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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Know any cool girls in Turkey, Sao Paulo or Jakarta?

This is a random question, but I'm working on a project, and I'm looking for cutting-edge, creative women who grew up and still live in Turkey, Sao Paulo or Jakarta. They must be between 25 and 35 years old and speak English. Know anyone awesome? Thank you so much for any leads!

Update: We found all our women! Thank you so much.

(Photo by Megan McIsaac)


LouDuk said...

Saw this on your twitter. I used to live in Jakarta. Can't reccomend anyone, but I am excited to see what your project is!

miss leeloo said...

I contacted a friend in Jakarta and one in Istanbul, hope they get in touch with you!!

amoramor said...

perhaps i know in Sao Paulo..
I can let u know =]

michelle woo said...

The fabulous blogger Insomniac Lolita lives in Jakarta. Not sure if she's quite 25 though.

tickledwhimsy said...

Man. I keep being born in the wrong countries. Excited to see what comes of this, though.

EQart said...

I am from Turkey, I have many friends in Istanbul.

Jamie said...

I know tons of amazing women from Rio - is that close enough to Sao Paulo?

TampaTams said...

I have several Turkish friends and I'm getting ready to go over to Istanbul and Cesme for vacation in a couple of weeks. Would love to help if I can.

Gabi said...

Does it have to be in Sao Paulo, or can it be somewhere else in Brazil (like Espirito Santo)? If only in Sao Paulo, I know a young writer... I'd love to help :]

Anonymous said...

Diana Rikasari:

Sputnik said...

Check out this blogger Nila, really cool girl...been following her blog and she might be what you're looking for. She's recently moved back to Jakarta...

Nila's blog:

Sputnik said...

opps above was her profile link, her blog's :

Marie Anakee Miczak: said...

My favorite Turkish style blogger was ( ) although it seems to have been deleted along with all pictures from her Chictopia account ( ) which I was sad to see. You might still be able to contact her through Chictopia.

Anonymous said...

from Jakarta : Pimpi Syarleynaomi

her email :

can't wait to see your project .. :-)

Dira said...

me me me :)
you can see my Indonesian fellow bloggers too in link in my blog..

Dira Nrv. said...

i dont know u can see my blogger profile or not. Just in case...

lady elle said...

man! I said I was gonna focus on writing not reading tonight but your inquiry caught my eye! I know an amazing turkish photog but she's not 25 yet!!!!! you should see her photos either way (I will be featuring her on my blog soon!)

jean said...

this girl is awesome too, from jakarta.

Slice of Pink said...

My hip, beautiful, creative cousin Katie lives in Turkey. She's from California, but I suspect she would have cutting-edge, creative friends. Her blog is here--

paulina said...

Why post a photo of a very caucasian-looking person in the quest for a woman from Jakarta, Sao Paolo, or Turkey? (Or am I mistaken?)

morning said...

yes why caucasian

but nonetheless this girl is really beautiful

poly said...

hi joanna,

3 blogs that i follow which i find inspiring and creative...from istanbul/turkey
hope this helps :)


gwen + cats said...

Hey Jo; I grew up and still live in Turkey... but what is the project?

Anonymous said...

check this out ,

K said...

I'll email a few friends in Brazil... we'll see what happens. Thanks for the votes.

canopenergirl said...

oh my god, do i ever! That city is my hood! My best friend is witty, fun, creative and she owns her own graphic design business in Jakarta. Another great friend I used to work with used to amaze me with her courageous dedication to just being herself - trust me, you don't find a lot of hijab-wearing, klingon-speaking, bicycle-riders in a city like Jakarta. Contact me for their emails.

Aya said...

i have a really good friend that lives in jakarta, if u want me to get in touch with his mom let me know!!

koala said...

It's always some random places. Never Poland. Plenty of interesting woman here.

clairette said...

Sorry I don't know anybody in those town... Aren't you interested in Brest, france??? Hum?

Cherry said...

I live in Indonesia, although not in Jakarta. There are plenty of interesting creative girls out there if you don't require her to be in Jakarta. Bali, maybe?
Anyways, there is one exceptionally very creative girl -not a blogger, I think, a singer, living in Jakarta- that comes to mind. Her name is Agnes Monica

Barbara/Brazil said...

Hi, Joanna! I live in São Paulo, the state of São Paulo. My city is Campinas, a big place located one hour from the city of São Paulo. My age is 29 and i'd love to help you.

I'm on twitter: babpe.


frufru said...

please let me help!
i live in sao paulo, but didn't grow up here. :/

Soma in said...

Meeee!! :-)

Brazilian, journalist, English teacher, specialised in fashion journalism at Saint Martins London and PG in Coolhunting in Barcelona. My blog: My email My Twitter: andreagreca

Cheers! xx

Renata said...

Hi Joane! I'm Renata, from SP. Maybe I can help you....I know lots of interesting girls from here. I'm an English teacher at a local university and my students are nice. If you want some help....
ps: love to read you everyday! thanks for this blog!

Grace Silaban said...

Hi, I'm Grace. 27, journalist, and editor of Gogirl Magazine


Born and live in Jakarta for almost 20 years, so I'd be happy to help. Contact me at

alaya said...

i live in jakarta.
my blog:

Ita said...

Hi Joana...I live in Jakarta and Indonesian, I offer myself then..hehehe... ;) My blog is

Stella said...

Awww....too bad you're not looking for someone from Buenos Aires...(hint, hint) :)

Anonymous said...

I like these two girls, one of them is very classy and has a great taste in fashion. The other one is a creative girl, both turkish. I don't know them, though, just read their blogs!

Sara said...

i'm going to teach yoga in jakarta next year. you might contact the studio jakarta do yoga and could find some interesting women there that way.

Lara said...

Hello from Turkey, got forwarded this post by a friend and just saying hi back. Grew up and live in Turkey and know the coolest gals around, this is my "blog" and you can email at


Tamara said...

I was born and have lived in São Paulo my whole life. I'd be happy to help you. Cheers, Tamara.

Smarry said...

I have several Turkish friends and I'm getting ready to go over to Istanbul and Cesme for vacation in a couple of weeks. Would love to help if I can.

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Michaela said...

This gal lives in Jakarta and basically runs the ShopStyle groups section! I think you should look her up. Good luck!

dien said...

Hi Joanne, I'm a Fashion Editor working for Harper's Bazaar in Jakarta, Indonesia. I know loads of amazingly cool and amazingly talented girls within that age bracket, email me for details :)



cool_ial said...

im a Turkısh girl,and living in my country=]
im 16,but i can help you if you want.

Anonymous said...

dianarikasari for sure...

joanita said...

How about LAS VEGAS!!! :-)

freefun0616 said...



hedonistt said...

am I too late? :( - :)

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Pat said...

if it was from rio i could help - me :)

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