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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Pink & Blue Project

Following February's obsession with color, I bring you South Korean photographer Jeongmee Yoon. Inspired by her daughter's love of pink (pictured above), she visited children's houses and photographed boys' blue things and girls' pink things. Amazingly, nothing was propped. The photos are beautiful but also pretty frightening. (See the NYTimes article here.)
(Via For Me, For You and Jeannie.)


sandra said...

that's so scary!! not just the colours, but thinking of how many things those little little babies have without ever asking for them. i like the pictures a lot, thanks for posting :)

Alex said...

We're going to have to start calling you the Marquesa of Monochrome.

Kelly C. said...

these are really beautiful. the monochrome really does get me every time.

Abbey said...

I agree with sandra -- what a crazy materialistic society we're in (not that I don't love things myself). Lovely photos, though!

Mary-Laure said...

Granted they're a bit scary but I am sure that as a little girl (and a pink-lover, like all aspiring ballerinas of course) I would have LOVED to be that kid!!!

simplyolive said...

these are scary!!

Julie said...

We had a discussion about these in one of my classes last year. Lots to talk about! Visually striking and lovely though.

Joanna Goddard said...

i agree, it's funny that the little baby didn't ask for any of this stuff. i wonder how much he plays with it.

although i'm sure i would be scared if i lay all my clothes or books or magazines on the floor, too :)

Jeannie said...

joanna, your link to me links to you!
i agree on the photos - how many toys do little kids need??

Claire said...

Absolutely terrifying I think.

Paige said...

all that stuff is out of control!!!! wow!

Martha said...

My son just wrote an essay on the importance of keeping his room clean...I'll have to show these pictures to him! :)

Martha B.

Samantha said...

I'm so happy you posted about this. I actually saw the photographer's thesis show at SVA last spring. My friend was also in that MFA program. The work it totally fascinating. Have you seen the NYX article about each gender learning better in different color and temperature classrooms?! I think socialization is more important...but it's all good debate fodder.

dianamuse said...

I wonder if these dear little ones were forbidden to touch anything during the photo shoot(s). To my mind, that possibility adds one more dimension to the freaky factor.

yasu said...

it IS very terrifying..
but Im impressed by the artist's obsessive curiousness..
maybe that's what makes a good artist.. to be absorbed in one subject, no matter what others think of them.. or maybe not:)

Secretista said...

That's pretty insane that we are all associated with colors (looks at closest). I'm going to try and make an effort to be assoicated with one color come this Spring.

JLC Studio said...

Wow! That's a lot of toys!! The scary thing is, my niece would fit right in to the first picture!

TheYoupiTouch said...

oh ! frightening, that is the word !
My son prefers green, my daughter loves pink but not that much !, and my baby, she loves what mummy loves ;-)

Luiza said...


i like your blog.


Alice said...

This is sick ! 1) for the manipumation of kids brain, and 2) it's seems like those kids have so many things, they don't even have the time to want somehting, they already have it..

i'm kelly said...

oh wow!

Alya said...

I dont know If I should be inspired or scared! Who knew kids were given THAT MUCH pink or blue stuff!

d.Sharp said...

Hi Jo!

I posted about your article and then this photo series a few days later when I saw it on DesignBoom. One of the comments .. " So pink..eyes..bleeding.."

Love the British babes up there! Wonderful.

babelfish said...

Fantastic, this is such a fascinating insight into what we buy for children :)

Brittany said...

Wow... I know it is a bit late for leaving a comment but I have recently found your blog and have been reading your blog from the very beginning over the last few days.
For the second pink picture, I was trying to find the little girl because there was so much pink objects in the room. When I looked at her, I thought she was a life-size doll and then did a double take at her and realized. Haha.
Thanks for making this such an interesting and amazing blog!

freefun0616 said...



Rachel Elizabeth said...

The extent to which we go to inform societal gender norms concerns me...This is just further proof that we are boxing our kids in.

Tanja said...

HAHA...scary but also funny, great photos! We made a small Think Pink post in our magazine aswell, you can help using a bit of pink when it comes to our little princesses

heidi adnum said...

Wow, amazing photographs. I've linked back you you: Thanks, Jo!

Anonymous said...

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