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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy birthday, Nick!

Happy birthday to Nick, the best little brother ever. He'll tell you jokes ("What's brown and sticky?" "A stick!"), take you on evening biking adventures and bring you cashews when you're sad. I love you, Nick, and I'm excited to hang tonight!


kate said...

he's also super cute.

LbL said...

Happy Birthday cute little brother, from a complete stranger!

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday, Nick!!! We love you!!! xxx Luce and Mom

Silvia said...

Haha awesome joke! I'll have to tell that one to my own little brother-- he'll get a laugh!

P.S. Happy birthday Joanne's brother!

Rebecca said...

i'm stealing that joke:)

Sunshine Sarah said...

Uuu, cute brother :>
Happy birthday to your brother!
Hope you guys have loads of fun!

Debutante said...

...and he's very handsome!!!

AlicePleasance said...

I'll second the comment above...he's really handsome!!

SW said...

Happy Birthday Nick! I second all motions above!

Jeremy said...

Nikolaev, you are a great star, you keep me laughing and always engaged, and I adore you.

Carissa said...

love that photo! hope you have fun hanging out with your little bro tonight!

jean goddard said...

Hey, Nick! Lucy and I wish we could celebrate with you, Alex, Jo and SW tonight! Happy, happy birthday! We miss you. You just get cuter with age - and you were an adorable baby!!! Happy Birthday. :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Joanna's little brother! :)

Kwana said...

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

A French Cloud said...

you are blessed with the joy of a brother--only child here.

Simply Mel said...

Love having a little brother...they make the world a happier place!

Maryellen said...

Happy Birthday to your little brother. He does very sweet things, I especially like the evening bike ride.

kristina * said...

well, happy birthday to him -- brothers rock (i got three of them!) have fun tonight! :)

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time & happy birthday to your brother, Joanna. It's my second sister, Beth's birthday, too. And a friend had her baby today. So it's a great 23 July for all.

xo Susan

Nick Goddard said...

Thanks for the wishes everyone-- yes yes, such a lovely day so far (except for the weather you know), and the first day of leo's reign too--on your mark, get set RAWR

eunice said...

looks like you've got the coolest little bro ever! Happy birthday Nick!! :)

Tracy said...

Funny and cute!

Lindsay said...

its my brother's birthday today too!

truffle oil said...

happy birthday you beautiful bastard.

cassaundra said...

happy birthday, nick!

you're adorable.

Anonymous said...

your description of him is wonderful! the little things are the best :)

Hola!Design said...

and he's cute!!! I'd love to have a brother!!!

Laura. said...

does he get cuter with every post? seriously!

Blair said...

Awww...sounds like the perfect brother. Happy birthday to him!

{this is glamorous} said...

happy birthday to nick!


:) to kate's comment

Maiz said...

Here's a funny story for Nick from a complete stranger: My 2 1/2 year old son, Ruben, loves that video of Nick that you posted several months ago where he's talking about being unemployed. I think it started as part of Ruben's "yellow motorcycle obsession," but it persists! The last time he asked to watch it (yesterday), my husband and I looked at each other and groaned! We still showed it to him anyway, but we've seen it too many times. Happy birthday, Nick, from your little fan!

Alexandra said...

Aww aren't siblings the best!? You get to be better friends with them as you age and have more in common... ah fun. your family sounds just darling. nick is a peach!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Nick!!!

captivate me. said...

awww, yay, Happy Birthday (belated) Nick!

malo said...

Happy birthday! It's so great to have a brother or a sister close. I have one of each and I love them more than I can say. Thinking of them make me humble and very thankful.

Courtney said...

Awww, little brothers are the best! And that joke is great!

Elizabeth Bennet said...

No kidding, that's MY signature joke.

Is your brother single? Does he like Australian girls??

Nick Goddard said...

Ruben and Maiz-- I actually have 3 yellow motorcycles, two are mopeds actually, but if you let me know your email I can make some videos and take some pictures- BRAAAP!

freefun0616 said...



Anonymous said...

awwww how sweet! You can totally see the resembelence, well to me!
reminds me that my sister's bday is coming up!

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Claire said...

Hot brother!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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