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Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! Are you making New Year's Resolutions?

Mine = Dress like a French woman. Read good books in bed. Make soups on Sunday nights. Try not to be too neurotic about work. Kiss Alex ten times a day. Get over my fear of subways. Write thank-you notes. Take morning walks.

(Photo by Frosk)


.vanessa said...

oo dress like a french woman!! mine is to go to france hehe

trupeach said...

soup on sundays: that's good one!

Megan said...

Be a good friend. Make more new friends. Write more. Read even more. Love more. Try to have a baby. Take lots of photos with my new camera. Volunteer.

Happy New Year!

Joyce said...

Your list is a good one!
One thing on my "to do list" is to write a letter once a month to a love one (today's post).
I do like the 10 kisses a day idea!

It's All Good said...

Hey, kissing alex ten times a day is my New Years' resolution too! haha naw I'm just playin, I don't think I have one, I shall make changes in my life when I see fit...

Shelby said...

All wonderful resolutions. Mine is to take more photos. Always. Cheers and Happy, Happy New Year!

Mishka said...

What fun resolutions! Mine is to (finally) learn Italian.

citysage said...

brilliant resolutions. may 2009 bring you the pleasure of making them happen.

my resolutions? keep fresh flowers in the house, try a new dinner recipe every week, send my grandpa homemade cookies every month.

thank you for your humour, wisdom and spirit, Jo. Here's to the new year and all the potential it holds!

C. Bowie Photography said...

Good list. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Zana Fauzi said...

Travel more. Draw more. Leave work at the invisible tree branch outside the house before stepping in. Write inspirational posts in blog more (like you do!)

Megan said...

I love your list, definitely inspiring me to add to mine, which currently is to "let go of the parts of life I honestly don't want." I think I may have my work cut out for me :) Happy New Year's to you, Jo!

b1brittany said...

You have some good resolutions. I haven't been thinking about mine but I may have to.

Jessica T. said...

I know how to help you write more thank you notes--buy really cute thank you cards!

I have two sets of 10 cards and I have found myself writing thank yous for the tiniest things just so I can send out the pretty cards!

Bella said...

Love your list. So inspiring!

I'm definitely planning on creating some resolutions for 2009. A couple of the little ones: entertain more, take a photography class, plan more weekend activities.

Desiree Fawn said...

I have two, which I shall blog about soon:
01. breastfeed
02. fit into bridesmaid dress 7 months after giving birth
Oh yeah.

Joanna said...

I resolve to read more (aiming for at least a book a week) and learn how to properly cook, especially soups! Have a jubilant New Year, Joanna!

tigerhearts said...

i have a lamp almost exactly like that beside me right now :) except it was bought in Asia so there are Mandarin names for all the countries on it. i want to steal it from my parents' house and bring it back to New York with me!

avagdro said...

Lots of changes.Pretty interesting menu of resolutions.Thanks there.
My new year resolution is to make self Happy n all others Happy,Enjoy living in present,stop procrastinating and take complete responsibility where ever I'm.Pray for all the people all around for their absolute Happiness,peace,prosperity blossom in all aspects of Life.

Thank you.


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It's A Jaime Thing said...

Happy New Year!!!

Danette said...

Those are all wonderful resolutions!! Resolutions are so much fun.

Happy New Year!

dianasaur said...

be comfortable and happy being alone

The Accidental Pharmacist said...

I didn't have any until I saw your soup one - wonderful idea. I may borrow from you and add that I want to rely more heavily on my west coast farmers markets starting with Saturday's winter market. I'll have to practice saying "mmm turnips".

i.d. said...

"dress like a French woman" is like my lifelong resolution. :)

daddylikeyblog said...

You are adorable.

melly said...

those are such cute resolutions :9 and i need a lamp light like that one.

// e // said...

Dress like a French woman? That's the greatest resolution I've heard all life!

Anonymous said...

Try Fennch onion soup. It is SO easy and delicious. Ladle it into bowls and top with sliced baguette and gruyere or swiss cheese. Pop under the broiler et voila! If you do all this dressed like a French woman you get the top prize!

jmg said...

Love that globe light!

Cheryl said...

I am planning to read more and commit to a regular yoga practice! I love writing thank you notes very much. To get you motivated, just think about how truly and utterly happy you are when you receive one in the mail and then know that in your writing one to someone, they will feel that happy too! :) xx

Gina Italia said...

You better be sharing your soup recipes on Friday afternoons then!

happy new one!

Stephanie said...

I have a sunday soup resolution, too!

Tasty resolutions are the way to go.

The Sale Rack said...

To save money!!!

Also, please share any of your soup recipes! Part of my money savings plan is to cook more/bring in lunch to work.

closeup said...

:) it's a good idea to make new year's resolutions... I have never thought about that- but I'll do it now ;)

happy new year :)

Leigh said...

Happy New Year Dear Jo!
I love your list, although I think you're already tres chic ;)

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

I love these!!! Mine is to have better posture... xo, happy happy new year!

80s Queen said...

I love your list. I have a ton of resolutions but the two main ones are write every day and start practicing Yoga.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna, I so look forward to coming to your blog everyday to see what's new.

You're resolutions sound perfect! Too cute. Best of luck!

Mine: learn to cook. take more pictures. read more (my fb reading list 2009). and go to the gym that I am already paying for, on a regular basis!

Happy New Year!

- Monica

{michelle} said...

I love your resolutions; especially dress like a French woman & make soup on Sundays. You should read the book "Enre Nous, A woman's guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl," by Debra Olivier. It's totally girly and a chic-lit read, but written by an ex-pat living in Paris for 10 years, and how she's survived.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how a french woman dresses, with the exception of the Girl Crush post. I have vague ideas of striped shirts,scarves, peacoats, tights and somewhat dirty hair. It looks better than it sounds. Would you post some ideas you hope to emulate? Thanks. Jennifer

April T. said...

I love this globe! it reminds me of While You Were Sleeping.

paula said...

i think i shall adopt your list;) well, except i don't have a fear of subways.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

You are so clever - this makes my list look boring and unfun. I too want to dress like a French woman and kiss my husband ten times a day, among other things! Happy to say I already do soup on Sunday. xo

Graziella said...

Happy New Year! I love your list Joanna.I still have to do mine....

Char said...

sounds like great resolutions to make your life more beautiful. I haven't made any resolutions...I'm trying to consider what they would be if I did make them.

Michelle said...

Great list! Good luck, you know we will all be able to hold you to this list :P

Jody said...

I personally like the idea of embracing a word for the year, rather than resolutions. My word for this year is "intentional". I am hoping it will encourage me to live more consciously and make decisions and be more thoughtful and just all-around better at how I live my life.
I love fresh starts, new beginnings and the idea of having a choice to improve from here on out! Happy New Year and many blessings in '09 for you and your fiance.

Melissa said...

Happy New Year, I love your list too! My resolution is to be happy :)

Alyssa said...

Dress more in a way which reflects my feminity and treat myself to nicer clothing. Just breathe. Walk my dog often and enjoy the beauty which surrounds me. Occasionally write letters to my long distance love versus webcam/email. Go to church every Sunday.

Wonderful resolutions, Joanna! Bonne année! :-)

Mario said...

Yay! Not be neurotic about work. I can get behind that one.

secret, fragile skies said...

I'm thinking Francoise Hardy! Have a wonderful New Year!

Stacy said...

"Dress like a french woman" made me smile. I agree. Happy New Year, Joanna!

Heidi Jo said...

You are so cute. Writing thank you notes is a good one. I should make that one of mine.

P.S. My hubby is jealous of that light-up globe.

Emily said...

Great Resolutions! Happy 2009.

Jillian said...


samantha hahn said...

oh, they're just Tim Walker took them himself!

Anonymous said...

be happy
practice buy one trash one (for every new thing i buy, i have to throw away an old one.. i have too much stuff)

katiecrackernuts said...

Yup, they all sound too good. I can't do the resolution thing. Too much pressure to remember something else. I'd be lucky to manage "moisturuise daily".

Amanda said...

I got over my fear of elevators and escalators this year and feel SOOOOOOO FREE. I can go up! I can go down! I can do it without clutching on for dear life and without closing my eyes and breathing funny! Good luck with the subway, my dear. :)

P.S. I make Monday soup rather than Sunday soup. Soup is the answer. Mmmmmm.

Ima Ventriloquist said...

Happy New Year! Love your list (especially dressing like a French woman and writing thank you notes!). Wishing you all good things in 2008. Thank you for your inspiration! :)

Sam said...

These are great New Year's resolutions! Wish I'd thought of them!

lucky_me said...

Dress like a french woman is definitely a great resolution! They have the most amazing sense of style, even when they don't try! Only problem is that they're not very colourful...

Miss Aimee said...

great list. short and achievable! Mine is so overwhelming but you know gotta drive myself somehow! love your eng shoot!! and blog.

Prêt à Voyager said...

dressing like a french woman is seriously the best resolution ever :)


madame M. said...

Dress like a French woman ? Oh ! I hope you dont' speak about me ! ;)
PS : I wish you a happy new year !
PS2 : Your engagement photos are so beautiful !!!!

Bettyjoy said...

What great resolutions - I love love to dress like a french person - or just anyone really with an ounce of style, the french make it all look so effortless but its hard work for me! My resolution is to make a pattern a day and to stop practicing false economy when it comes to shopping - I don't know why Im surprised when the cheap stuff i buy breaks so quick! Happy 2009.

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leahjay said...

your new years resolutions make me smile. i like them :) mine is to adopt the motto 'why not' aha

Gifts to Hyderabad said...

Your list is a good one!
One thing on my "to do list" is to write a letter once a month to a love one (today's post).
I do like the 10 kisses a day idea!

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