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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ship tattoo

I'm not a tattoo girl myself, but if I were to get one, this ship one is really rad. Do you have a tattoo?

(Via Lost)


Poppy K said...

No tattoos on me - I think they look nice on other (young) people, but not only can I not think of something I'd want on me for the rest of my life, but I can't imagine it'll look good when I'm old & wrinkly and in my family everyone lives until they're well into their 90's!

Olivia said...

I don't have a tattoo, but if I got one, it would be something like that ship--classic, simple black lines! This ship happens to be a great design.

ox Olivia

hasley said...

no tattoos. hate needles! also don't think i'm quite cool enough to carry it off, but right tattoo can look great!

erin said...

oh, i love this. classic and clean. xo. e.

Laura said...

I have a tattoo across my chest that says "strive to be happy." It's the last line of the Desiderata. It's definitely drastic, but I like it.

Joanna's Foto Blog said...

no tattoos so far. sometimes I have a little desire to get one. not strong enough to do it I guess.

Kyrie said...

I don't have a tattoo, but I'm thinking of getting one in the future...when I have money :P

un bel oiseau said...

yes! two! i have one on the top of my foot: it is the arabic word for knowledge/understanding. and one on the inside of my wrist: it says "dibbee" which is a made up word. my twin and i, when we were little, had a made-up twin language and we used to call each other "dibbee" we would get very frustrated with my parents when they couldnt understand us. they have it on video. so we got matching dibbee tats and still call each other that today :)

baileythebookworm said...

I have a tattoo of the symbols from Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Commandment on my ribcage (and wow was that painful -totally worth it though). The Organic Commandment is: "Love is the virtue of the heart, sincerity the virtue of the mind, courage the virtue of the spirit and decision the virtue of the will." As far as tattoos go, though, I do like that ship -it's simple without losing any of the skill it took to draw and ink it.

LouDuk said...

No. But that is a really awesome idea. Not that I would ever get one.

k_darling said...

I have 7 that stretch from the base of my spine up to the middle of my ribcage. They are all black and grey and include cranes, tigers (taken from an early 20th century print), a viking compass, lotuses and papayrus. It's beginning to look like I'm slowly growing a jungle.

Kristy said...

I do! I have two bumblebees on my back, symbolizing my hubands nickname for me "BeeBee". I love the simplicity of this ship!

J. said...

Oh, now this is a topic I could go on and on about! (I have thinking about blogging about mine...) I have several... all strategically placed so that they may be covered if needed- I want so many more, but until I make it as a music journalist I have to stay conservative! I could go into what all I have and what they all symoblize, but this comment is long enough as-is! :)

Maryellen said...

Cool tattoo but none for me. I'd only get one if Kat Von D could do it. She's amazing.

Sal said...

Love that. So elegant.

Ya know I adore my five tattoos! Someday we'll get you inked up, lady.

sarah { esseegee } said...

ooh this is really wonderful!

tara said...

I sure do - got my hubby's name tattooed on the inside of my wrist and he recently got our wedding band tattooed on his ring finger.....swoon!

Kaylen said...

I LOVE that ship tattoo...

I have one - on my right foot. It's a semicolon (I'm an English major). I looove it. It's only about an inch and a half big, and really, it's just two dots, so it's cute.

stephanie said...

cute! love the simplicity of it :) i have two tattoos, one i love much more than the other. it is on my foot and is a fleur de lis with the word "soeurs" on the bottom meaning sisters. my sis has one just like it.

Anna Macfarlane said...

no thanks.

I thought about getting one about 10 years ago, but realized it was PERMANENT and since I can't even keep a clothing style for one year, how could I love a word or drawing on my body FOREVER!?

cara. said...

i have a blackbird on my foot, the words "iloveyou" on my left wrist, a small circle on my right wrist, a little heart on my forearm.

i'm looking to get three bears for my family and maybe a feather with my best friend (birds of a feather. . . )

Joanna Goddard said...

your tattoos sound amazing! i love these comments! xo

Ace said...

I have two, a pair of Aces on my ankle for my high school nick name, I got it the week of my high school graduation. I also have the saying Fortune Favors the Bold around my wrist, which I got when I switched from an english to music major and moved from NC to MA. I'm getting a third this summer to commemorate my first summer in NYC.

Karen Travels said...

I love the clean lines on that ship.

I know I am getting a simple compass tattoo from a design I saw while living in Alaska. I was going to get it colored in, but I think I like just the outlines like that better!

J. said...

ok... everyone else is listing their ink, so here is mine: Japanese character (kangi) for "peace", a yellow rose (in memory of a friend)both on my lower back, a phoenix on my hip, a nautical star on my inner wrist, four small stars (in the birthstone colors of my mom, granny, dad and brother) on my left foot, a clover on my right inside ankle, and as of last weekend, the words "sing for the laughter, sing for the tear" across my shoulderblades (from Aerosmith's "Dream On")...
Oh, how I love them all.

Laurel said...

I dont have a tattoo... I always wanted one but then we recently went to a water park and I saw that EVERYONE has a tattoo now... that sorta ruined it for me. BUT if I were to get a tatto I would likely get one one my wrist. I think that is a sexy place. :)
( Inever comment here because you always have so many comments... but I do still read your blog daily.)
PS Any new documentaries that your reccomend?

kimberly flower said...

I have a few - and all of them mean something to me in some form. The best: 'lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' down my side, since I'm a graphic designer. The newest (and largest and not yet completed) is a half-sleeve of flowers - since my last name is 'flower' I've done Favorite Flowers of the Flower Family. So the fav flowers of my grandmothers, mom & sister.

The Lil Bee said...

No, but my friend's sister has one on her chest that says Mom & Dad in a heart!! She figured her parents couldn't get mad at her for it. Always cracks me up.

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I recently got my first tattoo! A big classic ampersand on the side of my ribs (bembo font). It's about the size of my palm.

Cat said...

This tattoo is fantastic! I love pirate-type ships (not sure why). I have a butterfly tattoo on my ankle...not the coolest thing but what else is a rebellious 16-year old girl supposed to least it is well done ;)

Mallory said...

i'm like you.... more of a tattoo appreciator than a get-er.... that being said - this one is indeed totally awesome.

paper bag said...

Amongst others, I have a band of outlined black daisies around my upper arm, and a bouquet of wildflowers on the back of my arm....let's just say I receive a "just because" bouquet everyday!

Kay-Tee said...

I have a black outline of a heart with flourish-y lines out of the sides on the top of my foot. It's very artsy and very me!

Jane's Next Door said...

I've got two - a star on the inside of my left wrist and one one the left side of my back - it's an Irish rune symbol for Rowan (which is my last name.) I love them! (Like the ship too!)

Shorty said...

Yep, I'm a big tattoo lover! You can see the one on my arm if you go to my blog, just look on the left side bar...

I have two more (one between my shoulder blades and one on the inside of my left upper arm) but no pics to share. I love the ones with vibrant color and lots of detail. As for when I get old and wrinkly??? I don't plan on showing the tops of my arms or my back when my skin is looking like that, so no one will see them.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I love this ship tattoo! It looks like a tender area to be poked at with a needle though :) On my 21st birthday, I had a small dragonfly tattooed in a hidden area (only to be seen when in a bikini). Nowhere risque - the tattoo artist said it was "on my kidney" which still sounds kind of funny to me.

Grace Lee said...

I love this ship tattoo, its so simple and clean. Cute find! I have a tattoo on my left hip of a plum blossom branch - my parents are from Taiwan, and plum blossoms are the national flower. It's very artistic, but probably the only tattoo I'll ever get in my life.

Abbie L. said...

Arghh! Very pirate-y of you!

Anyway, I would love a moustache tattoo on my forefinger, but seeing as how that is a very sensitive spot for contact with a needle, that will probably never happen.

Christina said...

It's really hard to think of anything that I would want permanently on my body, but I agree about this ship.

Kim said...

I love this one, too! I have two tattoos, one on each shoulder, of video game characters I've loved since I was a kid. Someday I'm going to get one behind my ear of a blind contour my husband drew of me (even though he hates it, I treasure it!) but I'm waiting to find the right artist. I <3 tattoos and if I'm not careful, I could easily cover myself in them!

bpddjeoomon said...

I have a few. I have a small red heart on my right...uh..cheek. :) It doesn't have any major significance or anything, I just think it's cute and simple and really easy to hide (my undies cover it up!)
I also have two inside my mouth. Again, no significance, and obviously I can cover them easily..they're always covered unless I stretch my lips out.

I really like tattoos and I would love to get a lot more, but I'm just so paranoid about someday not being able to cover them up easily if I need to.

nikabrightlightwarrior said...

I love tattoos got three myself posted two of them on my blog here♥-so-much/

Bree said...

Just got my first!! It's a cherry blossom on a branch on my foot. It's brown, like henna, instead of the standard black. <3

j.cro said...

I've got lots.... full sleeves, backs of my legs and this one on my whole back. I got it last May - haven't been tattooed since, but am thinking about what's coming next. I need to get this colored in too.

Bubbly Thing said...

I've got one inside my left wrist . It's a tiny letter for my sis & dad.
Actually i'm planning two more written tats , inside my right wrist and one on my ribcage.

rem said...

I have three and they are all aesthetically similiar to this because I like letting my little boy color them in (I'm a human coloring book, haha). One is a paper airplane on my back, a teepee i got with one of my best friends on my belly, and an engagement tattoo thats an illustration of my husband and I on a bicycle with me riding pegs... oh and the initial of my nickname for him on my ring finger of my left hand. An M for mancini in typewriter font. They are addictive... I want a red balloon next.

Laura from Canada said...

You do loves the ships of late, Joanna! I have a ritual in which I get a tatoo every time I accomplish an amazing life goal - marathon, childbirth, learning to drive. My son wants a tatoo of some chopsticks that I posted on my blog. I told him he had to wait a few years.....he's nine.


Nope. I do not own a tat yet but, for some reason I have been envisioning in my dreams hosting a a humming bird tasting from a honey suckle on the inside of my forearm, in henna...what dose this mean?!

Little Lovables said...

yeah, but it's really embarrassing!

this ship one is awesome, but I promised myself to never get another!

Amanda Nicole said...

Haha, awesome! I'm not a tattoo gal myself, but I agree - nautical tats are pretty cool.

Hola!Design said...

im not a fan !!!im afraid of needles!!!

liz said...

I love that tattoo as well! It reminds me of my favorite pillow by Thomas Paul:

O, and I have a small question mark tattoo on my right inner wrist. It's my one & only, forevermore.

Ariel said...

i love the simplicity of this tattoo. i'm still deciding what tattoo i want, so i don't have one yet but i'm planning on it!

Eileen said...

was at Newport Folk this weekend and the drummer from Fleet Foxes said he wanted a ship tattoo to commemorate the day

kate said...

that's a great tattoo! i have one that i drew (they used my actual drawing) of a delicate vine that wraps around my right wrist. most people think it's a bracelet until they look closely.

Kyle and Dayna said...

oh, i love this tattoo! it's so simple and it.

i have five tattoos, they're all on my arms, they're BIG and noticeable, bright and colorful (it doesn't help that i'm nearly transparent) and I got them on a whim when I was 19. They practically cover my entire forearms, and while they were nice when I was getting a lot of attention, it's gotten very old!

I get judged all the time for my tattoos. People are very, very harsh and downright mean about it. I wish I could say it didn't bother me, but, eh.

Carissa said...

I do have a tattoo. just one. got it in may. it is a swallow carrying a heart on the top of my foot. it is in memory of my brother. I really like tattoos, but not all of them. I like ones with meaning best but I can appreciate the artistry behind a tat that doesn't necessarily have some profound meaning. I always loved shows like LA Ink but since I got my tattoo I am even more into it! :) I feel like I notice people with tattoos more now than I did before and it is interesting to see what people decide to permanently put on their skin.... I love the simplicity in this ship, kind of reminds me of a small sailboat one of my sorority sisters had on her heel.

Blue is Bleu said...

That's a pretty cool tattoo! I have 6 and I've been dying to get another but I'll hold off till I know exactly what I want.

Pip said...

I have a couple of tattoos, both based on my own drawings. A number of my friends are also sporting my drawings as tattoos - which gives me a lovely, warm fuzzy feeling to think that people like my pictures enough to want them permanently emblazoned on their skin.

It's a cliche, but it's true that tattoos are an entirely personal adventure - I'd never advocate tattoos for someone who wasn't sure and I would also never design something for someone unless I was sure I could provide a design they were totally happy with.

That ship is gorgeous - I am such a fan of simple line work.

Alicia said...

I am not a tattoo girl either, but yes, I have one. This is a great design.

pamwares said...

i have a nautical star so I can always find my way home no matter where home might be.

futurelint said...

I love the boat - especially since my boyfriend has a sailboat! I have a line of five ants on my right foot and three different bells on my left side. I've been contemplating a few more...

Suzanne said...

i have six! i love them and can't wait to get more... my only problem is that i can't decide which one to get next.
that boat is fab! i've always liked the idea of a pirate ship tattoo - hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

i have two big ones and a small one. and i definitely will have more! when i'll be an old lady, my skin will be coloured and wonderful, much prettier than old un-coloured skin. my tattoos make me happy every time i look at them.

Mrs Charlie said...

I love tattoos. Have only one, but agree this one is super cool. Would def last the ages.

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

I got my first tattoo this spring. It's on my wrist, and shows five seagull silhouettes, representing me, my boyfriend and my kids (including the one in my tummy). Very simple, and I love it.

That boat isn't bad either... :)

down and out chic said...

this is a good one...i have a tattoo in that exact same spot. i have others on my arm as well (since you asked:)

Fringe said...

I lost my beloved grandmother this past year. She was like a mother to me. I think it may ease the pain (slightly) to get her name tattooed on a discreet part of my body, perhaps along the side of my torso...I can see "ardith" written there. It would be my first tattoo.

Lisa said...

Cute! I don't have one, but I kinda want one on my foot...we'll see! :)

little miss deb said...

I have duh tattooed on my foot.

I love it.
It is weird.

Conversation Pieces said...

Wow, what great comments. I only have one tattoo – always wanted to get a second but never got round it. Mine's Japanese and is on my back... I remember a friend totally lecturing me before I got it done, saying how yucky it would be when I was an old, wrinkly lady with a tattoo - but my rationale was (and still is) I'll be an old wrinkly lady with attitude and I'm hardly like to be showing my back!!

Caroline said...

yo ho!

brook said...

no tatts....except for the ones i draw on myself during long meetings :)

Eliza J said...

No tattoos on me now! But you keep putting the cutest tattoos up and totally tempting me! x

jaime said...

i have so been hankering for a tattoo! the ship idea is just gorgeous. i've wanted to get one in white ink -- a good friend of mine has writing in her own handwriting that says "happiness takes time and effort" down her back, but you have to squint to see it! amazing, huh?

isa said...

that is a really cute simple one! i have over 20 and still going haha

ps. your blog is wonderfull!

Ethaney B. Lee said...

im loving this. i do love tattoos.

Sammi said...

No tattoo's but I want a swallow somewhere.

ashley said...

i do! and it's in the same place on my arm too! it's a narian symbol meaning encouragement and dependence...i got it about my mom!

Kayla said...

I have love in Korean on the inside of my left wrist. My longtime boyfriend is Korean, and love is beautiful. :) Even if we break up someday I will still enjoy the tattoo.

this must be the place blog said...

Now there's a cool tattoo! Too bad I have an awful one that I got at 16...

Anonymous said...

I have many!

I love your blog too btw :)

mt hood said...

i have 3, one says Hallelujah on my wrist, the other is bright orange trees with bright blue and purple clouds and green grass, kinda watercolor themed, the other is Jesus's last words on the cross "Into your hands i commit My spirit". im going to get a xebec ship tattooed this weekend..ive wanted to get a sailboat tat for 6 years! its about time.

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Maureen Milligan said...

I just got my first tattoo a few months back in Dublin while on Honeymoon. A gaelic phrase to remember our trip by.
I love this ship tattoo, its adorable and I love the location to. Arm tattoos are my favorite!

Lucas Jones said...

in response to poppy k at the top:

i think a well placed, neat tattoo when you're old and wrinkly is a great contrast - remnants of your youth seared on you and equally ravaged by time.

am i too romantic? eeks.

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Lindsay Ann said...

I like that! I bet my Newf would as well!

I have two tattoos! One is a good luck charm and the other is a tattoo my husband and I share. The second is a Roman numeral 2, which has a special relation to the inscription in our wedding bands.


cristalle said...

I have a few...
one of my first
my little prince...
my little blue robot
my friend and I match...

Anonymous said...

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