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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Montreal shopping tips?

My dear readers, I'm going to Montreal for a weekend in July. I've never been there before (I'm so excited!), and I'm wondering, do you have any recommendations of home, design or fashion shops? I always trust and appreciate your advice. Thank you SO MUCH, my lovelies.
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Kara said...

so it's not exclusively home design or fashion, but the Jean-Talon Market is pretty awesome. It's mostly produce but there are some other vendors mixed in. And in a building next to it there is a Tunisian grocer who also carries imported dishware and kitchen gadgets. I love the colorful arabesque style!

Jane Flanagan said...

Check out M0851 for beautiful purses.

Bleu Comme Le Ciel 2000 Peel St., for sweet and unique jewelry

TNT at 4100 Ste-Catherine St. W., Westmount, for beautiful clothes

And be sure to have some Montreal-style bagels at St Viateur:

Kirsten said...

I as well have never been but I have always wanted to visit!!! I hear there are many great design shops there. fun fun!!!

Justin Alm said...

Hey, I've been to Montreal a few times. My last trip there was in August while on tour with my band. Anyway, as most wanna be rock stars do, we went out in search of clean clothes for our show that night. Needless to say, I found the sweetest pair of linen pants and one of my favorite shirts in a boutique off Rue St-Denis. I absolutely love Montreal. Just stroll and take it in. The galleries in the old city are some of the best I've seen. It's so much fun to walk in and out of them.

Janick - Nea said...

Oh, there are so many good spots in my town!! :)

If you visit St-Laurent Street north of Sherbrooke St., you'll find plenty of hot Montreal design stores (like M0851 mentioned earlier, awesomeeee smooth leathers), U&I, etc.).

I like Amherst St. (near Maisonneuve St.) for many vintage retro stores, can make awesome discoveries there!

And of course, St-Denis St. (North side from Maisonneuve St.), tons of cute little stores with everything from decor to fashion).

The Old Port had also many fashion hawtness stores, plus it's so gorgeous with it's old rocky streets and restaurants!

I don't know which with you are coming, but if you are lucky you'll be there during the Jazz Festival, where you'll find many many free music shows downtown!

Have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Montreal and sadly I do not know of many vintage binges but the Mile end (between le Plateau and Outremont) is a beatiful artsy place to visit (where the famous st-Viateur bagels are found) and walking down St-denis street is always a pleasure.
Have fun!


Olgilvy, bagels, Old Montreal. Cafes and boutiques galore. MBCo at the airport..delish. Love Montreal! You will adore it.

jennifer said...

I live in VT, not far from Montreal, and I love Rue Mont-Royal for it's great vintage runs perpendicular to St.Denis and St. Laurent (also great streets).The Commenthal is an awesome huge vegetarian buffet on (i think) St Denis if you need a pick me up while shopping!

joanne said...

montreal is a fantastic place to be, especially during the summer! my favourite shopping destinations are Headquarters Galerie & Boutique and Eva B. (great vintage store).

be sure to drop by the museum of fine arts too... they have a yves saint laurent exhibition going on right now.

food-wise, you have to go to schwartz's for an infamous montreal smoked meat sandwich! there's always a big lineup in front but the turnaround is pretty quick.

hope your stay is a swell one :)

Teal Chic said...

Thank you so much for the birthday message, I really appreciate it. I had a fabulous birthday :)

Have a great time next month in Montreal! :) While I don't know much about Canada, I do know that Lake Tahoe has a celebrity golf tournament that is sooooooooo much fun from July 10-13!!!

Marina said...

Oh, my!
That´s the city of my heart!
Montreal and Paris! rsss
I went to Montreal in 2004/2005 to study!
What can i say? I terrible with names... i will ask my cousin the name of the decor shop we used to go! I got merried in 2005, so i bought a lot of thing there to bring to Brasil! rsss

corine said...

Hey, Joanna, I'm going too. And guess what, I'm writing down all this good stuff!

Anonymous said...

oh fun...montréal is great in the summer!

Streets for shopping and for walking (which is all located the "Plateau area"):
-St. Denis
-St. Laurent
-Bernard (which is located in "Outremont"---the wealthy French area)
-Greene (which is located in "Westmount"--the wealthy Englih area)

Food and drink:
St. Denis, St. Laurent and Mont-Royal all have shops, restos, café can pick and choose. (and both Bernard and Greene...have shops and cafés etc...)
-On St. Viateur (which is in the "Mile End" ) you can get some great cheap ice coffee either at "Open Da Night" or "Social Club" some great cheap Polish food.

My favs:
- (such a gorgeous leather store!!! they also have a shop in Paris...)

- (super clothing)...

- (i love love this café/bar...)

- (the euro deli has great expresso!)

- (love love love l'express!)

- (Mont-Royal park...was designed by the architect who designed NYC's Central Park...) plussss...there is a path that will lead to the top of mont-royal....where you have a lookout and a great view of Montré a bit and you will come across another park...and an artificial lake called "Beaver Lake"....please go...quite lovely!

And...unfortunately I do not go often enough to the Vieux Port (or the old port...or old Montréal...due to the have to go....the architecture is lovely...and there is Notre Dame Basilica...

And of course find a bike or rent one...since it is easier to get around (or you can go by métro)...but Mtl has a lot of pike paths etc....and you have to try poutine (!!!! Montréal bagels (better than New York bagels!!)

Anyway...I hope I have helped. :0

And welcome to Montréal! ;)


pom said...

Ah i was just there.. We go quite often as it's only a two hour drive from Ottawa. Most of the places have been mentioned i think. St. Catherine's has all the bigger names, and St. Laurent has a bunch of great small shops. (U&I !!)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

oh...and just to add to my fav list;
-Aux vivres (the BEST veg. food!)

-Royal Curry (on St. Laurent just a bit up from Fairmount)--the BEST Indian food.


Clo said...

Hi! I would highly recommend going down Mile-End for some great exploring! It's got nice cafes and you can get the feel of Montreal.

St-Denis, St-Cath and St-Laurent are ok... But still, that's downtown Montreal where all the tourists usually go.

If you want to experience Montreal to it's fullest, take all the little streets. You'll enjoy it I swear!

Bonne visite et amuse toi!

Kelly Aiglon said...

definitely rue saint-denis. has everything from vintage to home to patisseries.

edemay said...

A lot of people mentioned a lot of things, living in Montreal, I had asked these things myself when I was to spend my first summer there. Hope you can figure/google translate the french:

A must design wise:

Gallery/boutique Comissaires on St-Laurent, in the Mile-End

pom said...

Oh i forgot. If you want to visit one of the nicer stationary stores around..

nadia said...

I am from Montreal, but living in Providence. The recommendations are great! You can also buy Eat-Shop Montreal a great book that fits in your purse-the photographer and writer is Jan Faust- and she has an incredible taste and finds the coolest places.

The Old Port
Le Plateau

Lisa Hunter said...

If you're a francophile, it's worth checking out the cheapie big-box stores in Montreal for household items with French labels. New York home decor stores charge a fortune for things "en francais" that are only a few bucks across the border.

Fashion Addict said...

Oh, I've never been to Montreal, so I couldn't tell you what's best. But I hope you have a great time!

ev said...

just how i wish i can travel more.

dropping by!nice site.

Jessie Cacciola said...

i've never been to montreal, but toronto has a street-long vintage market -- kensington market. Loads of vintage clothing and accessories. i spent the afternoon there. And 'Courage my Love' is their most well-known shop. the place is truly a haven for vintage lovers -- i actually had to pry one of my friends away because the other one was getting a little claustrophobic and overwhelmed.

Joanna said...

I just stumbled onto you blog and happen to live in Montreal. There really are some great shops here: Menagerie on Sherbrooke street for some interesting home finds, Zone always has an interesting tid-bit or two and they have a shop on St. Denis, Moutarde in Outremont and their sister fabric store are amazing to me. A little country but some beautiful piece that are modern, Holt Renfrew always has some cool Montreal fashion designers and the building is quite beautiful. The bead emporium on Victoria in Westmount is extremely fun and there are a few interesting shops around the corner on Sherbrooke...oh and incredible montreal ice cream too at Billboquet!

some hidden food gems are Liverpool house on Notre Dame, Montee de lait if you're up for spending a couple of bucks but want an amazing experience, DEFINITELY Pullman wine bar which had amazing wine and amazing food to boot.

I'd be happy to email you more info if you need seeing as I live right downtown....

joanna said...


Heather said...

wish I could help ya. :(

have fun and "wing" it!

One Shot Beyond Photography & A little More>

a said...

I have 2 Canadian clothing designers and 2 lovely cafes in old Montreal:

Renata Morales
5392 Boulevard St. Laurent
514 271 5061

--beautiful clothes with hand finish details

4832 boulevard St. Laurent

--wonderful designs--caught their fall 08 show and looks like one of their best

Olive and Gourmando
351 rue St. Paul
514 350 1083

--the best house made bread, brioche and cinnamon rolls. great breakfast and lunch spot in Old Montreal--I think only open until around 3

Cafe Titanic
445 St. Pierre
514 849 0894

--excellent food served cafeteria style so not too expensive--yummy--and around the corner from Olive and Gourmando

also if you get a chance you could go see Habitat 67 a model community built for Expo 67--situated on Marc Drouin Quay on St. Lawrence River--constructed of interlocking concrete modules. If you google it you can see pictures.

have fun!

Liz Brodsky said...

food food montreal...the best hot chocolate -

and you must absolutely get the carmel sauce at

not to mention the most adorable shop/website and Chloe!!!

Have a great trip!!!

stacy said...

I've never been but only heard good things. It sounds like fun.

Leah said...

Seems like everyone has covered the major shopping areas... when you're wandering around the plateau, be sure to stop at patati patata for lunch (corner of rachel and st. laurent, 2 blocks below mt. royal). I love the suggestion of going to Jean Talon market too, on Saturday and Sunday it's super busy with lots of fantastic produce, cheeses, etc. and lots of colorful inspiration :)

Paul Pincus said...

you'll love it!

Sara said...

I lived in Montreal for school and while I didn't have a big budget for apartment furnishings, You'll find so many fun stores on St. Denis and St. Laurent. There is a really great design store on lower St. Laurent right near Sherbrooke, totally up your alley.
My favorite thing to do on weekends was to go to Atwater Market with a grilled sandwich and cold drink, sit by the canal and just people watch and sun myself! You're going to have so much fun!

April ~ Living the Sweet Life said...

I am will be in Vermont in July for two weeks and we will be going to Montreal as well. I would love to be there for the Jazz fest. I need to find out when it is and if I see you on the cobble stone streets I will wave. And I guess I must go to Atwater Market since I am an Atwater!

Janick - Nea said...

April - The Jazz Fest is June 26 to July 6! :)

michelle {lovely.little.things} said...

Never been but dying to go! Please post some of your favorite spots - I'd love to hear some fabulous recommendations that might just entice me to book a ticket!!

girl meets glamour said...

My folks live in Montreal, I'll see what I can get out of them on cool shopping places (they're pretty hip:)


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Joanna,

i'm a girl from Montréal.

You should visit those websites to discover all the specials places and things to do in our city :



Let me know if you have specials needs.

Miss White

janet said...

There is an Yves St. Laurent retrospective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts going on now which is supposed to be very good.

PigGirl said...

Don't forget about Rockaberry cafe, which has over 30 fantastic pies and scrumptious desserts! It is on St Denis, I forget which cross street :\ Have a FANTASTIC time! I studied in Montreal and dream of going back!!

Anonymous said...

The best way to describe Montreal is it's the "cream d'la cream" for all things wonderful you could imagine.
I visited 2years ago and Hope to go in September/early October. There's something about Montreal that feels so welcoming, and people have such a laid-back vibe to them! Make sure you have a good smoke-meat sandwhich, a poutin, and check out BCBG, , (see )(perdy sweet clothing store). I went right for their top floor, "sale-floor" and well smaller sizes just wut i was looking for and found them to be cheeper then the main floor. Being from the Maratimes(Nova Scotia), comparing it to anything is next to imposiable. As for getting around i had my aunt to take me but check out St.Cathrines st. and all little streets left and right of it, n' gosh I didn't even get to see all of it from that standing point. Try as much food as you can, and if you want to get ur self some wicket deals, Make sure to stop by at Maison Simon .... not many changing rooms but tons of clothes and nice stuff for goooood prices. Then again when going to montreal make sure u bring or have enought on ya, i tell ya there's always something new right around the next corner I found. Have fun and enjoy your visit! cheers!

Anonymous said...

There is a great button/ribbon/deco quaint store called Rix=Rax
on Gilford street in the Plateau

Friperie St-Laurent on St-Laurent and Rachel for great vintage dresses, leather jackets, scarves etc..

In the Mile-End the two clothing stores run by the same girls: one on St-Viateur which mostly sells local designers and a few vintage pieces and one on Bernard (Local 23) which is all dig-in vintage. I found some great stuff there.

I also love Solo Echantillons, a clothing sample store with unique breezy fashion and great mens clothes too,1328 avenue Laurier Est

Also for the great Matt&Nat handbags and wallets go to Adam & Eve on St-Laurent close to St-Viateur.

I find it a bit boring to refer to the same smoked meat/bagels/poutine...So overdone! Instead I would suggest a cupcakes from the beautiful Cocoa Locale cake shop

It is pretty endless what can be found here!

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Anonymous said...

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