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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have a fabulous holiday weekend

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovelies! Where will you be spending the holiday? Alex and I will be going to our friends' house in Brooklyn, where we plan to eat lots of cheese, sit by the fire and play gin rummy. Alex has been working such long hours recently that I can't wait to have him in my clutches! Enjoy the long weekend, and, in the meantime, here are a few great posts from around the web...

The style of Harold and Maude.

Geometric wallpaper.

You can never have too many Paris photos.

Ooh, what a gorgeous dress.

Wouldn't you love to curl up by this portable Swedish fireplace?

Ten great directors. (I'd also add the fabulous Sarah Polley, Jane Campion, Nancy Meyer and Nora Ephron.)

Fancy hair inspiration.

Yes, this is a google ad, but it's about falling in love in France! (Thanks, Je Ne Sais Quoi)

Plus, a few of my Glamour posts:

My doctor found a lump in my breast...

Would you name your baby after a relative?

Lingerie do or don't: Bloomers.

(Photo from Superbomba, via Abby Sharp)


Jaeve + Things said...

1. Harold & Maude = definitely in my top 20 fave movies ever!
2. The list of directors = excellent, but I'd add Charlie Kaufman and Wong Kar-Wai to that list as well!
3. So glad the lump was only a scare and nothing else!

Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for your blog, it is my favorite part of the morning! :)

Absolutely Not Martha said...

thank goodness you're ok! (love the google ad btw.)

happy thanksgiving!

Lucía tirikitaum said...

it reminds me of you!

Bobbin Talk said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm cooking for meat eaters and vegetarians this year! That will be interesting! It's going to be one creative food fiest!

Melissa Blake said...

I'm glad everything turned out fine on the medical front -- I've had plenty of medical scares, so I know how unnerving it can be.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Simply Mel said...

MMMMM, lots of cheese! Happily, we will be at home for the first time ever, and I can't wait to prepare our Thanksgiving dinner!

Miss Jo said...

oh about your lump glamour post. something similar happened to me 2 years ago. i found something myself, and then the doctor found something else! i was freaking out because I had to wait 2 months for an ultrasound. But after all that everything was fine.

when i was reading your post i was literally reliving that moment. it is so unnerving and stressful!

Julie said...

I live for your weekend posts! Love clicking on all the delightful links. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!

iheartkiwi said...

i am so glad the doctor's visit turned out okay! my mom has had a few scares and the flood of relief afterwards is always overwhelming.

so much to be thankful for this year!

happy happy thanksgiving my dear!

Liz said...

Aw that google ad gave me chills! even though it's just an ad even the thought is so sweet :)

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Suze said...

Gin rummy and cheese sounds blissful!

Charlotte Drene said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I don't really ever get to say that, as New Zealand doesn't celebrate it.

Cheese, fire and gin rummy. What a fine combination!

Blue Is Bleu said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to dessert lol!

ColourOfAbsence said...

i'm so glad you are ok Joanna! and it's true, there is nothing like a good scare that makes you realize how precious life is. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Kaylen said...

LOVE that Google video. Made me tear up.

I also really, really like that hairstyle. It's so pretty...le sigh.

Have a happy pappy Thanksgiving! You T-giving sounds amazing

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Harold and Maude, one of the best and strangest movies I've ever seen. Wonderful links. The photos of Paris are so sublime.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Enjoy your cheese and the company of good friends. :)

Myne Whitman said...

Happy thanksgiving.

Kathryn said...

Happy Thanksgiving Joanna - so glad everything turned out okay!

Laura Lynn said...

Happy Thnaksgiving!
I just discovered your blog - I know, have I been living under a rock?? Just busy with a bunch of kids -
It's a fun read, thanks!

Ash said...

Happy happier happiest Thanksgiving to all of you folks in the USA!


Anastasia said...

Ah! That google ad makes me teary! I love it, too.

claire said...

I just directed some scenes from a play called 'Tissue' by Louise Page. It's essentially about breast cancer. Check it out.

Maki said...

Have a lovely Turkey weekend!!!!


Dancing Branflake said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Loved all the Glamour posts this week.

Elsa May said...

Love, love the google ad and the hair is so pretty. I'm relieved that you're OK - I found a lump just over two years ago, and the results weren't great. But I had a great specialist team and some kick ass treatments, and so far so good. It certainly makes you realise what's important :) Have a fab Thanksgiving!

Laurel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am with family in sunny 80 degree palm springs- not quite feeling the holidays yet but will when I get back to SF. Have a lovely weekend.

Chichi Mangou said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
In France, we don't celebrate this day, but my husband, my baby and I are moving to Paris for the week-end :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving, Jo! :)

sharonlei said...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Hammy day Joanna!! Glad everything turned out fine at the docs! Take care of your lovely self!!

Love & Aloha!!

prashant said...

So glad the lump was only a scare and nothing else!

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Rachel said...

Dearest Joanna, so glad all is well. Thank you for always sharing - so important to be aware and always a salient reminder that there's so very much to be thankful for. Posts this week a treasure trove, as ever. Have a delightful weekend,

Lotsa love
English Rach

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Have a great holiday weekend too! :)

{this is glamorous} said...

the google ad was so sweet! thanks for including me in the fun round-up and hope you and alex are having a beautiful weekend!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, I am so happy everything was okay with your exam Jo, and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Miss Woody said...

nice picture !

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