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Monday, June 30, 2008

British Slang: That's pants.

Last summer, we wanted to bring back the word rad. Now, we have a new funny British phrase to spread. My aunt Janey kept saying that the rainy weather in England was "pants," as in not good. Don't you just love that? :)
(Photo via Garance Dore)


bean said...

lets have some etymology, pls. cmon.

is is cuz the weather is askance? cuz you wanna go out and theirs no chance? etc...

Suzy said...

Ooh! Love that phrase! I'll have to try to work it into my vocab.

Last year I wanted to start using "All right", thanks to Harry Potter and Lily Allen.

And yes, we can totally be blogging friends. Anyone is an instant friend who realizes that Ben Afflek has a huge head!

dash said...

I don't think "rad" ever went out.

love your blog.;)

it's rad.

annabananna said...

love it, too. really rad, not at all pants!

karey m. said...

we use pants all the time over here...i love it because it seems so non-pejorative, right?!

SO glad you're back... said...

I find it intensely amusing when Americans are so fascinated by the things that we English take for granted. Such as tea rooms, red phoneboxes and words like 'pants'

your blog makes my day

Bonbon Oiseau said...

it looks like pants weather here in ny too. and man, i almost used the word rad the other day and then I checked myself. "rad" is so much better than "awesome".

ami said...

does it come from some sketchy rhyming slang?? I love that stuff!

Tracey said...

I am hoping that picture does not show your current bad weather?! Pants is definitely a new vocab- will have to try it out and see if it catches on in the Midwest!

driftwood shack said...

as a brit i must just check you know we mean underpants don't you?

Paul Pincus said...

i agree with dash!

i don't think rad ever went out...and your blog is rad!

Richie Designs said...

Jonsey from the Sex Pistols has a local radio station here in LA.

He has guests on his show rate new songs as:
"Pants or Mustard"

for some reason I thought Pants was the good one though and Mustard was bad. humm now I don't remember.

I *Heart* You said...

hee hee. i love it. it reminds me of "fetch" from Mean Girls.

"Give it up, Gretchen. "Fetch" is never going to happen!"

Let's hope "pants" totally happens. :)

Jessie Cacciola said...

it was pants without you, joanna. glad you're back; i missed little posts like this. :)

lucy gk said...

our trip back yesterday was truly pants. but we made it! i miss jo and alex.

Rk, Style Blogger said...

I might just have to use the phrase "pants" around where I live! Your blog is totally not's pretty rad! :-D

megan said...

i love this! i said it to my coworker this afternoon and she laughed and thought it was great. am going to try and spread it around my office!

mommythe said...

wow i love that! every time i hear a brit accent i always walk away with one!

Alexandra said...

Richie - I was just going to comment about Jonsey's show. I also thought mustard was good and pants was bad.

coco+kelley said...

my fave is to say 'that's brill' instead of brilliant (another term used much more by those fabulous brits). i've never heard the 'pants' term - i LOVE it!

caroline said...

awesome. i vow to use it at least four times today. nine tomorrow. people will hate me and think i'm pants. no? that doesn't work?

quaint handmade said...

jolly good to have you back, it was bloody awful without you. cheers ... cindy

Portraits! said...


this ranks right up there with one of my favorite words: "whingeing"(UK,NZ,Australia). as in "quit your whingeing!"(whining)

Joanna said...

I've lived in England for a bit and dated a couple English boys, so I've long been familiar with the term "pants". Just discovered your delightful blog and am now relieved that I can once again get my daily fix. It was pants not having a fresh cup of jo to read every morning!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

I LOVE it.

FancyPants-design said...

Ha ha! Never heard "pants" before!! Love it! I am still using rad..

Kwana said...

Love it! Thanks.


I ALWAYS wear 'pants' but I'm a 'good' person...ha ha. That saying is so great. Now I get to start using.

mrs. sarah ott said...

haha, quite catchy.

leslie said...

love it ! said...

We use "pants" in Australia too... I think it is because pants is the opposite of tops.

far out brussel sprout said...

The total opposite of 'ants pants'.

It;s funny coincidence because we end a lot of descriptors for people with -pants, for example my daughter is often called Sienna-pants. Husband sexy-pants. You get the idea....

far out brussel sprout said...

Oh yes, and rad never went out of fashion as far as I am concerned. Big word in Melbourne / Victoria too.

Rad site BTW.

rachel said...

love it. I'm totally going to say that now. (although I first thought it was going to mean good, not bad - sort of like 'the cat's pajamas'...)

Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said...

I tend to stick to "thats rubbish" more that "thats pants" but hey ho its all good : )

Megan said...

Never stopped using rad, but I'm glad to hear that so many others still use it as I thought that it marked me as a hopelessly lost-in-time Californian.

Pants is excellent, I'm definitely going to wend it into conversation!

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