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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I really must be turning into an old lady because I'm suddenly daydreaming about topiaries. They would look great in a living room, next to a sunny window. (They also seem sturdy enough for those of us without green thumbs.)

And on a grander scale, these are awesome!


Kaylen said...

Pretty! Whoever has the kind of patience to make elephants...well, I respect the hell out of them.

Lori said...

Wow, those elephants are completely amazing!

abigail said...

elephant topiaries? amazing!

I especially like the leafless tusks.

Dionne said...

I love topiaries. Especially big, tall ones. It makes me feel like I am standing by a life-sized dolls house.

Simply Mel said...

I would give anything for those elephants in my front yard (and if I had a front yard, it would be even better!)!!!!

Suzanne@threepeats said...

Topiaries always make me thnk of Edward Scissorhands and I love Johnny Depp!

anastasiamae said...

I love topiaries. When we were running around in England, we saw so many, especially at old castles. And those elephants! That's some skill!!

rachel said...

yes! I love the elephants. Of course, I think I'm obligated to like anything elephant related.

Court said...

I'm obsessed with all things plants lately! I must be getting old as well!

meena meena said...

my mother and i tried to make a topiary once out of a rosemary shrub. it sounded good but it takes years to fill out, then clipping and manicuring and pruning all over to get a totally filled out effect. some people are so good at it, its quite the art form, and only for the patient!

Blue is Bleu said...

Those elephant topiaries remind me of Edward Scissorhands for some reason lol! I love those spiral ones and I'd love to get a couple for the front door.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh those elephants are so sweet looking!

Abbey said...


Habbala said...

Love the elephant. I would want a giraffe topiary. Perhaps with a little "tuft" of hair on the top of his head.

CopyStrands said...

Love the elephants, they are my fave!

Pretty Things said...

The animal ones remind me (unfortunately) of "The Shining".

I read too much.

Berry said...

Haha! Those elephants are so cute! And quite humorous! =)

Waxy said...

The elephant topiaries are awesome! Especially the little baby!

The Lil Bee said...

I LOVE THESE! I need a green elephant!

Elise said...

I would kill to have an elephant topiary in my yard.

miss sophie said...

i gave my mom an adorable mini azalea topiary for mother's day this year - she has the green thumb, and it's very obvious that i (in my new york apartment) do not.

Hola!Design said...

I love topiaries! I didn't know they were consider " old lady" I guess I'm an old lady too!

Signorina Svizzera said...

Ok, I am still young, because I don't have topiary dreams, but I would LOVE those elephants!! ;) So great!

Elyse said...

Ooo, fantastic. I LOVE the elephants!

meredith said...

i want one of those topiaries that are on Meet The Robinsons, in particular the teapot and teacup!! I actually just started a little blog of my own, so if anyone could have a look and leave a comment/feedback, I would really appreciate it!

Becca Jane said...

Those elephants are amazing! That would take forever to do, but they look wonderful. There is something so magical about topiary, I think.

Ashley said...

I'd like to sit on one of those elephant topiaries for a photo session. :) I've never seen anything like it!

lolly-jolly said...

I love topiares. they are kind of art, aren't they? but for appartment maybe only a simple form as sphere would fit pretty, i think :)

Elise said...

WOW ! Really accurate sculptures too... lovely pics

rebecca s. said...

the elephants are lovely. i want one!

how wonderfully edward scissorhands it would be to have one on your front lawn.

very pretty.

you should get a topiary!

charlotte elizabeth said...

Well said

She Can't Decide said...

Oooh if I had million dollars I would pay someone to fill my yard with those elephants! They are great...

Edward Scissors Hands could do it for me...

Pretty Little World said...

I absolutely want those elephants in my yard. Yes, they would look out of place, but they're fantastic!

Calvine said...

Oh my, I just laughed out loud and could not stop. Those elephants are beyond hilarious! Especially when scrolling down from the notably calm and simple image above... hahaha

Crystal said...

I love the elephants. Wish I had a yard big enough, and then the talent to make them.

Smarry said...

I love those spiral ones and I'd love to get a couple for the front door.

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Amanda~Weekend Host said...

I've had dreadful luck with topiaries so far. We had 10 beautifully lining the front of our house and in the first year they were all killed by frosts. Of the second batch, only 50% have survived so far. Something is telling me that my 'green thumb' is completely non existent and that perhaps I should wait until I am 'an old lady' to buy any more of them. Perhaps then I might be a slightly more wise and experienced gardener!! I'm sure you would have better luck with them than me though!

Jo Bradford said...

Funny that you should mention topiary as I bought my first one (a beautiful globe of a bay tree on a long slender stem) this week for outside my kitchen door in the new farmhouse... and as I type this my husband is outside, with his shiny new secatuers, cloud-pruning the unruly Catoneaster!! Not something he has ever been inclined to do before!! Perhaps it is our age (approaching 40, ahem!!)

Kerri Lynne said...

WOW, when I'm a billionaire lottery I'll totally have those elephants in my front yard, hahah.

Lisa said...

That elephant photo is perfection! I absolutely adore elephants! :)

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