magchunk said...

My three things (as of late):

1. Walking through the flower stalls at Pike Place market and seeing the different takes on styling the seasonal flowers (last week was kale flowers).
2. A flaky pastry and coffee
3. The way the light filters through the leaves of the willow tree outside our new apartment. Especially pretty with a breeze.

JBeaudetStudios said...

Painting, time with family, enjoying the warm sun
Those are a few things! It's so hard to choose!

MiLatina said...

having a beer (or two) with my sisters.
cuddling on the couch on a cold night with my daughter.
my neices and nephews

A said...

1. Dance music
2. Smith's rosebud lip salve
3. The color yellow

rachel said...

so much happiness in this post and the comments!
my 3 (currently)

1. "wintersong" by ingrid michaelson and sara bareilles

2. christmas drinks from starbucks.

3. feeling all accomplished by beating my personal daily nano wordcount target (laaaaaaaaame)

hillawayfromhome said...

sunny weather, smiles, and blueberries

Sarah said...

*reading Dostoevsky novels
*watching Masterpiece Theatre or The Power of Myth
*eating authentic tacos
(my inner nerd is shining through!)

melissa said...

things that make me happy:
1. bento boxes with generous servings
2. the smell of freshly baked bread (i used to be on the low carb diet (tsk, tsk) and the smell of bread, until now, never fails to make me melt)
3. saturday nights with john on the coach, watching glee or gossip girl

Emily said...

Wow, it's coincidence that I just posted this

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

1. snuggling with the hubby
2. spicy italian subs at subway
3. chocolate truffles from Whole Foods

Estelle said...

Oooh, I could play this game all day. Right now:

The first cup of coffee of the morning



NYerInBoston07 said...

I cannot tell you how happy this post made me and how timely it was (very downer day over here) - 3 things that make me happy...

1) The smell of snow in the air
2) Getting flowers for no reason
3) Chai lattes from my fav coffee place, esp since it means I get out of my office!

Ruzica Panic said...

...happiness of others :)

lepetitdoodler said...

dogs named "beans"
hot-out-of-the-oven pilsbury crescent rolls
surprise attack eskimo kisses from my fiance :o)

Anonymous said...

Bacon, warm fires lit in our fireplace and my uber hot papi chulo of a husband!
These things make my heart sing! :)

Simply Mel said...

- Miette Rose & Geranium Macaroons
- Making glittery pink princess crowns for my little crumb
- Falling asleep on my McDreamy's shoulder

stephanie said...

hmmm good question! here's what makes me very happy at the moment:
1. lazy sundays with my hubby
2. holiday baking
3. kisses on the cheek

Rebekah @ Shell Blog said...

my current top 3...not necessarily in this order:
-roasting squashes from our CSA share and seeing all the different ways i can stuff them.
-my new jeans from old navy that fit AWESOME, were super cheap, and are the perfect dark wash. who knew?
-how during the most unfortunate of circumstances i have fallen in love with my hubby all over again.

also, someone also mentioned dominos, and i have to agree! we're obsessed. and hitchcock movies always make me happy, too, joanna. our theatre is playing "rear window" on sunday night...can't wait to see it on the BIG screen!

Melanie said...

icecream, riding my bicycle, breakfast in bed x

jamie.lowe said...

1.daydreaming about going on our honeymoon to london in may
2.pretending that my fiance and i are some sort of invitation design team
3. navan vanilla cognac

cindy said...

it makes me really happy when i hear 'cutie, i'm home!'.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

my new ruffeled shower curtain make me very, very happy, rain on the way, my kittys and my poodle, Butterscotch.

Anonymous said...

*constently thinking about my art instelasion from 2 days ago that went graet
*finding online insperasion from all the blogs i read
*looking forwerd and thinking what will i waer to futuer plans i have maid

Taylor said...

I loved this post! It's so lovely to acknowledge and to read about the things that make people happy. Mine:

1) being with my family
2) the first cup of coffee in the morning
3) making people laugh!

Kelley said...

Nutella on crackers, great deals on vintage Kilim rugs and holiday bazaars

Marisa said...

visiting mexico city
calling my new husband "my husband"

Megan said...

When someone points out something totally cute and says, "That's so you!"

Not having enough money to buy more furniture for the apartment I share with my boy. Looks like we'll have to spoon to watch TV, honey!

Grabbing a size to small off the sales rack because it's all that's left and finding out they fit! Bonus happiness: this happened on my lunch break today. Work feels so effortless now!

Prippy Handbook said...

Love lists - fun!

~ Connect Four

~ Coffee with Chicory

~ David Bowie

kaitlin said...

today made me happy.

i've been sick since thursday, and today was the first day i felt well enough to go outside.

i ate japanese bento, walked in the sun, drank coffee on a patio (it's november?) and bought yarn to knit a lovely scarf for my lovely husband.

vaxcel lighting empire collection said...

I love alfred hitchcock movies.

Rachael said...

Oh, and if you like salt and vinegar chips, you should try McCoy's Salt & Malt Vinegar crisps (if you haven't already)...they are the best!

nadhsamuel said...

writing, soft musical, coffee

Margaret said...

I love Hitchcock movies! Gregory Peck and Grace Kelly make me happy. Getting post (even junk!) makes me giddy happy! My morning cup of tea (and the 5+ that follow it throughout the day!) makes morning bearable!

Brandi said...

I love snuggling up with my boyfriend and three cats, drinking a tall glass of milk, baking delicious food and watching people's reactions as they eat it, singing at the top of my lungs as I'm driving, dancing in supermarket aisles, and watching the stars come out...Life is so stunning.

kate said...

Lets see..... three things....clouds, hot air balloons, and tied for third is paint and my camera.

I think i could name things all day but instead i am going to blast music, (one of my favorites and clean so i don't have to do it on my day off)

Julie said...

good marinara sauce.
clear nights with no clouds and the moon shining!
french vogue.

theuncovering said...

These days, I love the smell of grass after rain,

snuggling into covers during a cold night (and warming them too),

the warmth you feel after entering a shop- contrasting with the New York weather, (At least it's getting warmer this week?),

coffee after a month and a day without (A bet I won),

making my own spaghetti sauce recipe,

just seeing my dog and her puppy every day,

staying home alone, and reveling in the quiet solitude,

and thinking about past vacations.

This is what makes me happy, and I wouldn't trade it in even if they tell me I have to.

nath said...

gosh, this is unusually hard. things are a bit dark round here right now.


clean bedding

holding Iris's hand

making something beautiful. Iris and i made tissue lanterns today for a Martinmas lantern walk at her kindergarten tomorrow evening.

oh! i wish i could think of more.

Amanda Morrison said...

I think the Lays salt and vinegar potato chips are the best! But they don't sell them anymore in any of the grocery stores around me! I only find them in gas stations lately :(

TinaGreece said...

1. My boyfriend and I getting all snug as bugs and having movie marathons- yes, we do live on the edge :) (one of the films watched the other day was "Priceless" with Audrey Tautou which I enjoyed immensely :) )
2. Driving with my favourite tracks of the day playing and losing myself in thought.
3. Going to the cinema with my boyfriend and having a nice salmon pasta afterwards in a quaint restaurant.

Joanna said...

Three things that make me happy.....

Browsing through an independent bookshop brimming with books (there's one in particular, John Sandoe books in Chelsea, London, that I remember quite fondly).

Petaluma, California in the fall. I'm going there for Thanksgiving and cannot WAIT. It's idyllic.

Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, California is one of the best restaurants ever. Each meal is mouth-wateringly delicious.

Erin Skinner Cochran said...

apple crumbles, warm socks on a cold night, my husband's laugh

parissa said...

3 things that make me happy, in no particular order :)

1. hanging out in SF on a cold, foggy day
2. a REALLY good cup of coffee
3. watching squirrels chase each other in my backyard

Amanda said...

These days I'd say my three things would be:

1. Laughing with my best friend
2. Reading Harry Potter
3. Listening to my favorite songs over and over again :)

Hannah said...

+Trying on something gorgeous that I never thought would ACTUALLY look good on me, and finding out I look and FEEL amazing in it.

+The fact that I can say the stupidest, blondest things around my roommates/best friends; and they still love me.

+No longer being afraid to be myself like I was when I was younger.

On a more material note:
sparkly/shiny/glossy/metallic things, banana bread oatmeal, getting diet cokes with my friends.

Mommy to Monkeys said...

~ curled up on the couch with my two boys eatting popcorn and watching a good Disney movie.

~ a kid-free afternoon with my husband.

~ crocheting

Meg Kathleen said...

Gooey brownies with a glass of milk.

A long run in the crisp fall weather.

A new pair of shoes.

jessica quadra photography said...

ooh this is fun and i've enjoyed reading these comments!

-my new cashmere grandpa cardigan
-working under a blanket on the couch next to tyler
-baily's and hot cocoa

mtran said...

1. My boyfriend. We only see each other on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. When my students give me random hugs.

3. When I'm driving and let someone get in front of me and they give me a wave to thank me.

You Are My Fave said...

If you love salt and vinegar chips, you need to move to Colorado. The best chips hands down are made in Boulder and I can eat a whole bag in one setting. That's it, you're getting a Christmas gift from me.

a really good deal, patterned tights, mail

Serenity said...

Mine are...
wool socks
and the rain

Rémy said...

ooh, this post makes me happy! but that's a cop-out, so three OTHER things are... eating kiwis with a spoon, lady gaga, and people's love for other people. i saw a mom sitting across a table from her 4-year-old as though they were on a date, and they were holding hands across the table. it was the most precious thing - it just felt like apple cider - and it was all i could think about for the rest of the day.

Jacquelyn said...

Jif extra crunchy peanut butter
Horror movies
Having the same off day as my husband

Anonymous said...

NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPY!! i left my ipod in my brothers car and he left for college! i won't get it back for a whole WEEK! it's gonna be a rainy week for this poor, poor highschool chick. :'(


TheBeautyFile said...

My students' laughter, my dog's "puppy eyes" and any dish made with cheese & pasta.

Bethany said...

love.soft blankets.vanilla chi tea.

Kate@ Kids and Cocktails said...

Currently I'm loving the spicy tomato and basil pasta I just made, the bottle of wine we're drinking and my husband!

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

awesome question! reminds us to be grateful everyday. mine at this moment? tres leches, man shops globe show, doing crafts with my daughter...

blackdovedeepwater said...

shopping trips with friends!
being published!
late night group hangout time!

Jen said...

Getting a subway seat during the morning commute

The smell of bacon cooking for Sunday brunch at home

strings of white Christmas lights

ab said...

new library books
cold beer
fuss-free days with my family

Closet Cravings said...

Love this post. Pictures of Alfred Hitchcock always make me think of "The Rear Window"- my fave.

three things? hmmmmm....

The Vampire Diaries (my newest guilty pleasure. brings out my inner teenager - sometimes I miss her.)

Gelato (always love it, but especially lovin' it now)

Book stores (love everything about them. The in-store cafe, the music, the books, the chairs, the unspoken invitation to sit and stay awhile)

Mottainai. said...

+reflections on smooth-as-glass lakes
+my family

This Time Now said...

Just three things? Ok.

Traveling the world
Having coffee with friends in a beautiful cafe
Reading in bed on a rainy day

Stephanie said...

I love your 3 things! Have you seen "The Lady Vanishes," by chance? It's one of my favorite Hitchcock films.

Things that make me happy lately?
* Long walks
* My baby's smile in the morning
* My 3-year-old's love of "exercising"


Kristy said...

at the moment...sleeping late, black and white film, wood type

my name is lauren. said...

1. a cup of tea + a book + a roaring fire.

2. staying up late talking w/ the husband.

3. a good deal.

miznyc said...

1. the smell of an orange on my hand.
2. dancing in the apt with my husband.
3. random sayings from my 3 year old such as "I have a hypothesis!" (from his new favorite show The Dinosaur Train)

Savannah Jane Springer said...

Chocolate gelato and ... pretzels?!
Salt and chocolate = my new favorite combination.

charlie girl said...

This is a great question, and one easy enough to answer, 1. Waking up when I want too, and not cause I have too, 2. when my husband brings me a machiato while I'm still snuggled with my dog and cat on a rainy dreary Seattle morning, 3. Everytime the sun comes out...

Anne said...

huckleberries, scrabble & new snow

Amy said...

falling asleep with little arms around my neck, the sound of my husband pulling in to the garage and anything with pumpkin and chocolate chips in it!

Carmella said...

-spotting a real live mullet haircut
-outlandish mustaches
-vintage teacups

Anonymous said...

What makes me happy:
500 days of summer
working out
peanut butter

My Favourite Things said...

-The Anticipation of Christmas
-Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte
-Perusing bookstores on a rainy day (we get a lot of them this time of year in Vancouver) and then spending the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch reading. -I don't get to do this very often, but when I get the odd day off it is oh so enjoyable :)

Great post and so many wonderful answers!

Adriana said...

oh I love this, wish I had the time to read all the answers here! It's so hard to choose just 3 things, but my favourite 3 of the moment are...

-hot baths by candle light
-lying poolside with my book
-chicken tika curry :)

Tiny Little House said...

1. Dressing up fancy as if I live in NYC or Paris even though I live in Ohio

2. Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone.

3. Planning time into my day to do absolutely nothing.

Dimples said...

1) Walking with my arm around my husband's shoulder
2) Hearing about my friends that are going to have babies
3) Getting my dance on
Bonus: The feeling I have when I break out into a skip while taking a walk with my husband

At the moment, these 3 things make me happy.

Caiti said...

1) A good book

2) Sunday morning coffee

3) committing random acts of kindness.

ida said...

1. falling alseep on the sofa 2. finding chestnuts 3. spending a lot of time on a nice dinner.

love from sweden!

baballa said...

my kid's laugh
when my husband makes me laugh
watching my favorites series
reading my favorites blogs...
making my staff!!!
talking with my parents...
a shinny day...
so many things... in general every little thing that makes life almost perfect!!

andrea nicole said...

Although these aren't my top three (obviously) they are three that come to mind:

-tumultuous, blustery, tea-requiring days
-thrift stores(!)...dressing whimsically for cheap
-taking the kids i babysit on adventures and watching their eyes grow wide with delight

Caroline, no. said...

-Jack Lemmon or Woody Allen films, under the blankets on Sundays.

-Snuggling with my kittens

-Swimming in lakes and ponds. (Preferably when it's warm!)

-Sitting down to eat my favourite meal, with other people who will enjoy it too


Zana Fauzi said...

Beaches, balloons & kittens!

Ewa said...

I love live concerts. I'm going to hear Chris Botti this evening. Music makes me really happy.

Laura Trevey said...

the beach, painting, and being with my family :) and, oh yeah... coffee!

Anonymous said...

I love reading everyones answers!
My three things (at the moment)..

1)Winter sunshine-when its really cold but really clear and bright
2)Melted cheese on to toast with Lea and Perrins sauce
3)The Coca Cola 'Holidays are Coming' advert

(i also love your blog!) Ella x

kate. said...

1) dreams. both day and night.

2) water. i've been so thirsty since i have started running a lot again!

3) christmas scents. peppermint, vanilla/caramel, pine, cranberry spice, i love it all. i am so happy that the christmas season is just about here!

also.. good lighting, stationary/cards, bookstores, blogs, roberto cavalli, hummus, magazines, sushi! oh and good pens make me very happy as well.

Muito Igual a Você said...

xEat when I'm hungry
xMy boyfriend's kisses and hugs
xTime for to rest (with some good books)


Healthy Shift Worker said...

Finding simple pleasures in life, in the complex world that we now live in.

Lindsey Worster said...

Love this! I did a similar post this summer:

very married said...

haha! that PICTURE made me happy. (though The Birds scared me to death!)

Mariele said...

bogart movies, eggs for breakfast and hitchcock's blondes!

Brooke said...

vintage slips. mashed potatoes. and my guilty pleasure...gossip girl.

Mandi said...

Hitchcock's at the top of mine too (specifically involving Jimmy Stewart!).

Then, I would say sleeping in (a fluffy bed with fresh sheets), and chocolate. :)

a lovely evening said...

seeing my husband at the end of a long work day.

getting into my warm, cozy bed and reading.

now that it's fall, i'm kinda obsessed with cooking my favorite hot comfort dishes.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Hitchcock films are the best. I've seen them all at least ten times!. Wish I had a DVD player these days so I could rent some.

Smart Puffs, a snack food, is my fav. Although just about any type of potato chip puts a smile on my face.

Ghost Hunters on TV Wednesday nights. And of course a bag of snacks to eat while viewing!

Isa said...

passing by bakerys, when you can smell the fresh bread, moleskines and making a lot of plans

iheartkiwi said...

getting stamps in my passport
arizona sunsets
cafe con leche
hugs from toddlers
giving presents
salsa dancing
being married

iheartkiwi said...

i just finished clicking through the parisian style post and realized you also know about the joys of cafe con leche... i have my puerto rican grandmother to thank for that.

Michelle said...

My dog, lazy Saturdays, wildflowers.

Louise said...

Ivory soap, pretty stationary, open windows and cell phone free Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jo! I'm brazilian. We have here nice commercials that talks about it. But we have more than three things, ok?
I brought to you:
In Portuguese happy means “feliz”.

Barbara said...

A rainy day with absolutly nothing to meetings, no appointments- just a day to do what I want around the house They come few and far between.

Annie H said...

Blood orange soda, I've been taste testing them everytime I find one I haven't had at a store.
Sundays with my boyfriend, lounging around.
Actually sleeping until the alarm goes off, not waking up 10 minutes before.

Jenny said...

Lighting candles, buying fluffy blankets, wearing my sheepskin mittens, reading good books. Autumn truly is my favorite time of the year!

Annette said...

1. Fresh Squuezed Orange Juice ( so good. Try it!)

2. Cork. I just recently made an art piece in the shape of a deer out of cork. + Plus I use it to keep things from falling off my shelving and kitchen drawers.

3. Holga camera. Take it everywhere you go!

Louise said...

Its so hard to limit it to three!

1. A really good homemade Sunday roast
2. Sitting in the old town in Nice sipping strong black coffee with my mum
3. Making afternoon tea for my friends and family :)

Chessa! said...

so many things these days...
wearing thick socks for winter around the apartment, having a good hair day, butternut squash, feeling inspired, reading blogs, having an organized closet. rubbing my constantly cold feet against my husband's warm ones in bed.

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

A warm fire
Knowing my children are safe and sound
Wonderful memories
A positive outlook for my future
Oil painting
reading this blog post!!

stephanie said...

Top 3 at the moment:

-Making my favorite foods at home.
-My "Things to do before I turn 30" list.
-Not only just having a job, but having a job that I really enjoy.

And my honorable mention:

-Yellow leaves.

Cozette said...

What makes me happy this week:

1. Scrabble
2. Homemade gingersnap cookies & apple cider
3. Watching reruns of 50 Rock curled up on the couch with my husband.
4. reading on the train.

On the topics of happiness and French things...Have you seen the film Chronicle of a Summer (Chronique D'Un Été, 1961)? Part of the film is people going out on the streets of Paris asking passersby if they're happy.

Ruddy said...

My boyfriend when he calls me papi.
talking to my mom on the phone and hearing her laugh when I make a joke. When my train on the way to work isnt crowded. ice cream with a warm baked goodie. Reading my old x-men comics. findind money on the street.


I love posts like these.

mle jean said...

sewing, quality time with friends, coffee

Alicia said...

1.Reed's Ginger Candy Chews
3.Driving with the sunroof open

martini said...

The view of the sky through tree branches, nightly phone calls from my new beau, and Lush bath bombs!

Michelle said...

hearing god's voice
cuddling with my husband

Darcie said...

Mac and Cheese, Ben and Jerry's and books!

haute.teapot said...

Pomegranate wine, bubble baths, and a good book...all together!

Miss A said...

Sherrilyn Kenyon books
anything that has to do with him
and Alicia[laughing]

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