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Friday, August 14, 2009

Have a sunny weekend.

My lovelies, what are you up to this weekend? Alex and I will be taking care of last-minute wedding details (only two weeks away, eeks!) and going on an adventure to this trippy Korean water spa, which Alex has been dying to try out for ages. It looks weird but fun. Hope you have a great break, and meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web...

A sneaky squirrel!

Carry totes like a French woman.

Liberty sunglasses and an adorable Liberty girl.

Sit up straight. (Or not.)

Anti-theft bike stickers.

Six happy couples.

You can be girly and a feminist.

3-D polaroids.

Sparkly cookie table. (Thanks, Jessie)

Our girl Chelsea is spending a month in Sweden, and her photos are awesome.

Maggie Gyllenhaal.

First, a sheet at Goodwill; then, an adorable top.

Oh. My. Swooning over this Super 8 wedding video.

The world's most amazing hotel pools (including one with sailboats).

Abbey's house is pretty.

Doesn't this yellow wedding look fun?

Michael gets ready to hit a pinata...

A nautical hook. (Thanks, Abbey)

Loving these belly photos.

Plus, one video:

A Roman holiday, just for fun.

Have a wonderful weekend, my darlings!

(Photo credit unknown; thanks, Phoebe)


Joanne said...

:) i've been there once with my boyfriend! it was quite an experience... a little bit funny... enjoy!

the southern hostess said...

Great finds as usual. The Korean spa looks wild! Can't wait to hear about it.

the real mia said...

Vintage swim costumes have been on my mind too (that's what my Friday post was about, ha ha).

Your weekend sounds lovely. I will be baking pies, and attending baby showers and BBQs.

Leigh said...

Thank you for the wonderful-as-always weekend links, and especially for linking to me :)
Have a great time this weekend my dear!

Micaela said...

2 weeks away?! WOW joanna!!! :) so exciting. le sigh.

ps. I LOVED the yellow wedding. How precious, that enevelope with "1st anniversary" written by the older lady who i am assuming is a grandmother. Touched my heart. how beautiful are they?

SK said...

Joanna! I hope you like the Korean spa. I went to a lot when I was in Korea and it can be a very relaxing experience! Korean people like warm rooms that they can just relax in... I hope you do too! :)

sisters in black frocks said...

paul neuman was dreamy

L E A H said...

love the description for the korean water spa: 'aquarium for humans'.. tell us all about it next week! have fun!


2 more weeks?!
I'm getting butterflies & I'm not even wearing the wedding gown! Exciting time Joanna, enjoy the process...breathe in & out, But just remember- this is not child labor darling...FUN-fun-fun!!!


chelsea said...

2 weeks away!? Oh my goodness!! I bet you are really excited! Thanks for the link and have a wonderful weekend!

JillianLouise said...

just needed to tell you this list is my favorite part of my friday afternoons. always ready to get off but love reading this before i do!

La Belle Lumière said...

Swoon, I love young Paul Newman :)

Luna : said...

happy happy weekend :-D xx

Melissa Blake said...

great links! have a great weekend too!

Jane Flanagan said...

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the spa!!

Brigitte Dionne said...

Yellow weddings do look fun!
My cousin and her husband had a green & ivory one. It was absolutely beautiful! They made everything themselves and it turned out cheap & fantastic !
Look at the center tables! So sweet >
ignore the psychos i call siblings in the back xD

I hope you take advantage of this delicious weather!

Carissa said...

I am loving that photo you posted, it reminds me of one of my father that I found years ago ... my dad is a pretty big guy now, but in this old photo, he his lean and fit and wearing itty bitty trunks while lounging ... just like this guy here!

Not your goddess said...

You always find the best things! Have a great weekend!!!

theflashdance said...

thanks joanna! hope you have a great weekend. -MICHAEL

Jessie Cacciola said...

Thanks Joanna! Glad you liked the cookie table idea. And can't believe you're still keeping up with regular posting with only 2 weeks left to plan for the wedding!

Enjoy the weekend! :)

niftythriftyowl said...

i just ran across your blog from another, and it was quite entertaining! thanks for all the fun links. now following. :-)

Amanda Nicole said...

How great is that pic... The spa looks like a lot of gun! Happy weekend :)

DUSKIN said...

can;t wait to hear about the spa, also dying to go!

clairette said...

Thanx 4 the links as usual! have a colorfull week end!

Little Lovables said...

Have lots of fun! I hope you share your wedding pics, I"m sure it will be most spectacular

MissBliss said...

These links are wonderful...

i loved the belly photos! especially the first one and the iphone one...

of course the pools, as well...i can go to the Miami one. :)

loved the couples photos!!!

Have a fun weekend, Jo!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

That cookie table link made me feel all mooshy inside! I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio in a very Italian family, and it is absolutely UNHEARD of to not have a cookie table. I love the tradition-- less colorful than a candy buffet, but just as yummy!

And the fact that all of the people you love sit in their kitchen and think of you while they're baking is just so heart warming :)

Kate said...

Girl, you're so uptight! That place looks crazy fun! Enjoy :)

the art cupboard said...

i love vintage summer photos :)

SarahIsabella said...

Is that Paul Newman in that photo?! I sure do love him!

Rachel said...

Gosh Joanna, as always your weekend roundup is unfailing good. I am sure i'm not alone in looking forward to it immensely. Really. And two weeks?! Curazy mahoosively exciting! How the time has flown. Have a super lovely weekend,

Love English Rach


Jacqueline Powers said...

The Korean spa is fantastic! Like Moroccan hammam meets water park meets trendy spa. Not to mention there's a Starbucks, fresh juice bar and delicious sushi inside. It's a days worth of fun and relaxation.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't believe that the big day is just two weeks away! I'm so thrilled for you!

That yellow wedding looks quite fun. I think I would want a pink one; though I can't imagine any groom agreeing to that! :)

Stacey said...

hee hee, love that squirrel pic, had to send it to my mom :)

Something's Dishy said...

Love that photo of Paul Newman! Have a great weekend!

amoramor said...

all i need =]

Kate said...

I don't know what happened to your slip and slide post, but this is pretty fun too!

{lovely little things} said...

That waterspa looks like so much fun, have a grand time!

Berry said...

Ooh! I LOVE the Liberty glasses! The floral is so sweet!

Have a wonderful time at the spa! =D

39th and Broadway said...

Bravo to anyone who can keep up with work and blogging with a wedding only 2 weeks away!!

Joanna Goddard said...

ha, kate, i heard it was fake, so i took it down! :)

JBeaudetStudios said...

Wow Joanna, two weeks to go! You must be so excited! Have a great weekend. I'm enjoying every minute of mine because school starts next week. I work in education and am starting an art business!(trying to, anyways)This summer has been great having the time to paint, now it's back to work. Enjoy your weekend. I love reading your blog!

Italo said...

Have a nice sunday!
PS: for this photo you deserve a prize, wonderful! :D Ciao, Italo.

The Lil Bee said...

I loved that squirrel friend and I were howling! And the bride in that yellow wedding had one of the prettiest dresses and shoes ever. Great links, J...I'm so excited for you that the wedding countdown is getting smaller and smaller :)

Cory Lane Anderson said...

Just love that photo! You really do have your finger on the pulse! You always have something fun to see! :)

*gemmifer* said...

Oh, how I want those Liberty goodies! You can never have enough Liberty prints, in my opinion.

My friend has been raving about that spa in Queens for ages, and every friend who he's brought there has also raved about it. Until I saw the NYT article last year I thought it sounded like a "massage parlor" (you get my drift). Now I'm thinking I need to plan a visit for myself!

Laura said...

I hope you had fun this weekend!

I love that picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal. It's from an old issue of Nylon magazine. She's one of my favorite actresses!

jenay said...

After following your blog for some time now, I've grown so attached to your wedding day !! I'm so excited for you, I can't wait to see the updates :D

CC. said...

lets hear about the spa! ive been trying to go for weeks-ive heard great things.

b. said...

i looove paul newman!!! where did you get that adorable picture?

Erin Skinner Cochran said...

Just wanted to wish you all the happiness in the world as you gear up for your wedding day!

chickdowntown kate said...

A yellow wedding. What a concept. Who knew monochromatic could be so interesting. not to mention totally hip and classic at the same time? Beautiful.

Brooke said...

Oh, Paul.

susana said...

I hope you had fun this weekend!
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melissa davis said...

Oh my, wasn't Paul Newman delish?? ;)

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