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Monday, April 20, 2009

My little brother

My little brother Nick held the Unemployment Olympics in April, so, last week, the BBC interviewed him about what it was like to be unemployed in New York. Thanks, Nick! It's cool to see you (and your yellow motorcycle) on camera.


kate said...

he is handsome!

A Beautiful Mind said...

Jo, my husband is a software engineer for an international company which has offices in different parts of New York. I'm pretty sure that if my husband had a chance to look at Nick's resume he'd be willing to recommend him. let me know if we can help.

kate. said...

what an optimistic fellow. i loved watching this! and i the yellow motorcycle is pretty fabulous, too

Dionne said...

Oooh, how cool that your brother's rent got lowered! Good for him!

Nick Goddard said...

You know that thing is the most popular vehicle ever produced, 60 million made and still going strong. You don't see many in the states, however.

Melissa said...

Congrats, Nick! Love the bike, too! :)

Ruggy13 said...

Good for him! so optimistic!

Anonymous said...

great interview! he seems down to earth and I love his optimism. I wish more people were that level headed and practical.

Laura Trevey said...

love the press he is getting!!!!

A chicette in Paris said...

How cute for you to post your brothers clip!!

Kisses from Paris!


alice said...

Ha cool! :) I hope that he finds his dream job soon.

Michelle said...

What an optimistic guy! I love that he's "stuck looking for his dream job." That's such a a sweet way to thing about it.

Montse said...

Wow! He has made me feel better, and why not?, optimistic about what might come.Thanks for sharing, I'm sure his going to find something soon,
Let's not lose faith !

chelsea | arugula press said...

i love how optomistic he is- and he seems to on the right track. good for him!

Darrah said...

My brother was among the unemployed in Portland, but has recently landed a dishwashing job. That's awesome BBC did an interview with him!

lindsay said...

aahh! that's so cool!
my favorite part:
"it's new york in spring time! ... well, it's rainy today.."

did he get any leads or calls from that news spot?

Katie said...

your little bro is adorable! And so optimistic.

Jennifer said...

You're brother is cute. Good luck, man!

Laura. said...

i'm kind of surprised that you are still unemployed after all this press--perhaps holding out for your dream job? good idea.
congratulations on being famous.

Laura. said...

i meant that in a good way. it might sound a little sarcastic, but i didn't meant it sarcastically! i mean good for you! i'm glad to see someone so positive getting so much press.
oh, boy. i'm going to stop commenting now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The Unemployment Olympics sounds like the most clever idea ever!

Joanna McCormack said...

He's got a great personality & I love his optimism (and that yellow bike!)

STORY said...

I watched both your brothers videos - the unemployment olympics (great) and this one. I loved the innovative spirit regarding the unemployment olympics. And his optimism and his bike are both very positive and bright. I think it is a time we can look around and check out other options, and try to be as creative as we can, and be thankful for what we do have. Cheers - Laurie Klaue

trupeach said...

he has a lovely outlook & i am sure that his positivity will soon take him far!

theselvedgeyard said...

How can you not like someone as positive and upbeat as Nick!


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

A positive attitude and great outlook make all the difference in riding out the tough times as well as getting you back to the good a lot sooner.

Gillian said...

His viewpoint is right on, unemployment is no longer a "what did you do?" situation, with so many highly skilled and educated people in the same position.

I get a sense that his optimism will draw in opportunity. Attitude is everything.

Nice bike!

Anita said...

See, it just goes to show you, you never know what you can get until you ask. His rent being lowered is great. I have heard of people bartering for services, and creating new opportunities for themselves, etc...
Having a good outlook about life will get you far, sending luck to your brother .

Slices of Beauty... said...

So cool!

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

That's pretty creative. Love his bike!

Stephanie said...

Your brother is something else! You must be proud of him and his ultra healthy outlook.

{lovely little things} said...

Wow you are quite the famous family, good for him!

elizabeth@shoptwig said...

With the optimistic outlook your brother has he will be in a new job in no time! Best of luck to him.

Banana-head Pancake said...

he sounds like such a good, positive guy - must run in the family!

Style Bite said...

how inspiring! I joined the unemployed three months ago, and attitudes like his helped me stay positive. Thankfully I just found a job:)

great post.

keli * said...

"back in adventure mode." i love it.

Chessa! said...

I read about it in the NYT! go Nick!

Melissa said...

Your little brother is so optimistic. I just read the article in Time magazine on the Unemployment Olympics :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aww, that's so cute! He's pretty funny, too. I love that he was fixing (?) his bike - something very engineer-y in my mind.

cheap shoes for women said...

Thank you Jo, your Little Brother Nick gave inspiration for me. This experience interesting.

Leigh said...

What a great attitude and optimism, I wish your brother Nick the best. :)


Divya said...

I absolutely adore his optimism.

Jocuri said...

\Very nice !!!!

pve design said...

If I needed a mechanical engineer, I would hire him because of his positive energy and also because he looks like a really great guy. I survived many a job loss and each time coming out better, more positive and smarter.
Your parents must be so proud of you and your brother. Life is all about being resilient!

simplesong said...

What a great attitude. Thanks for sharing.

ParisBreakfasts said...

What a savvy bright guy!
You're so lucky to have him for a brother.
Best of luck to him but he will make his own luck surely.

BCassFam said...

I saw him in Time mag too. What a cool idea.

Nora said...

You must be so proud! Rock on, team Goddard.

I ♥ NY said...

i love his last lines... 'it's new york in springtime. it's rainy today but i don't think the future's bleak.'

that last bit made me smile :)

he was great on camera... must run in the family. {still loving your bedroom makeovers, joanna.}

<3, kf

thetiniestspark said...

what a lovely brother you have!! i identify with his cheerful outlook. who wouldn't kind of...WANT to be jobless, at least temporarily, when you live in new york, have a good amount of savings, can cruise in a rad yellow motorcyclette, and summer weather is around the corner?

Jessa said...

your brother is super cute. any chance he's single and looking for a fun night out in New York? :)

Carla said...

he says so many true things. Paris is feeling it too. Enjoy the sunshine Nick. Carla

Empire Delicious said...

Brilliant! What a great idea and the yellow motorcycle is tres chic.

Nancy Magoo said...

So articulate.

I hope some of that optimism can rub off on me.

mosey said...

aw sweeet! unemployed unite!

Erin Skinner said...

So eloquent. What an impressive guy! I loved what he said about his "relief being back in adventure mood" again. I think we can all appreciate that. Best of luck to him. I'm sure something really interesting will work out.

The Lil Bee said...

Come on! That is so neat! He will surely get a gig out of all of this.

lopi said...

Mechanical engineers are so cool! Especially on yellow bikes.
Hey Nick, you should come to Greece. Over half the bikes on the streets here are of that kind. And we call them "papi" which means "duckling" in greek.

Erato said...

He was on the Dutch television as well!

Anonymous said...

your brother is SO SWEET!

hmstrjam said...

love the old honda!

G said...

he is handsome! and brilliant!

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