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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Haven't you found that there are certain cities that everyone's obsessed with? Think: Paris, San Francisco, Montreal and Portland. People rave about them all. (Budget Travel magazine even wrote an article called "Portland, Oregon: Can a Place Be Too Perfect?" Their answer was no.)

What other cities do you love? xo

(Tote, via Frolic)


ek. said...

I love Portland!! Growing up in Seattle, we'd frequently visit Portland and the Oregon Coast (if you do visit Portland, venture out to the coast for a day or two, or's absolutely gorgeous). I also love their lack of a sales tax!

P.S. I also love (and very much miss) Seattle.

Joanna said...

I'm obsessed with London, ever since having the opportunity to live there for six months a few years ago. I SO miss my old haunts. Plus, I'm a transparent anglophile.

Portland is on my list of cities to visit, for sure. It seems to be brimming with art and creativity and life.

joanna said...

Ah, New York! How can we forget New York. My love for New York is many wonderful things that are too numerous to count. It's just a magical place! I miss it as soon as I am over the bridge :)

Alicia said...

Another vote for Seattle (my hometown!) and also Portland, where I was born. If you've never been, you've really got to do a Pacific Northwest tour.

Alicia said...

also, Zurich.

pigeon.toed said...

i love portland! my friends moved over there and i have visited several times, and each time its always amazing!

Anne Zimmerman said...

I just moved from Portland to San Francisco (for love!) Though SF is grand, Portland will always have my heart. I miss it to day more than ever -- maybe a new bag will help???

Jennifer Fang said...

portland is truly a gem. i'd move back there in a heartbeat if it weren't so hard to find a decent job.

also, i think austin is another one of those cities that people seem to obsess over.

Courtney said...

Thinking of all these fantastic cities makes me wish I could just travel for a living. Not a bad job!

kati said...

so nice of you to say such wonderful things about portland! i live here and i do love it. i've lived all over the country and there really is nothing like portland. you must visit!

Decorina said...

It is Austin for me. Portland is just too grey for too much of the year. When it is beautiful it is stunningly so.

Cabbage Babble said...

Nashville! It's a wonderful, mid-size city bursting with creative people. There's music, art, history, a slow-moving river, and a lack of pretense that comes along with most big cities.

And it's southern, so you'll find the nicest folks around!

Jessica T. said...

I will visit Portland for the first time ever in April. Can't wait!!

marionpauline said...

i do love portland... can we say Powells Books? amazing! But Seattle will always be my favorite west coast city.

Cheryl said...

I love Chicago. Big Midwestern city with so much to do including the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sara Bradshaw said...

Love the bag! Out of all cities I have lived in and visited (live in London and have an apartment in Paris)my city of choice is Sydney - it rocks (particularly, and cliched, Bondi Beach! I had an apartment on Campbell Parade overlooking the beach and ocean - it was noisy but so much fun and the storms in Winter were spectacular (one ripped the front of the apartment off one day - freaky!)

L said...

I love Portland MAINE too. It's so quaint and New Englandy - but hip too. ;)

Anna said...

I actually love Ashland, Oregon, although it's more of a town. It's so beautiful with the mountains, and I love the Shakespeare festival.

Char said...

I'll represent for the southern girls! *smile* I love the beauty, grace and charm of both Savannah and Charleston. There is nothing in the world like a cupcake from "Back in the Day" bakery in Savannah. I also love Miami - with its wonderful mixture of latino and american culture. Then...of course, my home state - you cannot beat the sheer beauty of the sugar white sand of orange beach, Alabama (the Redneck Rivera).

The Accidental Pharmacist said...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver - what's not to love - easy going living, ocean AND mountains,(usually) mild weather, cool people, green year round, pedestrian city...

Now I must visit Portland - I think I may like this city.

stylepill said...

Growing up in Seattle and with my grandparents and aunt and uncle in Salem oregon, we would trek down there every thanksgiving, passing through portland on the way. it was always my favorite thing to do...there are so many cool and cute neighborhoods as well that are slightly off the beaten bath. love it!

CJ said...

SF is magical and I liked Austin a whole lot, too. But my new adopted hometown of Raleigh, NC is groovy, too!

lex said...

denver, colorado. the best place in the world.

Leah said...

i loved london. it just made sense to me. i want to and will go back. i also loved boston. maybe because i am a history geek and the buildings and small little streets and wonderful historic buildings made the city just come alive with places to photograph.

Deidra said...

oh how i miss new york! one day i plan to leave the middle of nowhere, usa and plant myself in a groovy, nyc brownstone!

amber {daisy chain} said...

I'm a fan of aimless exploring - it often leads to stumbling on a great town!

Leah said...

Loves to Seattle! Mountains, water, coffee, great music, bearded men - What more could you ask for!

pret-a-party said...

i think it's time for me to start exploring. i need a job that lets me do just that! i can't wait to go up to portland now - hello, it's where they filmed Twilight, it MUST be cool.

Michelle said...

yeah, always loved that city, so much.

Naomi said...

London and SF are the most wonderful cities, but one city that gets little love (LA) is actually a culturally rich, diverse and interesting place to live!

amric1409 said...

Unfortunately I've never been to any of those cities but I do love Berlin!

MelancholySmile said...

I'm hopelessly biased towards Seattle. It's my home town and my first love!

Amanda said...

Austin, TX
Asheville, NC
and being that I'm from new Orleans, LA I'll add that one too!

Courtney said...

Boston! We had a blast while we lived there...

rebekah at ead living said...

Portland is my "best city ever." New Orleans is another favorite.

Jane Flanagan said...

Toronto & Dublin. But I'm biased on both, since I'm from Dublin and emigrated to Toronto.

I don't think either are "instantly at home" cities, but over time they get under your skin and stay there...

Jessie Cacciola said...


C. Bowie Photography said...

HOUSTON. Maybe not popular but has everything and great people

futurelint said...

Minneapolis is the best city ever. We're always lingering in the top for water and air quality, we're the most literate city, one of the most active... I could go on and on (are we the 19th most livable city in the WORLD? Yes!) People just get scared off by the cold, was it -15 degrees the other day, yes... I kind of like that aspect, it keeps all the rif-raf in LA and only the believers come here. There are museums, LAKES (and more lakes), we have the most parks and green spaces per capita, WE RULE (we just don't cram in down your throat like, ahem, portland*cough)

Mariah W said...

I'll second Boston. It's a hard town to break into, but once you figure it out, it's really amazing. and Philly is a really well-kept secret.

Though to be honest, a lot of the obsessively-loved towns are good for a while, but can you honestly say they are better in the long run than, e.g., NY, Paris, London, Berlin or whatev? Many of those (ducks) second-tier towns are expensive enough to give NY a run for its money, but without the constant influx of the NEW NEW NEW, which I love. I love places that teem with life, and you don't get that in Portland or Seattle or Raleigh or Austin. I mean, they're ok. But there's no place I'd rather be than a single-digit street between B and C. Berlin and London and Amsterdam excepting.

On the other side, there are a handful of ACTUALLY small towns that are surprisingly insanely cool. Clarksdale MS, Troy NY, Helena AK, Rockport MA, Northampton MA. That's a more interesting question. Aside from the obvious college towns, what are the coolest towns in America under say 75,000 souls? Why? My heart's in Clarksdale MS, which is basically Memphis circa 1940, but in a town of 25k.

Georgia said...

While on tour with my best friend's band overseas a few summers ago, we stopped in Ostend, Belgium for literally 24 hours...but I fell madly in love with it. The people, the food (best paella I've EVER had), the beach, the bars, the charming old hotel, everything about it was perfect. Leaving was the hardest thing to do.

Johanna Inman said...

I'm from Louisville, KY and I truly love it here. BUT! I'm making plans to move to Oregon soon. I hope it really is what it's cracked up to be. It seems like a me sort of place.

Laurel said...

My boyfirend and I just moved to Bellingham, WA - and everyone on the west coast can not stop talking about Portland! We are so ecited to take a long weekend to visit sometime!

sevenravens said...

I moved to Ottawa a couple of years ago and love it! The winters may be long, but there's romantic ice skating on the canal to make up for it!
I also love Edinburgh. It has the perfect, eerie Scottish thing going on.

Heidi Jo said...

I love the small quaint cities where there's a cute little town square and it feels safe and friendly with people taking relaxing evening walks with their beaus, friends, or dogs and natives of the area recognizing their neighbors on the street. One of the cities I enjoy and have spent a lot of time in this last year is Healdsburg, CA. It's part of wine country and has fabulous dining and shops, yet maintains the small town feel.

Adrienne Gunde said...

Oh my goodness! I got so excited reading this entry because I am head-over-heels in love with Portland! Other cities I love are Seattle, Yokohama, and Aix-En-Provence. Thanks for sharing that tote too! It's perfect!

Federica said...

Having travelled a lot I've had the chance to see all kinds of towns: big, small, microscopic even! Even though it's great to spend some time isolted from the world (my fiancee has a villa in Tuscany that's just perfect for that!)I'm not really a fan of little places.
That said, I'll totally go for the City of the Cities, New York! Everytime I'm there I fall deeper and deeper in love! But I must admit I also have a crush on my sweet home Milano and on cities like Damascus and Amman.

Lil said...

In England (that's where I'm from) - Bristol, London and Leeds.

Elsewhere - San Fran, Florence and Brisbane.

FOSCO said...

Another vote here for Boston. Second smartest city in America (after NY of course).

And what about Vancouver? Fans of Vancouver are crazily obsessed.

Isn't it funny that no one ever says "Phoenix"? :)

debbie said...

I think it's so funny and cute that people are so obsessed with Portland these days :) I've lived here my whole life, and I love it for its slow pace and wonderful places to eat.

My favorite city has to be Tokyo, and I also am quite fond of Seattle and Boston. Haven't been too many other places, actually!

a pretty pill said...

woah. i had no idea Portland was so fantastic and popular. this makes me happy because husband and i might be moving there soon.
on my favorite city list is madrid. the ultimate european city! it is my love. i also have to say new orleans (my homeland) for its personality, history, and food.
p.s. i love this post and hearing everyone's opinion on traveling. thanks!

morning said...

another great bike-able city is santa barbara. beautiful routes! to downtown and some ag lands.

MegRuth said...

I love Salt Lake City, it's got a fab music scene and gorgeous mountains and super delicious places to eat. It's a hidden gem.

Stockholm is also fabulous. I spent a week there in 2000 and dream of going back everyday. The water and trees are lovely and the people are all gorgeous. It's got a great history that not many people in the US know about.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

As a native Portlander, I can 100% agree that it is great! Bigger than it looks or feels, friendlier than many places I've visited, easy to get around in, close to everything and the rain is just part of our charm. :0)

Little Bay Root said...

It is done! Little Bay Root has designed a bag and whole line of gifts and apparel just like the Portland Design, but just for NY!

Joyce said...

There are so many wonderful cities and small towns to list, but it would be fun to travel from one coast to another.

Courtney said...

Austin, TX. Without a doubt. Nashville, Boston, and New York also top the list for me, but I could go on... I often fall in love with new places when I visit and I'll have that "Could I move here? It would be incredible!" moment!

Kate said...

I'm not a well traveled lady, but I love Portland to death. I'm planning to go back in May when I go home to Seattle as it's a relatively short drive.

I'd love to move there someday when I move into my "family phase" :)

It's Always Sunny in Portland said...

i live in portland...and LOVE it. thanks for spotlighting my sweet city on your sweet blog!

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

I have to add Amsterdam on the list of amazing cities. I am totally in love with that city, and have been so ever since I first stepped of the train at the central station for the first time! It just has this really creative and freethinking buzz about it! People are friendly and relaxed, not at all snobby and uptight as can be the case in many major cities in Europe (think Paris). And the beautiful old streets and houses. And the canals. And the cosy bars and cafés. And... well, I could go on and on.

And of course, I too want to visit Portland. And stay at the Ace.

Shelby said...

Well since I live in San Diego aka "America's Finest City" (I think only San Diegans know that) I'm partial. However my other favorite city is Seattle - which I think is like the big sister to Portland. There's just something about the Northwest...

Molly W. said...

I'm in Portland, OR right now but Pasadena, CA has my heart. :)

Benjamin said...

I am beyond obsessed with NYC, always have been. Everytime I go it's like Disneyland to me. London is a close second..walking along those streets feels like wandering through an old story book. Surreal.

katie lou said...

chicago! chicago! i'm a newbie here and am loving the culture and the style. even in the dead of winter!!!

Anthonia said...

I'll third, fourth, fifth, whatever-th Chicago. It is quite frankly the best American city - it carries no pretensions about its awesomeness.

Ellen said...

i'm a portlander and la la la love it! i think this video pretty much sums it all up!

tawnya said...

I LOVE Portland. I often wish we could move back!

Anonymous said...

Chicago, Chi-town, THE Windy City: My kinda town for 53 years (and the Obama Family's, too!)

Rachel Ourada said...

I was so surprised to see this post because though I've never been to Portland, I've been obsessed with it for years. It's kind of a joke among my friends... but I also love Chicago (where I'm from) and New Orleans! I visited New Orleans last year and thought it was so beautiful and charming. It's sophisticated and elegant, but still very relaxed. I actually want to get married in New Orleans.

{michelle} said...

I am partial to Seattle, but I also love ski towns; Sun Valley, Idaho, Vail, Colorado, Whistler, Canada, and Bend, Oregon.

Megan said...

I love Portland! It is amazing city with so much to offer with an unbelievably gorgeous setting. I just love the Pacific Northwest though!

k e n d r a said...

portland has been calling my name!

Blair said...

my favorite town is the one I live in--Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is one of the most magical and amazing places I have ever been. I had a moose on my doorstep when I came home last night--not your everyday experience:)

Anna said...

Lubeck, Germany. hands down my favorite.
one day i WILL live there. :)

Leigh said...

I want to spend my summers in wonderful Brussels, Belgium with my daughter, take french classes rent a cute flat and just walk around the city. Plus it is only a 2 hour train ride to Paris... Dream dream hopefully I can make come true:) So that would be my favorite city:)


Flaneuse said...

What about Barcelona? We have the sun, the beach, good food.

ibabe said...

Haven´t travelled to the States or Canada...In Europe:

- City to get lost in and discover: Berlin
- City to fall in love: Paris or Florence
- Town to desconect: one of those little villages in Croatian Coast, for example Trojir.
- I prefer towns to live, I live in Vitoria (Spain) and would love to live in San Sebastian (Spain) or Biarritz (France).

A friend has just come from SF and see told it was so easy living...



katrina said...

i'm obsessed with boston, seattle, and nashville.

Sammi said...

I live down in Fuerteventura, Canarias and my favourite city is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I love that tourists think its paradise and they travel north beyond the airport and there's hot, smoggy, sweaty, smelly city which is totally tiny and totally overcrowded! I have honestly never been to Las Palmas on a sunny day even when the rest of the island is coated in sunshine! I guess its the tiny patch of metropolis in this backward place!

Prêt à Voyager said...

thanks for the tip! off to portland for a valentine's day wedding next month. not sure about the whole valentines day date for a wedding, but i am excited for portland!!!


ThickChick said...

Portland is my paradise... but as a Portlander, I'm a little biased.
The food, the outdoors, the attitude, I'll be *SO* sad when we move!

Andi said...

I love Paris, visit it over and over and still want more.

Vegas is fun for 2-3 days, it's intriging.

A Day That Is Dessert said...


Janice said...

I have been looking for new ideas on where to go. Im looking for cities that have independent shops, cafes and street art. I love Stockholm. I would live there if it wasn't so cold in winter. It has a brooklyn quality but is quicker to get to from England. J

Erin said...

Washington, DC + Milan. Beautiful architecture and rich with history.

Amanda said...

I have to send a shoutout to Columbus, Oh. We're not a huge city, but there's a good mix of urban opportunity and small-town Midwestern feel here. I also love that the city is diverse, with some of the largest Somalian and Ghanian populations outside of their respective countries, and I love that the city is always trying to improve and grow. It's a good place to live, work, and study for me.


Anonymous said...

i second Ibabe's comment about florence as a city to fall in love with... i spent a semester there in college... i miss waking up to the ringing of the duomo in the morning, the added character the city takes on once you uncover its gems and the knowledge of what once occurred there. as for north america, chicago and montreal get my votes... boston is a close third!

d.Sharp said...

I like to think Portland loves everyone back!

I grew up and live now in Portland. Love it, but also love and miss Oakland and the Bay Area.

Roberta Jane said...

I've lived in San Francisco for 10 years, visited Paris once and loved it and am shortly planning a move to Portland.... I am totally obsessed! But I have always wished I had lived in NYC!!!

daddylikeyblog said...

I live in Portland and it lives up to the hype everyday. I love it!

Aveleigh said...

Istanbul and Berlin are my favorite cities. There is an ease to the way these cities operate, and to the way people live there. After long and tormented histories, they are such unique and beautiful places.

Anonymous said...

I am French and I live in Paris - Paris is quite nice but my favorite city is New York - I am obsessed with NYC - but I don't know Portland so...

j0anne said...

Just like "anonymous said...", i'm parisian... I love Paris, of course because i live in , AND because I have never seen such a romantic, poetic, and idyllic but ALSO dynamic, electric sometimes place. I mean, Paris is a city where the old and the young, the middle class (or the lower class even sometimes), and the upper class are living all together, where the art is everywhere, where modern art sculpture could be next to the old building (Haussman's Paris)... I don't really know how to describe Paris but I love living in this city!!

But i also travelled, not a lot, but enough to say that there are a lot of great city (not always beautiful, but amazing sometimes) that i love like New-York City or Montreal, or Venezia or even Sarajevo... I think that all the cities, i think all the "big" cities particularly are interesting, and have a great potential!

(It was maybe too long sorry, but i'm 17, and you know how talk too much teenagers^^)

melissa said...

i would love to visit portland one day because everyone who comes from there or who lives there seem to be sooo creative. that's what i've gathered from the blog world. harhar.

i think toronto is, but i think i'm being biased because i live here :)

Maiden Rapture said...

If you ever come to Portland, let me know!! I've lived here for 10 years and grew up just outside the city. I can take you and your man to all the secret Portland spots! :)


Anonymous said...

I adore London and Brighton, but Portland is my home, and I love it to death. It's so funny people are just now realizing how amazing it is here :)
The shopping is fun, the coast is gorgeous, and we don't have sales tax. It's a big city with the parks and landscape of a small one. We're in the middle so you can go where you want to, even just for the day; an hour and a half away from the coast, and hour and a half away from the mountains, three hours from Seattle, and it's not too far to California. The people are amazing. The food is fantastic. We have old money and the downtown crowd, and you can hang out with both at the same time. It's relaxed and fun. The people are so fun and creative. Plus, I love football, and it only takes an hour and a half to get to a Duck game :)
Will I move to somewhere else eventually? Yeah, probably. Big big cities are more my thing (New York, London) and the West Coast isn't so much my style, but I do love it here and am glad other people now love it too.

sarah said...

currently obsessed with portland, in fact, looked for plane tickets online last night! we're planning to visit in march to see if we'd like to move there (from texas!)

LoopsDesigns - Sarah Dible said...

I live in Portland! I love it. I have lived all over the world and Portland is one of my favorite places. It never gets old living here!

Christina Layn said...

Seattle: by far.
Moving this week to DC makes me realize how much I love seattle and it will always have my heart.... although I have a new city to venture

Anonymous said...

as far as the US goes: AUSTIN, TEXAS. so much live music and good food, and nice and hot! Internationally though, I think I have to say London, I truly love it... though Shanghai really grew on me, it offers everything across the board.

Amy Hildreth said...

Melbourne, Australia! I lived there for three months.

adelle said...

I'd have to agree with Amy and say Melboourne, Australia! I've lived here for 28 years.. (not that I'm biased at all) Apart from the notoriously unpredicatable weather, it's such a friendly, laid back city, with lots of cafes, beautiful beaches,cafes, art exhibitions, did I mention cafes?

come and say hello... :)

alexandra said...

i love your blog! xxx

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