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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Le sigh.

My dolls, I am feeling very sad and overwhelmed today. Does that sometimes happen to you? Alex says I must be missing Buddy Holly, who died fifty years ago today.


Aran said...

it happens to me too. i need sunlight to function, so i just surround myself with color. but that is a great photo of you!

julienne said...

Sorry you're sad today. :( It happens to everyone. Try calling your sweetie, take every excuse to eat some chocolate, and maybe even wear a fake moustache and go walking outside... that will give you (and everyone who sees you!) the giggles for sure! ...And your picture IS lovely.

Joanna Goddard said...

a fake mustache is a genius idea :)

Sarah said...

I definitely happens to me. I find that a walk helps, hot tea and usually time with my husband.

cassaundra said...

le sigh ... me too.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

did ya read my blog today by any chance? We are on same ride. xo

abigail said...

I was in a bad mood today until my friend sent me this:

kari said...

Poor Jo -- that was my day yesterday, and I only got over it by curling up with "Bull Durham" last night. All those handsome boys, it was like a magic elixir. (The wine helped, too.)

I wish you sunny thoughts!

Natalie Ann said...

"The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of." - Holly Golightly

i've got the mean reds, too. so much so i had to go home at lunch and vacuum to relieve stress. oh, oh and smoke a ciggy. and i don't smoke. le sigh.

my cure for the mean reds.. le sleep.

I ♥ NY said...

oh of course. that happens to me too. and the weather outside today is so dreary... it's hard not to be sad. i suggest a snuggle with Alex and some cinnamon tea! hope you are feeling cheerful again soon :)

wendy said...

this definitely happens to me. i'm sure you'll bounce back pretty soon! it's ok to have a sad day.

Annie Empiric said...

I always try to have something, little as it may be, on the horizon to look forward too. Tonight it is a movie with the hubby...

Cheer up Buttercup.

Meghan said...

I hear ya...maybe go here: it will make your heart sink but also make you realize life is precious.

Rachel said...

Oh, hon. Winter blues suck. I say, go out and buy yourself an outrageously beautiful bouquet of flowers and then come home and arrange them while you drink some really good hot chocolate out of a nice cup. Pretty things and simple pleasures are a good way to get through the winter. Oh, and maybe invest in one of those crazy sunlight simulating lamps as a last resort.

Dionne said...

Winteritis. To be honest, I have never lived in a place cold enough to have a true true winter, but I know that whenever I have the blues over something, I try and make some fun memories.

Try and make as many fun winter memories as you can, and then you can look back and say "oh, remember that winter when we set up beach umbrellas and towels by the fireplace and sunbaked in our bathing suits?"

Ashley Rose Photography said...

I get the same way! I am a product of the weather for sure :(
Cheer up pup! Maybe buy some flowers and take a bath!!! That sounds lovely to me right now :)

Apt. #34 said...

I do too. Something in the universe indeed...

Blonde Bookworm! said...

Ha it is funny you blogged about having winter blues today because I also wrote about the same thing! Over the weekend we had a sneak peak of the future spring weather and that is what helped me "spring" from my grumpy, moody self :) Perhaps you could buy a plant or buy some ice cream to remind you of those "summerrrrrrr nihighttttssss" (that was my own rendition of the oh so famous Grease song - pretty good right?

Penny said...

joanna just think of how fun it is to wear tons of cozy layers in the winter time, and... red wine tastes better in the cold, and... think of all our hilarious laughs in freezing michigan or rome or firenze or venice, or that crazy cabin in the woods by ferrara where the sheep dog bit me on the nose and we stayed up all night. that was all classic cold weather stuff right there :) but most of all don't feel bad for having an off day!!

megan said...

i was there last wednesday. just remember that it always passes. and i always tell myself that everyone feels that way at some point or another. we're not alone. :) xo

ladybirdsarah said...

wow. i put on my buddy holly tape this morning while getting ready - without realizing that today was That day!

Char said...

ironically I read an article about how to cure some blahs. here are a couple: laugh out loud - even if it's not funny, your body still makes endorphins (it doesn't know it's not funnny). I tried it and it worked because I got tickled at how stupid I sounded. There other is humming stupid songs. So...maybe hum "Peggy Sue" or "That'll Be the Day".

Shawnsie said...

Oh Joanna, I have felt this way all day! I think that all of the bad news that surrounds us (economy, layoffs at my company, 6 more weeks of winter) have finally caught up with me. I would love to hear of someone, anyone, who has received wonderful news lately. Barring that, I am eating lots of sugar!

Absolutely Not Martha said...

hi joanna, I'm with you on the winter blues (aka 'sad' or seasonal affective disorder). how about a funny flick for you and alex to watch tonight? I actually posted my favorite yesterday!

Char said...

and I'll tell a joke. It seem Cinderella was late coming home. Coming in at 1:00 she told the fairy godmother, I'm late...turn me into a pumpkin. The fairy godmother said, well, I'll let slide this one time. No, no...go ahead - I deserve it. Well, Cindy - maybe there were circumstances. Cinderella stomped her foot and said, do it - I deserve it and someone is waiting on me. The FG said, who?

Peter, Peter

Finding Beauty said...

Yes, yes yes! Usually right around this time of year too. Hang in there, spring is right around the corner!

I *Heart* You said...

the blues are going 'round! feel better! and guess what? i found my first grey yesterday too! at 28!!!! someone get me some effing Preference!

Ms Unreliable said...

I think I'm the opposite, I find summer to be really draining, possibly because it gets SO hot here in Australia, but not ridiculously cold. I'm still yet to see snow as well, I can't imagine ever getting sick of it!

Rachel said...

Me too. My mom (crazy) says it's because mercury is in retro-grade.

Kelly said...

yup. today as a matter of fact. i think it's a combination of the winter blahs and a holiday hangover at this time of year!


Joyce said...

Jo- Maybe dancing and singing to a couple of Buddy Holly's songs will shake the blues away.

Don't feel like moving maybe after work you and Alex can cuddle on the sofa and watch a great Buddy Holly movie with a big bowl of popcorn between you.

Spring is only about 6 weeks away!

Sending you hugs. xoxo

Annabelle said...

Oh no :-( I remember Audrey Hepburn on Breakfast at Tiffany's called it "the mean reds" it's worse than "the blues"...

I get it sometimes too - and I think dark weather brings it on... watching my favourite movie or tv show always helps me. And a lovely cup of tea too. Hope these rememdies help!

Stephanie said...

When I feel that way, I like to make a big batch of cookies then take them to someone as a surprise. Sometimes doing something I wish someone would do for me is almost better than having it happen!

I hope you feel better soon.

pigeon.toed said...

don't worry jo! this happens to me about once a month! but having great friends around you to encourage you helps a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I am having the same problem today. I even texted my mom this morning to tell her how overwhelmed and bummed I feel. I think it calls for a 'good cry' movie and a long bath.

MegRuth said...

It is categorically true that February is the MOST depressing month of the year. Unfortunately, it's the same month as my birthday and by the time it comes around (at the very end) I'm in no mood for celebrations of any kind.

I get overwhelmed when there are so many things for me to do and I can't find the will to accomplish them. So I make a list and work on one thing at a time. Even if it's just in my head.

Also, the artist temperament is real. And you my dear, are an artist. Check out "Touched with Fire" by Kay Jamison. It's normal to have the highs and lows. You're not lame.

hmstrjam said...

cheer up and shovel out some snow! that always makes me feel better

cindy : quaint said...

i definitely notice a change almost as soon as the season turns to fall. when i wake up, i make sure to pull up the shades and turn on the lights - it has really helped me this year.

sitting in the dark is probably messing up your internal clock not to mention your eye sight. it's staying light a little bit longer each day, it will get better, soon.

Laura Marie said...

I often feel like that....but i have an excuse, im a teenager :P teehee....

keep smiling :) things always get better :) youll feel better tomorow...


Carissa said...

Did you see The Big Picture images of the Tough Guy Challenge?

Those made me feel better. #14 of the Borat impersonator running through fire sums up how I feel today.

Wedding Belle said...

Oh, does it ever. This time of year is no good for my usually happy state of mind, and the fact that it doesn't seem to phase my fiance doesn't help much. I don't know if women react to outside stimuli (i.e. the bad weather, the dark, the lack of fun things to do), but I feel like the winter blahs always effect the women I know to a much great degree. SO we get sad and depressed and then realize that maybe that's not the nicest way to be for our loved one's sake and then we get even more sad and depressed thinking about being sad and depressed. It's a vicious winter circle. I have no cure other than friends and laughter (and some good music to have your own personal dance party). I hope you feel better soon :)

C said...

Well I actually LOVE the winter so this is one of my happiest times. :P

But this is what I love to do on the winter days: try new teas, new coffees, new hot chocolate, cozying up on the couch to watch an old film or the latest one, having a girl's night party at my house, creating and designing more things for my Etsy shop and so much more!

Perhaps try create something beautiful for yourself if you're into that sort of thing. Being creative always makes me happy. If you can't find inspiration try and find a vintage magazine shop or something else that inspires you. Good luck!

kati said...

don't be sad! we all love you. and that is a great picture of you!

Anna said...

o darling. i seem to feel the same way everyday in the winter around 5pm. i miss spring.
don't worry, it will be here soon.

Carissa said...

everyone feels said sometimes, I know I do. though, I can't really blame it on the weather. Winter in California isn't much to complain about (even though we do still complain! Lately it is about the wind...). But when I am feeling blue I like to turn on some upbeat music and just sing at the top of my lungs with total disregard for my neighbors (I live in an apartment. I sound like a bad neighbor now! Don't hold it against me :)

oh, and you're not a lame girlfriend. you're just a REAL girlfriend!

Carissa said...

oops, that's supposed to say "sad" not "said"

DUSKIN said...

le YES! pretty much every day there is some sort of moment where i can't stand to get out of bed and get things done. TMI? maybe. but it's true. being sick doesn't help. i can't exercise, which is my number one method of therapy!

Mermanda said...

Happens to the best of us. (We are the best, right?) You are so pretty in that picture. Your eyes are gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

That happens to anyone who is a human being. Find some time to relax and it'll feel better. Right now I'm dealing with a little insomnia so I'm mostly sleepy- and hungry, and a little grouchy. But once I get a nap and some food in the belly, I know I'll be doing a lot better.

Also: research shows that when you force yourself to smile, it actually lifts your mood. So smile away.

If that fails, youtube Flight of the Conchords. They're my secret weapon for staying happy.


Umbrella design - Capital Federal Argentina said...

Please! don't feel so blue!
I'm not the best person to give you any advice because...i love winter! maybe because i live in Buenos Aires-Argentina, and the winter is not so hard...but when the winter arrives I like to bake sweet things for me and my boyfirend and friends, and I enjoy to be indoors in my home. Bescause when summer came I rather to do things outdoors.
And I think that all the warm you need, sneek in to ypur door when he arrives home...

Pauline Mo said...

I also wear bright colours... yellow sweater, orange T shirt, apricot dress. I draw a lot in rainbow shades as well.
And I'll keep in mind a nice summer feeling of when I was swinging in a hamac between 2 coconut trees with a nice view on the beach.

a said...

how could you be sad when the adorable girl in that photo is YOU?! aaaaannnndddd it's still your birthday week! xo

BEL said...

my day was yesterday! just feeling down for no particular reason. These made me laugh:

jan said...

yes i must say - you are a very pretty sad.

: )

i totally get these days - i eat raw red peppers when this happens....

it works!

Kate said...

You know, January 20th is supposed to be the saddest day of the year, but I think it came late for me too. It's just that 3/4 of winter blues here in NY, I suppose.
Also, I don't know about you but the last week was seriously just one bad thing after another for me!
Seeing adorable asian babies at the chinese new year parade cheered me up. Also I looked at the daily puppy for an hour last night. Is that sad?

Feel better, and think of cute babies and puppies.

Lisa L. said...

I know it's completely cliche but putting on a cute dress (with spunky tights in the winter) and going out to buy a treat/something pretty boosts my spirits - and even more than that. I make a treat/surprise for my husband, seeing his joy makes a smile on my face unstoppable.

I hope the sun shines on you soon.
(at least...seeing all of these comments should help, look how many people care about you, that's golden)

Elizabeth Bennet said...

Boo to the grey weather! I've just come back from snowy Milan to the sunny Australian countryside, and the lift in my mood is incredible!

When the grey weather makes me feel sad and grey too, I try to combat that by wearing as many colours as possible - the other day it was a black skirt, yellow tee-shirt, green cardigan, orange scarf, purple tights and red boots! Suffice to say I gave the locals quite a scare...

MauritaMason said...

It's a day designed to compound the joy you'll feel on other days.

Feel better soon.

wyowoman said...

I am sorry you have the blues, I am the same way. It is the 3rd of Feb, though, it's almost over!

Megan said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a little blue, it happens to the best of us. Perhaps it's this dull February weather? I was in a bit of a funk yesterday so I turned up the music, put on some sunglasses and busted out some fantastic dance moves :)

Dana said...

Aaaaw Jo, don't be sad, cheer up, think in the young Mick Jagger :)

You look amazing!

alia said...

My mother always told me to put on bright red lipstick when I was feeling blue, but I like to draw on my mirror with dry erase markers. Doodling an eye patch and a parrot on your shoulder is such dorky fun.

me melodia said...

I love getting randomly deflated for no apparent reason even in sunny miami. When I lived in Boston I'd occasionally have to peel myself off the floor. Winter can be pretty rough sometimes.


Belly said...

go get yourselfs an orgasm.

Paisley said...

Aww Joanna, everything will be all right! You are so fabulous! P.S. Alex is so cute with his Buddy Holly observation.

Kirsty said...

I'm from South Africa, living in very very gloomy Ohio and I feel your pain. I got tired of being completely dysfunctional in the winter (as did everyone around me) so I finally invested in a SAD lamp. And it literally changed my life. I wrote a glowing endorsement of it here: and I even don't get any kick-backs from the company but by jove, I should, since I have several friends who have bought them on the strength of my recommendation/getting a hit off my lamp and they all swear by it joyfully too. It will be the best 120 bucks you ever spent. For real.
Get one TODAY do not delay. (No really they don't pay me.)

(Haven't read all the other comments so if someone beat me to this recommendation...well then, I concur :)

alice said...

I suffer of the winter sindrome as well.
Going out is what helps. In the winter I tend to stay more at home, and then I feel worse, and THEN I want to stay even more at home AND... you see where I'm going...

So, I guess the trick is to brake the cycle. I think it is too hard to do it on your own, so I suggest that you get some company! Sunny company always works! :D

Laura. said...

missing buddy holly, that is adorable.
winter is the worst, we must all keep our chins up. it's difficult, though.

tilly said...

Heavens to betsy, I'm feeling the same! I've been a total grumpy pants since I woke up. Winter is getting tiring. I'd like to have just popped out for a bit, but the thought of having to put on all of the layers required to face the snowglobe that is outside didn't thrill me in the least. Moving up north has made me appreciate warmth SO much more. I lust for spring.

Hoping for a cheerier tomorrow! :)

corine said...

Try crying your eyes out. That's what I do and then I feel much better.

It's All Good said...

we just discussed Buddy Holly last week in Rock n Roll history class, it's sad, his glasses were sweet!

well Im overwhelmed too, take a nap, it helps.

sueP. said...

I miss Buddy Holly. Your blog is warm and inviting and chic. I am sorry you are sad today. Your picture is beautiful. Keep smiling!

mama said...

I love your picture, sweet girl! You will feel better soon - the winter gets us all down from time to time. Happy days are around the corner and Florida sunshine is on the way!

shabby girl said...

He's a keeper...

Liz said...

aw this feeling appears to be universal today! We watched a bad but funny 80's movie and invented a new breakfast to feel better.
Have a better rest of the week!

natalie blair said...

i am so sorry that you are sad today. i hope that you find your happy again soon. when i am feeling sad, i make some tea (licorice tea is my favorite) and then try to do something completely and ridiculously silly - like building a fort with pillows - or i bake. something about the smell of fresh-baked cookies always brings a smile to my face. i hope that you find something or someone to bring a smile to your face today.
... and that picture of you is fantastic!

Maki said...

Oh no Joanna.. Actually, it happened to me yesterday when it rained non-stop all day and the night before here, but it went away when my dear friend sent me a nice text wishing me a nice day. God, that was easy! lol

I think winter blue happens to many of us. I'm lucky to live in FL at this moment, but when I lived in NJ a few years ago, I remember thinking, "Gosh, it's only 4pm and getting dark already.." - the sky is grey and the air is cold. No wonder why people get Winter Blue up north!

But you have this wonderful man who loves you for who you are, no matter what happens, that's love. Alex may not like to see you feel sad, but he loves you anyway. That's beautiful - and you're beautiful!!!!

Think about your coming wedding - that will make you feel warm inside!!!

Feel better soon:) xoxo

ps. sorry this comment is so slong. lol

Lucys Place said...

Sweet photo (even if you are feeling sad)! Blame it on biorhythms, and know it'll pass very soon. I think you need some comfort food. Mashed spuds anyone?

Stacy said...

If that photo is your sad face, your sad face looks pretty good.

Lauren K said...

Oh Buddy Holly! My record player knows I need a pick-me-up when I put on one of his records. Wishing you lots of le happiness!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

oh no! I'm sorry you're sad! Don't be sad! We love you!

karina Manghi said...

Get happy soon!

stylepill said...

I felt very down today as well. It was just a rough day overall I think, plus the weather didn't help. I hope you cheer up have too beautiful a smile and great, happy eyes to be glum for too long! XOXOXOXOOX

gentlegraffiti said...


So sorry to hear you are feeling down's quite normal though. Everyone is a bit bored and glum in this time of the season. But take heart! The Spring is coming soon :-)

I don't know if you like Yoga, but I find that it makes me feel a zillion times better. Also, hot baths with candles, and staying in all day on a Saturday with movies, magazines, hot tea and snacks.


Michael said...

A double treat:

Kaylen said...

You should watch Flight of the Conchords. And then buy some tickets to one of their shows because THEY JUST ANNOUNCED A TOUR!

Blue Muse said...

That is a lovely photo of you. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling blue. Taking a walk usually makes me feel better - hot chocolate never hurts - and try this -- think of a song that has the word "love" in the title or the main, recognizable part of the song .... replace the word "love" with the word "lunch" and sing that version - loudly. hehe.
... my... endless lunch...
What's lunch got to do, got to do with it...
Lunch shack, baby, lunch shack..
Can't possibly feel blue while walking quickly or singing. It's not possible! xo Isa

dana said...

Joanna, I didn't read all the comments (there were 87 when I read the post!) but, I live in Seattle...where, you know, there is NO sun in the winter. This was my 6th year here, and I wasn't going to hibernate this year! Seriously, I would take 2 naps on my days off! Anyways, the answer is Vitamin D. I started taking Carlson Solar D gems (4000 iu!!) and I am a happy girl! I can't believe the difference. Hope this helps....don't want you to feel sad!

Chessa! said...

I feel that way too some days. I blame it on the winter weather when I don't feel like thinking about it too much. Because really, what's with this NY weather? The snow was so pretty as I looked out the window today but step outside and it's all umbrellas in my face, slush, wet boots and curb jumping a la Bill Cunningham. sigh.

I miss Buddy Holly too.

Tina said...

buck up love. all will be well...xoxox

rachel said...

because of you I have a the best umbrella and people from all over the world come to my blog. Even if it just lasts a week, it makes me happy. happy late birthday...p.s i've always had a crush on mick jagger too.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I am so sorry. xoxoxo Lecia

lepetitdoodler said...

sorry to hear this.
get some sleep, chica!
i promise you'll feel better tomorrow... :)

and if sleep doesn't work, try ICE-CREAM.

it works for me...

Krista said...

We all have such days, my dear. But, I'm sorry that you're feeling less than spectacular.

You're lovely even when you're sad though so, there's that.

Vivian said...

so weird, i've been feeling especially sad today, too. it's comforting to know i'm not alone, in a way.

i do hope you feel better, keep in mind that tomorrow will be a better day!

treat yourself to your favorite food, watch a funny movie and cuddle with your lovely fiance :)

you're amazing joanna, i admire you so much.

cheer up xx

Miss Jo said...

as u can see u r not the only one! it happens in the winter!

Sunshine Sarah said...

well, I know the feeling and I think i;m just feeling that today, don't know why... :-<
very nice picture btw...


SusyQ said...

It happens to the jolliest of all people. A manicure in a bright color, a walk in your favorite shoes or a delicious glass of wine or three can help bring a smile and come color back in to your day. ck my blog!

*b* said...

dearheart, I felt exactly the same yesterday, you are not alone! There doesn't always have to be a reason and sometimes everything can be going right, you just feel wrong.
We have had such thick snow in London and been pretty much snowed in, fun for the first few hours and then just plain frustrating..we woke up to blue skies and lots of ice but things feel better today..I hope you feel better too. Chin up petal, this too shall pass.
Sarah xxx

Thea said...

I love love Alex's comment - so smart.
I was sad and lonely on a plane the other day and watched the IT crowd - a British sitcom and laughed out loud disturbing my fellow passengers. You should try that! If not just to see Moss's afro in a side parting.

Or have you seen the you tube videos of Maru the cat...

Cheryl said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better. This is a beautiful picture of you. xx

pve design said...

nope, never happens here. what did you say, big fat liar, yep - you are right. cashmere blankets and brandy ease the pain of it all.

miss milki said...

I'm sending you a Big Hug!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Chin up, lovely! It happens to the best of us. I'm still mourning Agatha Christie x

abby said...

yesterday smacked me around a bit, too. getting out and about more today. having to meet people. that should help.

hope your wednesday is better, too.

sarahkeith said...

What a beautiful picture!

I don't get sad during the winter, so much as lazy. The early darkness is a HUGE deterrent to my getting anything done. When it's already dark by the time I get home, I can pretty much forget about doing anything creative, or even just doing laundry....I'm SO looking forward to longer days!

Nathalie said...

when i feel down i put on my favorite dancy song ...and i dance my blues away !
try it !

*moggit girls said...

I had this exact same day yesterday!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely girl. Even sad, still glowing and all
Im with Belly! One after another...

Eileen said...

Take vitamin D and try to get some exercise. With less sunlight you are probably, like most people, deficient so get yourself some supplements and hit the gym!

argentinian said...

CHIN UP ,CHIN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good-Grace said...

Well... I think we need SPRING to arrive PRONTO!! I hope things are looking a little brighter - you are such a dear, lovely friend to all of us who adore your blog ... and you! :) This picture is lovely. (Did Alex take it?)

the capitol fashionista said...

ditto to the comments above. you are definitely not alone. we are so in need of spring!!! this too shall pass.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

How lovely that you have 113 comments wishing you well! This seems to be going around, the blues mixed with being overwhelmed. It happens to everyone doesn't it? I hope you feel less blue very, very soon lovely Jo.

amber {daisy chain} said...

hang in there - it's the season for mood changes and deep thought - warm cinnamon toast & tea does the trick for me...

automatism said...

I hear you on this — it's something I struggle with, too. A brisk walk outside for a change of scene and a dose of sunshine, something a little indulgent (those hot chocolate suggestions sound great), something fun (the movie Zoolander always makes me laugh) and lots of snuggling work wonders. And might I add that you look utterly lovely here, too?


Diana said...

Everybody knows that when you're BLAH, you're supposed to exercise, but who wants to when you're blah? So here is a quote from Oprah magazine: "The first few minutes of preparing for an activity are the most difficult. Focus just on the five minutes it will take to put your shoes on and get out the door. Momentum will carry you." And if you can't even get out the door, you can try this from the personal trainer of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow:

There is no jumping around, and you pretty much just lie on the floor the whole time, but it is so impossible to keep up that you will be laughing like crazy in no time! I do one move for every nine she does, and I'm still sore everywhere the next day. Go get a Madonna body, and you'll never be sad again!

Feather said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you are feeling back to yourself today. The weather does not help matters, that's for sure.

Colour Me Happy said...

That is such a beautiful picture of you!

My @ tha Hotness said...

Unfortunately, yes this happens to me. I discussed the same problem here:

I hope that you are feeling better.

abby said...

Oh I am so right there with you!
Ugh...but-we just got back from a trip to someplace sunny, so I hope I'm on the mend. I am hoping that you are feeling better today, too. Hugs to you :)

mmcneer said...

yes! i have had two back to back sad days, but at least you can tell your note alone - 122 comments down the line.

Dr. Karen said...

What always makes me feel better is whenever I see anyone smiling.
Maybe a walk outside will help. Watch some kids playing and I'm sure you'll find something to smile about. said...

Cute! :D

Anonymous said...


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it might be due to some kind of post partum wedding thing. i found i had the blues for a few days--after all the hoopla--and then it's gloomy fall weather.

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