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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby names

Last night, Alex and I went to the new Ace Hotel to have a drink with Michael Antonia, the genius wedding DJ from The Flashdance, and his gorgeous wife Elizabeth. As we sipped our beers, they told us about their baby girl named Elodie. Isn't that a beautiful name? (And it's French!) Of course I stalked them on Facebook to find a photo. :) What baby names do you like?

(Photos by Our Labor of Love)


kate said...

she is adorable!

Alison said...

How DARLING!!! And what a cute picture!

I *Heart* You said...

that is one beautiful baby!

Ady said...

Lily is my favorite name. (I named by daughter Lily.)

naturally nina said...

i posted the exact same question yesterday! :) my fave names are sofia and benjamin. as of this moment, but it's always changing.

elodie- love that name - so unique!

Joanna Goddard said...

that's so funny, nina! :) babies must be on the brain.

eva ravenstein said...

elodie is great, i met someone at a wedding whose name was nola, which i really like too. and luke for a boy.

ps. i have given you an award on my blog because i check in every day it's always so lovely!

heisschic said...

beautiful baby...

for girls:
love the name Marlo- Lo for short (from dooce). and Olivia- Ollie.

for boys:
jacob. andrew. aaron.

Joanna said...

I remember coming across the name Elodie a few years ago and I fell in love with it right away. It' so simple and sweet.

Jen said...

For a girl: I love the name Hannah(I named my daughter Hannah, you can spell it forwards or backwards) I also like Falmai (my grandmother's name.She was from Wales) Other names include Zoey, Analeigh, Agatha, Beatrix and Sam.

For boys: I like Gabriel, Sam (works for both) Elijah (Eli), and Peter (This was my father's name. He passed away from cancer 10 years ago. It means more to me now).

Brunch at Saks said...

Elodie is a gorgeous name!

Jessie Leigh said...

I have always been a big big fan of Clementine. As well as Heather Armstrong's new baby's name, Marlo.

JO said...

Elodie is very unique and pretty. Boys' names are easier for me to come up with for some reason; I like Phillip, Nicholas, Jacob, and Daniel the best. For girls, there are many that I like, but for starters: Roxanne (Roxie), Eleanor, Georgia, and Alexandra (my middle name).

Kate said...

Oh that is SUCH a cute name! My boss and her french husband just had a baby boy and named him Henri. Coming up with a name for your baby must be the best fun ever...or frustrating. ha.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love that picture! My favorite girl names are:


It's truly sad how many of my favorite names for girls stem from flowers! :)

Anonymous said...

Caroline is so pretty & sassy (tho it was the name of a cabbage patch kid I had as a little girl.)
Also love the name Hazel!

The Panic Room said...

Cole and I have picked Elliot if it is a boy, and Veda if it is a girl. Tessa was a close second for a girl name and just might win in the end, we shall see in a few days :)

haha this is actually the first time I have ever mentioned the baby names that we picked out to anyone online.

And Elodie is a great name. She will love it.

Anonymous said...

I am living in Germany and was looking for a good and remarkable name for my son, born in 2008...
It's very important to have a name that fits to a child as well as to adults, so I decided to name him LEVI ROCCO, and I am still very happy with this decision, I think, he also is.
Here in Germany many old fashioned names become very popular again, like paulina for example, or otto and oscar, and paul... nice, but I wanted something special...

leni said...

so cute! i love that you stalked them on facebook to get a photo of them and the baby. :)

Rebecca said...

aw, that is a gorgeous name. i have a lot of time left to contemplate this; no favorites yet!

Stephanie said...

I have always had the notion of keeping the names in the family. My great great grandmother named all of her girls these wonderful unique names: "Vivian Pearl", "Rilda Mae", and who would become my Great Grandmother "Irman Orbia Hale". I didn't know my Great grandmothers full name until her funeral as she always went by Orbia (we all called her Orbie). I love the uniqueness of her name and I always wanted to name my daughter after her.

Other than that I would like to name her Stella in a nod to my favorite Playwright. Stella Orbia Hale [insert last name here]

The Kitchenette said...

If I have two girls (I may just keep having kids until we get two girls, haha) I plan on naming the first Virginia, after my grandmother, and Ginny for short.

The second will be named either Grace, or Olivia... I just can't decide which!

Boys - I don't know yet! I like Samuel and Thomas the best, but I'm not exceptionally decided on either.

whitney said...

my baby's names are Reed (girl) and Beckett (boy)...which I obviously love dearly. but, Fable (from and Luna for girls are beautiful too. maye i need to have another one....?

i think you get a sense, when you're pregnant, of what kind of baby you're having...and are drawn toward that type of name. because both my names fit my babies perfectly.

love elodie and love veda (from panic room) reminds me of My Girl (with Macauley Culkin).

Gabrielle said...

Maybe because I love to travel, I find some cities make good names: London and Sydney for girls or Phoenix for boys.

I am also fond of boy names with lots of Ls: Liam, Elliot, Elijah.. They sound sweet.

I also love Ruby and Nora for girls for no particular reason. And I find Ella sounds empowering for a girl.

That's a lot of names, but probably just as many years before I make that kind of decision!

in favor said...

I have such a hard time with girls names! Elodie is pretty though.

My favorite name right now is Emery, for a boy.

Elyse said...

My parents couldn't decide what to name dad wanted Sarah and my mom wanted Lily. They decided on Elyse, which I've noticed has become increasingly popular. Other than getting called a slew of mispronounced names (Elsie, Lisa, Alice, even Emilyse...?), I am SO glad they took the extra time to pick out a really unique name.

I have a friend who really likes the name Sevun (like 7), and my boyfriend really likes the name Sayuri (he's Japanese, so he likes to follow that tradition). Personally, I would love to travel and if I ever decide to have children, name my child after someone that has changed my life...

As for boy names, my boyfriend likes Kou (pronounced Co), but I think it would get pronounced as "cow" too much.

I don't really expect to have children, so I haven't given it too much thought myself. =) When I hear names that I like, I try to think of how cruel kids will warp the name, and also how cute the potential nicknames would be. And also, in general, how the name will shape their life experience...I just mean, I think that people for the most part being influenced by their name, or at least in the sense that others perceive them in different ways depending on their name. For example, students have shown that girls with "sexy" names tend to struggle finding work more than women with "boring" names. Anyway, that's my over-analyzing...haha. =)

Melanie said...

Elodie is such a lovely name!

I personally like it when girls have names that are typically for boys, like Frankie, Clark, and Alex. If I have a little girl, I want to name her Lloyda.

Diana said...

i love the name dylan, after bob dylan! it's great for a boy or girl's name!

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

My nephews are Charlie and Sam. If one had been a girl she would've been Claudia.

I really love the name Sookie - but since TrueBlood I'm kind of over it. I like Coco, Gigi, Gogo - names like that.

Anonymous said...

Sophie is one.

Vanessa said...

Oh, I'll NEVER tell. I'm hanging on to my baby names for dear life!

Michelle said...

If I have a daughter I'm going to name her Lauren Tina. My grandma's name was Lorentina and my dad's name is Loren, so I think it would be a wonderful way to include both of them.

AmyAnne said...

My girl's names are Opal Elizabeth, Lucy Margaret & Ruth Anne. If we had another baby I love the name Cara or Gus.
Names are like jewels. They are all so beautiful to hear but you must find the one you might not mind wearing forever.

TheBeautyFile said...

I change a lot, but I have ALWAYS loved Alexandra & Samantha and Zachary. I really want a good "D" after my Poppy, David, but haven't found one to love...(I also don't have kids yet, so it's not really urgent...)

Kelly Thompson said...

I always loved the following names for girls: Halina, Rivka, Wrenska, and Mina. The boys names are somewhat more common: Ethan, Anton, Elliot, and Neil.

melanie said...

Elodie and Seth- do those names go together?

Melissa said...

Beautiful baby! I've always wanted twin girls - Madison and Mary Jane. I'd probably call them Maddie and MJ.

Anastasia said...

I've always wanted to name (unborn) daughter Elodie! It's a very common name in France...

Canadian in London said...

Love Madeline for a girl and Sebastian for a boy (I'm a sucker for French names too)

anabela / fieldguided said...

Holy jeez, that is the cutest baby! Elodie is a beautiful name. The French are good at girls' names.

nichole said...

Our French friends just named their daughter Juliet. And I have to say, when I look at her, she looks like a Juliet!

I have boys, but if we had a girl, we wanted to name her Madeleine.

The Lil Bee said...

Hmmm...I'm going to save mine for a later date. Still working on them! But a) Elodie is adorable...very much like Eloise, which I also love, and b) I am bookmarking this post so I can read everyone's faves. Call it my baby name research!

Urban Dwelling said...
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Katie said...

i want to name my first girl Maria. "the most beeeautiful sound i've eeever heeaard."

miss leeloo said...

I love Matilda for a girl and Laszlo for a boy!

Wohn said...

So many good names, but so many over used right now. I love, love Eleanor, Jane and Amelia for girls. Henry and August (Gus) for boys. But, I recently heart "Edna" and I thought it was beautiful and not used that much right now. I am a little worried Henry and Amelia might get used a lot. Doris was my Grandmother's name and I like that too. But I'd rather my kids not be named after someone. I want them to be their own person.

tiny heat said...

sadly, we still haven't come up with a name for our first, a boy due in September. Or at least a name we both can agree on! we had a perfect name for a girl - to name her after my husband's grandmother - oh well...any suggestions??

Reginasaurus said...

My favorite names are Liam, Naomi, Jack, and Ophelia. But Elodie is so cute!

Leigh said...

I love that name! My daughters name is Braelynn and was a combination of my best friend and her dad, I love how it turned out and that it is a bit different too.

It was great meeting you Joanna on Saturday, thank you again for coming to the show. I miss NY terribly already, and am ready to move. :)

Nell said...

There are a few nicknames I really like but I'm not sure what the proper or longer name might be. I really love Birdie and Cappie.

I also like Frances and Zelda and Ethel. I never thought about boy names because I never wanted to change my name to a boy name, but I did want to be a Zelda!

Tina said...

I love the name Isabella (my daughter's name as a matter of fact!) I think names with multi-syllables are good. Lends to lots of nicknames: Isa, Bella, Bebe, B. :}

~ ennui ~ said...

I love the name

J. said...

I love Briley for a girl, and Liam for a boy (I have loved the name Liam for as long as I can remember...)
I also love the name Colter, which could go either way- I see it as a more masculine name, but it comes from my favorite female, Jessi Colter-
by the way, ALL of this is coming from a woman who says she doesn't want children! :)

burntphotograph said...

for girls my favorites are julianne, schuyler, lorilei, audrey, eleanor, mirabella, and lilly/liliana. as for boys, i like ephram (from the show everwood! ;)), rhett, elliot, aiden (but i fear it's way too popular), conor, and mason (also a bit too popular).

White Rabbit said...

Elodie is going straight into the baby name section of my brain :D

If it were not my name, I would call my daughter Laura. I just like it a lot :D

The boyfriend is determined to name any future kids with Irish names. The hell we are - they are so hard to spell! It's hard enough confusing foreigners with his name - Fionntan (actually pronounced Finn-tann). Saying that my sisters Irish name Nuala (New-ala) is pretty straight forward

Simply Mel said...

I love French names, and my little girl's name is Miette (means little pearl or little crumb depending on the defining source).

Benedicte said...

Funny because here in France Elodie is very common for girls born in the 70's and the 80's.

yes, please said...

i love how we all have names for our unborn babies! :) i've always had a special love for elodie and olivia for a girl. and carter for a boy.

p.s. i just adore your blog!

Kirby said...

I've always love Margaret. It a family name for me, so it's got something extra special.

You Are My Fave said...

I had all these great names picked out for babies until I got married and Ryan decided that he would have an opinion about every single one of them. Mostly negative. I really like the name Jonas for a boy but now the Jonas Brothers are kind of ruining it for me.

trine said...

the most popular names in denmark are: for girls - emma, freja and caroline. for boys - lucas, mikkel and william.

i have always liked the name joanna : )
in denmark there is this old kids movie called the world of buster. it is about this boy - buster, who is a magician and kind of a geek, and he likes a girl called joanna, who wears white dresses and plays the piano beautifully. it is so sweet. so joanna is my number one for a girl, otherwise it is gunilla. for a boy i's otto. and then i have this very secret name that i'm not mentioning for anyone, because i'm scared someone will use it. is that weird...?

Lisa said...

For girls, I love Ophelia, Penelope (Penny and Nell are the cutest nicknames ever), and Sophia (although it's painfully popular now, so I doubt I'd use it.) For boys, I love Ajax, Hector, Archibald (Archy!), and Milo.

Jami said...

Winston Abbott for a boy
Vivian Parker for a girl

Harper Halloway could go either way

Suzanne said...

So cute! Elodie is a beautiful name.
My husband and I are always thinking of baby names we like, even though we don't plan to have children. We always come up with names for boys that we both equally like (Jake, Jack, Henry), but we can never agree on names for girls - he likes Sabrina and that's about it... I like Ruby, Emma and Lily :)

kristen said...

luke and london for twin boy and girl!! i just love those names!! i have twin boy and girl named ben and sawyer (which i just love)...luke and london idea came a little too late!!

Page. said...

For Boys:
Jaxon Harville (pronounced Harvey, I met a grandfather in a store where I was working that had that name and I fell in love with the spelling)
Graham Alexandre
(I prefer the french spelling of Alexander for some reason)

For Girls:
Cadence Marie
Audrey May
Margaret Lilly

Ale. said...

Pretty name!

I want to name my baby girl Amelia and for my boy it's either Gonzalo or Joaquín.

Note that they probably would have spanish last names...

leenabean said...

I am partial to Edie Rose :)

Rachel B said...

I named my second daughter Mazzy Elise. Mazzy is the shortened version of Mazeline. (also french)

anna: said...

I love Lola or Alma for a girl, and Milo for a boy! I can't really imagine my boyfriend agreeing to any of them though!

roysie said...

If I ever have a boy I want to name him Walter David (after my husband and grandfather). For girl's names I like Alexis, Lola, and Joanna :) My husband likes Imogen, but I veto!

melanie said...

just blogged a little on this too :)
favorites are,

Boy names:
Peyton, Ryder, Finn, or Tate
Girl names:
Rowan, Chloe, Reese, or Nadine

Chessa! said...

I adore that name. I've never heard it before. I have so many favorites...but I won't share them here bc I need to save them:)

cara. said...

i will have my daughter in two days and am still trying to decide! my picks are very popular for boys names which makes it hard to settle. . . seems everyone is naming their children the same things. :/

jude or maeson (mae/maesy for short; derived from the french word maison meaning "home") i welcome suggestions or opinions on these. . .

great timing on the post! thanks (:

Pearl Bhasin said...

I'm through having babies... but a couple of my faves were KIRAN for a girl, and TASHI for a boy. :) Both are Sanskrit names.

Little Dickens Designs said...

That is a beautiful name!

I love my niece's name, Sabina.

Taylor Elise said...

Elise is my middle name and I've always been quite fond of it. My mom's name is Alisa and my grandmother on my father's side's middle name is Elizabeth so my parents thought Elise was a good combination of the two.

Elodie is too cute. I like names that are classic but not overused.

I decided many many years ago that Imogen will be one of my daughter's names and I still love the name which must be a good sign!

Beach Vintage said...

Really cute name. I am liking the name Joon at the moment.

Maki said...

Aw the name is so adorable - I've never heard of it before which makes it more special.... The pic of the baby is just so precious :)

Courtney said...

We're not quite to baby land yet, but I'm also bookmarking this post for future reference. Darling name, Elodie - but so so many good ones on here.

I have so many favorite family names as well: Cambry, Ory, Audrey, Garner (as a middle name). I love the idea of using Ory as a middle name, it was my grandfather's middle name.

Kate said...

My husband and my favorite game! Girls: Virginia (Ginny) Gwendolyn (Winnie, after my Grandma), Molly, and my SECRET one, Amelie (or Amelia)

Boys: Charles (I'd call him Charlie, DH would call him carlo) Peter (DH doesn't like this) Henry.

My baby fever is severe right now... Kyle has to finish grad school before we start thinking about changing diapers though...

Lou said...

Ahh, I love baby names!

Elodie is gorgeous, I used to nanny for a couple of darling French enfants named Eulalie (a girl - lalie for short) and Octave (little boy).

My favorite girl's name is Ada, for my great grandmother. I also love Odette, Dara, Francoise, Emannuelle. I think I like french names the most!

For a boy I like Max (where the wild things are!), Toby (my grandpa's middle name), Claude, Thomas, Emile, I love spanish and south american names for boys...

Kate said...

Oh yeah, and Giulietta and Alessandro (sandrino or ale) I was an Italian major so french and Italian names ring true to my ears. I also like colette or cosette aLOT....

becka said...

What a beautiful wee girl! I love that name too, it sounds so pretty when you say it.

Hazel is one of my favourite names!

Anna Elena said...

Boy oh boy. I spend waaay too much time thinking about this considering that we won't be trying for kids for at least a year.
Boys' Names
Cohen Mannix (mannix means little monk in gaelic, how cute!)
Cillian Russell

I have way too many names. I love Siobhan, Saoirse (pronounced Seersha), Jacoba (Coby for short) Norah, Mia, Elsa, Ada, Gillian

I might have to add Panic Room's Veda to that list.

I also think Dagny is adorable and quirky, but the hubs hates it.

Melissa at said...

Oh, I LOVE the name Elodie. So beautiful and unique. I have two kiddos...
Abriella Jayne (Ella for short) and
Hudson Perry (he gets called Hudsy Bear, but I'm sure that will stop as soon as he's old enough to tell us to quit calling him that).

I would so pick Elodie for another child, but my hubby insists that none of our kiddos names start with the same letter and since we call our Abriella, Ella - all "E" names are out. Too bad, I really love that one.

For another boy, I'd love the name Owen it is my grandpa's middle name.

iheartkiwi said...

love the name elodie... so sweet and chic at the same time. it could carry her from childhood to adulthood perfectly.

i've always loved lola, esme and audrey.

do you have babies on the brain? are you hearing the pitter patter of little feet in your future?

Priscila said...

My baby names are LUNA, LARA, NOLA, ARIELA, CELESTE, OLIVIA-for girls. And JULIAN, ARIEL, GAEL, NICOLAS, MATIAS-for a boy. :)

Jess said...

Leo. My favorite.

Kristiane Smith said...

:) Elodie is a sweet name.

I like the names: Amelia,Zooey,Madeline, Noah, Liam and Porter.

Kari said...

That is a beautiful and unique sounding name.

Girls names I love: Augusta, Violet, Georgia, Audrey, Lola, Willa, Finley, Quinn

Boys names I love: Oliver, Spencer, Cole, Henry

Accidental Housewife said...

One of the women in town here just named her daughter Ayla and I just love it! I honestly have never heard it before (though I've heard Isla) but it doesn't seem weird... just very pretty and special.

aimee said...

my next door neighbors are french and they have a daughter named elodie too! it's lovely, especially when pronounced with the french accent :)

Anonymous said...

Elodie is a gorgeous name, my kidlets are; Ellie Grace and Oliver John, I also love the names; Emmasyn and Poppy for a girl and Hudson, Quinn and Charlie for a boy, but alas our only new addition is a puppy - Chester!

veronique said...

In the USA, you have such amazing names. Looks like you can create any name from letters and go with it. in France, things are evoloving a bit this way as well but we are much more traditional. My kids are Jeanne, Adèle and Henri. I do love post-war names ! I also love Simon (we pronounce it "Seemon") and Suzanne and Violette.
I tend to like formal -serious - names that you can distort after - as a sign of affection
Elodie is cute.

Mrs Charlie said...

Elodie is such a beautiful name. I like girlie names that are feminine, slightly retro (or even ancient), and definitely unique. I just hope I don't have a boy one day because I don't really like boys' names!

Anonymous said...

I love Isobel, Grace,Edee and Camille.

For some reason I always find boys names so much harder but I like the good old english names like Edward, James and Oliver.

Emily said...

My husband and I both love Kai for a girl or a boy.... we're talking about it in a couple years... can't wait though. Love Elodie.... -e

Prêt à Voyager said...

i love the name elodie. it also reminds me of the time i spent in france because elodie won the hit show "star academie" (real world meets american idol) that season ;)


RoughTrademark said...

They stole my girl name! My first would have been Elodie (or Nan or Delphine) if he'd been a girl. Girls are easier to name than boys, for sure.

RoughTrademark said...

Oh, and, Joanna, from other things you've written, I'm pretty sure you would adore the French singer Elodie O. She sings in NY sometimes, but you can also find her music on Facebook/Myspace.

My son's name is Linus, and he was almost Chauncey (family name), Clovis (after the Saki book), Silas or Amory.

Alexis said...

I'd have to say my daughters' names, which are: Beatrix Eliza, Willa Kate, and India Jane.

I also really like Louisa Araminta and Molly Clementine and Eloise Apple ( I thought of it before Gwyneth!)

Kimberly Julie said...

Elodie is beautiful! I really love Heather Armstrong's new baby's name, too: Marlo Iris. So cute!

v8grrl said...

My Son is names after his grampa, Ilin (pronounced Island) and my sweet girl is named Olive Bijie

I love the name Izzy for a boy abd Xiola for a girl

all the old names are fabulous. I love meeting little boys named Henry...and little girls named Opal

hels bells said...

What a beautiful baby. I love Elodie! Its like a melody, rolling off the tongue. French names are my favourite, Mathilde for a girl. Clement, Guillame or Emile for a boy. I like the Swedish Lasse too.

Miriam said...

I love Margo, Helen, and Sylvia for girls. There's a tradition in my family of naming girls Marjorie Anne, and I think Margo Anita would be a nice twist on that.

I'm pretty decided on boys' names, too: Walter and Stanley.

I like names that are old-fashioned, serious-sounding, and easy to spell/pronounce!

katjean said...

I love Clara for a girl (my grandmothers) or Flora. It is precious. And Lucian or Leo for a boy.

Mary said...

I think my husband and are going to go with:

Boy: Carsten, Bennett, or I like Gunner but the hubs is giving me the stink eye..

Girl: Dahlia or Tula...girls are so much harder for me for some reason!

R1 et lulu said...

Elodie is very nice!
Two of my friends are named Elodie and both are very creative!
For a girl I love Rose and Jeanne, and my little boy is named Oscar!
(I love you so much my little baby!)

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

That is a beautiful name. I have always loved the name Madison for a girl and Brandon for a boy.

tajmahill said...

I love my kids names - Liam, Norah, Quinn and Rowan (of course!).

Michell L. John said...

i met a waitress in paris named elodie!! my husband and i decided that will be our daughter's name if we're blessed with a girl!

Carla said...

I love my daughters' names - Dessa & Farrah. Other fave baby names:


No luck with boy names!

Globetrottingbride said...

I'm pregnant and having a girl this fall so I've been obsessed with baby names for a bit. I want something more unusual than usual. Right now my faves are Hazel and Libby but who knows what we'll end up with!

Grand Opera is the Berries said...

Adele ___ine for a girl. Something that ends in -ine. Geraldine. Rosine. Sabine.

Boys names are harder! I feel you can't get as creative. I like Andre.

Kim said...

Aw! What a sweet child! I've had some pretty crazy baby name ideas in the past, but I'm set (and got the ok from the hub!) on naming future daughter Pepper (she would be Pepper Miller!), and future son Henri (after Henri Matisse, one of my favorite painters).

the keele's said...

Well our daughters name is Delila no H. its much prettier when writeen out this way! if we have another girl her name will be Sloane, amilae, lyric(boy or girl), now boys would be lennox (knox) Rush, Tate, Rudy, leo, ames and turner

this is a fun post. who doesnt think about baby names. i love love love elodie. my husband lived in france so he loves the french names, as do i.

Polly R said...

I love thinking about baby names :)
Elodie is lovely. French names are my favourite. I love Amelie and Madeline best.
For boys I love Oliver and Finn.


AnastasiaC said...

its an adorable name! we went traditional and named our boys after our dad's
Peter for my eldest
and Neo (Neophytos) for my youngest
both Greek names

if I was to have a girl id name her Stella or Estella
but i also love
Alexia and Helena.
i also love traditional english names like Emma, Louise, Annabelle, Augustine, William, Henry, Harry...

jora said...

I've loved reading through the comments...we need to come up with a girl and a boy's name since we don't know the sex of our baby due in October!!

I like our kids' names (naturally):
Charles ("Charlie") August
Juliet Annise

We know a baby girl named Pippa which I think is darling.

Anonymous said...

I live in germany and when I have twins I´ll give them the names "Kevin-Rocky" and "Karl-Heinz" and when I become twingirls their names will be "Jaqueline-Madeleine" and "Leonie-Marie".
That names are so special, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

My parents nearly named me Kitty or India..both of which i've always loved far more than my own, terribly english, rather formal name...I also adore Matilda. For boys I like solid old-school names-George, Charlie or Rupert.

Elodie is just such a precious name x

Tina Notaro said...

Elodie, sounds like she will be pretty, sophisticated, and artistic. How nice; it's very pretty.

Clementine always sounded nice to me as well, and Caroline.

Boys always seem good with strong, traditional names.

Anonymous said...

I love the name Azra for a girl.. it's Hebrew and means one who is pure. I just think it's so beautiful, but my hubby thinks it's too weird. To bad.. our baby girl is due in November and the jury is still out on names..

Tati said...

I like maria, olivia, georgia for girls. i like simple names!
for boys, i like john.

french names are cute. : )

angie + matt said...

my kids names of course Maddux and Paisley:)
I also love Sailer and Journey for girls names:) and Oliver for a boy:)

Izzy said...

Girls: Emma, Mia, Abigail, Maddie

Boys: Aden, Landry, Cooper, Braedon, Easton

Jessica said...

Such a lovely name.

For boys (and I really hope I can use these some day): Liam, Logan, Ronan, and Gabriel

For girls: Saoirse, Rowan, Amalia, and Briana and I'd use Rose (my grandmother's maiden name)for a middle name.

I tend to lean towards Irish names, mostly.

Domicilium Studio said...

for girls: Addison (Addi)or Sheridan (sheri)

for boys: Lincoln or Logan

how chicagoan is that? hehe....

Emily said...

We've recently picked baby names... and I have to say, though I picked them out of thin air, these comments make me feel a bit unoriginal. They're all listed!

Here's to the collective unconscious!

Elizabeth said...

wow Joanna! I just saw this for the first time. so many comments on little elodie's name!

we named her after her great-great grandma so it is a family name for us. some other names i was loving were lucia, estrella, ines for girls and lucca and augustus for boys.

we are very happy we ended up with miss elodie swan antonia ;)

freefun0616 said...



Anonymous said...

My son is 1 and we named him Brody.
Noah, Eli, Levi, Cohen, Nathan were runner ups.

We like Quinn for both genders.

Our fav girl name is a secret. We heart it too much to chance losing it. We also like Naomi, Isla, Elsie and Wynona.

Colett said...

My name is Colette. My 2nd daughter is due at the end of Dec. of this year. I am having so much trouble trying to figure out a middle name for her. Elodie is very pretty but not for her. My first daughters name seemed to come so easily to my husband and I. Her name is Irelyn Mesa. We were dead set on having a boy this time and had the name Lyric Elijah picked out. Which I also love. But we found out we are being blessed with another girl. So we've decided to name her Nola. I would love to have Lyric be her middle name but I still want to try once more for a boy a few years down the road. So I wanna save that for him. I like the names Staley, Kaydence, Brielle and Slayic but Im still not sure... Nothing seems to pop. s

Flo said...

Oh my gosh I love french names. But British (and American) pronunciations bastardise them.

I love love Clemence. (but only when pronounced Clay-mounce).
Camille is also lovely, and still pretty lovely in british voice, and mainly inspired by the gorgeous little girl who played Bonnie in 'Gone with the Wind' who was called Cammie.
Cassie is sweet, but Cassandra = urgh.
I like Bea, but Beatrice is a bit poncy.
I love Chloe, but so many people have that it's kind of been ruined.
Apparently I like names beginning with C?
I am Emma and oddly enough..I really like the name Emma.
Eliza is lovely, but only if the child is very pretty.

I have NO ideas for boys. It's lucky I'm 19!


Anonymous said...

I always planned on 2 boys- ethan and seth. then i had 2 boys and they are Travis and Zakary. We also have a girl named Sydney. I wanted devyn for a girl and I like Phoenix, lucky and enzo for a boy but we are done.

EmbodyingFashion said...

For a girl: I love the name Abigail I also like Grace and Lillian :)

For boys: I like Landon, Chase and Sam.

AmyPunky Photography said...

My niece is called Elise (we are French!) and I love it! For boys, I love Joshua, Elliott, Nathan, Noah... :)

Anonymous said...

after talking about baby names my whole entire life I became pregnant with twin girls...(yes, I am the luckiest gal in the world) My twin daughters' names are Charlotte and Phoebe.
I wouldn't change a thing.
I also have two French bulldogs, George and looloo. (pronounced with a French accent much like elodie ;))

lamoni said...

(No se me dan bien los idiomas, así que escribiré en castellano por no meter la pata, sorry)
Mi hijo se llama Leo, me costó un montón elegir el nombre... barajé Nicolás y Bruno.
Aunque si hubiera sido niña hubiera sido Violeta!!
Alodia (parecido al que te gustó es aragonés, de la región donde soy yo)

Un besico grande desde España

Por cierto, me encanta tu blog, estoy enganchada!!

amelia-sheibani said...


Casper, Felix, Xavier, Finn.


Roe, Annie, Olivia.

amelia-sheibani said...


Casper, Felix, Xavier, Finn.


Roe, Annie, Olivia.

Cardin McKinney said...

I love these:

Willow Kate


My first name is Cardin. Can also be spelled "Cardon". It's French, like Elodie. :)

Kristin Jo said...

Just wanted to say this little post helped us find our baby girl's middle name after many many weeks searching. I'd never heard Elodie but when I did it just clicked!

Georgia Elodie due in May!

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Anonymous said...

My favourite name is also French - Camille (pronounced Cami). I think it's so cute!

اليوتيوب said...

very cute and lovely

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muebles en aranjuez said...

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christina said...

For girls Sofia Eliza, Natalia, Amelia, Estella Anna, Juliet, Violet, Margarita, Eva, Marina, Daphne, Semeli, Nefeli.
For boys Andrew, Phillip, Nicolas, Orestis, Christopher, Marc (Markos), Jason, Hector.
I am Greek,so when the day comes,i will have to chose an easy pronounced name, for the rest of my family!

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