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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wedding dress help!

At long last, I've narrowed down my wedding dress hunt to two dresses, and, of course, I'm having trouble deciding. I put it to a vote on Smitten, but the results so far are exactly 50/50. Will you please help break the tie? I would so appreciate your thoughts! Vote here... xoxo

P.S. It's so odd, I'm usually pretty decisive, but this wedding dress decision is giving me a run for my money!


Café Girl said...

I put my vote in, but I think you should go with the Cecelia dress, most definitely!!! It's gorgeous!

Mare said...

They're both gorgeous but I voted for the dress with the halter neck line. So I guess I agree with your first instinct.

Darci said...

They are both beautiful, but go with your first instinct - Gracie!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

I voted for #1 since I'm not sure how flattering the halter would be from all angles (if you notice, she's kind of in an interesting, twisted stance). Both would look lovely on you though, so no need to worry! xo

magpiesandmagnolias said...

Joanna- I have been IN LOVE with the Cecelia since they debuted it. That is definately my vote. It is so classic and simply beautiful. I can understand the appeal of the other bc it will show off your shoulders, but the Cecelia will show off your collarbone which I am sure Alex will love!

Dionne said...

Number 1 for sure!!!

Olivia Rae said...

Wow what a tough choice... they are both SO beautiful and I'm sure they both look perfect on you!! I would go with the one you feel more comfortable and beautiful in! Either way you'll look gorgeous! Great choices.

Sara said...


Cathy said...

#2! The Gracie! I'm a sucker for a distinctive, unusual neckline. Cecelia is lovely but the silhouette/ neckline is more common - essentially similar to a fancy silk wrap dress.

Also, not many people can pull off the Gracie... basically only people with your figure Joanna! Cecelia is a more forgiving dress - probably the reason why the silhouette and neckline are more common.

#2 is a perfect combination of simple, stunning, sexy, yet slightly different. Go for Gracie!

avie said...

I voted, but I wanted to tell you why I voted for the first one. I think it is very feminine and just sexy enough for a wedding day. I personally love feeling like a woman and I think the first one does it where I think the second one really devalues your most womanly asset (if you know what I mean). I always imagine women comfortable and sexy on their day and the first dress screams that. Also maybe you should just go with the one that is more comfortable,I did and it's the best decision I made. I hope this helps!

one little journey said...

voted! all for the Gracie gown, soooooo lovely!

abigail said...

they are both beautiful, but I like the halter one best. it's totally normal to second guess yourself so close to your big day (I didn't make my final decision about a dress until the woman at the shop told me that if I didn't pick one in a day or two I wouldn't get it in time for the big day.) but it's a beautiful dress, and I love that you said it made you feel like a ballerina. That's how every bride should feel that way on her big day.

Ameya said...

Haha, wow, what a tie! Voted for the first one. I just see you with the goddess look and flowy hair. Natural beauty! =)

rebecca s. said...

ooh so tough! they are both gorgeous and i know they will look lovely on you. i think you should go with your first choice. also, you feel like a ballerina in it!

my first dress, vintage, was ruined at the cleaners a week before the wedding! i scrambled and got a beautiful replacement, also vintage, and then the day of, minutes before the ceremony i put on the damaged dress and hid the hole with millinery flowers that were supposed to go in my hair. i just had to go with my first choice. and no regrets 12 days later. :) xoxo, rebecca

TheBeautyFile said...

I am totally digging dress 1. For so many reasons. I am not a halter kind of girl...even though this is for you, I just am not crazy about a halter. I love the look of #1 with your hair either down or half up half down. I ADORE the first one...that whole neckline is just so incredibly glamorous, different, flattering & memorable! You are going to be a beautiful bride!!

layersofmeaning said...

I just voted....

Black Dog Salvage said...

one for the wedding? one for the reception? :)

if i had to pick only one, i voted for #2 - but don't listen to us... go w/ your gut... which makes you feel the most giddy?

Sal said...

Such a tough choice, lady - they're both GORGEOUS!

rachel said...

I voted for the halter one! but the other one is so cute too. but go for the halter one! This is so confusing! Sorry!

Char said...

the thing is, he loves you and he will thing you are the most breathtaking thing in the entire world in either dress. I voted for one and then I second-guessed myself - whichs shows they are both fantastic. I will put it this way. If you feel like Audry Hepburn - pick #1. If you feel like Jean Harlow - pick #2.

1 is chic, classic and timeless.
2 is glamorous, romantic and also, timeless.

both you can pass down to daughters - both will make you feel beautiful - both will make you feel like a princess.

alice said...

I voted for the cecelia dress, because I love the neckline and I believe this dress is a very good base for you to embelish it with something personal. I don't know, like something around the waist, a flower...

The other dress e nice, but you're pretty much limited to what you get.

Really, I do believe Cecelia is much more flattering.

Good luck choosing!

iheartkiwi said...

i love them both but i'm going with the gracie. it sounds like you really love it.

good luck! they are both beautiful.

Fringe said...

The halter dress. Hands down. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you every happiness.

The Lil Bee said...

I voted, but fyi...halter. It was your first pick. You love it! And it's so sweet.

ana said...

The second one!
when are you getting married?

Jill said...

i voted for the cecelia. BEAUTIFUL. flattering and timeless. you daughters could wear it down the road!

Mary Schwarz said...

The poll is showing the vote split pretty evenly, and that probably means you would look great in either and you shouldn't worry about your choice. By the way, I liked your first pick.

Tracy said...

Which do you like better about yourself/which do you want to show off...??? Your chest or your shoulders??? I think that is the question! They are both beautiful though!

mina said...

I think you would look fabulous in both... This is not a practical suggestion, by any means, but they're both lovely... so... when I have trouble deciding between two things I buy both! You could do a change mid-wedding or something... or for photos? Just a thought..

Melissa said...

I the Cecelia dress. So elegant. The vote is still pretty close, though!

mina said...

P.S. I am having a the same dilemma about choosing a short dress or a long dress

trupeach said...

my vote went to cecilia. she's a classic.

Fledgling said...

The Cecelia dress is the more beautiful dress, but the Gracie dress with that perfect neckline will make a more beautiful bride...

What about Gracie for the ceremony and Gracie for the reception?

Both dresses are divine, you can't go wrong.


Fledgling said...

No, wait...Cecelia has the V-neckline...That would be the more beautiful bride...

I'm no help...

Maggie said...

I love, love,love the first one but voted for the second because any dress that when you put on makes you feel beautiful and like a ballerina should be the dress you wear on your wedding day.

down and out chic said...

you two are adorable...alright, i'm off to check it out.

roysie said...

Flip a coin. You will look beautiful no matter what!

sushipie said...

wow, I can't believe the vote is so close. I don't like the first one at all! You should get the Gracie dress, it's just so current but still completely classy and feminine. The top one is just too boring.



Hannah said...

With your bones, go with the halter dress!! While the lines aren't as classic, the cut is more unique. Love it!

JanelleGrace said...

I love #1 but thats also because I feel funny in halters.

Shea McGee said...

you really can't go wrong with either, but i vote Gracie.

Joanna said...

SUPER tough choice, as both dresses are absolutely gorgeous (you have fab taste). I've actually adored the Gracie dress since I first saw it in the pages of J.Crew, but after seeing the Cecelia, I think you should go with the latter. Not only is Cecelia incredibly beautiful and classic, but you can also wear your hair down and not have to worry about a fancy updo that wouldn't make you look like YOU on one of the most important, romantic days of your life. Loose hair for a bride is incredibly sexy and unexpected and Alex would LOVE IT. The fact that it's your brother's favorite should tell you something. Not to mention, the dress is a bit more grown-up and womanly than the Gracie. Gracie is in her twenties, Cecelia is a woman in her thirties and beyond. Cecelia all the way!

oh, hello friend. said...

Jo, I think you would look SO lovely in gracie! You look tall and slender and that dress is just fabulous for that type of figure.

I think gracie is still romantic and I see you looking like a goddess still ;)

They are such different looks and give different feelings! Cecelia would be nice with your hair down verses gracie with your hair up! kind of more formal, right?

anyway, I voted. and the votes are SO great, lol. they are seriously nearly tied!

since it ultimately is your decision, good luck dear! i hope you decide on something you just absolutely love!


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I voted for the Cecelia one. so romantic! loved both anyway!

ms. less is always more said...

I just put my vote in... it's still neck and neck! They are both so gorgeous! Good luck, this is going to be one tough decision!

L E A H said...

pick the one you feel the best in! that's what matters most.. they both would look gorgeous on you!

Poppy K said...

I vote for the Cecelia with cap sleeves because there are so many options for lovely jewelry. And, although I don't presume to know your future plans, it's always sentimental to be able to hand down a piece of jewelry to a daughter (or daughter-in-law) that you wore at your wedding.

Daniella said...

I love the Cecelia! I voted over on Smitten!

edyta szyszlo photo said...

i'm planning on posting a sneak peek of a wedding i just photographed..the bride wore the jcrew cap sleeve dress if you want to look at it. should be up tomorrow hopefully!

cassaundra said...

100% cecelia!
the neckline is just beautiful!
i can picture you wearing it & you look amazing!!!


Laura. said...

gracie gracie gracie! it was your first instinct (i am such a go with your gut kind of girl), and since you have the figure that would look great in it, go for it (my figure would look better in cecelia--which is gorgeous, but i would lust after the halter/drop-waist combo).
how about choose one and live with the decision for a few days--that will maybe help you realize your true feelings? you will either be excited about it, or thinking about the other dress more. . . . that's usually how i make decisions.

C. Lynn said...

ha! I just voted for the Cecilia because it's such a classic silhouette---your kids will oogle over it in photos, I'm sure.

It tipped the scale by 1 vote. It's kind of unbelievable that the poll is so close.

eva ravenstein said...

i voted already as well, but gracie FOR SURE

whatwouldsummerwear said...

Love BOTH dresses, but I voted for my favorite the Celia. Honestly, you can't go wrong both are understated and elegant and will look phenomenal on you. Go with your gut.

I'm a personal stylist and I wrote a blog post a while back to give styling ideas to brides. Check it out:

littlewinterbride said...

voted : )
both are lovely. I adore Cecilia but trust your gut. You will look radiant in whatever you choose

lbwDESIGN said...

#2 hands down!!! You won't regret it!

Emily L. said...

As a fashion designer I could give you a handful of style reasons why you should chose #1 Cecelia (also my personal fave)...

BUT as a woman in her early 30's who just got married 3 weeks ago - I say go with your instinct. If the first dress makes you feel like the bestest most beautiful version of "YOU"... go with it. That feeling will stick with you all day and you'll remember it for the rest of your life.


Lauren said...

Joanna....I may be partial to the Gracie dress, but I definately believe in going with your gut! You LOVE that dress, will feel more beautiful and confident in it and therefore Alex will adore you more in it! Plus I agree with the person who said the halter neckline will draw more attention to your radiant smile :)

13bees said...

gracie with the halter! you fell in love with it first! trust your gut xx

Simply Mel said...

Hands down, dress #1! Gorgeous!

A Life More Fabulous said...

Hurray for J Crew wedding dresses! I saw #2 a while ago and it almost made me wish I'd bought that one - I love the halter neck and I think i would really suit your frame.
Wear what makes you feel the most lovely - you'll look amazing either way :)

Holly said...

number 1!

Chessa! said...

OMG! You weren't really are 50/50 to the button! I voted for the second one which was your first choice to begin with. I love how delicate the woman's shoulders look in it and I love the detail of the twisted top. I also love the look and my favorite thing about it is knowing that you feel like a ballerina in it. I think that's so wonderful. to me, it sounds like you love it too...even the second time around!
:) good luck! can't wait to see what you choose...

Chessa! said...

ohboy...I just saw it on your link styled with the brooch and love that too...I'm no help. I can see why you're confused. I hate to say go with your guy but...can you have an outfit change? lol


We can have both!..Yes we can.

"Queen Celia"(v-neck/short slv): is so unexpectedly elegant, and would look divine with a sleek long veil, and a clean-solid bouquet.
"Princess Gracie":(twisted halter) is so refreshingly flirty and fun, and so ready to be hands-free for dancing and toasting and cake!

...We! ;P

Please and Thank you.


Isn't that always our dilemma...when
to be a Princess and when to be Queen?

Poke Salad Annie said...

Cecilia all the way :)

wool and misc said...

gracie votes gracie

but i think i just made it worse and evened out the votes further... oops!

ps. forgive me for referring to myself in the 3rd person.
pps. that's not why i chose the dress, it's b/c the halter is so sexy, but sweet. and you look like a woman with great shoulders.

pillow mint said...

I just voted- and left a comment on the voting site.
But I wanted to comment here too!
Here's the reason: you will be able to wear a regular bra with that dress! The halter dress will require a strapless bra and those are such a pain!
(Maybe that will be the deciding factor!!!)
Good luck.

Joanna Goddard said...

thank you soooo much for all your amazing comments!!! you guys are so incredible. and to answer your question, we're getting married august 29th--less than three months :)

blue hour designs said...

Honestly, I know this is not much help, but they are both incredibly striking. I can't even choose myself...I can not imagine what you are going through ;)
Do you have jewelry and shoes already? Maybe that would help things....:)

lauramacdonald said...

Both dresses are beautiful but I voted for Gracie, simply because you wrote that you felt like a ballerina in it - you should feel that special on your big day! But the vote is still so close!

Chrissy said...

I loved the cap sleeved one!..and I voted...but bottom line is, u have to pick w/what feels most comfortable for you

Anna Macfarlane said...


you'll love it forever, it's a gorgeous classic!!

cindy : quaint said...

they're both gorgeous, but the second one looks more comfortable for a long day of being pulled here and there, although in the best possible ways. you'll look gorgeous in a paper bag ;).


ps my husband went with me to pick out my dress and we've been happily married for years!

Ana said...

The moment I saw the Gracie dress the first time I nearly bought it...and I'm years away from getting married.

Please let me live vicariously through you! :)

Tina Tarnoff said...

I voted! And I think you should go with Cecilia - that dress was made for you. You would look abslutely gorgeous in it, your hair down... beautiful!

Molly said...

Both dresses are beautiful. I love how simple and classic they are.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me you have already decided! The description of the Cecilia was all business (very beautiful silky business but still..) and the one about the Gracie was so emotional and you sounded in love with it. No choice to make: it is YOUR dress...

lil said...

Jo, I really think you should go for your first love. Yes, the Cecilia dress is beautiful, but I really think the Gracie just suits you perfectly - I think it would look so great on you and I think it sort of suits your personality more (listen to me talking about your personality when I don't actually know you in real life - forgive me!).

From lil

Diana said...

I think you're going to get some booby flashing if you hunch over with that drape neck--like the paparazzi shots of Sarah Jessica Parker filming the wedding scene for the movie. So go with the halter.

Rebecca said...

it's hard to tell-- you should enlist the help of a couple friends to decide which one looks better on you!

D. Marie said...

I picked the 2nd one...maybe there is a reason you tried it on again and fell in love with it all over again...because it is truly the one and it is truly you! Good luck :)

Emiy said...

yikes, what a tough decision. they are both so beautiful, but i would have to vote for the cecelia. the shape is so lovely!!

Elaine said...

That is really hard....I was going in thinking it would be easy! But nope. Anyway, I just voted and saw the results and it is 50/50 exact!!!! Doesn't really help huh? Good luck! I voted for Cecelia. It is so timeless! And maybe you could dye it black afterwards and use it as a cocktail dress?

Eva Stewart (Eva for Jane Hill) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess said...

Cecilia... hands down! While the other dress is lovely, there's usually a reason you have doubts (I was a two dress bride myself) Cecilia is both classic and subtly sexy-- perfect!

~abi~ said...

be a two-dress bride! one for the wedding and one for the reception! :)

shelliebellie said...

sorry i couoldnt vote on Smittin cuz i forgot my login stuff. ad im in a lil bit of a hurry..

anyway I would deffinately go with the first one from that post. with the v neck (i guess thats what it is in a dress too? anyway)

i think its more flattering on the body. the other one kinda drapes over the torso,like a bag more? i think.

either way you will gorgeous. i love your choices, the simple and elegant. not those giant snowball looking things.

i love that your sharing your wedding planing with us. I can't wait to see wat it all turns out like!

A Day That is Dessert said...

I voted, but really, Joanna - what is your gut instinct? Go with that.

*gemmifer* said...

Oy vey, you weren't kidding about the results! I placed my vote, but it's still split 50-50. Good luck to you!

For the record, I'm loving the cap-sleeved gown. Gorgeous on it's own, but even lovelier with the brooch!

Kristin said...

I can see the dilemma. They're both gorgeous but I voted for the halter. I really love the neckline!

Lilith said...

Even though both dresses are drop dead gorgeous, I voted for the Gracie gown.

kSbl said...

I see you in the Gracie dress!

Plus the fact that YOU liked it before and now you love it again... it's meant to be!!!

lillie said...

i'm amazed that the voting is so close for your dress. go for the halter! also, you must check out this gorgeous handmade wedding dress made from a vintage/loved/darned bedsheet!

Kate said...

I think that the first dress (Celcilia) is simpler in a very very good way. It would frame your face, collarbone, neck and throat -- it focuses the attention on the person wearing it.

The second dress (Gracie) is more distinctive which also means that it's more about 'the dress' than about the person inside.

I think that Alex is marrying you and not the dress, and strangely, I feel that a wedding dress is an item of clothing that shouldn't dominate. I love seeing wedding photos and noticing the people first :)

That's my two cent's worth!

maureenmachine said...


Ally Redhead said...

My vote is for dress #2 as it feels a little more stylish, modern and special. I would dress it up with pretty dangly earrings and a delicate bracelet. I've seen the Cecelia dress online and admired it also but I think if you really have to have it splurge on the shorter cocktail version and wear it on your honeymoon!

clairette said...

The first one!!!! more class!

miss milki said...

Its really hard to tell without seeing them on you. Both are fabulous but I voted for the first one - the Cecilia. Just because the neckline is so beautiful - I think the Gracie might be harder to wear but that totally depends on how it looks on you and how you feel in it. If you feel like a ballerina - thats a good thing! So despite my vote I really think you should go with what feels best to you. Keep going back to try them on until you're sure!

V said...

Jo, you'd definitely have to do the Gracie. Its greek goddess-like, its sexy, its sweet and its YOU. I can virtually see you hair piled up artly in a tousle with a blooming fascinator, some calla lilies and strappy silver heels...add beautiful Badgley and Mischka earrings, voila! The blushing bride :)

Flora said...

Before you make any decisions you need to look at
The ones you pick are both super cute though... I like the one with the neck thingy.

Joanna Goddard said...

ooh lillie, so cool!

Joslyn said...

ok i voted, but you MUST go with the

Lauren said...

The Gracie with the halter! It's still your style, but more wedding-ish, I think. I say you think about which one you feel more like a bride in and go with that one!

Ginny said...

It must be the Gracie dress! You are only young once and that dress is more youthful, sexy and chic. The other dress is beautiful but very, very conservative.

Melissa said...

So which dress is it?? Don't leave us hanging!!

LouDuk said...

Go with the first one. It's hot.

Keeley said...

I voted for the Cecelia because the neckline is gorgeous and the dress is so timeless and classic! But truely they are both fab and you will look amazing in either one.

Jeannie said...

joanna, both dresses are beautiful but you should pick the one that makes you feel like the best you.
(personally i voted for the halter, i think with your slim build the halter will create quite an enviable silhouette. good luck!

tugyen said...

Dear Jo,
I sent you a mail giving a different idea.
These both do not look like wedding dresses...

soph said...

i cant believe its 50 50! the Cecelia dress for sure! and love the brooch addition!

Anonymous said...

DON'T LISTEN TO ANY OF US. Go with your gut joanna, its your wedding!

Or wear both.

Caroline said...

From one Goddard to another - and one J Crew bride to another - go with the one in which you feel the most beautiful... And it sounds like that would be Gracie.

Erin said...

I agree I LOVE the Cecelia one it is beautiful!

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