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Friday, August 28, 2009

Have a blissfully happy weekend!

My dear readers, I'm pinching myself as I write this: Alex and I are finally getting married tomorrow! My relatives arrived from England last night (with hats in their suitcases!) and we had a giggly pizza party. Tonight is the rehearsal and tomorrow is The Big Day itself. I can't wait to kiss Alex for the first time as my husband. My arms feel buzzy with excitement, and as Stephanie said, I just want to hug the world.

Thank you again for making our wedding planning so much fun. It has been exciting to share each funny and exciting step with you and hear your thoughts and stories. I can't wait to show you the photos. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great posts around the web this week....

Peanut butter and jelly truffles.

A groom gave his bride this funny card on their wedding day. She must have laughed out loud.

Pretty things from Provence.

Dreamy constellation globe.

Objects in My House is like a slot machine for design bloggers. (Via Swiss-miss)

A fabulous proposal -- with Polaroids!

Wine with embroidered labels.

What a welcoming foyer.

Shoe flowers and tree art.

This 28-year-old guy lives with his 73-year-old dad. He writes down stuff his dad says. GENIUS.

A wedding invitation that tells a love story.

Rainboots for muddy walks in the woods.

Tattoos that look like paint.

Pretty heart tights.

I heart these necklaces. Also, these.

Anna Wintour on David Letterman. She jokes, but she's still scary.

An incredible installation. (Via Morale Agency)

Have a fabulous weekend!!! Go kiss someone you love!!! xoxo

(Photo of Alex and me at Sunday Suppers, by Karen Mordechai)


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Laura B said...

Happy wedding day and new life together as mr&mrs!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

A hundred thousand congratulations to you both!

I can not wait to hear all about it!


jean goddard said...

Congratulations, darling daughter! I am so excited. I love you!

Hila said...

Have a fantastic, beautiful, romantic, funny, lighthearted, sublime, silly, fun and love-filled wedding!

Carissa said...

I am so excited for you! I am a little late in writing this since I was away on vay-cay and without the internet, but since it is sunday I am going to say congratulations on getting hitched! I hope your day was everything you dreamed it would be and more. I can't wait to see the photos!! I bet you looked stunning in your gown... oh, and that pic of you and alex is just too adorable. you guys are one cute couple! congrats again!

Iva said...

YAY! So wonderfully exciting! I will be thinking of you. May it be exactly what you dreamed of...and more. All the best, today..and forever.

Katie said...

Gorgeous picture of you two! AND, Congratulations!!!

Very excited to see your beautiful wedding pictures. :)

Shels DarkChocolate said...

Aaaaw love is such a beautiful thing... CONGRATULATIONS. I am sure the wedding was spectacular & a delightful showcase of your love.

Can't wait to see pictures and I hope you last for many, many years. =)

Pip said...

I hope it was everything you wanted it to be!


bess said...

congrats on your wedding, I hope you had a magical day!! have a wonderful honeymoon:) ps. i loved your honeymoon registry - such a great idea!

two brunettes said...

I am so beyond happy for you! I hope you had the most amazing wedding ever. I really can't wait to see photos. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

K. Carlos said...

Congratulations!!! I feel lucky to have landed on your blog as you were going thru the wedding planning! Best ideas ever!

xoxo ~ Kris

blue moss said...

congrats!! and i love the pic

lady elle said...

you are married by now, so CONGRATS!!! I hope you are both enjoying the honeymoon (I know you are!)
your weekend roundups (& blog) are the greatest (:

Eugene Sarang said...

congrats on your big big day! hope you have many wonderfully full and joyous days to come (:

avant garde said...

thinking of you as you start your honeymoon! enjoy! enjoy! enjoy! can't wait for pic's!

kellyhicks said...

Congratulations! Have so much fun! I love marriage advice... its so interesting to hear what people have to say because it tells a story about their relationship. :)

stacy di said...

wishing you a lifetime of happiness. I'm sure your day was incredible...and have a fun honeymoon!


jennifer said...

Congrats joanna! can't wait to see some pictures!

daydreamer said...

Congratulations and best wishes to you both!!! I hope the wedding was wonderful and the honeymoon is great!!

{lovely little things} said...

Congratulations, I hope everything went flawlessly, you're sure to make a beautiful bride!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hope you have a wonderful day lots of Love from all at candyfusion belt buckles!

Freckle & Hyde said...

Congrats & CHEERS!!! To a long, healthy, happy, beautiful life together. {New reader leaving here with a big smile on her face} :)

lk said...

congrats!! i just went to an english wedding, and i LOVED all the hats everyone wore. i feel like they should be mandatory at every wedding!

Brandi said...

Belated Congrats Mrs!! I hope you are having an amazing honeymoon! Can't wait to hear about everything upon your return

AnastasiaC said...

oh Joanna you and are Alex are married SO happy for both of you, Congratulations!!!
have a wonderful time on your honeymoon...cnat wait to hear all about the big day and the beautiful trip!

Lalipourie said...

holy crap that link of shitmydadsays.....hahahahahaahaaaaaahahahahahahaha so funny thanks for waking me up from spacing out from work...hahaha

Gaia said...

sorry I'm late...congratulations!
Have a fantastic honey moon!

So Haute said...

Congratulations Joanna!! I wish you two all the best! Have an amazing time on your honeymoon!!

PS - I've really been enjoying the secrets to a happy marriage posts while you've been gone. Such a great idea!! xo

maine_girl10 said...

Congrats! I wish you guys a blissful honeymoon and fantastic marriage! I can't wait for more posts and photos from your wedding :)

keli * said...

congratulations to both of you!!

szaza said...

Good luck and congratulations!
I wish you loads and heaps of happiness!

Rainy said...
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