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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Kisses

I've been thinking a lot about wedding kisses recently. Can you do a big kiss? Or should you keep it small and grandparent-friendly? Here are a few lovely wedding-kiss moments.

(Photos by Kyle Hale, via East Side Bride; Boutwell Studio; Parker J, and Anna Wolf)


kailee said...

My vote is for the classic kiss. To many people these days are making their love life to public. I understand that this is a wedding and you are blissfully in love and this is your first kiss as HUSBAND and WIFE...but I think you can project that in a classy kiss. One you would show your children the picture of. Maybe I'm to old fashioned but just save that newly married passion for your trip to paris after the reception :)

Astrid said...

Do what you feel is right for you and your husband to do in front of family and friends.

Arlynn said...

I, for one, am not into the face-grabbing kiss.

I prefer something sweet, with a spark of obvious passion, but no toungue : )

layersofmeaning said...

I might be biased but...
this one is my favorite! :D

Kimberly Julie said...

go big or go home!

i feel like there is nothing more sweet and romantic than a couple that is just so insanely happy about finally being married that they can't help but just plant a big one right in front of everyone! i love it.

Denene Brox said...

I like the big kiss -- pics 1 and 3. So cute!

Catherine said... there anything more romantic than a wedding kiss?!?!?

The best kind of kiss is one that happens based on the moment...grandparents or not...

For a wedding kiss...I say BIG KISS!!!!!

mieletcannelle said...

oh I agree with Catherine - I'm in for a big, cheesy, toe pointing, back dipping swoon of a kiss where your teeth almost kiss you're smiling so hard.. xo

Frau said...

I love the top kiss seems very natural and very grandparent friendly.

nichole said...

I agree with Arlynn - sweet with obvious spark of passion. If you can nail that ...

Laura. said...

my grandparents were the kind that stole kisses whenever and wherever they felt like it, so my scale might be a little skewed--these are all lovely and inspiring. oh, sigh. love!

Annabelle said...

Wow, there's so much to think about when planning a wedding!

This one's a tricky question too.. a big smooch - because you want to prove to everyone you love your partner. However you don't want to get too touchy feely - so this would lead you to the "grandparent friendly" kiss... hmmm it's tricky.. I'd say, just pull him tight and give him a big one! Don't forget to smile :-)

lauren in the tundra said...

I thought about this a lot before our wedding and we practiced beforehand :) My husband wanted to be a bit more conservative (for grandma K), but when it was all said and done it was a lovely lipper and HE came back for a mini-follow up. Personally, not a huge fan of crazy lip smacking, but I think all the pics are so sweet.

I hope wedding planning is more joy than stress for you!!

Kwana said...

Not too short, not too long. No tongue, but lots of love.

caroline said...

we practiced beforehand but still no amount of rehearsal can prepare you because you're so stuck in the moment!! i think ours was a very sweet smooch, and he went back for a quick second one!

i don' think anyone thought the result was inappropriate:

Dionne said...

I think whatever best fits you as a couple. Your guest should know you, so they should be prepared for a sloppy kiss if that's your thing, and then if you are a more conservative couple, then do the classic kiss. The whole wedding is about you as a couple, and the kiss shouldn't deviate from that just to keep a few people happy.

Miss Aimee said...

you just go with the moment. BIG i think! Flaunt your lOVE!!!

cassaundra said...

i agree with kwana - that's the prefect kiss!

Sabina said...

Each couple is unique and should do what feels right for them. A geniune in-love kiss filled with the joy of the moment - whether big, small or in between works for me!!

[J] said...

Oh, so sweet. It makes me want to have another wedding!

Teaspoon said...

When I get married, I want a big energetic and blissful kiss. I think it's adorable when couples let that show-- I'm sure grandma understands that.

Although, if you're not the type of couple to feel comfortable with a big smooch, go small.
The second picture is super sweet, but it feels a little stiff and unrealistic (like I could tip them over :P )

charlotte said...

argh, this has made me spontaneously burst into tears at my desk! How could you!

Number 1 for the win - so, so lovely :)

anabela said...

...I'm still stuck on how much I love the groom's outfit in the first picture.

Skylark Studio said...

great question! I've been to so many weddings but the only kiss I remember is when the couple totally macked out with tongue! eeeew. I know it happens in private but it just seemed so pervy! It kind of made everything trashy ...

perfect is a nice long sweet kiss when the groom grabs your head with both hands (swoon)

don't think about it so much! just do it!

I vote for #3 (although I hope he's not grabbing her butt!) love her dress

Corie said...

My hooozband surprised me with a "dip you back" kiss at our wedding. It was fun, like our reading/ceremony (The"Wuv, twu wuv" lines from the princess bride... still makes me giggle, and of course, shel silverstein poem). I say do what you think best exemplifies what you two are!

Also: on your smitten blog, I read "water for elephants" a while ago and loved it. And "ender's game" is a really great book if you're in the mood for something space-agey but not too ridiculously sci fi.

Oriana Zens said...

these couples are sOOOO adorable. i vote #2 & #4

i say, it's YOUR wedding. you are celebrating your love and commitment to one another and your friends and family are just lucky enough to be there :) kiss him however you want!

Joetta said...

you must do it big...this is the beginning of the rest of your life.
But of course big with a lot of class.

Katee said...

Those all look like lovely smooches! I would probably go for a low key kiss myself.

summer said...

the second photo is my favorite... but I say do whatever you please!

b.a. said...

oooh, these are so cute! i love that first one.
when the groom grabs the bride's face it's sort of...intensely romantic, but doesn't make the guests feel like they should look away!
i can't remember what ours looked like, but even with high heels, my husband's still way taller than me. logistics, logistics...

amaamo said...

i prefer the sweet, classic + romantic smooch... i am very reserved when it comes to "public display affection"

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I got married last weekend, and let em tell you that what ever you plan to do- in the heat of the moment you'll forget and just kiss the way you normally kiss. Ours went surprisingly, unintentionally well:
A little pic

Rosanna said...

We talked about it beforehand and the only thing I knew I wanted was for him to put his hand on my jawline, like he did when we got engaged. He was more than happy to oblige: (but why oh why did my videographer have to be *there* at *that* moment??) Oh well, we took more!

koala said...

It's announced "You may kiss the bride" for a reason. No restrictions for the married couple.

Emily said...

i think it's sweet for you to even think of your grandparents, but your wedding kiss should be about you and your spouse! holding the other person's face and kissing them passionately is just about the sweetest thing to witness ever.

Annie Empiric said...

go big or go home! as long as big doesn't involve tongue ;)

Char said...

enough of a kiss to let everyone know how happy you are to be married but short enough that no one gets uncomfortable...and NO TONGUE. LOL

The Socialite said...

awe! I love this post! Makes my heart all warm!

amber {daisy chain} said...

I thought about the "kiss" questions for weeks leading up to our big day, and all I can say is let it happen naturally or else it will look planned. Ours turned out to be a medium kiss, no full-on making out, but definite lip lock.

Courtney from mommie blogs said...

we kept it small but so very nice. our pastor joked ans said only 8 seconds, so my brother, at the time 6, had fun counting down.

scientist. said...


I love face grabbing kisses. Gentle, not violent grabbing, though.

Sweet Nothings said...

aw these are cute pics..I think it depends though. When i get married-one day, eventually, a long time from now
and have a church wedding, you cant exactly go all at with with a crucifix behind you. I think these pics are all the appropriate amount.

Leigh said...

Go with the moment and the flow, :)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Lovely, romantic photos, all of them. We kept it simple but it was heartfelt. My husband, Chris, always cups my face so that made it look sweet in our photos.

LINDSAY said...

How about a sweet kiss + a little air hump, a la Steve Urkel. Perhaps this kind of thinking is why my husband and I just eloped with two close friends at the court house.

I say do whatever reflects your personalities!

Brandi said...

Go for the big kiss! It's like the shining moment in a wedding ceremony! It's the like the ball dropping at midnight. It's like catching the bouquet, watching the winning shot, finding some money in your coat's an exciting moment. I think the wee ones and grandparents will be in much anticipation of a great kiss...don't come with the weak stuff :-)


I love when one of them takes the other's face in their hands. That's the best kisses!

Abbey said...

I say go for it! Love these images, so happy!

Shelby said...

I think there needs to be a happy medium, it must be a passionate and romantic kiss but it still needs to be tasteful. And definitely no tongue! At least no obvious tongue ;)

Here's a shot of our kiss, I love that he has his hand on the back of my head...

Ashley L. said...

SUCH a romantic post! :)

Joanna Goddard said...

shelby, your wedding was so beautiful!!!!

Rachel said...

Don't do a little peck, but don't use any tongue! I say a full on, hold it for a few seconds, kiss is the only way to go. It makes everyone happy.

Petit Elefant said...

Do what you want, it's your wedding day!

Nicole Marie said...

aww i love the first one.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I think you should do whatever you feel! It will be lovely.....and these are some great ones!

cuteseas said...

I have a picture in my head of what I think mine will look like whenever the time comes. I'm def going to be holding his face with both of my hands and possibly a leg around his legs. Only out of pure happiness of course!

Afton said...

i think you just have to do what feels right to you. i GUSH over a beautiful, in-love newly wed couple kissing each other without restraint in front of their guests.

my fiance and i did a practice kiss in the kitchen the other day when the subject of "how to to the wedding kiss" came up in conversation. it turned into lots of giggling and me getting teary eyed!

charlotte elizabeth said...

these photos totally make my feelings exploid. i love the hands on the face, so passionate

Amanda said...

I'm all for a medium-passionate kiss. One that expresses love without making people think you're about to get it on right then and there.

But it will depend on the guy too. My boyfriend won't even hold hands at his family parties (he's a total closet snuggle monster), so if we were to get married, it'd probably be a lame little peck.


Jill said...

Big Gargantuan Love you Forever Kisses!!

Industrialsparkle said...

The first one is so unbelievably sweet. I love the face in hands. It makes me swoon, and I think it would make grandma swoon too :)

aimee said...

the top one! when a man holds a woman's face, it makes her look so feminine, and they look gently, it's very sweet

Allegra said...

ultimately i think you should do what you and alex feel is right. but this question always makes me think of the wedding singer and the "church tongue" scene.

my husband and i had no tongue, but i kissed him twice (or three times ... i can't remember now), and then threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. we were so excited (we were also one of those rare couples who never had sex -- with anyone -- until we got married, so we may have been a little mroe excited than most.


josashimi said...

I somehow missed the 'You can kiss the bride' bit, and so when my brand new husband leaned down to kiss me, my hand shot up and I hissed, 'He hasn't said it yet!!' !! Thankfully it didn't put him off...!! :) Just remember to listen for the cue properly, and then go for it - go with whatever you feel at that moment, be it tender or otherwise!

Maki said...

Aww how I miss those wedding kisses!! "Now you may kiss your bride..." - I so want to do it again:D

I remember JT totally attacked me for the wedding kiss and I almost fell backwards.. LOL

Such a cute post and photos!!!!

pve design said...

I want to send you my photo-
Wedding kisses.

foobella said...

No tongue, please.

Danette said...

I was so nervous about being in front of everyone and especially kissing in front of everyone that I was stiff as a board and my arms were straight down to my sides and my husband said it was probably the worst kiss ever. He still teases me about it.

Fourteen years later we are still making up for it!!

Kotori said...

All these kisses look so romantic - great idea! I vote for the classic kiss...

Piper Madison said...

Go big and bold but just not too long or people start getting uncomfortable. Great post!

Cance said...

i didn't think about mine before hand...i just thought it would happen i suppose. but my husband totally surprised me - in a totally adorable way. he wore his coast guard uniform, so when it came time, he took an extra second, looked at me, smiled, swept off his hat, tucked it under his arm, and then hugged me close and we kissed. it was so great. it's one of my favorite parts from our wedding.

Diane said...

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@cupc8kes said...

well I think you dont plan it and whatever comes natural. that is actual my husband and i's picture at the very top! (the first picture) ;)

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Anonymous said...

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Fletch said...

That top photo is of my good friend Eryn! You should go check out her music ( and her great new project called So Worth Loving (

Gray Skies said...

My husband and I actually didn't kiss during our wedding, which I really liked! I've always found it awkward to kiss him when other people are watching :)

Cristina said...

My wedding kiss was a small kiss (we were too ashemed to make something big in front of relatives and friends ;-)

This is my favourite till know:

Anonymous said...

HUGE kiss! ;) Thats what we did. We didnt even think to discuss it before! I was so excited about the whole day that I forgot about the kiss part! I wish I could show you the pic!

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