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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

J. Crew wedding dresses

J. Crew wedding dresses are really pretty, don't you think? It's fun to imagine wearing one--I think the middle one is my favorite.
P.S. This is my first wedding post as an engaged person! Eeks!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

They are beautiful, and they have amazing customer service. My friend bought one for her wedding and a week before the day it was ruined (J.Crew's fault), they refunded her money and sent her a new dress overnight free of charge.

The Sassy Kathy said...

Yay! Now you can browse pretty wedding things guilt-free and with a purpose. And yes, I love that middle dress. Enjoy :)

trupeach said...

i wore a j. crew wedding dress. and, they feel as good as they look. i recommend one for consideration, as you are now a fiancee!

Joyce said...

How fun this is going to be a fun journey for you, as you plan your wedding. I know I will enjoy reading about it.

I love all of the j.crew dresses, but the middle one is my favorite too.

Have a golden day!

Kwana said...

They really are pretty. Love the middle and top. Enjoy every moment of this time and what a time to be engaged. Oh happy day today!!!!! gOBAMA!!!

koala said...

the first two are so lovely

Ivy Lane said...

Love the second one. Their fall line is really quite good this year!

paula said...

i love them all. i wish i had the j crew option when i got married. i am obsessed. by the way, i am very excited for you!

Arlynn said...

I might be in the minority on this one, but #3 is my absolute fav - those ruffles, that silhouette? Love. Enjoy all of your planning and preparing; I got married this past May & loved every second of the planning & of course, being a fiancé :)

Franco said...

it won't be so long until you wear one of your own dear jo, i really can't wait, do you have a date in mind for the wedding?

Joanna Goddard said...

franco, yes! we are thinking this summer...maybe even june! xo

Jane Flanagan said...

This is going to be fun. You'll be the best bride ever!

catbird said...

i got married in a j.crew wedding dress. i was 5 months pregnant and had to get a different style and a bigger size 2 days before the wedding. they were 100% great to work with and the dress was perfect.

Lauren said...

Congrats again! I like the first one, actually!

Leigh said...

Joanna, when I saw the middle one, I thought it was very "you" too! SO PRETTY and chic. I'm so happy for you :)

Mary said...

They are beautiful. Enjoy this happy time!

Aartee said...

These dresses are stunning! Enjoy every minute of being engaged because it will fly by before you even know where it went!

CassCass said...


Im with arlyyn, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3rd one. It's gorgeous.

Janet said...

Congratulations and I love the first one.

Mariah W said...

PS, you might consider checking bluefly. I got a Vera Wang dress (not technically a wedding dress, but no one was the wiser) for $500, $600 with alterations. a particularly good choice if you're not necessarily interested in wearing pure white (my dress was sort of between beige and bone, very pale and pretty).

WendyB said...

The last one is my favorite. And congrats!

Emily said...

i'm with wendy on the last dress. can't wait to read more and more during your engagement!

JanelleGrace said...

I love these dresses so much (I just love all of J. Crew) and I am so sad that I completely forgot to ask about your ring yesterday!

Beth said...

Those are so gorgeous.

But what we REALLY want is a picture of the RING!!!!


Valerie said...

this is so exciting! now we all get to read your wonderful adventures in wedding planning.

angie said...

Those are lovely. My friend designed this dress and the first thing I said was I wanted to be married in it!
Many congratulations! soak it up! *a

Sarah said...

I wore one of tJ. Crew's dresses and was so thrilled with the quality. I got mine off of Ebay-tags still attached-and saved buckets of money. It's definitely worth checking out. P.S. My bridesmaids wore dresses from the party collection and all of them have worn them since- great selection if you're having bridesmaids. :) Cheers!

kelly said...

my sister bought the dress in the first image YESTERDAY! it won't arrive until December (it's backordered) but we can't WAIT to see it on her! It is gorgeous.

Samosas for One said...

Have you ever looked at this blog? There are a lot of home blogs on here as well.

natalie blair said...

the dresses are beautiful. i think that my favorite is the 'lucinda dress' though (partly because it's absolutely beautiful and totally my style and also because, coincidentally, my mother's name is lucinda) :).

and congratulations on your first post-engagement-wedding post!!!

Joanne said...

I like the middle one too. It's nice to see one that's not completely strapless.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I could see you as the beautiful blushing bride in the middle one!

Maki said...

I've always loved JCrew wedding dresses. They are so simple and yet so elegant.

You'll look amazing in it:)

kati said...

ooh my favorite is the last one!

i wore a jcrew dress for my wedding three years ago (today!) and LOVED it. it was true to size (didn't even need alterations!), was beautifully packaged, jcrew had great customer service (unlike other bridal shops, they actually care about your return patronage!) and was gorgeously made. my bridesmaids dresses were also jcrew and were wonderful...

Alexis said...

You would look stunning in that middle dress!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I love these dresses!!!

Melissa said...

J.Crew does have the prettiest wedding dresses! You must be so excited :)

EmElle said...

Four years ago, I wore the 'Sophia' to my teeny little outside wedding in East Boothbay, Maine. I was never much of a poofy wedding dress kind of gal so the simplicity of the JCrew dress was perfect. Can wait to see how your wedding plans come together. I know it will be just fabulous.

Kami said...

I love all three! How fun to have a while to plan and take your time.

E said...

That third dress, oh so romantic. Goodness me. Reminds me of Giambattista Valli - the same designer who made those red shoes that you loved on my I AM FASHION post!

Rachel said...

I love J. Crew wedding dresses. I don't usually go for strapless, but that one on the bottom has me thinking differently. It's so sweet.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you mentioned the j.crew wedding dress collection! they've done such a great job and i love to browse the dresses.

my personal favorite is the "mimi t-shirt" dress:
it's got such a unique silhouette and i'm obsessed with the open back!

have fun searching for a dress!

Holly said...

that last one is amazing

tr245-X said...

so... what is the average price? or the highest one?

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

I love all of J. Crew dresses. My favorite is the last one. So romantic...:)

Style Bite said...

the best part is that they let you return the dresses in store. My friend just ordered the 1st dress, so pretty.

Leigh said...

I love J.Crew wedding dresses. They really do know to create stylish yet very classic looking pieces. The Daphne dress is sitll my favorite.

You can view it here:

Chris said...

Ah, I remember those heady engaged days. Not so long ago for me (I've only been married a little over three months now). The dresses are spectacular. Have fun picking one out, wherever you get it!

amy korngiebel said...

the bottom one is my fave. so pretty. jcrew is full of surprises. they've got great shoes too.

cats said...

i wore a jcrew wedding dress for my wedding this summer (the lisette) and LOVED it. i just couldn't fathom spending the money for a fancier dress - but i did splurge on fabulous shoes and jewelry. try checking ebay for jcrew wedding dresses, too.

Julia said...

gulp. these are so pretty, i love the last one. we've only been married 2 years but is it too early to renew our vows so i can wear one of these?

Aria said...

Congratulations Joanna. I got engaged a couple of months ago, and even though we don;t actually know each other, I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE DOING IT WITH ME. It all seems a little overwhelming.

The JCrew dresses are the best I've seen in terms of a balance of ease, style, and sophistication. But I worry, slightly, that if I go that way I'll be disappointed that I didn't do something a little more unique. What do you think?

vwhippie714 said...

eeepp!! I am a senior in high school and, as every girl does, I dream of my wedding.. My mother has gotten j.crew since i was little and I always look forward to seeing the fabulous wedding section!!

Jill Turner said...

i went to a wedding recently where the bride wore a simple j. crew dress and seh looked absolutely gorgeous. the bridesmaids also wore j. crew dresses.

looking beautiful and having a pretty dress doesn't have to break the bank at all.

are you planning on wearing a j. crew dress, joanna?

i'm so excited to hear about the progression of your wedding plans!


leelee said...

ohmigosh i was just looking at these!!
too bad they don't have tea length :(

aluminyum silobas said...

wery nice thank you aluminyum treyler

Danette said...

I just plain love J. Crew.

Joanna Goddard said...

aria, i don't think we need to worry about getting a "unique" dress. brides look beautiful and unique in any dress, since their hair, makeup, personalities, smiles and everything are different. i think the dress will look beautiful and will look unique enough in the context of everything else! :) joannaxoxo

Joanna Goddard said...

yes, i think i just might, jill! :)

Elements of Style said...

The newest catalog has the most gorgeous shot of this cream colored cap sleeve gown with beaded waist and it just screams vintage/city chic. Check it out.
They have had SUCH gorgeous dresses lately! CONGRATS!!!!

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Eric said...

J. Crew has really changed my mind about their dresses. I used to not be a big fan, but now their dresses are stunning.

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