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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bullet potatoes

Alex and I have a new dinner obsession: Bullet potatoes. Have you ever had them? You rub Russet potatoes with butter and sea salt, pierce them with a fork, and put them in a 450-degree oven for about an hour. When the skin is hard and crispy (like a bullet!) and the inside is tender, you take them out, cut them lengthwise and add sour cream, cheddar cheese, shallots and lots of pepper. They are cheap, easy and might be the most delicious thing ever. Serving suggestion: Red wine and Curb Your Enthusiasm. :)


Becca. said...

Isnt that a jacket potatoe?! The food of many a school dinner!

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

mm, like baked potatoes, but easier. awesome!

mariel4985 said...

so good. so easy. love!

Dancing Branflake said...

Ah man... I love all potatoes but those sound especially yummy. Crisp on outside but tender on the inside? It's like a giant french fry with toppings. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Jane said...

yum Joanna! i am making that tonight. i needed an easy quick warm dish;) thanks. x

Meighan said...

sounds DELICIOUS!!! I just might have to have one tonight.

Melissa Blake said...

I've been eating lots of baked potatoes recently!! I'm in love with that photo!

melissa said...

hmm yeah this is just baked potato. :P At least this is how I have always baked my potatoes, in order to get deliciously crispy skin. You can also use olive oil to achieve the same crispy effect.


Simply Mel said...

Sea salt makes everything so much better!

meredith m. grant said...

isn't this just a baked potato? it's how i've always made mine, because my mother made them this way. except we rub them with olive oil. also excellent with bacos!

Anonymous said...

These sound delicious! I am going to make them this week! I love the idea of the crispy outside.

Jessica said...

Yeah, that's how we make our baked potatoes except I'm with Meredith and rub them with olive oil.

raya said...

This was my number one pregnancy craving! At least they are good for you. I was told the potato is the "perfect" carb - makes me feel better : )

...Seyma... said...

looks yummy!!!!

Erin said...

Oh yes ... those are a staple around here. Delicious!

kim said...

this is my all time favorite. so easy! i do it on more than 1 occassion some weeks. :)

Blue Is Bleu said...

Ooh I love potato anything hehe I might have to suggest this to my MIL for Thanksgiving dinner.

Carmella said...

Love potatos - in any capacity!
i'm definitely giving this a try!

Rebekah @ Shell Blog said...

YUM!!! we LOVE baked potatoes, but i'm getting a little bored with our baked sweet potato/parsley-pumpkin seed pesto/dollop of plain yogurt combo. i'll definitely be adding the bullet into the mix!

Joanna Goddard said...

i always thought a baked potato was soft on the outside, but maybe we were making them the wrong way. these are soooo good, kind of like potato skins :)

Tina said...

oh yummy...i love them with sour cream!!

Ondine said...

ha ha - I had no idea a jacket potato was called a bullet potato in the US (and that they're obviously not eaten as often as here!) Delicious.

Anonymous said...

This is the way I have been making my baked potato for years... after eating the potato "meat" I put a little cheese on the skins and finish it off under the broiler.
Great now I am hungry!

Alina said...

sounds like a baked potatoe lol. which sounds good...yummm im hungry now ; )


Try it with sweet potatoes/yam too~fab*
ps: hope you received my email Joanna?! Great new week~xo*

LaLaLa said...

I always rub baked spuds with sea salt, it really makes the skin that bit crispier! And totally with you on your fillings, that sounds like the perfect Autumn evening dinner.

Paisley Petunia said...

Do you respect wood?

JellyBelly said...

My mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Shaista said...

You can tell your British readers by the ones who call this Jacket Potato :) They are the commonest food in England, more so even than fish and chips I think! Every school and hospital canteen serves them with baked beans or cheese... your version sounds classier :)

vic said...

There is actually a "restaurant"/fast food place near me that ONLY does jacket potatoes! Although it looks horrible. I sometimes have my baked potatoes with baked beans or my sweet potato with vegetarian chili and cheddar on top. SO DELICIOUS!

thefabricofmylife said...

Yep, very english. I thought a jacket potato was this way, with a crispy skin and fluffy inside and a baked potato was cooked for less time, hence a softer skin.
But the sour cream/chedder cheese/shallot filling sounds yummy!

It's All Good said...

baked potatoes, basically

i like mine smashed please!

amourissima said...

Mmmmmmm..... butter.....

Mmmmmm... potato...

Sofie said...

Ermm.. isn't that just a jacket potato? I'm now renaming mash potato 'sloppy taters' and pretending it's something new.
And look, now I have invented 'bread'. You should try it, it makes sandwiches so much nicer!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh I just had these the other night, made in the exact same way! Except we put broccoli on top too. Mmmm.

Andy Tan said...

This is kind of my comfort food. When I'm all tired from work, I make one and then I can relax. Love it!

Her name was Lola said...

And then, followed by Bored to Death, you say?

Yes, please!


Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

Yum, classic British food. Jacket potato with beans and cheese. Or cream cheese.

The diet of school children, single women and carb lovers the length and breadth of the country. I had one for lunch.

(Perhaps your baked potato is soft because you are used to microwaving it? I won't tell you about the time my parents bought a new microwave and I made baked potatoes. Expecting them to look the same as they do in the oven I kept cooking them. Until they blew up the microwave and caught fire. These days I make them in the oven and steer well clear of microwaves).

iheartkiwi said...

three of my favorite things... carbs, red wine and curb your enthusiasm. sign me up!

mplilly said...

Looks good! I think the classic baked potato Joanna is thinking of is baked in foil, it has soft skin.

Do you really cook them at 450? I always did 350 for an hour.

pia said...

one of my favorites, i remember eating them as a kid all the time! thanks for the sweet comments also! i love your blog as well and have been following for a long time :)

reckless daughter said...

this is so funny because my boyfriend and I have started eating baked potatoes with English cheddar and English baked beans (the bf is, in fact, a Brit in case you are wondering ;). AND we watch curb all the time. I should make sure next time we do both simultaneously. seems like a good combination!

erica said...

yum, potatoes!

loved that article by alex, too. i didn't even realize it was by him, and usually i check the author before reading. i'm pretty sure the alpha dog in the family is not me!

C said...

Hmmm, I used to have one almost every week after classes from this little shop that specialised in them...they had a hundred different topping combinations! But simple is best. This brings back memories, Yum!

Mabel and Zora said...

...with cheese, butter, chives and sour cream. Ummmmmmmmm!

J said...

Might have to try this, thanks!

Carissa said...

I love baked potatoes! I've never heard of a "bullet" potato, but I have made this before. I just called it baked. :) and I don't put in cheese but I'm all about the sour cream. so much so I have to buy light because otherwise I might give myself a heart attack with the amount of sour cream I put on that potato! haha. unfortunately, my boyfriend is not a fan of potatoes unless they are french fried (yep, he doesn't like mashed, either!) so I don't get to eat a delicious baked potato as often as I'd like! but now you are making me want one...

A taste of N to your life. said...

Mmm looks amazing, can't wait to try it! Man! I have tons of recipes to try for the holidays... So exciting! :D

MarjnHomer said...

sounds delish! said...

I love "Curb" and potatoes...Recently found great video on Youtube how to peel potatoes without using the peeler.

Miss Jo said...

we call them the baked potato up here :) they are so yummy!

Ms Unreliable said...

These are so tasty - and perfect for post-wine headaches too!

Good Girls Studio said...

You say potato I say patato :) Yumm!

Lexie said...

this is how my boyfriend prepares sweet potatoes, and they are SOOOO good!

Angela said...

thanks for the dinner idea. it was delicious (red wine included)! :)

trisha said...

yum!! i've been obsessed with baked sweet potato for dinner. wash, pop it in the oven at 450 for 45 mins. top with butter and cinnamon, perfect fall flavors!!

couldihavethat said...

Can't wait to try this! Yum!

Maura said...

I literally just ate some, moments ago (even the wine)! So good.

pretty shiny things said...

this. looks. delish. thanks for the post!

Nicole Marie said...

yum! i want!

Inner Toddler said...

did you mean Carb Your Enthusiasm?

destined to design said...

brilliant suggestion. but curb your enthusiasm really makes everything a little bit better, doesn't it? i'm planning on a marathon during my second helping of dessert on thursday evening.

amy102088 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Marta said...

Yummy! I love jacket potatoes with grated cheese, but, please, NO baked beans :) (In England, they always added beans, God knows why!)

Amanda said...

I much prefer your name for them! In my household they will forevermore be know as bullet potatoes...

accordingtojane said...

Those look delicious Joanna! Must try soon.
I just read the comment about baked beans, heh, I have a maaaajor aversion to baked beans (what's to like?!) and yet it is true that everyone here likes to put them on baked potatoes. And toast. Such a waste of good potatoes and toast! Urgh.

Next door to magic said...

I always eat them with sour cream and chives. That's delicious.

iva yaneva said...

I love it! My grandmother used to make these when I was a kid and I've been loving it ever since:)
At the seaside they made something similar, only they used really huge potatoes and there were various stuffing you could choose from, including ham, cheese (I love it with yellow cheese and creme cheese:)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

That looks YUM!!!
Thanks for explaining, might give this a go myself!

Jessica said...

We like to put them in the microwave for 5 minutes on full, then turn them over, 5 more minutes on full then finish them off for 20 minutes in the oven!

Another thing you have to try when they're cooked is cutting them in half, scooping out all the potato into a bowl, combining with cheese, butter, spring onions and cooked bacon (cut into pieces), then spoon back into the skins and grill with some extra cheese on top!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmm,it's a baked potato.....

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Sounds so yummy!

stewart and james said...

yumm this used to be many a college meal. but i would add ketchup..gross i know :)

Conversation Pieces said...

Mmm I so want a baked potato now... bullet potato makes it sound so much cooler! (I'm currently still hungry after my lunch :(

Hula Hoop da Loop said...

How funny, we've been doing the same thing lately, only we put broccili and cheese on our potatoes!

Jill said...

This looks delish! I often don't have the patience for baked potatoes, but these look so enticing I just might have to try them. Thanks for sharing!

Bailey@ said...

Mmmm, I might have to try this even though it goes against my mothers maxim "A lady never needs a potato"...I think she may have graduated from the Kate Moss school of "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels", I am clearly NOT an alumnae...And seeing as I am marrying an Irishman, I might as well yield to the potato right now...

cake. said...

i can't eat anything while watching Curb, it's so ulcer inducing!

Paige said...

i wonder if this works with sweet potatoes? i'm gonna try!!!

Cassandra Marie said...

Yum! Sounds like something I may have to try!

yasemin said...

hmm it's called kumpir in turkey, and you can find it everywhere around!!

Tracy Elaine said...

I love baked potatoes. It's one of those things that I think taste better cooked at home than in a restaurant. My trick is to mix in on a little lemon herb salt. It sounds strange, but it gives the potato a more buttery flavor without having to use a lot of butter.

Tina said...

oh yes, my husband actually made them for me when we first moved into together back in the day. it's perfect when you're not really wanting to fuss with a big meal. we've been catching up on curb too. I <3 larry's crazy antics.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love these. We have them all the time.

Nicole said...

They cook even quicker if you stick a metal skewer through them (half to 2 thirds quicker). The metal acts as a heat conducter.

That there was not yet said...

tugyen said...

Dear Johanna,

I am from Turkey and we make baked potatoes a bit different.

Just google 'kumpir' !

We bake the potatoes in big ovens, then open them up and crush the inside with cheese and butter.

Then we put various kinds of appetizers like:

slices sausages(with tomato sauce)
pickles(hot chilli pepper pickles yumm)
olive slices
sweet corn
russian salad
and tons of things.

This is something you have to eat before you die...
It looks a bit mixed but dont be scared:) Its yummmy!!!

Anonymous said...

umm thats called a baked potato...

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