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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bright Star

I can't wait to see this movie. Abbie Cornish is my new girl crush.

(Via Frolic)


Pretty Little World said...

I don't know much about Abbie Cornish, but this movie does look like it will be wonderful!

Cafe Fashionista said...

The stills from the film have been making me giddy, as well. Can't wait to see it - I have heard wonderful things! :)

karen said...

I know! I've been waiting for this movie to come out forever!

giulia said...

I had the most wonderful little foray a few weeks ago during middle of week. I ran up to AFI Theatre near my apt. & saw it myself. Me & 2 older couples. I had hot chocolate & pretended I was a visitor to the city.

I'd been writing about Keats & waiting for the film anyway. I had a marvellous time. I work so much on the most hideous subjects possible...this was quite a relief.

I've recommended to several friends' teenage sons: take that girl you keep talking about to 'Bright Star.'

PLUS: there's an adorable big Sylvester cat in it. Jane Campion's own Topper. I didn't know Topper had become rather a star in his own right until looking up some reviews online after the film. It's really quite funny.

OK. That's my five back to evil stuff. Wah.


Jaeve + Things said...

I totally want to see this too! Abbie Cornish has always been a fave of mine. Such a good actress. Have you seen her in the 2004 film Somersault? Or Candy with Heath Ledger? Both wonderful films!

Katie said...

I saw it at the heartland film festival last weekend. it was lovely and funny.

Shaista said...

Oh yes, I can't wait for Keats to hit the British cinemas.. perhaps it has? I shall check now. A new and inspiring movie is always a good reason to be alive :) He was one of my first poet crushes...

Aisha K said...

Oh, I saw this a few weeks ago and it was lovely. So sweet. There's the one scene where I was moved to tears and almost couldn't breathe myself. Such a powerful love. Let us know how you find it.

D&D said...

i do like her. though i'm sad she was the "other woman" in the reese and ryan debacle.

christa elyce said...

oh the photos are beautiful. i haven't heard of this movie.

what is it about?
is it based off of a book?

it looks like my sort of movie.

Cathi said...

sounds wonderful! I will definitely go see it!

Emily said...

This movie is so sweet! It makes me long to be back in England, strolling through the countryside on a rain-soaked day and then stopping for a fresh pot of tea and scones!

kelly said...

this movie is breathtaking! i've never seen such a beautifully shot film -- it's all in the details. the subtle light, the breezes, the sound of quiet. i LOVED it.

Joanna Goddard said...

glad to hear the good reviews!!! now i really can't wait to see it!!! giulia, so sweet about your solo movie date -- sounds so Romantic (with a capital R) :)

Tam said...

I'm only moderately embarrassed to admit, I'm holding the whole Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillipe thing against Abbie Cornish.

It's my one tendency left over from the third grade that I can't let go.

brilliant asylum said...

See it! It is absolutely gorgeous and utterly romantic. Ben Whishaw is my new creepy, sexy crush.

(And support female filmakers at the same time. Long live corset films!)

Marisq said...

i was so excited when i heard about this movie.. "John Keats"

but i had not heard much as of late. thank you for this trailer. i can not wait to see it.

kater said...

Costumes and sets and all the little details in this film are lovley--and a surprising performance from Paul Schneider (I was all, 'The guy from parks and recreation!' so unexpected and awesome). I was really excited to see it, although uncertain because I was afraid it would turn into the mess that is 'Becoming Jane'.

It wasn't awful, but I'm not going to lie--I was disappointed. It certainly delivers in a lot of ways, but it also fell victim to a few things I was hoping it wouldn't.

Definitely worth a see, but something about it irked me. Maybe I'm being a pedant, but ehh. I might just be bitter because I'm writing a thesis with Keats's letters.

So pretty though :)

MrJeffery said...

Sad but so good. She was wonderful!

Shanna Suburbia said...

This trailer is lovely! Ben Whishaw is a cutie!

Caroline said...

I unfortunately take the personal lives of actors very personally and have a hard time sitting through a movie featuring a homewrecker in a starring role (hello Angelina Jolie) because all I can think of is HOMEWRECKER! So much for the suspension of disbelief.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see it!

Her name was Lola said...

Oh, me too! What a stunner + the entire film is said to be fabulous.


Yocheved Z. said...

saw it at the brooklyn heights cinema.. amazingly sweet.

Sal said...

I've heard SUCH good things about it.

nina said...

I loved this movie. So beautiful.

Suzy said...

she was sooo terrific in Candy with Heath Ledger and Geoffrey Rush.

Devi said...

I just read about this movie in November's issue of Vogue. It got rave reviews. Can't wait to see it either.

Sarah said...

Bring Kleenex! and chocolate ;).

Sometimes the plot drags, but the movie is visually stunning from start to finish.

Joanna said...

John Keats is one of my favorite poets ever. You should seriously check out the letters he wrote to his love, Fanny Brawne. They are achingly romantic.

Joanna Goddard said...

kater, thank you so much for the review! xo

Leigh said...

this one is on the top of my list, but with my two little ones i'll have to wait for netflix!

olivia rae said...

i saw it and it's great!! half way through i looked over at my boyfriend and tears were streaming down his face!!


casi said...

Abbie Cornish is a WONDERFUL actress! if you get the chance check her out in "Candy" with Heath Ledger and Geoffrey Rush... it's a bit of a rough film (drug addiction) but its a great piece of artwork and very moving.

jessica quadra said...

i am so excited to see this too! i had to study keats from my masters exam, so i have a love/don't love so much relationship with him. "and they shall be accounted poet-kings, who simply tell the most heart-easing things." that's my favorite.

Yvonne said...

I just saw this movie two days ago by myself. I loved it! Abbie Cornish is beautiful as Fanny Brawne. Their short love affair was quite intense. His poems were some of the best of that romantic period. Everyone should have a read!

Monica from Hola!design said...

this movie looks magical! can't wait!

alli michelle said...

I've been wanting to see this film, too. :)

emilia. said...

this movie looks beyond beautiful... but i could never see it in theatres. i would cry!

CeCe said...

A gorgeous film! It is heartbraking, but there are delightful and charming scenes as well. Abbie Cornish is divine, Ben Whishaw is beautiful. Go see it!

Currently working on a(slightly amateurish) review of it for my blog :)

PARIS said...

I love Abbie Cornish as well... If you get a chance, see Somersault... it's a kind of heavy movie about a young girl coming-of-age in Australia... but it's really a beautiful film and Abbie is remarkable and really shows promise as an actress of today.
Ben Whishaw is also pretty cute in that skinny Brit kinda way :)

Erin said...

Abbie Cornish had an affair with Ryan Phillipe while he was married to Reese Witherspoon. I don't think it's ethical to support her movies by paying to go see them. As a newlywed, I don't condone her behavior.

Sallie Ann said...

Ahhh...this looks so beautiful and I really wanted to see it. I didn't know Abbie Cornish was in it, and I've never even seen her, but I do feel kind of icky about the Ryan Phillipe thing. It's silly, I know..I shouldn't care, but...oh, I'll probably go see it. It looks so lovely.

Inty swetha said...

the 1st picture is gr8!

boots said...

yes! this movie looks so good. such great cinematography

Kelsi said...

I absolutely love the works of John Keats. There was a lot of phenomenal talent packed into his short life. I will probably see this movie entirely because of my adoration of his writings. "Bright Star" is one of many of his great sonnets, but I find his other poetry to be staggeringly beautiful. I highly recommend reading some of Keats' work in addition to seeing the film. His words will carry you away.

Charlotte said...

This was a great movie! I went and saw it a week ago with my Mom, sister, and suprisingly my brother-in-law. Abbie really is a beautiful girl!

Emily said...

What a stunning movie, from the looks of the preview!

Daydream Lily said...


Poppy Q said...

It is a beautiful movie. We got to see it here in New Zealand a few months ago at our film festival. Just delightful and sweet.

SummerTeeth said...

this movie was really, really beautiful. absolutely poetic. i wrote a review on it here:

"there is a holiness to the heart's affections"... ah I swooned over ben whishaw

eda said...



Georg said...


Miami HD Rentals said...

Talk about a tearjerker in the best possible way. Lovely movie, and Abbie is my new discovery.

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