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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Natural sunscreen

The other day, I was hanging out with my friend Jessa Blades, a natural beauty consultant and make-up artist. She always uses natural, organic products, and she explained that regular products often contain dangerous chemicals and harmful toxins. I was shocked. You can even check out your own makeup on Skin Deep. (Scary!)

So, for our honeymoon, Alex and I have decided to take natural sunscreen. I'm excited about it, especially since you slather sunscreen all over your body every day, and I want to stay safe and healthy (and incredibly pale).

Thank you so much, Jessa!
(Photo of Grace Kelly, taken by her sister, 1955)


Laura Trevey said...

What a great product! I want to get some of this ~~ since I am a sunscreen nut :)

katie said...

smart. i didn't know about this. thank you jessa and joanna!

Anne Zimmerman said...

The badger stuff is great. Sadly I need more than 30 spf and this is hard to find in an organic product. Gotta take care of that fair skin!

cheryl.andrey said...

After doing a decent amount of research several months ago I tossed out almost all of my cosmetics and switched to organic and toxin free products. It makes me feel a lot better about what I use on my body in my day to day routine and it's cutting out all of those toxins that make their way back into landfills and the water system.

Simply Mel said...

Isn't it scary? This is the first thing I made sure to change as soon as I realized what was inside all the beauty products. Especially with a pure little baby by my side!

erin said...

yes, yes! the cosmetics database is awesome! so glad you're helping to spread the word. xo.

Torie Jayne said...

thanks for the great link, such a good database, x

Lauren said...

Great find! Will have to try!

Peckish said...

I'm a pale gal who can vouch that this is an awesome product - and the creators are likewise amazing.

A few years ago I had the good fortune to visit the "Badger Mines" after a really bad sunburn - the owner gave me a tin of Bali Balm and it soothed my skin like nothing else!

Blue Is Bleu said...

I'm going to recommend this to my friend who's unfortunately allergic to chemicals in sunscreen!!!

Jill said...

I came across SkinDeep a few months back, and since then I have been trying to switch over to everything under a level '2' of toxicity. It really is SCARY all that is in our products, the things we rub all over our faces and bodies every day!

I have yet to find complete satisfaction in the 'clean' products I'm trying though, maybe I need to meet with your friend Jessa for a consultation.

Lisa said...

Be careful! Natural sunscreen loses efficacy in hot climates. I learned that the hard way when I got FRIED in the Bahamas:

Joanna Goddard said...

ooh, lisa, good to know, thank you!!

nichole said...

Ooooh, I know a lot about this topic! As you know, I've written for a Bazillion organic brands (Hauschka, Weleda, Lavera, Amala, etc.). By far the BEST, BEST, BEST organic sunscreen is by Soleo organics.

It's made in Australia (they know there sunscreens) and is super effective. I'm paler than snow, and I've never once burned.

Here is a link:

It actually looks really great on the skin if you like the look of natural illuminator-type products. It has a slight sheen that reflects light due to the titanium dioxide. It's also a fabulous moisturizer.

Highly recommend it!

lolly-jolly said...

it seems cool. but the summer is almost over here and the sun is not so hard so i didn;t think i need something for sunscreen unfortunately :)

erica said...

pale is good! so glad you found a good organic sunscreen for the honeymoon!

Kerri Lynne said...

My father passed away from Melanoma type 2 almost exactly two years ago so I love seeing other people who also try to protect their skin from those awful UV rays! Cherish that pale skin, Joanna and look forward to years of health and a lot less wrinkles! :) Awesome post!

Katie said...

Wish Bare Minerals was included on Skin Deep -- wonder how it rates?

lana bear said...

I started using the Alba green tea kind this summer, and it's AWESOME.
Anne- the SPF is all the same after 30, they say its higher to get you to buy it, but it's the same as 30 SPF.

Joanna- I used this for the first time (i am PALE!) when I was in Belize- and I didn't burn a bit. I made sure to apply it more than once a day if I was out in the direct sunlight, but I came home tan, and not burned!

Claire said...

I have this! It smells good too.

Michelle said...

Great summer suggestion!
We recently went camping and had to use deet... it just seem wrong but it is better than getting west nile.

Melony Sebastian said...

I also love the Alba Green Tea Sunscreen. I use the Alba body lotion with SPF every morning to protect the back of my neck and décolletage.

Peggy OKelly said...

I was just feeling ill yesterday as I watched my teenagers lather up with an avg. I know there is an alternative...thanks!

iheartkiwi said...

i just made the switch to organic make up and face wash (target actually has an organic line by boots!)... sunscreen might just be next on the list!

you guys are going to have such a wonderful time on your honeymoon! too jealous.

Filipa said...

oh my goodness! Such an eye-opener! I think I need to rethink and redo my whole make up collection!

Lexie said...

i hear that the EU has tighter restrictions on what chemicals go into beauty products .. so i've been keeping an eye out for their products. so far i really like the alba skin care line!

Gintare said...

I will definitely try it!

Anastasia said...

As it turns out, letting the sun hit your bare skin is nearly on par with letting the chemicals from commercial sunscreen absorb into your pores!

I used to always buy Dr. Hauschka for its natural ingredients sunscreen, but it's recently been discontinued!

LINDSAY said...

I'm so glad you're mentioning this on your blog. Many women will realize what they're slathering on their bodies is harming them. I use Jason brand bodywash,shampoo,toothpaste, & lotion all available at Whole Foods. For skincare I like Kiss My Face and some Alba. I strongly recommend reading the ingredients no matter how natural the packaging says the product is.

hoganfe said...

Great suggestion Jo - can't wait to try it! Thanks!

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Kristin said...

wow- never knew there was such a thing!

Jen said...

I use the Alba Kids sunscreen, it is 32 SPF (for my daughter). And I use Alba Facial sunscreen SPF 30 and I've never burned.

Have you read "Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me" by Paula Begoun? A lot of "Organic/Natural" products are actually worse for your skin. Sad but true. Paula has reviewed almost every skincare product that is on the market.

I used to break out alot. I've tried everything under the sun, even organic products (which made me break-out even more!). Then I read Paula's book and bought her products. Now my skin is crystal clear! It hasn't been clear since Grade 4 and I'm now 33!.

Sometimes organic/natural isn't better. Just thought you'd like to know:)

Maki said...

This definitely will be great for my kids and myself.. I never heard of it until today - thank you!

Ashley L. said...

YIKES! That site is useful... and scary! I'm going to take a closer look at the makeup I wear!

Also, I took some engagement pictures that I would love for you to have a look at! They are going to be posted tomorrow! :)

simplesong said...

thanks for sharing!

lindsey said...

omg, dont wear that on your honeymoon if you don't want to be a tomato in all of your pictures. i tried switching to natural sunscreen and it totally failed me (two days before a major appearance, no less!). That being said, I love that site where u can find out about the chems in your makeup. Gross! I am so switching to all natural makeup!

Thanks for the heads up!

E said...

Sunscreen is always key. KEY KEY KEY.

On another note. That picture is fabulous.

Jack said...

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the real mia said...

I've been checking my sunscreen, soap and lotion labels for parabens for quite a while now. My husband always made fun of me until he read in one of his surf magazines that these parabens are thought to contribute to the death of micro organisms in the sea, which is a big deal if everybody is going in the ocean with this stuff on their skin.

Thanks for the link to the beauty site. It looks like a great resource.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog post. However, your post is titled 'Organic Sunscreen' yet the product image you post and plan to use is a Natural not Organic sunscreen. There is a big different between the two. Labeling can be very confusing in skincare but I think you should clarify to your readers the differences. Earth's best, jason's, ddf and many other produce organic sunscreen.
It is entirely your choice as to what sunscreen you use but I think if you are going title your post organic sunscreen you should include an organic sunscreen in the body of the blog post or at least mention that you are going to use a natural sunscreen which is a different product and can still contain many chemical and synthetic ingredients.

little room la said...

how perfect! this is great for us over in LA :D thank you for always sharing great products/pictures!

Jaeve + Things said...

hmmm. i've always been a neutragena/lubriderm spf kinda gal...but i'm interested in this organic stuff...

the art cupboard said...

organic sunscreen that is wonderful :) i am always scared of chemicals too, its weird what humans put on and in there bodies these days.. .
i hope you have a great honeymoon dear
xoxo ~bree

chelsea said...

Last year I watched a documentary called, "America The Beatiful" and learned about all the awful cancer causing chemicals in makeup. I only buy organic now! I didn't know about sunscreen though. Thank you, Joanna!!!

chelsea said...

Last year I watched a documentary called, "America The Beatiful" and learned about all the awful cancer causing chemicals in makeup. I only buy organic now! I didn't know about sunscreen though. Thank you, Joanna!!!

Blushing hostess said...

Who knew? I have never seen this brand before, glaad to know about esp. for my little guys...

Our Green Nest said...

So so so true, especially regarding sunscreen use in the ocean. All of the nasties that people slather on are affecting the ecosystem greatly. Tu for putting this out there!

Badger works well - it tends to leave you kind of pasty/white though (as do alot of natural organic sunscreens though)...and a little bit goes a long way. We currently love Miessence Organic's sunscreen though...

YEA for your honeymoon -how exciting!

Sweet Greens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sweet Greens said...

Hi, Jessa is right, most of the costmetics and skin care items that aren't organic & natural are horrible for you and the environment. I am very passionate about organic and natural skincare and have tested several different sunscreens. Remember when using a natural sunscreen that it will need to applied more often than traditional sunscreen. Also, Badger tends to leave your skin looking pasty and white.
Enjoy your honeymoon.

Jessa said...

Glad there is so much interest in this topic. We need more education and awareness about what chemicals are actually in our products. Thanks Joanna!
Another great resource for sunscreen is-
Also check out- -awesome online shop for natural skin care and makeup.

ambika said...

That packaging alone is to die for. You might check out Burts Bees stuff, too, if you haven't already.

Alicia said...

We've tested a lot of natural sunscreens and have found that all brands are definitely not equal. Some are too white and sticky.
I do like the Alba brand. My kids have never burned, and it is easy to fine at your local health food store. (Which is good for us because it seems like we always forget it on our way out of town.)

But Badger does make some great products too.

Tonia said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I decided to try to use natural or organic suncreen at the beginning of the summer. I couldn't find a lot of options where I live and I wanted something affordable. I finally ended up with Burt's Bees. I've been pretty happy with it so far, but I guess the true test will be my cruise next month.

Meg said...

*sigh* I'm beginning to feel d*mned if I do (wear sunscreen) and d*mned if I don't.

I'll have to look into the organic kind... Let us know how it works for you! And have a great honeymoon!

J Jordan said...

I love the Skin Deep site, its so eye opening. As my cosmetics expire and/or run out I use Skin Deep to guide me.

Poppy K said...

Be careful with that Badger stuff - it leaves a white residue (like zinc oxide) and it's pretty nasty and difficult to get out of clothes and especially any leather product that comes into contact with it. I came close to ruining a purse after applying this sunscreen at a baseball game.

jenny said...

thank you so much for this post! ive been allergic to sunscreen as a child (i break into horrific hives) and i just never touched it again. i never thought about possibly.. using organic sunscreen. why it never accorded to me? i dont know. but thanks! this might be my new lifesaver.

nikki said...

badger makes great products..I recommend it to all my makeup customers and also when I use to work for whole foods, I strongly encouraged my customers there to use it. There massage rubs are great too! and lip balms! heck everything rocks in that line!

aprongal said...

Love the Badger sunscreen, but the baby and I need at least 50 SPF...and it does stain. But I use it anyway because I can't find a good alternative. I love the Skin Deep website. Parabens are in EVERYTHING...

nina said...

always loved this image of Grace!

bluetoes said...

be careful about the waterproof part! i've found that a lot of the all natural sunscreens aren't as waterproof as i'd like them to be, re-apply after getting wet just to be safe!

danacordovadesign said...

Thank you for this tip!!! I've become very concerned with toxins in products lately--it's frightening these things are not more closely studied and regulated. Who do we need to write to in Congress to make that happen?

Jessa said...
This is the place to go to answer all of your personal questions and also questions about legislation and taking action.

genevieve said...

If you think sunscreens carry toxic chemicals, try cosmetics! We are unwittingly exposing ourselves to over 200+ compounds linked to cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm every day. Check out the great non-profit coalition, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for more info and help them make sure we get federal regulation of our cosmetics and body care. PLEASE!

alotstuff said...

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Allina said...

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samojo said...

Another great award winning organic sunscreen is soleo organics sunscreen. It's spf30+ and water resistant. Best of all its organic.

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chamilia said...

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Anonymous said...

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