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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was born on a pirate ship.....

Get it?
(by Tamara Shopsin; via Christopher at Empire Collective)


Christopher said...

hahahahaha :D
Am I allowed the answer?

Anonymous said...

cause of the plank?

leenabean said...

I totally get it, becuase I was in fact born on a pile of shit. Sidenote: Does this image give anyone else the chills? I can't stand the thought of wood touching my tongue or teeth. I have very bad memories of eating Italian Ices from Good Humor with those little wooden spoons.
Born on a Pile of Shit

Joanna Goddard said...

well, christopher says it's because you have to say "arrrrg" when someone's looking in your throat.

but lina says it's because when she was little, friends would and tell her to hold her tongue and say "i was born on a pirate ship," but when she did it, it would come out as "i was born on a pile of shit."

harhar mateys!

Christopher de Beer said...

hahahaha that could be it.... ;)

but i think i'll stick to my answer, "aaarrrrgggg!!!!" maybe i should email the designer (Tamara) and ask her :)

I must say, I'd be very supprised if the answer did involve a "pile of shit" :D

leenabean said...

get ready to be surprised!

Design Addict said...

ha ha...that's pretty good..that's childhood memories in action right there :)

Anonymous said...

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