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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bird wallpaper

Our apartment's white walls are starting to feel very bare. Loving this Julia Rothman wallpaper with friendly little birds!

(Via Little Willow)


Sal said...

It's lovely - and perfectly accented by the chic raingear.

miss sophie said...

wow i love that! it lends such a pretty and whimsical trompe l'oeil touch to a room.

[J] said...

Yes! Go for it!

angeltreats said...

Oh I love this wallpaper! I bet it would be lovely as well if you cut a piece (that included the little bird) and framed it.

Melissa said...

I love it! Very Spring-y! :)

caitlin.d said...

i love the style of those clouds!

Ashley said...

I adore this wallpaper! I'm a fan of anything vintage-y, and this just takes the cake.

Rebecca said...

oh it's amazing. i love that bird prints are making such a strong comeback!

our little love nest said...

<---swooning over this!xo

Jen said...

I cannot even stand this!!! I mean this in a very good way, like I need to purchase this.

Magatha-May said...

it's a gorgeous wallpaper, and in my favourite colour too!

MJSSJM said...


Kristin said...

It's dreamy!

Magchunk said...

Love those rain boots!

Maybe I'm just a scardey-cat, but wallpaper seems like high maintenance to me. This is pretty though!

jean goddard said...

Very cheery! Makes me smile. (Also love the yellow wellies!

Anne Zimmerman said...

My boyfriend would flip out if I tried to put this up. But I LOVE IT!!

Chessa! said...

I love it. I'm getting tired of the white too...hmmm...

Nicole Marie said...

love it! and with the rainboots in front. so cute!

mer said...

agreed! thanks for stopping by btw. Love your blog as well.

The Cherry Blog said...

love this! so much! x

Jennie Bee said...

Great Picture I really want to get a cute pair of Rain Boots

Jillian said...

Wallpaper always seemed too permanent to me. What if you wanna change something up in five years? Seems like a pain to take down.

@ Anne Zimmerman: my boyfriend would definitely flip too.

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

How cheerful!

Dana said...

It's lovely :)

Ace said...

Ohh thats so pretty, and I love the boots.

Amy@OldSweetSong said...

And if you get that wallpaper, you'll HAVE to get the yellow boots.

Jay Tee said...

Birdies are one of my favorite things--and I'm terribly glad they are en vogue. This is lovely!

I could use a good pair of rain boots myself...

Anne said...

Sigh.. I think I'm in love.. :)

Jessie {A Punctuated Life} said...

This wallpaper would look FABULOUS one just one wall in a white room -- great find!

Aimee Sicuro said...

Her work is just stunning!

Nora said...

Love your new widget. Because after you come in from the rainy April day, of course you'd like a glass of milk!

Julie said...

too cute!

Amanda said...

Mostly I like the rain boots :) It's been raining nonstop here, I so wish I had a cheerful yellow pair of puddlejumpers.

The wallpaper is cute too, and I totally feel you on the white walls thing. I can't paint the walls in my rental, unfortunately :(


jcald. said...

i don't think i could handle it, but its super cute! i dont know how you can possibly live with white walls! i neeeeed color in every room! im buying a pair of wellies soon - i cant wait! :)

Poshhh said...

that would really brighten up any room..very cute

SimplyGrove said...

I LOVE this paper!!! You should for sure use this!!!

Lilith said...

wow. that is one awesome wallpaper.

pixelhazard said...

Oh how perfectly lovely. Makes a change from boring walls. I've always wanted to paint my walls with images from "where the wild things are". I compromised with bird and ranch wall stickers. They are always an option if you cant be bothered wallpapering

Un samedi... said...

I love me too this wall paper

chicknamedhermia said...

Awh wow ....first of all I love that picture, and secondly, what a great design for wallpaper!!
I couldn't have every wall in the room covered in it, but it'd be nice on one wall!

abby said...

like a dr. suess inspired wall for grown ups. i approve!

Georgia B. said...

it's darling—so are the yellow rain boots!

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Joanne said...

So wonderful!! I love the flying birds! That reminds me, I must get some rainboots! :)

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I can't do white walls, they remind me of doctors' offices, so I always paint them, but this makes me consider wallpaper. It's lovely.

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